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Thursday, 30 July 2015

30 July 2015. Another Bernie Demot

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30 July 2015. Jimi Hendrix’s Take on Peace

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30 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… “Glory to the Heroes!” THIS is what the Uniate Nationalist Junta and their US Republican Sponsors Applaud and Drool Over

00 volyn massacre 300715


If you support the Republican Party in any way, you support the Uniate nationalist murders in Novorossiya and you approve of the UPA murders that preceded them. Yes, there are bad Dems such as Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden, but it looks as though Bernie will be the presidential nominee in 2016, so, the Democratic Party isn’t as sunk in the mire of evil as deeply as the Republicans are. The “Ukrainian” lackeys of the USA slobber with glee over the UPA murderers, they consider them their honoured forebears and heroes… and the US Republican Party backs them 100 percent! Look at this monument… you may believe the Poles or you may believe John McCain and Ted Cruz. Yes, you MUST choose, and the choices on offer are stark. No, there isn’t a “third way”… you can oppose evil or you can abet it… there’s no other option available. I don’t think that Our Lord Christ blesses secret torture at Black Sites in complaisant puppet states… nor do I think that He blesses the deliberate terror bombardment of children and old people. Such is the choice. Choose well…

Orthodox people! When Victor Potapov writes his pro-American sludge on Church websites, he rams a bayonet into the throats of our compatriots and coreligionists and giggles maniacally. When Jonas Paffhausen shills for the Republican Party, he spits in the faces of our compatriots and coreligionists, joining his pal Ted Cruz. When Rod Dreher drools over the unfettered Free Market, he not only tramples on our compatriots and coreligionists, he kicks the ordinary people of the “Ukraine” (“Suffer! It’s for your own good! I profit, so, the hell with you!”) with juvenile glee and abandon. When Vassa Larina gushes over Uniates, she strikes our compatriots and coreligionists in the head with a baseball bat, as she bows before her Jesuit “archimandrite” puppeteer. In general, the konvertsy support the Republican rape of Holy Rus, as they support the Republican Party’s demonic rape of the USA. As the Republican Party is nihilistic and grasping… well, if shitbirds of a feather flock together…

The people that I named applaud American/Western Terrorism and Capitalist Rapine throughout the world. Stay away from them. Don’t argue with them. If you’re tempted to reply to them directly, remember this Russian demot… you can’t have rational discourse with those who choose to applaud evil. Let them be. Their own words are their own refutation. Stand for Holy Rus. Stand for Holy Justice. Stand for Holy Fairness and Equity. Remember that our Holy Patriarch is a man of the LEFT. Stay focused… the times are evil and evil men are afoot. Have a care, not all evil looks so… quite often, it looks quite innocuous and docile (do bear in mind Eichmann and the Rabbit). Take my hand, it’ll get worse before it gets better, I fear…


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

29 July 2015. A Question Raised by the Recent Clergy Murders in Kiev for Orthodox Christians in the Diaspora

a fork in the road


The recent murder of a priest and nun in Kiev showed even the slow learners the true face of the Uniate fascist junta. Need I mention that virtually all of the “Pro-Life” voices in Congress support the murdering Uniate fascist junta? If you support the Pro-Life Movement, you support the sworn enemies of the Rodina (and of Serbia). Therefore, if you’re Orthodox and have anything to do with the so-called Pro-Life Movement, you’re a self-hating fool, and I say such openly. What’s more important to you? Do you want to preserve the Motherland and its Holy Faith or shall you help the promotion of a nihilistic amoral “Evangelical” theocracy here in the USA? Shall you help those who support the murderers of priests and nuns and who cheer on the killing of our kids and seniors? Can’t you see that?

Choose well. I have. I’ll fight the godless and vile “Evangelical” “Pro-Life” imposture with all the fibre of my being. They’re nothing but godless Republicans of the worst possible sort… they’re akin to the lot that tacked up Our Lord… do think on that…


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