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Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. The Uniate Nationalist Terrorists Don’t Even Spare the Animals…

00 little lion cub in crimea 281115


A zookeeper bundled up a lion cub in a blanket to keep it warm during a power outage at the Taigan Safari Park near Simferopol, in the Crimea.

27 November 2015

Sputnik International



The Ukrop terrorists don’t care whom they hurt… they don’t even spare the dumb beasts. That’s the REAL meaning of “Glory to the Ukraine”, “Glory to the Heroes”, and “The Ukraine for Ukrainians Only”… after all, we’re talking about bestial barbarians lower than the beasts. Don’t forget… they screamed “Knife the Moskals (Russians)” and lit the Dom Profsoyuzov on fire. Great human beings, no?


Sunday, 9 August 2015

9 August 2015. Will You Be My Neighbour?

00 kid and lion. 080815


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

“We’re All OK”… The First Bear Woke Up from Hibernation at the Lugansk Zoopark… Spring is on its Way

00 lugansk zoopark. 04.03.15


On 2 March, Lugansk Zoopark keeper Dmitri Khitryuk told visitors, “We’e all OK. The Gorispolkom* owns the Lugansk House of Animals at the Unified Park of Culture and Rest. We’re self-sufficient, so, we don’t depend on government funding. Despite the fact that we had to suspend operations at the zoopark last year, we were able to save all the animals. To help save the animals, local people brought in all kinds of food. The Lugansk meatpacking plant gave us a lot of help in feeding the predators… lions, bears, foxes, and wolves. People didn’t stop to help us feed the animals, and they still collect all kinds of goodies for our beasts. However, we need all kinds of edibles, as our little family is very diverse… we have herbivorous beavers and deer, raccoons love fish, whilst dogs and monkeys are omnivores. Fortunately, life here goes on as usual. We hope that there’d be peace in Lugansk this spring so that we could begin normal operations again. The world needs not only people, but also animals”. The Lugansk Zoopark admits visitors with the beginning of spring. The official opening of the zoo-year takes place on 1 May.

  • Gorispolkom: City Executive Committee

3 March 2015


Four-legged forecasters at the Lugansk Zoopark predict the beginning of spring… on 2 March, the first Himalayan Bear woke up from hibernation. Zookeeper Dmitri Khitryuk said, “Krosh was the first harbinger of spring. The bear woke up as he should; normally, they come out of hibernation as soon as the temperature reaches 5.4 degrees (42 degrees Fahrenheit). As soon as he got up, the bear showed an appetite… he had some delicious treats. Gradually, the keepers will give him more vegetables, then, they’ll add meat to his diet. Different names for the Himalayan Black Bear are Asian, Himalayan, or Moon Bear. The main distinction of this forest denizen is a white moon-shaped stripe on his chest. Krosh is the only Himalayan Bear in the Lugansk Zoopark. His keepers invited the public to bring Krosh goodies. This king of the forest is omnivorous … he likes pine nuts, acorns, leaves, fruit, pine cones, insects, and fish.

4 March 2015

Liliya Levitskaya

MIA Istok



Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sputnik International Presents… What’s Shakin’ at the Moscow Zoopark? First Steps With Mom: Simona and Her Baby Polar Bears

00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 01. Russia. 26.02.15

The two polar bear cubs that were born in the Moscow Zoopark on 10 November 2014 are strong enough to leave the inner quarters of their enclosure for the first time.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 02. Russia. 26.02.15

Simona, the mother bear, with one of her two cubs.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 03. Russia. 26.02.15

The Moscow Zoopark official website said that the cubs stick close to their mother the whole time; they do everything that she tells them to.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 04. Russia. 26.02.15

Simona with one of her two cubs.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 05. Russia. 26.02.15

According to the Zoopark official website, “When Simona lets out a special snort, the cubs immediately follow her back inside”.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 06. Russia. 26.02.15

One of Simona’s two cubs exploring the enclosure.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 07. Russia. 26.02.15

It’s difficult to spot the cubs outside because their walks are still very short.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 08. Russia. 26.02.15

Simona doesn’t allow the cubs to get close to water so they look really dirty. In time, their fur will become much whiter.


00 Polar bear cubs. Moscow Zoopark 09. Russia. 26.02.15

A happy family…


25 February 2015

Sputnik International


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