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Friday, 29 May 2015

29 May 2015. Bernie for Prez… That’s ALL!

00 bernie sanders. portsmouth NH. 28.05.15


Of course, many caught the reference to Katz’s Deli… “Katz’s… that’s All!” on the sign. Well, it’s “Bernie… that’s all”… if we all get off our collective dupas and VOTE… YES, WE CAN.

We won’t get fooled again…


DNR Minoborony Warned of Possible Junta Sabotage Using Chemical Warfare

00 Eduard Basurin. 30.04.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin told journalists that DNR intel assets recorded increased activity by the junta in re chlorine storage facilities in Kharkov, as well as American chemical warfare experts arriving in Mariupol, saying, “We’ve established that they’re carrying out work in a chlorine storage area northeast of Kochetok in Kharkov Oblast. Please note that in mid-May 2015 they fired the entire civilian staff and beefed up protection of the area with special units. A week ago, our intel discovered that 20 tanker lorries (5-tonnes each) arrived with an unknown toxic substance. On 26 May, a group of American military chemical warfare specialists arrived at the airport in Mariupol. It’s possible that these American experts would help the Ukrainian side prepare a provocation on their own territory to foster allegations that the DNR engaged in war crimes. We have the situation under control and we’ll keep the public informed”.

29 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Remember the CIA provocation with chemicals in Syria? There, they used Saudi middlemen, but they don’t having willing dupe middlemen here. Nevertheless, it shows the raging STUPIDITY of Anglo Americans. They use the same MO and means that they used previously, against a peer power with equal (or better) intel capabilities. Not bright, is it? Well, the likes of Victoria Nuland run the US boondoggle, and its “spun” by Marie Harf and Jen Psaki… Nuland is evil… the other two are doofuses of the first water. Trust me… Obama is busy with domestic politics… there’s no Republican watching foreign policy either (you can’t count sabre-rattlers like McCain or clowns like Cruz and Rubio). Right now, the tussle is over the Congress… everything else is going to hell (or, being run by interested parties, which amount to the same thing).

There’s no doubt that the Russians and the local Peoples Republics know this… it’s unsettling. You see, in such an anarchic situation, anything can happen. Langley and Foggy Bottom do as they please… don’t forget that Nuland was a Cheney aide, a holdover from the Bushies. There’s no nefarious plotting going on in the White House. It’s something worse… the situation’s adrift, no one’s really in control, and no one’s watching the armoury. There’s no conspiracy… its simple directionless anarchy. Extremists such as Victor Potapov work for Langley… that should give us pause. Hate is their motivator… we saw what hate could do in the McCarthy era and the Red Scare in the late 40s and 50s, didn’t we?

Right now, the trolley is rolling downhill, and it appears that no one’s holding it back. Shall we get through this one? We’d best do so or it’s “kiss your ass goodbye” time, and I’m NOT exaggerating. Yes, kids… it’s that anarchic and that dangerous. May God preserve us all, for mankind has lost control of the situation (at least on the American side)…


Thursday, 28 May 2015

28 May 2015. What the Church Thinks of the Soviet System and of the Free Market… Fr Vsevolod Speaks!

00 V A Chaplin. USSR. 28.05.15


Fr Vsevolod, along with Metropolitan Varsonofy Sudakov and Archbishop Mark Golovkov, is part of the “inner cabinet” around HH. HH, if you remember, willingly cooperated with the foreign intelligence arm of the KGB as the vicious and barbaric inequality in the West disgusted him (as it would any decent human being). The Church blesses Soviet communalism… it condemns Me First narcissistic Crapitalism! That’s why the Church blesses the Peoples Republics in the former eastern Ukraine.

There are many in diaspora Orthodoxy who want to ally the Church with the most feral, selfish, vicious, and brutal factions of the US Republican Party (or the Liberal Party in Australia or the Conservative Party in Canada and the UK). They’re in the wrong 100 percent. HH is tight bros with the Castros. ‘Nuff said… he doesn’t hang around godless filth like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Antonin Scalia (“Mr Torture”), Rick Santorum, or Lil’ Mizz Sarah (or any other Republican greedster fraudster). Keep that in mind the next time you read rants by Rod Dreher, Victor Potapov, Jonas Paffhausen, Josiah Trenham, Patrick Reardon, Elijah Borek, or anyone like them. They’re trying to influence you to support a political faction that not only opposes the Church’s ethos, they want you to support a faction that wants to rip apart the ancestral motherland so that papists and sectarians can run riot. Nice people, aren’t they?

You read what Fr Vsevolod said… you know what these other jabronies say… it’s up to you to choose. Those are the two choices… there are no others…


28 May 2015. How “Christian” Is Ted Cruz?

00 ted cruz 01. 28.05.15


I believe that Ted Cruz is an hypocritical posturing phony… a man who blasphemes the Lord Christ, whose stand for Jesus™ spits in the face of real religion and piety. Orthodox people! Never forget how this Antichristian sectarian spat on our Orthodox leaders from the Middle East! If you support him, you’re a self-hating dupe, and I say this to your face. Note that they always “love” you… as they spit on you and rob you.

I find such revolting… I’m not alone…


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