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Saturday, 29 August 2015

29 August 2015. Why I Didn’t Run With the Cantrell Story Until Now

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Actually, I first heard the Cantrell story (him not only jumping from the priesthood, but also him going from Christianity to Islam) about six days ago. However, it sounded like KKK (Krazy Konvert Komedy) to me at first. I had to check it out. I finally got the word I needed last night. I had to nail this one down hard… otherwise, it’d blow up in my face. I’m not an internet troll… the accuracy of what I post is important. That’s why I refuse to post ANYTHING from Fort Russ, the Saker, or “Colonel Cassad”… they’ve all proven shaky and purveyors of asshat rumour. Therefore, as far as war news goes, I stick to the main outlets… that way, I minimise clusterfucks (I can’t obviate them completely).

However, in re the Cantrell story, I can’t report it as POSITIVE until we all get OFFICIAL word. That’s my duty as a trusted conduit … to get it right the first time around. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL WORD. NONE. If Greg Sulich were still alive, this shit (not reporting at least something on such an important story) wouldn’t have happened. Greg was a good guy… he liked his hupaj siupaj and he liked his pivo. Salt of the earth… it proves that Lyonyo has his nicks in a knot and Jillions has his finger up his ass, clueless as usual. It shows that the Konvertadox Klown Kompany is vacuous and fatuous. They make gigundo noise… but they sure can prang ’em hard, can’t they? Pass the jug… a konvert priest becoming a Muslim… and oca.org simply drops his name from the clergy list with no comment. There was an obligation to post at least, “Matthew Cantrell is no longer a priest in good standing in the OCA as he is no longer a member of the OCA”. There. What’s so hard about that?

By the way… Maymon owes Fr John Bohush an apology… in public. Don’t hold your breath waiting… the konvertsy were silent about Podmoshensky, Storheim, Brittain, Colluzo, and now this guy Cantrell… can’t expect them to say, “I’m sorry for hurting you” to somebody legitimately hurt by the Church. Excuse me whilst I find a corner to be sick in. These asshats scream about “respect”… well, they’d get it if they proved themselves WORTHY of it… that’s all that there is to say.


29 August 2015. Why Did Maymon Persecute Fr John Bohush but Treated Matthew Cantrell with Kid Gloves?

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I got this from several voices on the grapevine (here’s one):

Fr Matthew Cantrell… did you hear about him? This OCA priest converted to Islam. This is 100 percent true. Priests heard this at the diocesan meeting a few weeks back. Why hasn’t Mark suspended him while Fr John Bohush was? I still don’t know why no one is talking about this out loud.

I did some checking… Cantrell is no longer on the OCA clergy directory. There’s nothing on oca.org… in fact, the site appears to have problems and isn’t loading right (it isn’t my machine, for all other sites load normally). On the parish website, they still list him as being “on leave”. Cantrell was your usual “Pan-Orthodox” konvertsy fanatic, who liked prancing about in Greek and not Russian vestments (he was one of Dahulich’s drooling “holier than thou” disciples). For all of their “zeal”, they don’t appear to be very stable, are they? First, that groping konvertsy priest in Ohio, now, this… if this isn’t true, there’s a helluva lot of buzz out there. In the lack of official confirmation, I’ll give this a “highly probable”… it ain’t over till it’s over… we do need an official confirmation to put this one to bed (taking Jillions’ bone-idleness into account, since Greg Sulich is no longer there to cover his ass, that could take forever).

They TALK a good fight… but as far as FIGHTING a good fight… I’ll leave that one up to you…


Friday, 28 August 2015

28 August 2015. Bernie on the Establishment

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There are THREE announced Establishment figures in the race for the Democratic nomination in 2016… Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Joe Biden. This actually means that the Establishment is in disarray. Their favoured candidate, Chilly Hilly, is going down the tubes fast. Bernie isn’t slicing and dicing her, for she’s doing a good job of that herself without any help from him, besides, he doesn’t want to piss off her supporters too badly when she goes down the shitter (again). Hilly can’t do anything right. She had the Reverse Midas Touch in ’08… it sure looks like a repeat. EVERYTHING that she touches turns to shit. She can’t get no respect, no way, no how.

Bernie’s laying low… that’s as it should be. He knows that Hilly’s gonna stumble. Why piss off her (numerically few, but well-placed) supporters? Nobody wanted in ’08… nobody wants her now except for some career pols, political shysters, “liberal” pundits, and racial/feminist hucksters. Let her candidacy die its natural (and all-too-messy and all-too-public) end. Bernie has it pegged and he’s not gonna queer it…


28 August 2015. Bernie on “Family Values”

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The GOP does holler a lot about “family values”… however, they favour a buccaneer crapitalism that does nothing but drive families apart. I’d say that they’re liars and cheats… Bernie’s being too kind to them (and to the Establishment Dems who ape them).

Orthodox people… the konvertsy holler about “family values”, too… they’re just as big liars as the rest of the Repugs are. At least the other greedster Republicans don’t drag Christ and His Church through the muck n’ mire…


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