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Friday, 27 February 2015

27 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… Aftermath of Uniate Terror Bombardment in Donetsk

00 donetsk. terror bombardment. 27.02.15


Look at the above image. That’s why those who suck to up to Uniates are filthy quislings. That’s why Vassa Larina’s boastful post on Facebook that she visited a Uniate parish was so shameful, shocking, and beyond the pale. There was a time when doing that would’ve gotten her thrown out of the ROCOR. The Uniates are attacking our coreligionists in Novorossiya. Our duty as diaspora Russian Orthodox is to stand up for them everywhere and always… that includes not giving aid and comfort to their enemies, as Vassa Larina did. No… I shall NOT be silent. She doesn’t get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for being an FFP (First Family Prince/Princess)… she has the same duty as all of us do to stand for Holy Rus, for Holy Orthodoxy, and for Orthodox believers. At this moment, that means that we don’t associate with Uniates… the Uniates bless the war of aggression in Novorossiya. They bless the terror bombardment of civilian neighbourhoods. They bless the killing of our seniors and of our kids (as in the Trinity of Gorlovka). The very stones cry out… so, my duty is to cry out too.

A ROCOR priest told me, “She’s just naïve and stupidly vain”. I quite agree, she’s a overeducated ivory tower idiot, but for shame, Vassa… you stamped on the faces of our brothers and sisters to satisfy their papist oppressors. I hope that you enjoy your earthly reward for that…


Israeli Settler Attacks on Christian and Muslim Holy Places

00.0b Putin in Jerusalem. 06.12


Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. 

Proverbs 10.12

I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life. 

Gospel according to St John 8.12


Every day, I wake up and stare at the new illegal Israeli settlement right in front of my kitchen window. It’s been a very different life as a Greek-American living in a Palestinian Christian village that my husband loves so much.  This morning, after listening to news that I didn’t understand about a church building put on fire and terrible hate slogans about Christ, I started to call all of my friends to get some information from the ground. Sometimes, just because something is in the news doesn’t mean it happened exactly that way. It was a great comfort that so many people were extremely busy that some of us didn’t exactly know or understand the details of what happened. Somehow, we try every day to continue a normal pattern of working or functioning with terrible evil all around us. How does one keep sanity with such craziness? May God have mercy, since I feel that we’ve gone backwards to the first century.

Finally, at the end of the day, after speaking with Bishop Demetri of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, he confirmed that two unknown men wearing black masks, who broke a bathroom window, attacked the seminary on Mount Zion in Jerusalem before dawn. They threw a homemade bomb, setting the building on fire. The fire department responded by putting the fire out without anyone being hurt in this awful hate crime. Graffiti on the outside walls written in Hebrew blasphemed Christ. My dear friend Dan said that the relics of St Philoumenos were kept at the Mount Zion Seminary until 2009, before being returned to the Church of St Photini at Jacob’s Well, where fanatic settlers brutally killed the saint on 29 November 1979. Bishop Demetri helped me understand that the seminary of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate has operated for more than 300 years with local and Greek teachers giving instruction to about 15 students, aged 12 to 17, in general education and in Greek, English, and Arabic. The new principal is Hieromonk Nicholas, a Greek-Australian. He replaced the late Fr Photius, who served as a principal for over twenty years. The community is peaceful and a witness for Christ’s love and peace.

This vicious attack on our precious holy sites today comes after fanatic settlers also burned a mosque near Bethlehem on Wednesday morning. This terrible violence on Palestinian Christian and Muslim holy places is occurring on the 21st anniversary of the massacre of 29 Palestinian worshipers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron by an American-born Israeli settler, Baruch Goldstein. May God forgive him. However, I surely challenge my church leadership to have a loud voice for a just peace.

May the Light of Christ shine in this terrible dark time in the world and may the Love of Christ overpower evil. Let us pray to see the humanity in each other.

(no date)

Maria C Khoury

(no URL available, sent to me as a cut-and-paste)


THIS is what Ted Cruz praised when he spat on Arab religious leaders. May God forgive him his blasphemy. Why is there is no outcry in the US Congress when Jewish settler terrorists attack? WHY? That’s why I hate Ted Cruz and his ilk so bitterly.

