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Friday, 18 September 2015

Some Vox Pop on Mollard’s Shenanigans at Syosset

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. It came from Syosset. 2012


I got this from a trusted source:

The new OCA Coordinator for the Office of Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Cindy Davis Heise, is Mollard’s niece. Talk about a conflict of interest. If any “allegations” are brought against Mollard, will she be investigating these too? Ms Davis (Niece Cindy) also served in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania apparat when Mollard was ruling bishop. This reminds me of what happened when Peter Borzuku, the OCA Pension Plan Administrator died. Kondratick quietly had his wife, Bette, appointed as his successor. Kondratick and Mollard sure know how to keep things in the family, don’t they? Just goes to show you that these converts, especially from Episcopalians (Hatfield, Mollard, Fathausen, Eliel), Catholic priests running away from something (Popp, Brum), and Evangelicals are all bad news and worse than any corrupt ethnics are or ever were!

By the way, Mollard, Jillions, Lyonyo, Tosi, Wheeler, and Niece Cindy really did a job on Dickie Wood. The sexual misconduct allegations they used to throw him off the train and depose him from the priesthood aren’t true. Oh yes, the aforementioned better be careful with Bishop Irineu. He knows a lot…


I forgot to add Dennis Bradley to the list of wayward Catholic priests coming into the OCA. He had been a member of the Oratory of St Philip Neri and a professor in the Philosophy Department of Georgetown University. He didn’t convert to Orthodoxy until AFTER he received tenure from Georgetown… guess Truth had to be subordinated to his career goals and economic well-being… so much for finding The Pearl of Great Price, eh?


The following quote fits the monomuckrakers and the other converts to a tee, “Many folk wish to serve God, but only as advisers”.

I ran this “as is”… it comes from an “Old Hand”…


Friday, 4 September 2015

ROEA Diocesan Assembly this weekend

01 newspaper


Priest informant told me that Popp wants to consider TWO new vicar bishops. There’s buzz about Duvlea not wanting this because he’s more likely to succeed Popp as bishop if he’s the only auxiliary, so he’s saying he was sidelined before the assembly because he opposed the men put forward. The scuttlebutt has it that the only reason Popp made the charges public was to counter that argument… in general he isn’t a big fan of the sexual abuse policy. I got this intel from a ROEA informant:

Incidentally, the assertion made by the moderator of Monomakhos that Bishop Irineu doesn’t “speak a lick of English” is patently false. I had a detailed conversation with him in English once about Holy Synod matters and Syosset’s internal affairs and I have been present at liturgical services where he has served partially in the English language. One should also note that questions about sexual morality aren’t necessarily the only reasons the Romanian Patriarchate declined to consecrate him to the episcopacy. The BOR has many male monastic vocations and therefore a good-sized pool of potential candidates to choose from. There are many factors to consider when selecting and grooming individuals for the hierarchy and perhaps Bishop Irineu was deemed unsuitable by the relevant Church authorities for one or more of these. Who knows?

Do notice that VFR, roea.org, pokrov.org, monomakhos, the Uniate site byzantinetexas, and the local secular press in Dearborn Heights covered this story yet oca.org remains conspicuously silent. They haven’t even announced that one of their own bishops is on a leave of absence and is prohibited from serving anywhere. Since this matter concerns a hierarch, where is Mollard in all of this? What does he do all day?

You pays your money and you takes your choice. I can attest that Bishop Irineu speaks acceptable English, I met him once and he can communicate… not on a native-speaker level, but well enough to be understood and to understand. Monomakhos is fulla shit per usual… they need Mommy to come and change their full nappies.

We’ll know more after the pow-wow.


Bishop On Leave Pending Sexual Misconduct Investigation

00 irineu duvlea romanian bishop usa 040915


A Michigan Orthodox bishop is on leave and can’t work as a priest following allegations of sexual misconduct. On Tuesday, Dearborn Heights Archbishop Nathaniel Popp publicly disclosed that his auxiliary bishop, Right Rev Irineu Duvlea, is under investigation for sexual misconduct. In a statement, Popp said that Duvlea, 53, is presumed innocent, but is now on leave and is banned from working until the investigation is complete. The church didn’t announce any information about potential victims. Popp added that the investigation is highly confidential and urged his followers not to speak about the matter. Popp said in the announcement, “No one should discuss the investigation with anyone”. Duvlea served as the Bishop of Dearborn Heights and auxiliary bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America.

