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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

25 November 2015. A Point of Unity… This is What the REAL Church Teaches…

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There is much warmongering rubbish coming out of the USA and its vassals… echoed by “Evangelical” sectarians (abetted by Born-Again shake n’ bakes in Orthodoxy). That isn’t what Christians believe. Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francisco agree that war isn’t the way to go. Real Christians agree with them. “Evangelical” phonies clamour and slobber for war… that proves to all comers that they’re nihilistic atheists, not Christians at all (their approval of the promiscuous use of the death penalty and their blessing of unlimited guns for all comers further nails down their non-Christian status).

Look at the above. Christians agree with that. Sectarians do not. In your heart-of-hearts… you can be a Christian… you can be a Sectarian. It’s up to you. One leads to the Heavenly Kingdom… the other to Hell. Do ponder it well before choosing…


25 November 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Those Who Call the Church “Conservative” are Liars

00 fidel castro and patr kirill


There are many loud voices on the internet claiming that the Church is “conservative”. Simply put, they’re all liars of the worst possible sort. Look at the image above. That should settle it for good and all. Socialism is good… the Church says so by its First Hierarch’s choice of associates. He chooses to associate with Comrade Fidel, Comrade Zyuganov, and Comrade Tsipras, NOT godless posturing rightwing filth like Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or Rod Dreher. You can follow His Holiness or you can follow self-centred grasping rightwing nihilists. That be your choice… there isn’t any other. As always, choose wisely.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Patriarch Kirill Gave a Feast for the Homeless on His Birthday

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Today was the birthday of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, so Orthodox activists prepared festivities for Moscow homeless; street people got treats and gifts. More than 120 homeless people came this afternoon for the daily food handout at the Salvation Tent* on Nikoloyamskaya Street in Moscow; in addition to the normal food distribution, they got cakes, biscuits, and dairy products. In addition, everyone got a prepared meal to take home. Roman Skorosov, the head of homeless services for the Mercy Orthodox Relief Service, said:

We gave them biscuits, ice cream, bananas, cakes, cookies. In addition, we handed out canned fish. This gladdened the homeless people. They thanked us, asking us how old the Patriarch was, as well as asking about his health. They wanted us to tell His Holiness that they were grateful for the food. We told the street people in advance that we were holding a special dinner for them today.

  • In Russian, the word ангар (angar) doesn’t just mean “hangar”, we also use it for large tents and industrial premises… the former is the obvious usage here

On an average day, about 80 to 100 people come to the Salvation Tent. They can warm up there, get a haircut, get medical help, take a shower, and call relatives. Social workers help the homeless to recover documents and purchase tickets to their native area, if anyone wants to go back home. Daily, the staff gives out noodles or potatoes and tea. In the evening, the Social Patrol bus takes people to the Lublin Social Services Centre. Distribution of gifts and treats for the homeless people also occurred near the Paveletsky and Kiev Rail Stations, and in other parts of Moscow. The employees of the Youth Department of the Moscow City Diocese and the Orthodox Volunteers helped the Salvation Tent staff organise the special treats for the homeless on Patriarch Kirill’s birthday, together with assistance from the Danilov Monastery {administrative centre of the MP and winter residence of HH: editor}.

The Salvation Tent is one of the 24 projects of the Mercy Orthodox Relief Service. Its main objective is to ease the return of the homeless into society. Any man in crisis without a roof over his head, regardless of the state of his documents and place of registration, can get help there. Mercy Orthodox Relief Service gives aid of 24 different types, from aid to orphans to helping the homeless and HIV patients. You can help by becoming a Friend of Mercy and setting up a regular donation on this special page.

20 November 2015



Monday, 16 November 2015

16 November 2015. A Thought from Fr Sergei Sveshnikov

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