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Saturday, 26 September 2015

26 September 2015. Want God? Go to Liturgy… DON’T Go Online…

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God is where He’s always been… in the Holy Liturgy, not online, not in self-absorbed chat groups, narcissistic fora, or clueless Facebook pages. You have to go to the church, cross yourself, light a candle, and let the immortal words of the services wash over you. We’re not Proddies… we don’t go to church to listen to sermons… we’re not papists, who attend because of some compulsory diktat. We’re Orthodox Christians… we go to the Liturgy because that’s where Earth meets Heaven, it’s where the temporal meets the eternal, where God Comes Amongst Us in the Eucharist. We bow down, we kiss the icons and the cross, we smell the incense, we confess and receive absolution, and we receive the Holy Body and Blood… none of which can you do online!

Go to Liturgy… that’s where Christ is…


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Diocese of Donetsk Spokesman Likened Right Sector Terrorists to Persecutors of Christ

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Today, Archpriest Georgi Gulyaev, a Diocese of Donetsk spokesman, told us that Right Sector extremists who seized a canonical Orthodox church in Ternopol Oblast were like unto the persecutors of Jesus Christ.

Strange things happen… they (Right Sector terrorists) are ready to beat others, then, they “pray” to God, a God that he was Himself beaten and humiliated. Instead of keeping the commandments of love, these guys become like the persecutors of Christ. Instead of directing their zeal and energy to create and develop, they distort it to the point that they prefer mayhem to impose their notions, not disdaining violent methods. The Gospel of Christ puts love of neighbour and love of God above any national idea. To fixate on nationalistic ideology is heresy. Firstly, to be a Christian, you must keep the commandments, and only then are you Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, and so on. This is the same for everybody and should unite people of all nationalities.

On 21 September, the feastday of the Nativity of the Birthgiver and Mother of God, Right Sector terrorists seized St George church in Ternopol Oblast in the Western Ukraine. The fascist militants attacked the believers with clubs, leaving 15 people injured, one of them in hospital.

23 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Friday, 18 September 2015

Some Vox Pop on Mollard’s Shenanigans at Syosset

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. It came from Syosset. 2012


I got this from a trusted source:

The new OCA Coordinator for the Office of Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Cindy Davis Heise, is Mollard’s niece. Talk about a conflict of interest. If any “allegations” are brought against Mollard, will she be investigating these too? Ms Davis (Niece Cindy) also served in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania apparat when Mollard was ruling bishop. This reminds me of what happened when Peter Borzuku, the OCA Pension Plan Administrator died. Kondratick quietly had his wife, Bette, appointed as his successor. Kondratick and Mollard sure know how to keep things in the family, don’t they? Just goes to show you that these converts, especially from Episcopalians (Hatfield, Mollard, Fathausen, Eliel), Catholic priests running away from something (Popp, Brum), and Evangelicals are all bad news and worse than any corrupt ethnics are or ever were!

By the way, Mollard, Jillions, Lyonyo, Tosi, Wheeler, and Niece Cindy really did a job on Dickie Wood. The sexual misconduct allegations they used to throw him off the train and depose him from the priesthood aren’t true. Oh yes, the aforementioned better be careful with Bishop Irineu. He knows a lot…


I forgot to add Dennis Bradley to the list of wayward Catholic priests coming into the OCA. He had been a member of the Oratory of St Philip Neri and a professor in the Philosophy Department of Georgetown University. He didn’t convert to Orthodoxy until AFTER he received tenure from Georgetown… guess Truth had to be subordinated to his career goals and economic well-being… so much for finding The Pearl of Great Price, eh?


The following quote fits the monomuckrakers and the other converts to a tee, “Many folk wish to serve God, but only as advisers”.

I ran this “as is”… it comes from an “Old Hand”…


17 September 2015. A Point to Ponder from Bernie…

00 Cuba. Pro-Life. 22.06.13


This was Bernie’s commentary on the Repug “debate:

The rich are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer, yet, for what seemed like an eternity, all they could talk about was not letting women control their own bodies and defunding Planned Parenthood. If you’re a veteran or military family member, there was a lot of talk about more money for war and confrontation, but no conversation about how the cost of war continues long after the last service member has returned home from overseas.

The mendacious attack on Planned Parenthood is particularly disgusting and vile. It uses deceptively edited videos… yet the konvertsy and other similarly vacuous sorts slobber over them. Let me put it clearly… if you use compromised means, you spit on Christ’s icon (at best). The Church is the “Pillar and Ground of Truth”… therefore, we can’t use shady methods (we’re not Evangelicals, after all). If we do so, we negate and deny Christ… full stop.

I’m voting for Bernie… I’m not the only Russian Orthodox person who’s going to do so…


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