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Monday, 30 March 2015

30 March 2015. A Thought from St Nikolaj Velimirović of Ohrid and Žiča

00 st nikolaj of zicha. 30.03.15


Faith without works is dead… ’nuff said. The above image is from the MP Synodal Department of Church Charities and Social Work… the priest caricatured is Bishop Panteleimon Shatov, the head of the whole shebang. He does a bang-up job… he’s not a boaster or self-promoter, unlike some I could name… he’s a true humble servant…


30 March 2015. For Ye Are Like Unto Whited Sepulchres

00 700 club. 30.03.15


30 March 2015. A Point to Ponder… Why is ISIS So Horrid and the KKK Not?

00 kkk and isis. politics. 30.03.15.jpg-large


Let’s see… is there much difference in the POV of ISIS and the KKK (I’d add in the White Citizens’ Councils and those like Lester Maddox)? I’d say much less than one would think. Actually, BOTH are perversions of major world religions. I know many Muslims… I don’t know a single terrorist amongst them. However, I wouldn’t say the same about some (a minority, but a palpable number) of the “Ukrainian Catholics” and Ukrainian Orthodox” that I’ve met. Terrorism isn’t a part of either Islam or Christianity. Full stop. Those who inject such into these faiths are heretics, no doubt about it. The hate spewed out upon Muslims by the ignorant is bullshit… I’ll stand tall and say so. ISIS is wrong for killing Christians in Mesopotamia… the KKK was wrong for lynching blacks… the Right Sector is wrong for deliberately shelling innocent civilians… I’d say that there was plenty of blame to go ’round on BOTH sides!

Guess what? Both Islam and Christianity are correct in saying that we live in a fallen world. Both are right in saying that the world is in need of redemption. Therefore, why should evil’s existence surprise us? Rather, we must wrestle with it… think on it… it’s a meaty point to ponder…


Sunday, 29 March 2015

29 March 2015. A Thought from St Iustin Popović

00 St Iustin Popovic. 29.03.15


Our coreligionists suffer persecution in Novorossiya. The Anglo Americans favour the Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians, and they egg on those who attack believers that stand tall for the canonical Church. In short, America abets evil. It leads one to question the motives of those like Victor Potapov, who continue as willing servitors of the Neocon/Libertarian Moloch. Let’s not be coy… the Neocon and Libertarian ideologies are spawn of the Antichrist, wicked and degenerate to the bone. The Church doesn’t bless either the narcissism and greed of the Libertarians or the hubris and arrogance of the Neocons. Our coreligionists bleed for resisting evil. The least that we can do is to support them and not to be silent. That’s my belief, any road…


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