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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Antioch Breaks Communion with Jerusalem Over Turf War



I got the following:

The Patriarchate of Antioch broke communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem over the non-resolution of the jurisdictional dispute over Qatar. The formal resolution is in Arabic, Greek, and French here. You can get access to the Arabic original at the Patriarchate website here.

I won’t comment on this… if you need further intel, click the links provided above. In most cases, such breaches of communion over turf clashes tend to be temporary.


Friday, 12 June 2015

Telling Pictures of Hezbollah Soldiers

00 hezbollah 01. 11.06.15

Hezbollah (Party of God) Mujahid Basil Tahmaz embraces the image of the Virgin Mary before his martyric death fighting the ISIS terrorists


00 hezbollah 02. 11.06.15

Hezbollah soldier saluting a statue of Christ in the Qalamoun region SYRIA


00 hezbollah 03. 11.06.15

Hezbollah soldier saluting a statue of the Virgin Mary in Yabroud SYRIA after a victory over anti-government terrorist rebels


00 hezbollah 04. 11.06.15

These are Hezbollah soldiers liberating Christian churches in Syria from FSA and ISIS terrorists… they’re REAL Muslims!


00 hezbollah 05. 11.06.15

Hezbollah soldiers of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (League of the Righteous) Haidar al-Karar Brigades protect Christian churches in Syria 


Dear friends,

You might’ve heard that Hezbollah troops made substantial progress in Syria against the Takfiris of IS/Daesh, freeing several villages and taken control of several key positions near the Syrian border. I hope to get a full report about all this very soon, but today I just wanted to share with you a photos sent to me by Lebanese friends depicting Hezbollah soldiers “saluting the Virgin Mary and holding the picture of Her which is dear to their hearts” as a friend put it (this soldier probably found that image either in a destroyed church or inside a Christian home). One picture does say more than 100 words!

11 June 2015

Vineyard of the Saker



There’s no need for American troops to fight ISIS. Simply let Iran and Syria loose on ’em. However, Israel doesn’t want that… so, Israel’s running dogs in Congress such as Ted Cruz want to wage war in the Middle East. Trust me, Syria and Iran would wipe out ISIS to the last demented Islamist murderer. Furthermore, it’d be Muslim mujahids whipping terrorists, allied with the local Christians. America is trying to prevent Iran from being the major power in the region… it’ll fail, as Iran IS the major power in the region, and attractive because of Islamic democracy, to boot. The KSA fears Iran MORE than the Israelis do… as the population in its oil-rich regions is mainly Shi’ite.

Orthodox people… remember how Ted Cruz spat on Arab Orthodox leaders! He attacked them and embarrassed them PUBLICLY. That shows you how much the Republican Party loves us… it doesn’t! VOTE FOR NO REPUBLICAN PIGS… they hate our Faiths (both Orthodox Christian and Muslim) and they despise our Ancestral Motherlands.


Friday, 22 May 2015

Ted Cruz Uncritically Supports Israel… Israel Did This… If You Vote Republican YOU Support This Too

00 palestine. kid injured by isreali cops. 22.05.15


On Thursday, witnesses said that Israeli occupation forces critically injured a Palestinian child after shooting him with a rubber-coated steel bullet near the Shufat refugee camp. Yahiya Sami al-Amudi, 10, was walking near a checkpoint by the East Jerusalem refugee camp when Israeli soldiers shot him. First responders took him to the Hadassa Hospital in Ein Karem with a fractured skull, jaw, and left ear, and surgeons had to remove his left eye. Doctors say that he’s in critical condition. Thaer Fasfous, a spokesman for Fatah in the camp, condemned the targeting of children with tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber-coated bullets. Israeli police media contact Micky Rosenfeld said that there were “disturbances” in the Shufat area after locals threw stones at municipality workers. He added that Israeli occupation police used “non-lethal” weapons, “slightly injuring” a 10-year-old boy, who responders took to hospital.

22 May 2015

Falastin News Palestine



I am anti-Zionist to the bone… I am anti-anti-Semitic to the bone. This is NOT contradictory. I will stand for no racial hatred. That’s why I oppose anti-Semitism… that’s why I oppose Zionism… that’s why I oppose the US Republican Party with its support of Southern white bigots… that’s why I oppose Galician Uniate integral nationalism with its cries of “Knife the Moskals (Russians)!” and “The Ukraine for Ukrainians Only!” It’s all the same to me. They’re all haters and they’re all evil. FULL STOP.


Monday, 18 May 2015

18 May 2015. Junta Now Claims LNR NM Soldiers Abducted are “Really Russian Soldiers” and Russia Stops Transit of NATO Cargoes to Afghanistan via Russia

00 galician nationalism. 26.03.15

THIS is the sort of people that the junta represents… can you trust such people’s veracity? They burned the Dom Profsoyuzov without mercy… they’d kill people in their own occupied zone with as little pity or compunction.


Firstly, read this. The junta is brazenly lying… the men are members of the LNR Peoples Armed Forces (LNR NM) (click here for the truth). Junta militants kidnapped these men at a TIME OF A CEASEFIRE… when both sides solemnly agreed to stick to their own side of the lines. If this isn’t proof, even for the slow learners, that the junta is a pack of lyin’ thievin’ jackals, just like their US Republican sugar daddies, this should prove it to all comers. The abduction took place AFTER the junta solemnly put its signature to the Minsk accords. That gives you the worth of its words, doesn’t it? It’s proof that the anti-Russian party in the USA is getting desperate. There are two schools of neocon thought in the USA… one is anti-Muslim, the other is anti-Russian. The USA has the strength to engage in one or the other aggression, both not both. John McCain is the head of the anti-Russian faction; he’s never gotten over the fact that a Sov-supplied SAM shot his reckless ass down over the DRV. However, this is more of a domestic political dispute than a foreign policy one. Barack Obama is adroitly driving a wedge into the Republican ranks. Some want to attack in the Middle East and some want to attack Russia. Obama is trying to sow disunity amongst Republicans, and he’s succeeding. No informed person believes that the USA is the “sole superpower”. It can only handle one major and one minor crisis at once… this has been the American benchmark since the time of Ike. Afghanistan is the “minor” theatre. The USA can intervene in the Middle East or in Russia. A look at most deployed assets argue for the former theatre… I’d tend to agree. Again… this is more of a domestic political manoeuvre… Obama’s a cautious poker player, whilst McCain is a reckless gambler. Bet on black…

Also look at this. It means that the USA has to send ALL of its supplies via Pakistan now, a much more dangerous route. It also makes shipping supplies to Afghanistan more expensive for the USA. That means that the USA will have less to spend on warmongering in Syria, Iraq, and Russia. Lastly, look at this… such laws are always a sign of weakness. I’ll predict that all the statues of Lenin will be back up within the year and those of Bandera will lie in the mud. I’m willing to bet on that…


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