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Monday, 5 March 2018

5 March 2018. Pray for Syria


Reflect on this… Hillary Clinton is a war-bitch who wanted a wider war in Syria, a war in Iran, and a war against Russia. Her supporters all drool on command. None of them protested… including those who protested the Vietnam War! If that doesn’t tell you that liberalism is nothing but the reverse side of conservatism, nothing will. They’re both evil and repugnant… both share the same hateful and godless ideology, neoliberalism. Trump is bad, yes, indeed… but Hillary is worse; we’re better off without her in power.

This tells me much about Hillary’s fan club… none of it good. Have a care… the times are evil.



Tuesday, 20 February 2018

20 February 2018. American-Backed Terrorists Murdered These People in Syria… You Helped to Kill Them If You Support Clinton or Trump


American-backed terrorists killed these people in a mortar attack near Damascus. Innocent blood soaked the earth. Terrorist slimers took innocent lives. The USA backs the terrorist scumbags. Donald Trump supports them. Hillary Clinton supports them. Bernie Sanders supports them. I’m glad to say that Dr Jill and Brother Ajamu don’t support the terrorist shitbirds. If you support neoliberal pols, you support this, too. Their blood is on YOUR hands. As we Russians say:

They all had faces; they all had names.

Think on that. Think on this, too:

Nothing is forgotten… no one is forgotten.

That’s another thing we Russian people say. We have a job of work to do; we have to start by opposing the madness. I’ll leave you with what Yugoslav people used to say:

Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

Remember… Hillary the War Witch cackled as Serb children died from American bombing. She and Trump still cackle at the spilling of innocent blood. I stand against such evil. What about you?


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lavrov: “USA Actually Set Up Alternative Government Bodies in Large Parts of Syria”


On Friday, Minister of Foreign Affairs S V Lavrov said at a UN press conference:

We’ve received contradictory signals in this connection… a couple of days ago, the Americans announced the establishment of border security forces in Syria, and today they said that they were misunderstood as they had no plans to form such forces. However, it’s a fact that the USA actually set up alternative government bodies in large parts of Syria, which is contrary to the obligations in relation to Syria’s territorial integrity they reaffirmed commitment to, particularly at Security Council’s meetings. We’re concerned about that.

US Plans 

On 14 January, US Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve’s Director of Public Affairs Colonel Thomas Veale told us that the USA was training Syrian border security service personnel, which they expect to reach a total strength of around 30,000. Ibrahim Kalin, the Turkish President’s spokesman, said that Washington’s decision to train Kurdish troops to guard the Syrian-Turkish border was unacceptable. Later, The Pentagon said that you couldn’t describe the forces as an army, whilst US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said:

The entire situation was misportrayed, misdescribed. We aren’t creating a border security force at all.

19 January 2018




The Yanks slammed their dick in the door, yet again. They got caught trying to pull a fast one… and a fast one involving Kurds at that. If there was anything that could drive the Turks into embracing Russia, well, this was that. Washington continues to goad the Turks… it keeps sticking a pin in their ass and giving dumbass replies when caught in the act. The Anglos are showing their juvenile arrogance and hubris. Trust me, the Turks will NOT allow any sort of armed Kurdish force on their borders. Foggy Bottom had best admit that Syria is a lost cause and get out of Dodge… if it doesn’t and continues to back the Kurds, well, they WILL lose Turkey as an ally. After all, Turkey doesn’t fear Russia… but it does fear American backing of the Kurds. Stay tuned on this one… it’s far from over, kids…



Brother Ajamu on Why Americans Are So Passive in the Face of American Aggression Throughout the World


Why isn’t there more resistance and even outrage that the USA plans to illegally occupy another country… Syria? Answer: both war parties conditioned the public to accept this kind of gangsterism… they ignore the anti-war sentiments of the people.

18 January 2018

Ajamu Baraka


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