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Thursday, 31 October 2013

31 October 2013. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Zombie Walk” in Novosibirsk

00 Zombie Walk in Novosibirsk. 31.10.13


The above image is from the “Zombie Walk” in Novosibirsk. Some are trying to shut down the holiday, but they’re not getting mass support, even from the Church. The most that Vsevolod Chaplin would say was that kids shouldn’t be dabbling in the occult, which is correct and that he thinks that it could lead to sickness (also correct… there’s been no statement from HH). There’s Halloween and there’s “Black Masses“… they’re not the same thing. One is harmless, the other is harmful in the extreme. Show some perspective, people…

Click here… it sounds ominous, but the only citation in the Russian press I could find was a short item on Interfax, and there was no material posted on patriarchia.ru from or about Fr Vsevolod at all. The Washington Times is a crank source… they’ve made up things before and are wont to print the most vile lies against Russia (they print all kinds of Langley provocations). I’d only put credence in this if I could find an original Russian source… and I couldn’t find one. As a counterpoise, click here for VOR‘s piece on Halloween… and VOR is a legit source (it’s a Russian government-run operation… and a good one at that).

Keep it focused… your soul does depend on it. Zealotry dims your vision… never forget that. Also, don’t forget that Orthodoxy is the freest of the Christian confessions… the only things that the Church absolutely insists upon are in the Creed. There’s a great deal of leeway… on Halloween, I disagree with Fr Vsevolod, but I agree with him usually, after all, he’s one of the “white hats“.



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