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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Putin… the New Orthodox Tsar… “He Who Restrains”

00 putin on athos 290516


The Abbots of Mount Athos insisted that President V V ‪Putin stand where the Emperor of New Rome stood; they’re right. As a man, Putin is a truly devout ‪Orthodox believer; as a statesman, Vladimir Vladimirovich devotes himself to the security (not physical expansion) of his country. He’s the head of the most powerful Orthodox country. By this, they sent out a powerful message. The Athonite Fathers know what sort of man they look at… the Defender of ‪Holy ‎Orthodoxy.

29 May 2016

This is Christian Syria



By this, the Athonite Fathers aren’t only making a political statement… they’re making a theological one as well. Only the Christian Emperor can call an Ecumenical Council. No Patriarch can do so… no local synod can do so… no assemblage of bishops, clergy, or lay believers can do so. Only the Christian Emperor can do so according to our practise. Thorough this, I think that the Athonite Fathers commented upon the upcoming “Council”  in Crete (really, nothing but a talk-shop meeting) and about him who called it. If only the Christian Emperor can call a Council, and V V Putin is the current “emperor”, what does that say about the legitimacy of the upcoming meeting? After all, VVP didn’t call it and he’s the only person who can do so, according to our customary usage.

The Mountain speaks… shall we listen? Shall we attend to their advice and standpoint? I think that the MP and its allies shall… they have the Mountain on their side. What does that tell us about the EP and its machinations? Nothing good, I’d warrant…


29 May 2016. A Photo Essay… Putin and HH Go to Athos to Mark Millennium of Russian Monasticism on the Mountain

00 panteleimon monastery mt athos greece 290516

St Panteleimon Monastery… the Russikon… the seat of Russian monasticism on the Mountain for 1,000 years


00 putin and kirill on athos 01 290516

HH and VVP with the Brotherhood of St Panteleimon Monastery… most of them are younger men now


00 putin and kirill on athos 02 290516

President Putin standing in a place of honour during services


00 putin and kirill on athos 03 290516

HH and VVP on the monastery grounds


00 putin and kirill on athos 04 290516

President Putin speaking inside the monastery katholikon


00 putin and greek president on athos 290516

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopouos and VVP with Athonite fathers


President Putin and HH went to the Mountain to celebrate the millennium of the Russian presence there. The holy fathers greeted VVP enthusiastically, as they did on his earlier visit in 2005. Methinks that they prefer Russia to the USA in the current imbroglio over the “Ukraine”. It’s also clear that they don’t share the POV of the Washington apparat that Putin is a “peckerwood” (even more reasonable members/former members of the apparat have to repeat that line chapter-and-verse… typical Anglo bullshit, no?). Like it or not, HH and VVP are the leaders of the Orthosphere… most Orthodox (both Oriental and Eastern) accept them as such. It’s the old New Roman duopoly reestablished. Emperor and Patriarch stand together, each in their own sphere, each wielding their own power, holding the other up. The so-called “monarchists” amongst us are chock fulla shit. Vladimir Vladimirovich is a tsar in all but name… labels don’t interest him (he’s the polar opposite of such prancing poseurs as Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump).

As late as ten years ago, the majority of pilgrims to the Mountain were Greek. Now, Russians make up 50 percent of those coming. The Russikon has built a new guest hostel with 500 beds… Russia has put right the post-1917 disrepair, as the photos testify. It sure looks like that the Pre-Revolutionary situation is returning to the Mountain… that is, the majority of the monks and pilgrims will be Russian in due course. The Phanar has little actual control over the Mountain… it’s clear from the photos what the Mountain thinks of the Centre’s place in Orthodoxy. This wasn’t just celebrating the millennium of Russian monasticism on the Mountain, it was a gambit in the continuing Great Game between the MP and the EP… it sure doesn’t look good for the Phanar from this vantage point…

America hates both VVP and HH and wants to take them down… for they stand in the way of American crapitalist hegemony. I stand with VVP and HH… NOT the Washington/Western media apparat. I’m not alone…


29 May 2016. Can We Tolerate Bigots in the Church?

00 Andy Marlette. Kentucky Fried Bigot. 2015


Cloaking your bigotry in religion doesn’t make it any less bigoted. Calling you out on your bigotry isn’t persecution… its accountability.

