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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016. Washington is Now the World Headquarters of Cloud-Cuckoo Land… Do Have a Care with its Political/Military Denizens

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Do have a care with anyone who is or was in the Washington defence, intel, or political apparats… have similar care with HillyBillys and members of the corporate and journalistic apparats. I had a colloquy with a “Craig Cartier” (if that’s even their real name)… their espousal of a far-out fictive narrative on the Ukraine and Russia was simply unhinged. Russia moved troops from the Far East to Novorossiya… the DNR and LNR are Russian fronts… Russia invaded the Crimea… the whole nine yards peddled by the Galician Uniate fascists (if true, it’d be a major security breach, but since it’s noxious bullshit, well… “winning is the only thing”). Having studied the history of the region for many years, I can tell you that the Crimea, DNR, and LNR were the strongest supporters of the Party of Regions. Besides that, they were the most-heavily Russian areas of the pre-1991 “Ukraine”. In fact, Novorossiya was never part of the historical “Ukraine”, it (and its cities) was a new foundation of the Russian Empire in the 18th century… it wasn’t added to the Ukrainian SSR until 1924.

However, the Beltway Commandos reiterate their lies even to those who know the truth (and who tell them so pointblank). They’re like zombies… “Russia is to blame… Russia is to blame”. Even the relatively sane repeat the same line (albeit with a bit more sincerity and pathos… you almost believe them until you realise that the facts haven’t changed over the last 24 hours). Please have a care with such people. We don’t live in normal times… we have the TSA Gestapo doing invasive body searches at airports… we have a Department of Homeland Security (rather Orwellian name, wot?)… there are security guards all over denying access to this and to that. Eddie Snowden had to flee to Russia to avoid a kangaroo court… Manning sits in prison for years… for what? The USA imprisons people in the Gitmo Gulag with no fixed sentence (even the Sov GULag had definite sentences)… it’s kept some people there for 15 years!

The times are dicey… please, be careful in your dealings with any government apparatchik or with corporate and journalistic apparatchiks. They’re all goodthinkers, and they’d throw you under the bus in an instant. Have a care, as dark as it is now, it may get even darker…


24 May 2016. Bernie vs Chilly Hilly… Fuckery is DEFINITELY Afoot

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In my neck of the woods, there was a “tale of two appearances”. Chilly Hilly showed up at an out-of-the-way venue, a small-town high-school auditorium with 1,300 tickets available (and one needed a ticket to get past security at the door). A friend who works for a state senator told me that there were untaken tickets. Bernie showed up at the Washington Avenue Armoury, which can accommodate 4,500… it was open to the public, first come, first served. He had an overflow crowd that spilled over into the small plaza outside and in front of the public library. Did I mention that the Armoury is three loud farts from the State Capitol, and that the rally took place during the state workers’ lunch-hour? MY BAD! Hmm… it looks like Bernie did FAR better than Chilly Hilly did. He won Albany County in the primary… that means that Handy Andy Cuomo and the Albany County Democratic Party machine either didn’t get out the vote or couldn’t get it out. In fact, Hilly did far worse than she did in 2008, when she won every county… she lost all upstate counties except for the counties containing the cities of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. Note well that the lapdog corporate media told you none of that.

Fuckery IS afoot. If the Dems nominate Hilly, many people will write in Bernie (I certainly will). In fact, the Republicans WANT Hilly to run… some are her real soulmates… others see her as an easy mark. Either way, it spells B-A-D for the Democratic Party Establishment. Don’t Chilly Hilly and the Establishment understand that Repug Lite is screamingly unpopular? They’ll have to find that out the hard way, I guess…


24 May 2016. Mighty Rus… It’s Been Around For a Bit…

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In 988, Russia adopted Orthodox Christianity. In 1242, St Aleksandr Nevsky kicked the shit out of the Teutonic Knights. In 1380, St Dmitri Donskoi skunked the Horde on the Kulikovo Polye. In 1613, Minin and Pozharsky ran the Poles out of Moscow. In 1709, Tsar Pyotr Veliki whipped the Swedes at Poltava. Where was the indispensable USA? Yes, where was it? Answer that, and you know that Paul Wolfowitz (and all “conservatives”) suck wind. Russia has been around for a long time… the USA hasn’t been around as long. When it lasts as long as Russia has, then, they can talk. Now… they’re just bratty arrogant toddlers armed with nuclear weapons. That thought scares me… it should scare you, too. May God have His mercy on us all.


24 May 2016. This is Why Chilly Hilly is Calling for War With Iran and Russia… Follow the Money

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Follow the money… you can see why Chilly Hilly is bellicose towards Iran and Russia. Look at the nationalities of her donors. “He who pays the piper, determines the tune played”. You can see why the Inside-the-Beltway lot screams that Russia is to blame for the current troubles in Novorossiya… their political bosses got paid off. It’s an old story, no? Trust no one with ties to the Washington apparat… they’ve been told to lie, and like proper little goodthinkers, they do. Don’t argue with them, but if they post Langley rubbish on your wall or blog, block them, without mercy and without comment.

Have a care with Hilly’s Upper Middle Affluent Effluent supporters… they’re getting more strident with the day. Reflect on this… shitbirds of a feather flock together. Therefore, if they excuse Chilly’s evil, it’s clear that they may not have clean hands themselves… just sayin’…

Victoria Nuland was Chilly Hilly’s protegé… need I say more? Besides, how many of the Canadian donors were hardhead Ukie nationalists? Good question, no?


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