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Friday, 21 August 2015

21 August 2015. Good News About Fr John Bohush

01 woman on phone


Got this from informants and vetted it:

At our diocesan meeting the other day, Mark decided to “table” Fr John’s situation.

Now, if this follows the Old School Pravoslavny Playbook, it’ll stay “tabled” until Gabriel plays his Trumpet. That’s how it should end. It should just disappear. Fr John should go to the MP, Maymon should shut up, and this whole sorry mess should go in the dumpster where it belonged in the first place. Sadly, the scars from this won’t heal easily… Maymon will exacerbate them, no doubt. However, God willing, the worst of this is now OVER. Please, God… we’ve had enough “excitement”, haven’t we?


Friday, 14 August 2015

14 August 2015. A Thought from Elder Nikolai Guryanov… and a Plea to Attend to What’s Needful

00 st sergei radonezhsky nikolai guryanov 150815


I have sad news to report. The MP Holy Synod meeting on 13 July 2015 in St Petersburg (zhurnal nr 41) set aside a special day of prayer for God’s Creation. Of course, the ROCOR is an integral part of the MP, so, obviously, all MP Holy Synod decisions are binding upon it. The OCA is effectually a dependency of the MP, as all know.


The MP has written a special molieben for the occasion, this is not usually done, which indicates the importance that His Holiness attaches to this. However, to look at the OCA and ROCOR official websites… it might as well not be occurring. They do obsess about I V Stalin and about same-sex marriage… two topics that affect the Holy Church not at all. Whatever the US Supreme Court decided about civil marriage doesn’t affect the Church. There is NO persecution in the works in the near-term, nor in the long-term either. I’m sick of the konvertsy blathering on homosexuality and abortion. These topics do NOT lie at the centre of our Faith. Our Church, pre-eminently, WORSHIPS. It stands before the Holy of Holies and PRAYS. That’s what I was taught, that’s what I believe, that’s what I think that we should concentrate on. We shouldn’t wave placards. We should follow godly hierarchs like Bishop Panteleimon Shatov, who shows the world what true Christian charity is through his actions, NOT HIS WORDS. We shouldn’t follow poseurs like Jonas Paffhausen, who protected abusers and who lies about his past… we shouldn’t follow poseurs like Victor Potapov, who obsesses over Stalin and bloviates on same-sex marriage. We should follow His Holiness, who bids us pray for God’s Creation, that we should do so as Church, in an all-Church effort (after all, the Church did issue a decree to that effect through the Holy Synod). We should follow His Holiness, who is friends with the Castro brothers… NOT THE KOCH BROTHERS.

This is disgusting. However, it gives us a choice… you may follow Potapov and Paffhausen, and embrace the rightwing enemies of Holy Rus and our Holy Church… you may follow His Holiness, who bids us to care for the environment, to care for social justice, to reject the Free Market hell of the neoliberals (“conservatives”), and who embraces the LEFT. Those be the choices… those be the ONLY choices. They’re mutually exclusive. Choose wisely.

For more information on Respect God’s Creation Sunday, click here and here


14 August 2015. Vox Pop on Paffso’s Attitude to Abuse

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

For those who doubt my word, here’s Paffso with the kiddie porn king Brittain (note that Brittain is vested, at time when Brittain was under suspension). Yes sir, Brittain plead out to kiddie porn… hmm… Paffso’s there with Benjamin Peterson, who got nicked for DUI (and refused to do the right thing and resign). If shitbirds of a feather flock together, what does that tell you about about Paffso’s character?


I’m in italics…

That’s why I HATE Paffso and all that he stands for. He upheld abusers.

I know that Fr Ted Bobosh (now battling cancer) tried hard to persuade the OCA that they had to treat the subject of abuse very seriously. Paffhausen seemed more interested in “false reporting” as a liability for the clergy. NO moral fibre in that overindulged body of his.

Yes, I know that Paffso’s strutting about, lying and denying everything that he’s done in the past, especially, his intimate background with Podmo and lying about the circumstances of his trip to Russia in the early 90s. He’s fooling none of the old hands. In fact, all that he’s done is making a fool of himself… but he doesn’t care, as he thinks that he’s gulling the simple and playing up to the drooling konvertsy. He doesn’t care about grounded Orthodox Christians nor does he care for the OCA Synod nor does he really care for the ROCOR Synod. He’s a disobedient suka who needs rustication to a remote monastery immediately. If the ROCOR doesn’t do that, this POS, who defended the convicted perv Storheim, the convicted kiddie porn king Brittain, and the suspended questionable Ray Velencia, will hurt others, just as he hurt many people in the OCA.

Don’t let hatred of the OCA and its past abuses blind you. Paffso is a nasty piece of work and a disobedient and wilful monk. Why isn’t this supposed monastic in a monastery, where he belongs? Yes… why isn’t he?

One last thing… Dreher caterwauled about Catholic sexual abuse by clergy… note well that he pals around with Paffso. Why does Dreher throw bricks at outsiders, yet winks at abusers and their enablers in the Church? Yes… why does he?


Thursday, 6 August 2015

6 August 2015. Stephen Freeman is Wrong in His Approval of Deceptive False Anti-PP Videos on Facebook

00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13


I want to make one thing clear before I make my main point. No, I’m NOT “Pro-Choice”… however, I AM “Pro-Truth” and all priests who propagate lies are cheats and poseurs, and I say such openly. Read this. Stephen Freeman is a konvert priest without a proper Orthodox formation. His initial formation was in heterodox seminary, which means that he thinks in heterodox, NOT Orthodox terms. Furthermore, he’s a former Anglican, with all that implies… branch theory, in particular. He’s running about telling all and sundry on Facebook that the demonstrably false anti-PP videos that are credible. I’ve seen this. If he said such in private conversation, well, that’s one thing. If he said such on his blog, to his limited audience of clueless konvertsy, I wouldn’t mind that either. That’s just par for the course. That’s what that sort does. Leave them be, I say.

However, Facebook is a larger audience. As a priest of the OCA, any statement made by a cleric in good standing endorsing these deceptive videos implies that the OCA (and other Orthodox bodies) endorses these false and lying videos. As a priest incardinated in a diocese of the OCA, Freeman has a duty to confine himself to official Church pronouncements in public mass media or in social networks with a wide distribution. That’s why Reardon’s stunt about marriage licences was wrong… he presumed to make Church policy by his action. In like manner, Freeman is committing the bishops by his inane statements in a mass circulation venue. He should retract his statements and apologise. He did wrong… no priest can make such statements without clearing it with his bishop and with explicit permission. I know for a fact that most bishops are very careful with what their priests say on online social media.

It’s one thing for a laywoman like myself to post this or that… it does NOT commit the Church. In any case, I state explicitly that nothing I write is official Church policy… it’s my POV. Again, as an obvious non-cleric, I don’t think that I confuse anyone. However, Freeman is a priest; thusly, his duty is to keep his mouth shut in social media unless he has his bishop’s EXPLICIT permission. No, that isn’t “fair”, but that’s life in a hierarchical Church.

NO ORTHODOX CHURCH ENDORSES THESE FALSE VIDEOS. That’s what you can put in the bank. As I stated at the outset, I’m “Pro-Truth”. If you endorse lying and deceptive means, it corrupts the desired end, twisting why might have good under other circumstances into evil. Think on that. Freeman didn’t think things through… he should discuss such matters with a bishop or two before posting… it might save him a lot o’ grief. Pass me the jug… the world’s being gnarly again…


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