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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Value of Uniate Promises: Junta Reinforces Forces in Novorossiya

00 No tanks. 06.09.13


Read this. Ever since the Union of Brest in 1596, the Uniates have been a watchword in treachery and deception, just like their Jesuit mentors. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all the rank n’ file, but it does apply to the DP cohort (and many of their families), most of the clergy, and all the hierarchy. They promised to pull back their forces, instead, they’re reinforcing them. The Anglo Americans are their enablers… no peep from them, do you notice that? That means that they APPROVE of such double-dealing. “Winning is the only thing”… that’s the Anglo motto… you forget that at your peril. If the DNR and LNR drop their guard, they’d be sorry. Foggy Bottom and the Roman Curia are playing a high-stakes game… the one wants to implant selfish Anglo narcissism in the place of healthy Russian communitarianism… the other wants to rip out the Orthodox heart of Novorossiya, suck out all the contents, and leave only a shell (just like the Galician Uniate “Ukrainian Catholics”). Them’s the stakes, kids… it’s more important than the Western reportage would have you believe. After all, would you want to support those who oppose Christ’s Holy Church? Ponder that the next time that you hear Rush Limbaugh or Ted Cruz rant n’ rave…


4 March 2015. A Reply to an Ignorant Amerikantsy Accusation…

00 Toddler Tantrum. 29.11.12

THIS is American Exceptionalism… any questions?


Here is the ignorant Amerikantsy accusation:

With 9 time zones and trillions of  dollars worth of minerals, timber and oil reserves, Russia only has Russia to blame for its hundreds of years worth of failures to create an upwardly mobile society.

Here is my riposte to that arrant bullshit:

Crank argument. America has never produced the number of champion athletes, world-class scientists, artists, and cultural workers as Russia has. In short, America, for all of its riches, failed to produce a fair society. It HAS produced grasping pigs such as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the Koch brothers. I think that your argument bit YOU. After all, we failed Russians beat you into space, didn’t we?
Anglo Americans believe their own lying bullshit… never forget that in your dealings with them. You forget that at your peril… that’s why so many Russians err when they ascribe rationality and planning to Anglo actions. They’re narcissists of the first order… nothing is planned… it’s all childish tantrums… however, it’s a toddler who has the bomb. Ponder that…


Donetsk Paramedic: “We help everyone. It’s our job”.

00 novorossiya. civil war 04. 10.11.14



On call 24/7, Donetsk paramedics risk their lives responding to calls in the most dangerous areas. RTD joined one of these teams as they rescued and treated the wounded… civilians, patriot soldiers, and junta militants alike. On a daily basis, ambulance crews see overwhelming numbers of dead and wounded, but paramedic Ksenia said that despite the fear she tries to put on a brave face. Ksenia and her team race against time to save those wounded in the conflict, to get them to trauma centres, but they don’t always make it. She said it’s hard not to take it to heart, “Sometimes I feel like crying, but if I give in and do, if I get tearful, it’d be hard on the others. One must do the opposite… act encouragingly and smile no matter what”. The crews shuttle waves of casualties to area hospitals. Local doctors say that most of the injured have wounds from shell fragments, many of those wounded are noncombatants, including children. One doctor told us, “Overall, civilians suffer more… at least, soldiers know what to expect”. Donetsk hospitals treat everyone without exception, offering the same care to patriot soldiers and junta militants. A paramedic told us, “We help everyone. It’s our job. There were many Ukrainian soldiers in the summer and now again. They receive all necessary care”.

4 March 2015



Tuesday, 3 March 2015

3 March 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is the Ukraine… ANY QUESTIONS?

00 ukrainian shop. 03.03.15


Look at the above image. Stratfor claims that RUSSIA is going down the shitter. I’d say that they’re not only lying sacks o’ shit with connections to the worst politicians in the USA, they’re thieves who take money under false pretence. Then again, they’re from Texas, which has the most crank political/business culture in the nation. Russia isn’t going down the chute… but the Ukraine is! There’s no run on the shops in Russia… there’s no hyperinflation… there’s no mega-unemployment. What do you do with lying Free Market buccaneer scumbags who pretend that they’re an intelligence agency? You don’t give them your business, that’s what! No small business with less than 200 employees is a “shadow CIA”… anyone who believes that is crackbrained and an ignoranus on the level of Rush Limbaugh and Rod Dreher. “Rush n’ Rod”… sounds like two sleazy used-car salesmen, doesn’t it? Reflect on the fact that that’s the sort of person that the Republican Party gushes over, and you’ll come a long way in understanding why Americans aren’t getting the present Ukrainian situation right.

Look at the above image. That’s Free Market Crapitalism at work… Rush n’ Rod are two of its biggest cheerleaders… connect the dots…


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