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Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. How Low the Mighty Have Fallen… Nikolai Soraich’s “Cathedral” in Lost Wages

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This is Nikolai Soraich’s “cathedral” in Las Vegas NV… that’s why nobody should bother about him. Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral has him neutralised where he can do no more harm. That’s good enough for me. Rather cheesy end, no? We all know what happened to his pal Brittain, don’t we? I don’t think that Nikolai has anything to do with that… but it does tell you much about a particular “set”, doesn’t it (all their shouts of “purity” notwithstanding… they all were part of Podmo’s lot, after all… that accused perv priest in Ohio was part of that clique, dontcha know)? The sooner that Metropolitan Ilarion exiles Fatso to a similar fate, the better… he could send him to Louisiana to rusticate with Dreher. It’d be appropriate… shitbirds of a feather do flock together. However, a friend of mine observed:

Fatso isn’t interested in being tied down to any parish. My bet is on him conning people out of money to start a monastery, name himself abbot, appoint a deputy abbot, and travel the world making speeches.

That’s why Metropolitan Ilarion has to watch this greasy junk-bond salesman. He’d embarrass the Church to no end and make an unholy spectacle of himself… but his goofy fans would eat it up. I’d put my money on Vladyki Ilarion… he did deal with that group of rebellious dippy nuns in Maryland right smartly, didn’t he? Fatso would find himself outclassed, both in “weight class” and in “class” (Metropolitan Ilarion is “class” whilst Fatso is “crass”). I think that he’ll end like Soraich… trust me, the ROCOR SOBs won’t put up with gnarly stuff (neither will the Centre).

Sometimes, there IS justice in this world…


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rebellious Grandstander Reardon Deserves Deposition for Dragging Metropolitan Joseph in the Mud

00 metropolitan joseph. 06.12.14

“ONLY SAYEDNA JOSEPH HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE POLICY”… one of my Toledo contacts told me that. That’s what is and Reardon just pissed on that in public. This Anglo shit deserves deposition… IMMEDIATELY. Such insubordination is breathtaking. ONLY HIERARCHS HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE SUCH POLICY DECISIONS.


Here’s the epitome of konvertsy hubris. Reardon shouts that he won’t sign marriage licences. I’ll have more to say later. Look at this from the Chicago Tribune:

The Rev Patrick Henry Reardon is getting out of the civil marriage business. The Orthodox Christian priest on Chicago’s North Side says the US Supreme Court ruling that legalises same-sex matrimony reinforces his recent decision to no longer sign licenses that make marriages valid in the eyes of the state and now the nation. That doesn’t mean Reardon won’t do weddings. On the contrary, he gladly will bless the union of a Christian man and woman and perform the sacrament of marriage. However, those couples must go to a courthouse if they want to be legally bound. He says he can no longer in good conscience serve as an agent of the state. Reardon, the pastor of All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church in Chicago’s Irving Park community, said, “The strange situation in the United States is clergymen not only act in the name of the church, they also act in the name of the state. The clergymen wear two hats. I’m making a political statement in this sense: I’m accusing the state of usurping the role of God. What I’m saying is, ‘I don’t agree with you and I’m going to change the way I do things. I will not act in your name. … I will not render unto Caesar that which belongs to God'”.

The unusual protest inspired other Christian clergy… Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant… to consider following his lead, a shift Reardon hopes will lead the nation to a different model of marriage, one that no longer deputises clergy to sign marriage licenses and, in his opinion, effectively uphold the state’s definition of marriage. In Illinois, couples typically go to the county clerk to apply for a marriage license no more than 60 days before they wed. Whoever officiates at the ceremony signs the license as a witness. The county then records the marriage. The couple also has the option of exchanging vows in front of a judge. That’s the only option now for Reardon’s parishioners if they want to be married in the eyes of the law.

Archbishop Blase Cupich, Chicago’s Roman Catholic leader, said in a recent interview that the idea hasn’t come up among America’s Catholic bishops or Chicago priests, but he pointed out that a “two-tiered type of marriage” already exists in some places, including Europe. Regardless of who signs the license, he added, there’s already a clear distinction between the two in the USA, “Civil marriage doesn’t make people promise and keep the promise of permanence because of the ease of divorce. We ask people to be married until death do you part and we really mean that. … It’s important to recognize we already have a difference between civil marriage and church marriage because of the promises”. Indeed, the government’s view of marriage as a legally binding contract already contradicts the Orthodox Christian understanding of marriage as a sacrament…blessing a union that already existed because God created it. Therein lies the problem, Reardon said, “Government has no authority whatsoever to alter that. Whence a judge, magistrate or a justice of the peace does the ceremony, that’s just a legal act. As a priest I will no longer step in and serve in that function”.