V V Putin stands up for Palestinian Christians. The USA kicks them in the face. I seem to see a difference…


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Over Half of Republicans Want to Ignore Bill of Rights, Make Christianity (AKA Radical Sectarianism) National Religion in USA

00 Politics. Merry Christmas... There's No Room at the Inn. 02.01.13


America’s Founding Fathers explicitly banned the formation of a national religion, but don’t tell that to Republican Christians (sic). A poll found that over half of the religious right wants to establish Christianity (sic) as the country’s official creed. When asked if they supported “establishing Christianity (sic) as the national religion”, 57 percent of the Republicans surveyed told Public Policy Polling (PPP) that they were in favour. Three in ten opposed turning the USA into a theocracy, whilst 13 percent were unsure.

The Bill of Rights expressly prohibits the government from promoting one religion over others… the US Constitution’s First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Women were more likely to support an official establishment of Christianity in the USA, with two-thirds (66 percent) responding “yes” to the question; less than half the men surveyed (49 percent) chose that option. Amy Eddings wrote for Ring of Fire Radio, “It’s convenient that Republicans are so willing to ignore the Bill of Rights when it conflicts with any aspect of Christianity (sic), but if you even for one minute mention any form of gun control, then, you’re trying to destroy the Constitution and ruin America”.

Science fared even worse than the First Amendment. The New Civil Rights Movement wrote, “[The poll’s findings] support the growing perception liberals have of conservatives”, meaning Republicans are “anti-science Christian (sic) theocrats”. Those Republican primary voters who identified as members of the Tea Party were less likely to believe in evolution… only 27 percent were fans of Charles Darwin’s theory… than the 46 percent who believe in evolution and didn’t identify as part of that ideological group. Overall, 37 percent of those surveyed believe in the theory, with less than half (49 percent) disbelieving. A majority of Tea Party members (61 percent) said that they don’t accept the theory of evolution. When it came to global warming, only a quarter of respondents said that they believe in climate change, whilst two-thirds (66 percent) don’t. Self-identified Tea Party members were vehemently against the scientific phenomenon, with 91 percent being so-called “climate deniers”. Women were more likely to believe in global warming, at 30 percent. Only 20 percent of men agreed. Meanwhile, women were less likely to believe in evolution… 30 percent, compared to 43 percent of men.

Along with political polling, PPP has a reputation for asking offbeat questions in its surveys. In 2013, the company announced that about 13 percent of Americans believe Obama is the anti-Christ, nearly 30 percent believe in aliens, and four percent believe lizard people control the USA. That same survey also asked about climate change, finding that 51 percent of Americans believed in global warming, whilst 37 percent said the whole idea is a hoax. This margin was particularly high among Republicans, 58 percent said climate change is a made-up phenomenon. PPP, a Democratic-leaning firm, surveyed 316 Republican primary voters on 20-22 February. The margin of error was 5.5 percentage points. The survey also asked questions about potential primary candidates and the favourability of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

25 February 2015




What is referred to as “Christianity” in this post isn’t Christianity, it’s Radical Sectarianism. It arose in the USA in the Second Great Awakening in the early 19th century, and any resemblance between it and Christianity is purely coincidental, and probably not intentional. “Evangelicalism” (its most common nom de plume) isn’t Christian, not with its overemphasis on “Me n’ Jayzuss” and overemotive pseudo-spirituality. Can you believe that there are Orthodox who want us to ape such non-Christians (Paffhausen comes to mind)? They’re also extreme bibliolaters. In short, rather feral, ignorant, and clueless sorts, whom we should avoid at all costs.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

