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Sunday, 4 June 2017

4 June 2017. Only in Russia! “Cat Stairs”

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Russians believe that no house is a home without a cat in it. This householder decided to place “stairs” on the side of the house so that his cat could go outside more easily. Now, only a Russian would do that! We’re the world’s “crazy cousin”, after all… we do what others only think about.


People Full of Soulfulness

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The owner of a small shop put up a sign at the entrance, “Kittens for Sale”. This ad caught a kid’s attention; a few minutes later, the boy entered the store. After greeting the owner, he shyly asked, “How much do the kittens cost?”

The owner replied, “Fifty Roubles [about 1 USD: editor]”.

Sighing, the kid reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and started to count his change. With a look of expectation, he told the owner, “I’m sad… right now, I only have 12 Roubles [about 25 cents: editor]. Please, can I at least look at them?”

The seller smiled; he took the kittens out of their enclosure. Once on the outside, the kittens livened up; they started to run around. However, one of them, for some reason, lagged behind all of them. He seemed to have a limp on his rear paws.

The boy said, “Tell me, what’s up with this kitten?”

The owner replied, “This kitten has a birth defect of the paws. The vet says that it’s incurable”.

Then, the boy got all excited. “That’s the one that I want to buy!”

The owner said, “Come on, boy! This animal is handicapped. Why would you want it? Nevertheless, since you’re being merciful, then, I’ll give it to you as a gift… I’ll let you have it”.

However, to the owner’s surprise, the boy’s face looked crestfallen. In a strained but firm voice, the kid said, “No, I don’t want to take it as a gift… this kitten is worth exactly the same as the other cats. I’m willing to pay full price. I’ll bring you the money”.

Astonished at this, the owner looked at the kid and his heart melted, “Sonny… you don’t seem to understand. This poor thing won’t be able to run and jump around like other kittens”.

At these words, the boy started to lift up his left-hand pants leg. The overwhelmed owner saw that the boy had a bowleg and that he wore metal braces. The kid looked at the owner and said in a trembling voice, “Me too… I’ll never run and jump. This kitten needs someone who understands how hard that is for him; he needs someone to support him”.

Behind the counter, the owner bit his lip, his eyes filled with tears; after a little pause, he forced himself to smile. “Son, I’ll pray that all kittens would have such lovely heartfelt masters like you”.

Nataliya Samorukova


Sunday, 28 May 2017

28 May 2017. Коти пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! Working Cats of All Nations, Unite!

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

3 May 2017. America’s Latest Foe in the Mediterranean… Kot Matrose Sergei Ivanovich




Kot Matrose Sergei Ivanovich is the ship’s cat on the Guards cruiser Moskva, now on duty off Syria. Russia still controls shipboard rodents the Old-School way, with cats instead of chemicals. Go in fear… here’s the latest Russian threat… Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Donald Trump, John McCain and General McMasters all say so. Tremble… for Kot Sergei Ivanovich is an existential threat to the One Percent and their Affluent Effluent minions. Aren’t you ashamed of the Establishment Line on Russia? Russia is no more a threat to your civil liberties than Kot Sergei Ivanovich is… but the American Establishment IS such a threat, and they’ve already taken away many of our liberties since the time of the Clintons. Reflect on that.

As for Kot Sergei… he’s what he is… “on guard for peace”. Don’t let the warmongers and fatcats prod you into war… your sons will die, choking out their lives in the mud… their sons will fuck co-eds, safe n’ sound in some posh Ivy League college. That’s the reality of Today’s America. Keep it focused…


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