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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

27 July 2016. Uniate Nationalist Nutters Profane Orthodox Cross Procession for Peace

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The Orthodox Cross Procession for peace is approaching Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Here’s more evidence to show the vacuity of Western media reports that claim that there are no Nazis and radicals in the Ukraine… yup, they claim that they haven’t seen them. The nationalists are just diabolical; they terrorise decent people, it’s capable to see the Ukrainian reality as it is. Why, for them, no doubt, throwing eggs at Christian icons is just a form of veneration…

If you don’t find the Unia the Mark of the Beast, I’d say that you have some evidence of it here. Of course, do differentiate between Uniates and the Unia… the former are mostly innocent, born into it… the latter is a vicious concoction of the more feral elements of the Roman Curia…

There is still no news on the official OCA or ROCOR websites of this most important event. After all, Metropolitan Onufry is one of the marchers, and he blessed the whole proceedings. However, both the OCA and the ROCOR chose to spit on Metropolitan Onufry’s podvig… I find that shameful in the extreme. There was nothing on the website of the Eastern America Diocese of the ROCOR on this important news either… but it did have a mendacious little piece on the Cossack collaborators rounded up by the Brits at the end of the VOV. There was no mention of the fact that these traitors were in SS uniform nor was there any mention of the fact that these pigs took up arms against their motherland and people. I found the tale given on the website rather CREATIVE… I won’t go any further, as there are some litigious sorts amongst those who honour the XV SS Cossack Cavalry Corps (for such was the designation of this bunch of quislings). Gregory Levitsky (the site webmaster) found it important to post this… but he refused to post anything about the great peace march… not even, “Pray for Metropolitan Onufry and those with him on this most important occasion. The Eastern America Diocese of the ROCOR is not only with the marchers in spirit, we support the aims of the march as well”. There was nothing of the sort on any of the three websites I mentioned. This is to our everlasting shame…

None dare call it treason (for Mr Levitisky loves to post rubbish from the rightwing haters of Russia on his FB page)…

You can stand with Metropolitan Onufry and the peace marchers… or you can stand with Gregory Levitsky and the rightwing haters of everything good and decent. As always, choose wisely…


Sunday, 24 July 2016

24 July 2016. Today is the Holyday of St Olga… Mother of Grand Prince St Vladimir

Sergei Kirillov. The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga. Part 1 of the Triptych 'Holy Rus'. 1993

The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga

Part 1 of the Triptych “Holy Rus”

Sergei Kirillov



We’re getting ready for 28 July… the feastday of St Vladimir. On that day, two massive peace processions will meet in Kiev. I’ve noted that both the OCA and the ROCOR aren’t mentioning it on their official websites, nor do you find anything about it on the website of the Eastern American Diocese, under Metropolitan Ilarion himself… a rightwing putz named Gregory Walker Levitsky is its webmaster… he does put up all sort of rightwing rubbish on his FB page, but nothing about healthy things like the peace procession (asshats like Breitbart get posted by him, but nothing about the suffering Orthodox people in the Ukraine… that might upset the Uniates and their running dog Potapov).

Do you want to honour St Olga? Pray for the success of the peace marches in the Ukraine… demand that the OCA and ROCOR do likewise, and in public. Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev and all the Ukraine blesses the peace marches. We should honour that… instead, the OCA and the ROCOR honour the Uniate bandit junta in the Ukraine. You have a choice. You may stand with Metropolitan Onufry and the rightminded people in the Ukraine or you can stand with neoliberal quislings like Potapov, Lyonyo, Jillions, and Vassa Larina. It’s up to you… choose wisely, I have.

I honour St Olga, therefore, I stand with Metropolitan Onufry, not the CIA, NATO, and the EU (and their Orthodox running dogs). I’m not alone… the spirit of Grand Princess St Olga isn’t dead amongst us.


