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Monday, 25 July 2016

25 July 2016. No Comment Necessary Department… This Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz… ANY QUESTIONS?

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25 July 2016. A Point to Ponder…

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The US military system is set up to produce “Managers”… the Russian military system is set up to produce “Leaders”. Perhaps, that’s why the Yanks couldn’t truly win in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Georgia, and the Ukraine… they gamed it out, but reality came and bit them hard, didn’t it? Nikolai Gerasimovich was right… he wasn’t a “perfumed prince” like the current crop of American generals…


25 July 2016. Jill Asks Bernie to “Do the Right Thing”

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Both “major parties” are fielding candidates that are utterly at odds with what we believe as Christians. Utterly and absolutely… both the Repugs and Dems want a feral society where the rich prey on all of us… both want permanent war abroad (Trump’s codeword is “terrorism”… he’s as much of a warmonger as Hillary is). The candidate that comes closest to the Orthodox Christian social vision is Jill Stein… her pro-choice stance notwithstanding. That’s a trifle in comparison to the rest of her platform, which is mostly in sync with our social views. If you reject Dr Stein on the grounds of her pro-choice views, I’d remind you that no earthly political faction is perfect… none, especially, not the greedster neoliberals (of whom, the worst are the so-called “conservatives”). Dr Stein is on the same level as the Canadian NDP, and many good Orthodox Christians not only vote for them, but serve as NDP elected officials. The same is true for the American Greens.

Orthodox people… don’t listen to rightwing asshats like Potapov, Paffhausen, Whiteford, and Levitsky… they’ve gotten into bed with an evil ideology, and want you to do the same. Satan baits his traps with objectively good things… he uses “pro-life” rhetoric to fool people, and look, it does work, doesn’t it? Keep it focused… “pro-life” isn’t at the centre of our moral vision… compassion and aid to the suffering and poor is. Do act accordingly.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sensationalist Rightwing Post Devoid of Fact… As Per Usual

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You are now entering a fact-free zone… the lair of the Pro-Lifer… enter at your own risk


Read this. This isn’t at all what responsible MDs and scientists are writing in serious peer-reviewed journals. If you wish any information on transsexuality (the actual medical/technical term), you won’t find it in the so-called “Pro-Life” media. It isn’t vetted for accuracy and scientific veracity, so, virtually all of it’s nonsense and/or garbled rubbish. Do remember the faked Planned Parenthood videos. There has yet to be a verified assault on anyone in the ladies’ room by disguised men. I sure haven’t seen it nor have any other gals of my acquaintance seen or heard of such. Have a care with “conservatives”… they believe that “winning is the only thing” and that anything done to win one’s point is legit. I’d advise having as little as possible to do with such people, if you can. They not only hold untrue and bigoted beliefs on transsexuality, they also hold such on many issues. Be wary of them, for they hide their hatred and bias under the Church’s vesture. The times are dark, so, please, do have a care…


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