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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. A Photo Essay… Putin and HH Go to Athos to Mark Millennium of Russian Monasticism on the Mountain

00 panteleimon monastery mt athos greece 290516

St Panteleimon Monastery… the Russikon… the seat of Russian monasticism on the Mountain for 1,000 years


00 putin and kirill on athos 01 290516

HH and VVP with the Brotherhood of St Panteleimon Monastery… most of them are younger men now


00 putin and kirill on athos 02 290516

President Putin standing in a place of honour during services


00 putin and kirill on athos 03 290516

HH and VVP on the monastery grounds


00 putin and kirill on athos 04 290516

President Putin speaking inside the monastery katholikon


00 putin and greek president on athos 290516

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopouos and VVP with Athonite fathers


President Putin and HH went to the Mountain to celebrate the millennium of the Russian presence there. The holy fathers greeted VVP enthusiastically, as they did on his earlier visit in 2005. Methinks that they prefer Russia to the USA in the current imbroglio over the “Ukraine”. It’s also clear that they don’t share the POV of the Washington apparat that Putin is a “peckerwood” (even more reasonable members/former members of the apparat have to repeat that line chapter-and-verse… typical Anglo bullshit, no?). Like it or not, HH and VVP are the leaders of the Orthosphere… most Orthodox (both Oriental and Eastern) accept them as such. It’s the old New Roman duopoly reestablished. Emperor and Patriarch stand together, each in their own sphere, each wielding their own power, holding the other up. The so-called “monarchists” amongst us are chock fulla shit. Vladimir Vladimirovich is a tsar in all but name… labels don’t interest him (he’s the polar opposite of such prancing poseurs as Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump).

As late as ten years ago, the majority of pilgrims to the Mountain were Greek. Now, Russians make up 50 percent of those coming. The Russikon has built a new guest hostel with 500 beds… Russia has put right the post-1917 disrepair, as the photos testify. It sure looks like that the Pre-Revolutionary situation is returning to the Mountain… that is, the majority of the monks and pilgrims will be Russian in due course. The Phanar has little actual control over the Mountain… it’s clear from the photos what the Mountain thinks of the Centre’s place in Orthodoxy. This wasn’t just celebrating the millennium of Russian monasticism on the Mountain, it was a gambit in the continuing Great Game between the MP and the EP… it sure doesn’t look good for the Phanar from this vantage point…

America hates both VVP and HH and wants to take them down… for they stand in the way of American crapitalist hegemony. I stand with VVP and HH… NOT the Washington/Western media apparat. I’m not alone…


29 May 2016. The Melodiya Sisters “Hold On, Novorossiya!”

00 Novorossiya. soldier 140516



Novorossiya holds on… the Anglos can’t beat them down. Everyone knows that the USA sent special ops lads in the guise of mercs (a standard American practise, I’m afraid)… but the local homies beat the shit out of them. The Anglos are finding out that they’re in a no-win situation like they were in Vietnam. They’re saddled with a corrupt and incompetent “ally” and their opponents have easy resupply from Russia (just as Vietnam had easy resupply from China and the USSR). This has led to a gigantic Yank tits-up and all-round clusterfuck. Of course, the Anglos admit nothing… they never do. They never learn from their mistakes… yes, they’re that arrogant.

Novorossiya stands tall. America gnashes its teeth. Holy Rus survives…


29 May 2016. The “Attack of the Dead” at Osovets Fortress… The Anglos Had Best Mind What It Means

00 Attack of the Dead at Osovets Fortress 140516


Русские не сдаются (Russkie nye sdayutsya: Russians Don’t Give Up) by Varya Strizhak… 


In August 1915, the Germans used poison gas against the defenders of the Russian fortress at Osovets in Northern Poland. To their surprise, the Russians, although injured by the gas and spitting up blood, counterattacked, and threw back the Germans. This allowed the Russian forces to evacuate the area in good order some weeks later. Russians haven’t changed… the Anglos had best mind that… or they’re in for a rather nasty and upsetting surprise… the Yanks wouldn’t know what hit them if the famed Russian artillery and MRLs opened up on them. They’ve not faced such since Korea… they’d realise what “shock and awe” truly means.


Saturday, 28 May 2016

28 May 2016. This is Why the Novorossiya Patriots Will Win Over the Pro-American Fascist Uniate Junta

00 A B Mozgovoi 01 if I fall. 230516


The Novorossiyan patriots are in it to win it. The pro-American junta doesn’t have half the cohesion, grit, motivation, and simple guts that the patriots have. The Americans have backed a loser… they won’t admit it… or have they? They HAVE stolen the gold and forex reserves… that’s what the US citizen Jaresko was doing as the junta’s “Finance Minister”… pretty fishy, no, having a foreigner as a government minister? The war will last as long as the USA props up the unpopular Uniate junta… when the Yanks either give up or agree with the Russians to withdraw their support of the Galicians, the present “Ukraine” will fall. No one knows what’ll replace it… no one… especially, no one “within the Beltway”…


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