David Silverman

I saw this on FB:

What is bigotry? A stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion differs from one’s own. Bigotry is also preaching hate and calling it love. There are other names for this action, but the action is a bigoted aim at a given group for which you have a complete intolerance. This doesn’t mean that one can’t critique and criticise, but bigotry can go so far as to want to actually destroy the people that you’re bigoted toward.

It’d seem that the solution to this would be to “throw the rascals out”… but… as Max Lerner wrote some 60 years ago:

If my enemy tries to shut me out, I prevail not by shutting him out, but by including him.

This is exactly the spirit of the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares:

The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, “Sir, did not thou sow good seed in thy field? From whence then has it tares?” He said unto them, “An enemy has done this”. The servants said unto him, “Will thou then that we go and gather them up?” But he said, “Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, ‘Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn’”.

Gospel according to St Matthew 13.24-30

To try to dig out the konvertsy isn’t only a vain task… it’s harmful to the Church. Firstly, many of these toddlers may indeed grow some sense and abandon their childish devotion to sectarian notions and to crackbrained rightwing political meanderings. Secondly, it’d scandalise many simple people, as the konvertsy often maintain a seemingly moral and pious exterior (their interior is desolate and lifeless, but the simple don’t see that). Thirdly, we must understand what many saints have said, “A new world must be born in the soul of a Westerner before they can accept the Church and what it teaches”… we must give these sorts the time to mature and grow (although we may also have to silence these brats if they think that they can lecture grounded Christians on the Faith).

You do no good to try to remove the likes of Dreher, Whiteford, Reardon, or Webster, for it’d cause more havoc than it’d cure. God WILL judge in the end… that’s what the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares promises to us. I believe in the Church of the Big Tent… not the Church of the Little Flock. I believe in the Church that wields the Canons as creative means to salvific ends (a concept brought forth by Vassa Larina before her corruption by the papist Jesuit “Archimandrite” Taft), not a Church that wields the Canons as a club to beat the Faithful with. You must choose one or the other… your choice will tell the world whether you’re a real Christian or not. I believe in the Church that teaches oikonomia and practises forbearance. I don’t believe in a Church that keeps all but the “pure” out and glories in its “obedience” to every jot and tittle of what it believes to be the Divine Law.

I wish God to forgive me… if I wish that, I must show that. Now, that’s a meaty reflection, kids…


29 May 2016. Does Orthodoxy Bless Capitalism?

00 fidel castro and patr kirill

HH with one of his old-time bosom pals… Comrade Fidel! HH doesn’t hang out with godless rightwing trash like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rod Dreher, Chilly Hilly, or Butcher Biden… he hangs out with Comrade Fidel and wants the world to know it!


I saw this on FB:

Supporting worker co-ops? Clearly, the IOCC isn’t seeking ideological approval from the Acton Institute. The natural economic inclinations of Orthodoxy are distributist, agrarian, and communitarian. The idea that Free-Market Neoliberal Capitalism is natural to Orthodoxy is so absurd as to barely be worth correcting. Almost as absurd as the fact that one keeps having to, over, and over, and over… it’s unnatural and bad news… you don’t need to be Orthodox to see its folly. Then again, a farce can fool anyone.

Orthodoxy has always upheld the regulatory function of the state as it believes that mankind isn’t only fallen, but quite unable to right that state on its own. The Church has NEVER held the view that the state should only have a limited role, as that assumes mankind’s perfectibility, which is an utter and brazen heresy. In short, Orthodoxy CONDEMNS everything held by the contemporary western “conservative” faction… a godless, mercenary, and self-centred creed, if there ever was such. The konvertsy such as Dreher and Whiteford lie… they all lie… they’ve made up a fabulous and pernicious “religious” fable to go along with their perverted political fancies… oh… they ARE against abortion and homosexuality… they believe that makes them “moral”. I think that their conceit is mistaken… I’m not alone in thinking that way…


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