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Saturday, 9 April 2016

9 April 2016. A Tale of Two Corpses on Life Support… When Shall They Breathe Their Last?

01 brain dead


Things are quiet now … the Ukraine is simply decaying and rotting from within. The army is unfit for anything … the power plants are shutting down … the shops are empty … everyone blames the Uniates and Anglos. The Americans fucked up in a major way… we should lay back on this one and let it develop. It’s like the OCA story… the Syosset apparat is flying apart before our eyes. Yes… something’s happening… shall we have victory this Easter? Shall Syosset and SVS jump for the Phanar (the parishes are another story altogether… a fact that the apparatchiks forgot)? One can only speculate.. but it hasn’t resulted in a real breakdown yet. We have to let these stories develop. It’s why I’m not writing about it or the OCA meltdown… they’re works-in-progress, and highly volatile. That is, both the OCA and the “Ukraine” are heading for the dustbin, but the details are unknown; they’re still hanging on, although the subject is clinically brain-dead in both cases.

Let’s not embarrass ourselves like “Hank Leaf” did on the Orthodox Forum. He wrote that Paffso was pro-Centre! He did! Paffso is a drooling neocon extremist allied with the Blunder, Potapov, and Shevkunov, not the actual power apparat at the Centre. If you remember, when Fatso went to the MDA, the rector refused to meet with him, but did meet with Mollard when Mollard came. The coverage of Paffso on patriarchia.ru was always restrained, unlike Shevkunov’s pravoslavie.ru, but the latter isn’t official, never forget that (it purveys the idiosyncratic views of Shevkunov and his allies in the Vorobyov Mafia). We don’t know yet what’s happening in the OCA, save that the Syosset apparat is trying to pull a fast one, but the power lies in the parishes, not the apparat (as Mollard’s election proved to all comers… Dahulich was the fave of the apparat and SVS). It’s much too confused and in flux for anyone to issue a coherent opinion. “Hank Leaf’s” piece was an utterly preposterous piece of folly that the author should never have posted.

The same is true of any posting on the Ukraine. Everything that I get is contradictory and confusing, save that all sources agree that the junta is floundering and can’t deliver basic goods and services to the people. Simply reflect on the fact that the Americans arrogantly installed foreigners into the junta apparat. It had the usual response… the people don’t have faith in a “government” that sets foreigners to rule over them. “The Ukraine isn’t dead yet”… but it soon shall be, but no one knows the time nor the circumstances of its fall. I only pray that it comes quickly, to spare all the innocents in the notional “Ukraine”.

Let these two stories “ripen”… I fear that the dénouement won’t be long in arriving…


Update 10 April 2016:

I got this from a Cabinet member:

One small item. Hank didn’t write the piece. He posted it on the Forum, but George Michalopulos wrote it; it originally appeared on Michalopulos’ Monomakhos blog.

There… that sets the record straight… however, it still remains a drivelling piece of rubbish, and the fact that Michalopulos wrote it only reinforces its marginal status.



Saturday, 13 February 2016

13 February 2016. A Word or Two on the Brouhaha Surrounding the “Catholic Church of the East”

01 smoke and mirrors


Firstly, there’s no official “word” out on this yet. NONE. Ergo, none of the internet Sturm und Drang has any actual backing in the real world. That goes for that Uniate poseur “Josephus Flavius”, too (there’s no “Eastern Church”… that’s a damnable heresy)… he has no real information. He has no more than I do… that is, word from OCA and ROCOR clergy on unpublicised chancery doings. The word “out there” is that the ROCOR suspended the so-called “Archbishop” Ramzi, who became the canonically ordained Hieromonk Elias, as for unknown reasons he still referred to himself as a bishop. I think it was a nice idea to want to bring in 60 parishes, but I don’t think it’s clear that they had intent to be Orthodox. Why do we keep accepting groups that insist on doing their own thing? It seems that Hilarion Kapral is too nice and accepting of people; he needs to learn to say “no” sometimes. It seems that we didn’t learn from the Blanco TX (Christ of the Hills Monastery) and other Western Rite fiascos, nor from those crazy nuns in DC.

One of my sources sent me this (from the ROCOR Western Rite FB Page):

These communities are under the oversight of Metropolitan Hilarion and Metropolitan Jonah as they make their conversion and transition to Holy Orthodoxy.