Saturday, 2 July 2016

2 July 2016. Is There a Gay Agenda? I Think NOT…

00 It's better to light a single candle... 01.10.12



Righties such as Dreher and Whiteford would have you believe that the Church refuses communion to homosexuals. That’s a lie. They’re spouting their unbalanced personal political idiosyncrasies… not the Church’s teaching. The Church takes ALL of us as individuals, not as members of this-or-that group… it considers ALL of us sinners. Do have a care with much posted on the internet, as most isn’t “kosher”, it’s by ungrounded people with no real Church education or experience. We do live in dicey times, kids, so, please, do show caution…



If there’s a “Gay Agenda”, then, we must refute it. We must uphold the Doctrine of the Orthodox Church at all cost. However, upholding it shouldn’t entail language of hate, malice, pejorative, or lies. We can state Church doctrine clearly, unequivocally, and directly without ever using terms, words, and expressions that are clearly sinful in themselves. The Ecumenical Councils established Orthodox doctrine; they spoke in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Some people asked me if I actually thought that there was a “Gay agenda”. No, of course, I don’t believe that. Nor is there any such thing as a “Gay Lifestyle”. That’s just part of the usual rightwing detritus, and few forces in our world today are as fraudulent and evil as rightwingers… i.e., ISIS is a rightwing movement. One of the most dangerous things in our world today is the Rightwing Agenda, especially, its war against the knowledge of and action against global warming and climate change. What do people think that a “lifestyle” consists of, anyway? It encompasses one’s economic status, whether one has an urban or rural lifestyle, whether one has the “lifestyle of the rich and famous” or of the homeless. A lifestyle involves whether one eats out often, what kind of car one drives, if one pays a mortgage or rents an apartment, what kind of job one has, what kind of friends one has, if one is vegetarian, religious, or atheist, if one helps to feed street people, etc. So, to say that there’s a “Gay Lifestyle” is just ideological propaganda, generally laced with hate, fear, malice, and (often enough) a “cover-up” for one’s own shameless “behind the scenes” activities.

We don’t accept same-sex marriages in the Orthodox Church, but many Orthodox communities embrace gay Orthodox Christians with openhearted love and recognition of their humanity. One can’t defend truth with lies nor can one defend the faith with slanders, wilful falsehoods, hate, malice, and anger. I’ve carefully studied more than a hundred careful, well carried out, provable, and repeatable medical/scientific studies that clearly demonstrate that being gay is not a “choice”… only an angry ideologue would add “a lifestyle choice”. Like [transsexuality], this is something that develops in the womb, its present in every studied species of mammal, as well as birds. This doesn’t compel us to alter our Church Doctrine… what it should compel us to do is to stop being just plain old liars. The only thing that I can see that gay people desire is to have full equality under the law… full total equality, not be deprived of their full rights as citizens of a nation, as full complete human beings, who are just as loving, just as compassionate, just as charitable, who give their lives in wars because they are just as patriotic, just as heroic, have just as much valour, humanity and, yes, just as much decency as any other human being in any society, in any nation under the sun.

Whilst I’ll defend Orthodox doctrine to the last breath, I deeply and sincerely believe that hateful homophobia is expressed only and solely by deeply self-hating homosexuals who project their self-loathing out toward others. Let none of these rightwing fanatics accuse me of not upholding Orthodox Christian Doctrine, though being natural liars, I’m sure that some will.

Archbishop Lazar Puhalo

Saturday, 18 June 2016

18 June 2016. A Point to Ponder

01 he ain't heavy he's my brother


As followers of Christ, we really need to learn the difference between “moral outrage” and “moral grief”.

Archbishop Lazar Puhalo

In a later post, Vladyki Lazar elaborated:

Some of you have asked me to explain “moral grief”. Perhaps, we can discuss it briefly, looking at the Holy Fathers. The best example of Moral Grief is Christ’s prayer in Gethsemane just before his betrayal. As the Fathers tell us, Christ had no fear of death. He certainly knew who He is. What then, was the “chalice” that He suffered from so greatly that He wished to have it removed? He was referring to His grief over the conditions and bondage of humanity. As the great Russian Father Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky said, “Christ suffered more greatly from His moral grief for humanity than He suffered physically on the cross”. Christ expressed no outrage over mankind’s sins, which He had come to bear away. Even when commenting on the self-righteous, He was sharp and stern, but without outrage. With the woman taken in adultery, we don’t see any moral outrage in Christ, rather, being concerned for her healing and salvation, He demonstrates a moral grief toward her accusers who were, despite their own moral outrage, themselves immoral, and full of sin. Moral grief never seeks the punishment or degradation of another, but feels grief over their bondage and inner human suffering. Moral outrage wallows in the desire for punishment, it rages against the other, not feeling a deep sense of humble grief over their condition. I hope this will explain to some degree.

I quite agree and have nothing to add to the above.


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