EP Sets Up Rebel Synod in Czechia and Slovakia

00 Metropolitan Rastislav Gont of Prešov PCČKS. 13.01.14

Metropolitan Rostislav Gont, the REAL Head of the Church in Czechia and Slovakia


Rhomphaia reported that on 22 February 2015, Archbishop Simeon Jakovlevič of Olomouc and Brno, locum tenens of the Orthodox Church of Czechia and Slovakia until 9 December 2013, officiated at the consecration of Isaii Slaninki as Vicar Bishop of Šumperk at the Cathedral in Brno. The EP didn’t recognise the election of Rastislav Gont, Archbishop of Prešov as First Hierarch by a Local Sobor of the Church of Czechia and Slovakia on 11 January 2014. Although the Local Sobor is the supreme doctrinal, administrative, and canonical organ in the Local Church and Archbishop Rostislav received 87 percent of the vote, the EP continued to consider Archbishop Simeon the locum tenens of a vacant throne and the only canonical hierarch in the Orthodox Church of Czechia and Slovakia. The EP broke communion with Archbishop Rostislav and his fellow bishops. On 6 February 2015 in Vienna, Simeon had a meeting with EP Metropolitans Emmanuel Adamakis of Gaul and Arseny of Vienna. During the meeting, they decided to elevate Archimandrite Isaii Slaninki to the episcopate to create an “Alternative Synod” of the Orthodox Church of the Czechia and Slovakia. No doubt, the ordination of the new bishop and the creation of an “Alternative Synod” will further exacerbate the local split, which for the past two years simmered amidst the unrest caused by the forced resignation of Metropolitan Kryštof Pulec, its former First Hierarch.

24 February 2015




This is a tangled story. Firstly, it’s a direct slap by Bart at an ally of the Centre. That’s not overly bright. However, never forget that Bart, like ALL Ecumenical Patriarchs after Maximos Vaportzis, is an utterly dependent client of Langley. However, this is DESPERATION on the Americans’ part. They’re tossing away their assets in a vain attempt to thwart Moscow.

Their assets aren’t only in the EP. Some are in the ROCOR, sadly enough. Not all the pro-Langley trash was taken out in 2007! Victor Potapov still works for the anti-Rodina “Radio Liberty” (do recall how he brought the interloper John Herbst to the Sobor in 2006). Mark Arndt still glorifies anti-Russian figures on his website. Nikolai Artemov is still squatting in München (that was “Spy Central” in the Cold War). Everyone knows the intel ties of Artemov and Potapov (their reputation as unpleasant figures is legendary… “I can deal with Lebedeff, he can admit his mistakes, but Potapov never admits anything”)… the Centre knew them, what they figured was that they were going to let Mark, Potapov, and Artemov rot on the vine… that’s the Orthodox way, it’s the least painful, it causes the least upset, and nature will take care of them all in due time. However, the present crisis in the “Ukrainian” pseudo-state scares the bejesus out of the Anglo Americans, so, they’re expending their assets in a mad attempt to stop Russian revival (a vain hope at best, a lunatic notion at worse). This exposes all the American assets for what they are. The plot thickens. The new Czech bishop studied in Germany, I think, under Mark. The Blunder ordained Isaii hierodeacon in 2010 in Moscow! Mark sent him a whole set of vestments as a present before the consecration. Mark was a member of NTS, which was a CIA front. He was active in setting up parishes in Russia in the 90s, unlike patriots like Bishop Alexander Mileant, Bishop Mitrofan of Boston, and the rest of the patriotic wing in ROCOR.

There can’t be two Orthodox Churches on the same territory. By doing this, Bart is declaring war on the Centre. Can it come to a breach of communion between the MP and EP? It very well might! Furthermore, it may lead to a schism in the ROCOR… mind you, it’d be painful… it’d be tragic… it’d be nasty… but I believe that it has to be. There are two “houses” in ROCOR… one is loyal to the Centre, to Almighty God… the other is loyal to Washington, to the Almighty Dollar. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand! (Gospel according to St Mark 3.25) THAT is a dominical statement, from Our Lord Himself. On the one side, we have the patriotic wing of ROCOR, loyal to Holy Rus… by all accounts, Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral leads it. On the other, we have a disloyal Quisling band, loyal to the American rightwing. As one of my correspondents put it, “The brothers at Jordanville appeared to be of the robot right”… that’s not all of them, but it’s all too many of them. These sides are incompatible. The present crisis is bringing things to a head. Are you loyal to Holy Rus? Then, you’re loyal to Christ and His Church. Are you loyal to the rightwing loonies in America? Then, you aren’t loyal to the Church… for a tree is known by the fruits thereof.

Do you stand with Holy Rus and its defence of Novorossiya, or do you stand with Sectarian America and its Godless and Theomachistic grasp at Global Hegemony? Choose well… I can’t tell you what fork to take… I’m certain that you know where I stand…


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