Reardon was born Roman Catholic and converted to the Episcopal faith, embracing Orthodox Christianity in the 1980s when Episcopalians began to change their prayer-book and ordain gay clergy. He chose the Antiochian Orthodox Church because it was particularly open to converts {no, he did not… Reardon lies… he entered via the OCA, and left for Antioch because the OCA (rightfully) wouldn’t ordain him: editor}. In fact, three-fourths of the members of his multiethnic congregation in Irving Park are American-born. That’s not necessarily the case in the roughly two-dozen ethnic Orthodox churches where many parishioners have immigrated to the USA from countries with a particular Orthodox patriarch. However, the theology of marriage is the same in all branches. It’s considered to be much more than a partnership. Rev Johannes Jacobse, president of the American Orthodox Institute {an empty konvertsy Potemkin Village: editor}, said, “We see the sacramental as the completion of the natural,” said Jacobse, also an Antiochian Orthodox priest. “We see marriage as a means of salvation, as a way one achieves salvation. It’s not just a contract or agreement. It certainly is that. But it’s more”.

Clergy on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate support Reardon’s boycott, although based on a slightly different rationale. The Rev Tony Jones, an evangelical author and proponent of same-sex marriage, advocated a separation of religious and civil marriage since 2010. Jones, who teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA, said, “This social change happened a lot faster than anybody predicted. When I declared that I’d no longer sign marriage licences and encouraged other clergy to do the same, it was an attempt to actually buy the church some freedom to say we can sacralise a same-sex union and we don’t need the state to legalise it. The other reason I did it was on behalf of people like Fr Reardon. I thought it’d buy conservatives some time and some latitude and they could say the government can do whatever the government wants to do regarding marriage and weddings. But in our church we’re going to have a different standard”. He said most clergy members he surveyed agree in principle that they shouldn’t serve as arms of the government, but signing that certificate has become so much a part of the American marriage ritual that it’s difficult for them to see an alternative.

Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, said he doesn’t foresee such a boycott in Chicago. He even questioned whether it’s legal, “I can’t imagine any of our priests doing that. It hasn’t happened yet and I don’t anticipate it happening to make a political statement”. Jacobse said Reardon is the first Orthodox priest to take such a strong a political stand. However, the recent Supreme Court ruling sparked a discussion among other brethren, he said, “It was a bold move on Fr Patrick’s part. A lot of priests are wondering and asking the same thing. To remove all conflict between the church and the state is to go the path that Fr Reardon has chosen to go on. I anticipate more priests are going to go that way”. Reardon emphasises that he doesn’t discourage couples from seeking licenses and legitimacy in the eyes of the law. However, having that certificate will no longer be a condition of getting married at All Saints. He said, “If you want the tax advantages of marriage recognised by the state, you’re going to have to do something else about it, like go down to a justice of the peace. If you don’t want that, that’s perfectly OK. I’m not going to require that at this parish”.

2 July 2015

Manya Brachear Pashman

Chicago Tribune



This is breathtaking in its arrogance, ignorance, and outright contempt of Church Order. If Reardon was to do this, he had the OBLIGATION to produce a signed and sealed ukase from Vladyki Joseph authorising him to do this. HE DID NOT. This shitty OINO (Orthodox In Name Only) just went off on his own nickel, without a blessing or authorisation from his bishop. He merits immediate and irrevocable deposition for this. NO PRIEST DOES SUCH DISOBEDIENT SHIT. Jacobses merits immediate deposition for supporting Reardon. The Orthodox Church is a hierarchical Church. Our bishops, for good or for ill, set the general policy, not semi-converted, prideful, and hubristical priests. As a parish rector, Reardon had an obligation to have set his misgivings down in writing and have sent them to his ruling bishop. He would do or say nothing until he heard from his bishop. If his bishop said, “I think that you should continue to sign marriage licences”, if Reardon didn’t like that, he could take it up to the AOCANA SOBs. The Synod would have the FINAL say on the matter. If Reardon didn’t like the ruling, well, he could resign as rector of the parish.