So, Paffso rides again… but I reiterate… there’s no OFFICIAL word yet. NONE. NONE WHATSOEVER. There’s NOTHING out of the ROCOR Holy Synod nor from any other official source. Just because a Uniate blogger is out there shouting away doesn’t bind the ROCOR Holy Synod. Let’s wait for the official word from the Church. So far, there’s none… be patient… don’t let loudmouth Uniates colour your opinion (what I do know from clergy sources is that there’s no final word on the situation as of now). There WILL be a definite dénouement for this…

Friday, 14 August 2015

14 August 2015. Vox Pop on Paffso’s Attitude to Abuse

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

For those who doubt my word, here’s Paffso with the kiddie porn king Brittain (note that Brittain is vested, at time when Brittain was under suspension). Yes sir, Brittain plead out to kiddie porn… hmm… Paffso’s there with Benjamin Peterson, who got nicked for DUI (and refused to do the right thing and resign). If shitbirds of a feather flock together, what does that tell you about about Paffso’s character?


I’m in italics…

That’s why I HATE Paffso and all that he stands for. He upheld abusers.

I know that Fr Ted Bobosh (now battling cancer) tried hard to persuade the OCA that they had to treat the subject of abuse very seriously. Paffhausen seemed more interested in “false reporting” as a liability for the clergy. NO moral fibre in that overindulged body of his.

Yes, I know that Paffso’s strutting about, lying and denying everything that he’s done in the past, especially, his intimate background with Podmo and lying about the circumstances of his trip to Russia in the early 90s. He’s fooling none of the old hands. In fact, all that he’s done is making a fool of himself… but he doesn’t care, as he thinks that he’s gulling the simple and playing up to the drooling konvertsy. He doesn’t care about grounded Orthodox Christians nor does he care for the OCA Synod nor does he really care for the ROCOR Synod. He’s a disobedient suka who needs rustication to a remote monastery immediately. If the ROCOR doesn’t do that, this POS, who defended the convicted perv Storheim, the convicted kiddie porn king Brittain, and the suspended questionable Ray Velencia, will hurt others, just as he hurt many people in the OCA.

Don’t let hatred of the OCA and its past abuses blind you. Paffso is a nasty piece of work and a disobedient and wilful monk. Why isn’t this supposed monastic in a monastery, where he belongs? Yes… why isn’t he?

One last thing… Dreher caterwauled about Catholic sexual abuse by clergy… note well that he pals around with Paffso. Why does Dreher throw bricks at outsiders, yet winks at abusers and their enablers in the Church? Yes… why does he?


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

4 August 2015. Fatso Up to His Old Tricks… It’s Time for Ilarion Kapral to Send this Unrepentant POS to the Mountain for Good

01 woman on phone


I got this from an informant:

[Paffhausen] is a “bad piece of work”. I don’t know what the guy is planning, but he does seem to have some “operatives” around him. For your information… the word is that a nun showed up at a certain monastery (to remain nameless), her stated mission was to visit as many monasteries as possible to determine what meeting facilities they had. Turns out she WAS one of the infamous “DC Nuns”, but no longer, she’s now obedient to, and under, Fatso. Not clear what this is all about, but he does seem to have people working for him.

Where is Fatso getting the cash? What connection does the CIA pig Potapov have to do with this? After what he did in the OCA, Fatso looks ready to stab Ilarion Kapral in the back. He’s a nasty piece of work, and Kapral was stupid to have taken him in, in my opinion. Now, the only thing that can be done is for the ROCOR to send this unrepentant POS off to the Mountain for the rest of his life… after all, he IS a monk, at least that’s what he claims, so, let’s take him at his word, and send him where he can work out his salvation as an ordinary monastic.

This guy is TROUBLE writ large… I haven’t forgotten how he treated one of my acquaintances (Paffhausen acted like Satan incarnate… he can be egregiously rotten, especially, to those who had upset his pet clergy). His evil is without limits… his duplicity is deeper than any other case that I’ve seen in my 61 years. He’s one of those who glitter on the outside (to some, at least), but are nothing but corruption and vileness inside. Have a care… the times ARE evil, and some of the worst out there are clergy.


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