Members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said they welcomed the fact that Popp made the investigation public. However, the group feels the archbishop isn’t going far enough because the investigation remains confidential. Melanie Jula Sakoda, the Orthodox Director for SNAP, said in a statement, “Investigations into sexual misconduct should always be made public, and I was very pleased to see that Archbishop Nathaniel had made this announcement. Such disclosures encourage others who experienced witnessed or suspected abuse to come forward”. Cappy Larson, also of SNAP Orthodox, added, “The Church should also supply additional information. Did the misconduct involve a parishioner? If so, was the victim a child, an adult, a male, a female? How many victims have come forward? More complete disclosure can help to jog memories and reassure other survivors, producing additional testimony and evidence”. Duvlea was a monk in Romania before he came to the United States in 2001. He founded The Ascension of The Lord Monastery in Clinton MI. He was the head of the Western States Vicariate of the OCA Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. His territory included parishes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, and Washington.

3 September 2015

Jodi Rempala

Dearborn (MI) Press and Guide



This legal threat appeared as a comment:

My ACLU attorneys (aclu@aclumich.org) will contact you today for clarifications regarding the allegations done against me for church political gains. + Irineu, Bishop of Detroit, ROEA, OCA.

If the above comment is on the up and square, it shows that Irineu is an arrogant son of a bitch. You simply don’t make such implied threats in the USA. He can’t sue me for pointing that up. The last thing that he needs is an unsuccessful legal action. If his lawyer told him to do this, he has incompetent counsel. No, we won’t be silent! Who accused Duvlea of misconduct? When did the alleged incident take place? It smells as if the OCA is trying to sweep this under the rug. They tried doing that with Storheim and it blew up in their face.

Remember the nasty tactics used by Gindin, Storheim’s shyster? One wonders, is Duvlea’s counsel going to do the same? That is, are they going to smear the accuser in public in an attempt to discredit them? It didn’t work in Winnipeg… although that bastard Gindin did his best to bad-dog and attack Storheim’s accusers. Storheim ended up convicted, and Mr Justice Mainella, the judge involved, was rather emphatic in his condemnation of Storheim and totally trashed Storheim’s credibility in public. Duvlea had best watch his step. This isn’t Romania… it’s the USA, where the judiciary wouldn’t be inclined to help any putative coverup.

Duvlea’s lawyers can’t sue me for the above. However, his clumsy “comment”, if genuine, shows a total lack of understanding of the American legal system, and of how it works. If it’s secret, there’s no real investigation. Full stop. An MP priest once asked me, “Which of the OCA bishops isn’t reputed to be gay?” Antics like this don’t help such questions. Come clean, Nathanael. If not, it just may come to haunt you…

If Duvlea’s lawyers attempt to pressure me legally, I’ll be sure to post on it and tell you. After all, a threat of a lawsuit is a public action, it’s an “act of public record”, and I’d have every right to publicise it. Just a friendly word of advice… do be cool.


Saturday, 29 August 2015

29 August 2015. Why I Didn’t Run With the Cantrell Story Until Now

01 woman on phone


Actually, I first heard the Cantrell story (him not only jumping from the priesthood, but also him going from Christianity to Islam) about six days ago. However, it sounded like KKK (Krazy Konvert Komedy) to me at first. I had to check it out. I finally got the word I needed last night. I had to nail this one down hard… otherwise, it’d blow up in my face. I’m not an internet troll… the accuracy of what I post is important. That’s why I refuse to post ANYTHING from Fort Russ, the Saker, or “Colonel Cassad”… they’ve all proven shaky and purveyors of asshat rumour. Therefore, as far as war news goes, I stick to the main outlets… that way, I minimise clusterfucks (I can’t obviate them completely).

However, in re the Cantrell story, I can’t report it as POSITIVE until we all get OFFICIAL word. That’s my duty as a trusted conduit … to get it right the first time around. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL WORD. NONE. If Greg Sulich were still alive, this shit (not reporting at least something on such an important story) wouldn’t have happened. Greg was a good guy… he liked his hupaj siupaj and he liked his pivo. Salt of the earth… it proves that Lyonyo has his nicks in a knot and Jillions has his finger up his ass, clueless as usual. It shows that the Konvertadox Klown Kompany is vacuous and fatuous. They make gigundo noise… but they sure can prang ’em hard, can’t they? Pass the jug… a konvert priest becoming a Muslim… and oca.org simply drops his name from the clergy list with no comment. There was an obligation to post at least, “Matthew Cantrell is no longer a priest in good standing in the OCA as he is no longer a member of the OCA”. There. What’s so hard about that?

By the way… Maymon owes Fr John Bohush an apology… in public. Don’t hold your breath waiting… the konvertsy were silent about Podmoshensky, Storheim, Brittain, Colluzo, and now this guy Cantrell… can’t expect them to say, “I’m sorry for hurting you” to somebody legitimately hurt by the Church. Excuse me whilst I find a corner to be sick in. These asshats scream about “respect”… well, they’d get it if they proved themselves WORTHY of it… that’s all that there is to say.


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