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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 May 2015. THIS is Why the Anglo Filth Will NOT Prevail in the Ukraine

00 Nikita Tsytsin The Bread of the Blockade. 1987

The Bread of the Blockade

Nikita Tsytsin



00 V Safonov The Battle Banner

The Battle Banner

V Safonov



00 V Akhvelediani How Young Were We

How Young Were We

V Akhvelediani



00 Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov. Farewell, from 'Scorched By the Fires of War'. 1967

Farewell: from “Scorched By the Fires of War”

Gely Korzhev-Chuvelyov


This is my favourite amongst Korzhev-Chuvelyov’s works. There’s no mawkishness or sentimentality… there’s no pretence… there’s nothing but a ruthless and no-holds-barred depiction of a soldier’s farewell to his wife. Shall they be reunited on this earth? No one knows… least of all, them.

This is truth.

Such determination has won Russia its wars…


00 Vladimir Kireyev. St George the all-Victorious (Eternal Struggle and Eternal Victory). 2014

St George the all-Victorious (Eternal Struggle and Eternal Victory)

Vladimir Kireyev


The church at Poklonnaya Gora (the great VOV memorial park in Moscow) is dedicated to St George the all-Victorious. America would find out that Russians haven’t changed… just as they threw back Swedes, Teutonic Knights, Poles, Tatars, the French, and Germans, the Russians would see to it that the Americans left their rotting bodies on the Russian land. Yet again, Holy Mother Rus would prevail over the latest foe from foreign parts. The Americans would find out that they have limits… that they’re not arbiters of the world. Would these arrogant juveniles learn?

“Exceptional”… I think not… Anglos are demented toddlers sadly in need of correction and discipline. So far, their project is a failure… God willing, they’ll go back home, perhaps, wiser (I wouldn’t bet on that, what with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Sean Hannity)…


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29 April 2015. Say “Thank You!” Before It’s Too Late

00 thank you for the victory. russia. 28.04.15


This year is the seventieth anniversary of the Victory over Fascism… the youngest vets are in their eighties. Show your gratitude before it’s too late…

The Uniate nationalists in the Ukraine HATE VIctory Day… why? It’s because they honour Nazi collaborators who served in the SS, the UPA whores of the Nazis and Americans, and the Trawniki men who served in the Nazi occupation forces and in the concentration camps shoving Jews into the ovens. If you support the Ukraine, you support those who glorify Nazis. Ugly, ain’t it?

I support the HEROES of the Red Army. If you denigrate them in any way, you’re my enemy, and I’ll oppose you (I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s clergy… if they refuse to honour the Great Victory and the Red Army that won it, that means that they honour stinking collaborators and stand with the theomachistic junta in Kiev). It’s time for us in the Russian diaspora to make all those in our ranks who refuse to honour the Soviet legacy “stand and deliver”. Our Patriarch honours the podvig of the Soviet people… so should we. We should start by demanding that the sellout quisling Potapov leave Radio Liberty and issue a public renunciation of his treasonous work for the US government (he supports himself and his family via his treachery to Holy Rus).

We should stand up for our bleeding coreligionists. If we don’t, we help hammer the nails into them. That’s all that one has to say…


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

28 April 2015. They’re All Passing… How Much Longer Shall We Have Them?

00 Nikolai M Belyaev. rusia. last surviving Reichstag veteran. 28.04.15


The generation of heroes that put down fascism is passing… they’re dying. There are only a few left of that cohort. They fought to free the world of the corrosive racist ideology of Nazism… a uniquely-evil construct that killed more people in 12 short years than many tyrannies did in a century. The whole world banded together to put that evil down.

Sadly, that evil is re-emerging under American auspices… it’s not just the neo-Nazi fascists in the Ukraine… it’s neo-Confederates in the American South… it’s Cuban rightwingers in Miami… it’s the vicious racists in the Baltic states… no… Nazism isn’t dead anymore. Rightwingers in America conjured it up from its grave. The Koch brothers finance it… Fox News propagandises for it… the Republican Party embraces it as its ideology… the “Evangelicals” dress it up in pseudo-religious vesture. We need to put down the beast again… God willing, the cost won’t be so high…


28 April 2015. My Address is the Lugansk Peoples Republic!

00 LNR Passport. 04.04.15



Of course, you recognise the riff on My Address is the USSR… say it loud! Say it PROUD! I’m LEFT… you DIDN’T beat me, you rightie son-of-a-bitch, and you can ram your Slobberin’ Ronnie and Wet Willy Romney up so far that the sun couldn’t shine that far. You didn’t “win” the Cold War (the USSR committed suicide, sadly enough… Gorby’s got the complete onus on that one)… you have nothing to crow about, rightie.

There’s a lot of unfinished business… they’re starting to right it in the DNR and LNR… fancy that. Stay tuned… same bat time… same bat station… things are changing before our very eyes…


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