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Sunday, 14 February 2016

14 February 2016. HH Lays Wreath at Memorial to Soviet Soldier-Internationalists in Havana

00 kirill. cuba. havana. 140216


HH showed us that “socialism is good”… ergo, all those who want to ally the Church with American “conservative” elements connive at evil and sin. You can follow HH or you can follow the Republican Party. That be the choice. I’ve chosen… have you? Choose wisely…

Here are some vids of HH in Havana:




HH does show the way… we have a holy patriarch who believes in godly socialism, not demonic crapitalism!


14 February 2016. The Mountain Laboured Forth and Gave Birth to… a Mouse

00 kirill and francisco havana cuba 140216


My comment on FB on the late meeting of Kirill and Francisco:

In any case, nothing of substance occurred. Kirill didn’t even let Francisco join him for any public events in Havana. In short, GIGO on a massive scale. Note well that the CHOSEN venue was well away from any American interference or monitoring. What did they say in pectore?… perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Both Francisco and Kirill wanted to make a point to the EU and the USA… both by their declaration and by their choice of venue. Otherwise, it wasn’t anything to comment upon, as nothing beyond a PR stunt occurred. However, the wording is more “Russian” than “curial”… something to think upon…

Note this well… there was no meeting of the two men before the public, even though Cuba’s a Catholic country. Now, that’s unusual… but no one seemed to comment on it. They didn’t even “break bread” together. Things DO get “curiouser and curiouser”, don’t they? HH is still in Cuba… he’s going the rounds. Again, note well that he didn’t allow Francisco to share in ANY of it. It does give one the clear impression who was the “top dog” in this, doesn’t it?


Saturday, 13 February 2016

13 February 2016. My Reply to a Clueless Young ‘Un Who Professes to Hate “Socialism”

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Recently, a young (and clueless) poster attacked my praise of socialism. I’d say, look at who preaches hatred of socialism… Donald Trump, a coward who refused to serve, who dumps wives left n’ right… Ted Cruz, another coward who refused to serve, who spat on Arab Orthodox bishops, who preaches war in the Middle East and against Russia… Sarah Palin, who abruptly quit her job as Governor of the State of Alaska to become an overpaid rightwing pundit (thereby, showing the world her selfishness, lack of a sense of duty, and moral vacuity). There’s also Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden… both of whom defend Wall Street deregulation (that is, legalising previously properly criminal actions) and both of whom hate the Orthosphere and wish to wage war against it.

If you defend the attackers of socialism, you defend those who wish to strip away ordinary people’s rights and you defend those who wish to wage war on the Orthosphere to extend their greedy and theomachistic worldview. In short, you spit on Christ and His Holy Church. Patriarch Kirill defends socialism… so should we. Do you wish to stand with real Orthodox or with Antichristian heretics (that is, not only against Christianity, but the purveyors of the agenda of the Antichrist)?

The choice is yours…


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

9 February 2016. That VOV Spirit STILL Lives On…

00 Minsk Museum of the VOV. Victory Day. 06.12



Anglo America thinks that it can bluster Russia into submission… I’d say not… after all, both Napoleon and Hitler tried that and failed… so shall the narcissistic Anglo toddlers.


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