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Friday, 22 July 2016

22 July 2017. We Found an Ukrop Pokémon!

00 dnr ukrop pokemon 210716


Of course, Pokémon Go is all the rage, all over the world. This image is now viral on the RuNet. It’s actually from two years ago, but it’s now making the rounds as a Pokémon meme. So, they’re searching for Ukrops* in the Peoples Republics… it’s all part of the Pokémon craze… what’ll they think of next?

  • Ukrop: Russian colloquialism for Ukrainian nationalist fanatics


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Russia Dominates Global Wheat Market

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For the second year running, Russia is the world’s top wheat producer with exports of 22.5 million tonnes of grain this year, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Russia won contracts to exports 120,000 tonnes of wheat to Egypt. The Agriculture Ministry stated that in the autumn, as soon as the harvest brings in a new crop, Russia would supply wheat to China. Russia’s leading position in the global wheat market is because of its low-price strategy, which increased its market share.

The weakened national currency and favourable weather, as well as more investment, pushed forward Russian agriculture and unseated the USA as the world’s biggest wheat exporter. The Black Sea region, including the Ukraine and Romania, traditionally takes the lead at the start of the season with French exports catching up later. However, this year, France is out of the league of top wheat sellers after heavy flooding waterlogged fields and increased concerns over grain quality. According to German agriculture consultant BayWa, the soggy fields reduced crops by 17 percent (to 34 million tonnes) this season.

Matt Ammermann, a commodity risk manager at US-based financial services firm FCStone told Bloomberg, “The Black Sea just has so much to sell now and the quality is coming out better than expected. Traders aren’t even willing to look at French wheat after the harvest delays”. As of Friday, the Moscow-based Institute for Agricultural Market Studies said that wheat at Black Sea ports sold for 165 USD (10,550 Roubles. 1,100 Renminbi. 11,100 INR. 215 CAD. 220 AUD. 150 Euros. 125 UK Pounds)/tonne according to. That’s at least 15 USD (960 Roubles. 100 Renminbi. 1,000 INR. 19.50 CAD. 20 AUD. 13.60 Euros. 11.35 UK Pounds) cheaper than French wheat. Kiev-based UkrAgroConsult believed that Russia should gain nearly 16 percent of the global market this year compared to 14.4 percent a year ago. France’s share would reportedly decline to 11 percent from 12.1 percent last season. Sergei Feofilov, the head of UkrAgroConsult, told Bloomberg, “Russia’s position in the wheat market is changing because Russian farmers received high margins from selling their grain crop of last year, which they used to invest in better farming and technology”. Experts are positive on Russian wheat production through 2020, citing the weak rouble over the period. Alexandre Andrey, an analyst at BMI Research, told Bloomberg, “Thus, Russia would be in a prime position to compete on volume and price against France, Romania, and the Ukraine”.

20 July 2016



Sunday, 17 July 2016

17 July 2016. From the Russian Web… A Little Double-Dealer

00 kittens 170716


17 July 2016. Peace Marches… Peace Marches… Where are the Peace Marches?

00 russia ukraine cross procession 170716


I saw this on FB:

Hello, friends, anywhere in the world! The main media in German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland remain silent on the massive peace marches in Ukraine. What does the media in YOUR country report? Do you see anything about it in your newspapers or TV?

Jackie Zwahlen

I can report that the American media is silent as a fish about these massive marches. The US government supports the Uniates and the schismos… all those who work for it (or who once worked for it, especially, in the intel and defence apparats) must toe that line or else. Have a care with all those who work or once worked in the defence or intel apparats. They must push Uniate lies or they lose their situations (or lose their influence and standing, if retired). Simply don’t allow them to post Langley lies on your walls. Don’t “unfriend” them unless you must. If they don’t echo Uniate lies, they’re toast in circles that either they work in or in which they’ve been a part of their entire working lives.

Have a care; the times aren’t good…


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