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Saturday, 4 July 2015

4 July 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… The Mind of a Predator

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Mind of a Predator. 2015

The Mind of a Predator

Vitaly Podvitsky



An aggressor is someone who attacks a particular country before the USA does. 

The lifting of economic sanctions against Cuba was a rare example of the US government critically assessing its actions. The USA lacks the capacity for critical self-examination. Rather, the truth is that they measure a politician’s intelligence by how long it takes for them to cover up their mistakes. If you react to a situation fifty years later, you may share the fate of brontosauruses that disappeared before they were able to correct their mistakes. To attempt to export your political system to countries with different cultures and traditions only leads to the fact that if your efforts prove unsuccessful, those countries become your enemies. If your attempts prove “successful”, all that you can do is to pull a country apart. One person whom I met at the rally gave me a very interesting definition of aggressor. It went like this… “An aggressor is someone who attacks a particular country before the USA does”.

Miloš Zeman

President of the Czech Republic

3 July 2015

Russian Bear Workshop Cartoons


Friday, 3 July 2015

3 July 2015. Langley Lies on AFP… Remember Who Potapov Works For!


“Don’t start a new job without reading the instructions”… Biden and Hilly forgot that… now, they’re tied irrevocably to a failed project. That’s why Hilly’s losing to Bernie… she refuses to attend to reality… 


Read this. This is a lie from top to bottom. Firstly, the only fighting around Shirokino has been shelling by junta irregulars breaking the ceasefire. Now, as the situation grows bleaker by the day for the American-installed oligarch junta, the more lies are appearing in the Western media. In short, the Westerners are desperate now that Joe Biden’s and Chilly Hilly’s gambit is going down the shitter. Middle-level officers and officials are rallying to the People’s Republics… today, two GAI Ukrainy* senior officers (a major and a lieutenant colonel) went over to the patriot side. This is important… when such people start bailing out, it means that they’ve concluded that the junta’s going down. Such people tend to be steely-eyed pragmatists, not unrealistic airy-fairy intellectuals. Why is the Western media playing along with Langley? It’s simple… if they don’t echo Langley’s lies, they’re history, as their corporate bosses would fire them. It’s like Potapov… if he doesn’t mouth the lies that Langley feeds him, he loses his gravy train. The Western oligarchy is staking all of its chips on this one gambit. It’s failing badly… just as Chilly Hilly’s campaign is faltering and running out of steam.

Will there be a collapse of the oligarch war effort? We’ll have to see… but it’s clear to me that the popular support for Bernie has one major wellspring… the war-weariness of the American people. They’re tired of all their tax dollars going for a war effort that’s 5 percent weapons procurement, 5 percent operations, and 90 percent corruption. People look at their crumbling roads and bridges… then, they read shit like this. That’s why I’m not overly concerned. No one’s buying into the oligarch myth. Is this the end of the era that came in with Slobberin’ Ronnie? We’ll have to see…

Vova? He lay low… he knows that the Anglos are stuck to this particular Tar Baby but good, and that he doesn’t have to do much at all to ensure the Anglos’ comeuppance (perhaps, even less than he did in 2008 in the case of the Anglo aggression in South Ossetia)…

  • GAI: traffic police


Zakharchenko sez Statement by Biden that DNR Elections Threaten the Peace Process is Derisory

00 A V Zakharchenko 01 030715


DNR Chairman of the government A V Zakharchenko disparaged statements by US Vice President Joseph Biden and junta strongman P A Poroshenko alleging that 18 October elections in the DNR threaten the Minsk process, noting, “The statement by Poroshenko and Biden that the DNR local elections scheduled for 18 October threatened the Minsk process is derisory. Most likely, [Biden] just doesn’t understand [the process] at all. I doubt that he even read the whole set of complex provisions of the Minsk accords. As usual, the Ukrainian government, speaking via Poroshenko, deliberately distorted the facts. If Biden really cared about the Minsk Agreement, he’d force Poroshenko and Groisman (Speaker of the Verkhovnaya Rada, the head of the Constitutional Committee) carry it out. After all, they agreed to confer with the DNR on amendments to the [Ukrainian] Constitution and on local elections. They have to carry out Points 4,11, and 12 of the accords. The Minsk process will end in devastating the Ukraine, if it evades dialogue with the Peoples Republics on resolving the regional conflict. If Biden won’t compel Poroshenko to dialogue, then, it’s clear that [Biden] supports [Poroshenko]. Therefore, the USA would shoulder the responsibility for failure of negotiations, which would lead to the inevitable collapse of the Ukrainian state”

3 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


3 July 2015. A Point to Ponder… Marie Harf and Jen Psaki Blather About “Human Rights Abuses”

00 american indian demot. 030715


Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, the two clowns who mouth official American Propaganda against Holy Rus, blubber about “human rights abuses”. I’d reply that the people most sunk in poverty in the USA are American Indians living on reservations; the Anglo thieves left them only a miserly fraction of the land once owned by their ancestors. I’d reply that “being black” is tantamount to criminality in all-too-many places in the USA… lynching by Anglo mobs and church bombings weren’t that far in the past. I’d reply that many of Wal-Mart’s hourly employees are partly on the state dole due to the starvation wages that the Waltons can legally pay them… did you know that Hillary Clinton is a big friend and political supporter of the Waltons? I thought that you’d like to know that. I’d reply that Anglo Americans are congenital liars who smile incessantly, but who truly believe that “winning is the only thing” and that anything is licit as long as it enriches one. That’s borne out by American history, isn’t it?

America has no right lecturing anyone on justice. The Scripture speaks about those who reprimand their brother for a “mote in the eye” whilst they have graver sins and crimes on their plate. I think that it applies here… I confide that I’m not alone in thinking so…


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