Reardon did NOT do this in the accepted and normal Orthodox way. It’s time for Metropolitan Joseph to slap down the konvertsy brats. This disobedient bastard deserves IMMEDIATE deposition from the priesthood. No priest goes off on their own in such matters. THIS IS BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY CHURCH (Reardon set up his own narcissistic idiosyncratic opinion against the wisdom of the Church, and did so publicly). God willing, Metropolitan Joseph will discipline this worthless excuse for a priest soon. Otherwise, the Church is in for “interesting times”…


Sunday, 28 June 2015

28 June 2015… There Be Some INTERESTING Buzz Out There… Is Maymon Trying to Pull a Kangaroo Court Against Fr John Bohush?

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


Got this from an informant:

On 6 July, Fr John Bohush is having a spiritual court case… represented and judged by Bishop Mark, who’s appointing his own people… I guess he wants to discipline Fr John and use him as an example before the Sobor.

This seemed interesting, so I put out some feelers. Got good buzz in return. I’ll not say that this is certain, but I will say that a lot of folks are buzzing about this. To me, it says that Maymon’s taking stupid pills big-time. The Bohush clan is related to EVERYBODY in the OCA. They’ve got relatives, friends, allies, and confederates all over the place. Maymon has no real cause for action… there’s no discernible reason for this at all. He’s showing world-class incompetence and stupidity. If he had brains, he’d give Fr John the release to Moscow and let that be the end of it. Maymon is part of that goofy semi-heretic crew around Paffso… remember, he defied Philip Saliba’s direct orders. Now, he’s persecuting an innocent priest with real connections and clout. Trust me, even Sarah Palin is smarter than that!

Here’s what you do… make a WRITTEN complaint to the OCA SOBs (that’s Synod Of Bishops)… SIGN IT… send it certified mail. They get enough of those, they’ll see to it that Maymon swings for such an act of idiocy. Don’t expostulate on the internet… WRITE OR CALL OR E-MAIL THE BISHOPS. Maymon thinks that he can just tromp all over people… it’s time to show him that he can’t do that.

We have time to stop this before it happens… shall we? That’s up to YOU.


Saturday, 27 June 2015

27 June 2015. I Asked a Russian Friend…



I asked a Russian priest-friend:

Would you like a system such as the one found in the USA, where priests act as agents for the state in legal marriage?

He replied:

Absolutely not! The Church gets nothing but trouble when it interferes in politics. Our bishop forbids us to engage in any form of politicking or public displays. Our present system is right. The state regulates the contract… we regulate the sacrament. If we stay out of the contract… the state should stay out of the sacrament. Are you telling me that priests act as agents for the state in the USA? Isn’t that wrong from a Church standpoint? I’ll remind you what the Scripture says, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”. That way, Caesar won’t interfere in what is God’s. Priests should stay away from public outbursts that could hurt the Church, though. We learned that in the Soviet years. I won’t comment on any specifics as I don’t know the situation. I’d be uncomfortable acting as the state’s agent, though. The Church suffered for that in both the tsarist and Soviet times. I’m the priest for everyone, not just a faction.

I asked several others for comment… but it was much the same, personal differences in wording, but essentially the same:

  • I don’t want to comment on something that I don’t know much about
  • The Church and state should be separate
  • I don’t want to act as the state’s agent
  • Priests should be there for everyone, regardless of faction
  • I shouldn’t make a spectacle of myself and the Church

Is it perfect in the Rodina? NO WAY! However, most of the bishops have policies in place that restrict clergy’s public utterances and what they write in their correspondence (and how they should act in online venues). Yes… lessons were learnt in the Soviet years. Also, most clergy are chary of expressing opinion in private venues… that’s as it should be, too. Note well that my correspondent gave no sign on where he stood privately on gay marriage. That’s how most Russian clergy are… they’re very careful in how they express themselves, even in private correspondence. If you ask them something directly, most often, you’ll get a link to this-or-that diocesan policy statement. That’s why Bishop Mel’s recent letter was helpful. Clergy should point to that and not give ANY private opinion (I’d like to point up that I’ve NEVER received private opinion from a Russian priest on any matter that’s even close to controversial… all have steered me to their bishop’s statements or to something in the ZhMP or patriarchia.ru). We’re a hierarchical Church… the bishops set the policy, for good or for ill. That’s why Bishop Mel’s letter and the letter of the ROCOR Diocese of the Midwest are helpful. Do note that Bishop Mel’s PDF had the diocesan seal affixed… that’s a hint that it’s binding, priests!

I’ll confide that most priests will follow the lead of their bishops and show prudence. Thankfully, Reardon and Jacobses aren’t representative of most of our priests. It’s a time to be as wise as serpents, as the Apostle bade us… I can see that most of our priests are doing so of their own accord.


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