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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

21 February 2018. “Do Russians Want War?” No… But Trump and Chilly Hilly Do!

“Remember the Meeting on the Elbe!” This Sov-era poster evokes the incident related in the song below… it focuses on the positive… quite unlike the Trump and Clinton filth. Russians don’t want war… but the War Witch and  Dimwit Donnie do…


Kvatro is one of my fave ensembles. English subtitles… “Do Russians Want War?” NO! Remember, President Putin’s brother lies in the Piskorovskoye Memorial Cemetery in Piter… a child victim of the German fascists. America wants to walk in their footsteps…


“Do Russians want war?” No… the last time, MILLIONS died. MILLIONS. Let that sink in. Eighty times as many Soviet citizens died in that war as did Americans… most of them civilians murdered by the Germans. We were “Untermenschtum”… “Subhumanity”, unfit to be masters in our own house. The Americans made common cause with the fascists after World War II… Truman allowed that. Anyone who was anti-communist and was willing to kiss the Americans’ ass got a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Today, the USA supports the children of fascist collaborators in the Ukraine, the Baltics, Croatia, Kosovo, and elsewhere.

Honour the legacy of the Anti-Hitler Coalition or honour the legacy of fascism. They’re the only two options on offer… choose wisely.



Tuesday, 20 February 2018

20 February 2018. American-Backed Terrorists Murdered These People in Syria… You Helped to Kill Them If You Support Clinton or Trump


American-backed terrorists killed these people in a mortar attack near Damascus. Innocent blood soaked the earth. Terrorist slimers took innocent lives. The USA backs the terrorist scumbags. Donald Trump supports them. Hillary Clinton supports them. Bernie Sanders supports them. I’m glad to say that Dr Jill and Brother Ajamu don’t support the terrorist shitbirds. If you support neoliberal pols, you support this, too. Their blood is on YOUR hands. As we Russians say:

They all had faces; they all had names.

Think on that. Think on this, too:

Nothing is forgotten… no one is forgotten.

That’s another thing we Russian people say. We have a job of work to do; we have to start by opposing the madness. I’ll leave you with what Yugoslav people used to say:

Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

Remember… Hillary the War Witch cackled as Serb children died from American bombing. She and Trump still cackle at the spilling of innocent blood. I stand against such evil. What about you?


Monday, 19 February 2018

19 February 2018. The Biter Bit… Here’s Where the USA Has Interfered in Elections (An Incomplete Accounting)


If the “Russian hackers” deserve indictment… then, so do the Americans who took part in these election disruptions. One of those people is Hillary Clinton… fancy that. I’d say that her caterwauling and the bleats of the Hillarybots are disingenuous. She’s a criminal by her own definition. Talk about “being hoist on your own petard!” She interfered in foreign elections, therefore, according to her own rants, she deserves to sit in prison for the rest of her days. Be careful what you ask for… you might actually get it.


19 February 2018. THIS is the Spirit of Russia… Hillarybots and Trumpkins Beware


We’re hearing a crescendo of Russophobic nonsense from politicians and media pundits. I’d remind them that Russia usually defeats all comers. The USA threatens Russia with NATO… I seem to remember that the German fascists had “allies”, too. Marshal Zhukov found them easy meat because Romanians, Magyars, and Italians didn’t fancy to die on the Russian steppe for German gain. I’d say that their grandsons feel the same way about dying for America’s gain. That’s how the Sovs encircled Stalingrad… Zhukov smashed through sectors of the line held by reluctant Romanian, Magyar, and Italian troops. The USA has a relatively small and weak army for its size. It’d have to rely on NATO troops to hold most of the line… in short, the USA doesn’t have the objective conventional strength to threaten the DPRK, let alone the PRC or the Russian Federation. That’s why Trump and Hillary rant about the nuclear option… the USA lacks the boots on the ground to fight a medium-size power, let alone more major players such as Russia, China, or Iran.

Besides all that, the spirit of the Lysenko brothers still lives. It showed at the Roki Tunnel during the South Ossetia conflict, where Russian troops defeated American PMC mercs (actually, US special oppers technically “discharged”, but let’s not bring that one up). It showed in the Crimea, where Russian forces executed a swift and bloodless takeover of the peninsula after the American-fomented coup (whose aim was to seize Sevastopol… that failed, didn’t it?). It showed at the Donetsk Airport, where the Donetsk homeboys and the Cossacks waxed the asses of American and Polish “mercs” (again, special oppers “discharged” for deniability purposes). It looks like the Yanks had mucho bad luck… you can see why they’re being so nasty… they can’t win against Russians in a real stand-up fight. Again… the aggressors in Washington don’t seem to understand that the spirit of the Lysenko brothers still lives… their bumbling aggression has done nothing but alert the Bear (and his allies) to the danger from the narcissistic Yank toddlers.

I’d say that the “sole superpower” isn’t what it claims to be… its opponents are on their guard and have their defences up. Don’t listen to the Russophobes. They want your sons to die on the Russian steppe for their gain. Their sons? Why, they’ll be safe in college, getting plastered and fucking coeds. “Only the little people pay taxes”… or… “The little people will feel the pain for our gain”. Wonderful thing, “democracy”, isn’t it?


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