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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1 September 2015. Animal Funnies… Three on a Bottle…

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“Three on a bottle” is an old Russian custom. In the Sov time, three guys would get together, each one would pony up a rouble, that’d be enough to buy a bottle of vodka and a package of processed cheese… for everybody knows that only drunks drink without eating something to go along with it. Yup… this was another “insider” “tribal” joke… but now you know too…

Who IS gonna go and get the cheese? We’re not a bunch of drunks, y’know…


Friday, 28 August 2015

Donetsk Noted 80th Anniversary of Stakhanovite Movement

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Donetsk noted the 80th anniversary of the Stakhanovite movement with a retrospective exhibition entitled, A Great Beginning for the Donbass. The exhibition, which includes about 60 paintings, sculptures, and commemorative medals, opened today at the all-Republic Art Museum. DNR Minister of Culture Aleksandr Paretsky attended the gala event, along with figures from industry, politics, and celebrities, alongside ordinary people. Paretsky observed, “These canvases evoke images of Alexei Stakhanov and his colleagues… railwayman Pyotr Krivonos, steelworker Makar Mazaya, traktorist* Praskovya Angelina. Their names are a legitimate source of pride; they help our young republic today to return to working people their deserved honour and glory. Despite wartime conditions, we’re getting ready to celebrate one of the most favourite holidays in the Donbas… Miner’s Day… we should be sure to remember one of the most famous miners who ever lived… Aleksei Stakhanov”.

  • Traktorist: “tractor-driver”, actually a rural jack-of-all-trades, driver, mechanic, harvest apparatus operator, general “fix-it man”

The exhibition presents the work of 35 artists, most of them being local Donetsk homies. The list includes Pyotr Vasyukov, Polina Shakalo, Ivan Lisov, and others. Vladimir Sarbash, technical director of the Donetsk Coal Energy Company, who was at the exhibition, said, “It excited and thrilled me to see these canvases at the museum. We learned about some of these folks in books; we worked with some of these people. They were real heroes of labour, the bedrock of the working class of the Donbass”. The exhibition will be on display and run until the end of October, being completely open to the public.

The Stakhanovite mass movement followed the example of Soviet Donbass coalminer Aleksei Stakhanov, who worked at the Central-Irmino Mine. Stakhanov mined 102 tonnes of coal during the night shift of 30-31 August 1935, when the norm for a shift was 7 tonnes. Subsequently, on 19 September, he set a new record by bringing 227 tonnes of black gold to the surface. The all-Union Communist Party encouraged and promoted the Stakhanovite movement, as a new form of socialist competition and as a way of increasing labour productivity.

27 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


28 August 2015. A Thought from F G Ranevskaya

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Friday, 21 August 2015

21 August 2015. A Thought from F G Ranevskaya

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I have in mind a particular clergyman, who loudly preaches “asceticism”… but who couldn’t keep his hands out of the till when he last held a responsible position, and who protected abusers and kiddie porn enablers (both of these are actual court cases, with actual convictions). If a guy can’t resist grabbing gelt and standing up for pervs, what does that tell you about the man involved? Shitbirds of a feather do travel together… bear that in mind when you hear a particular “clergyman” bloviate… Faina Georgievna was correct… some people are only full of parasites. Have a care… many are clergy. Remember, “The foulest flowers of evil grow in the shadow of the altar”… you forget that at your peril.


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