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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… The Victims of the Wołyń Massacre 1943-45

00 polish memorial volyn massacre. 280715


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Memorial Event in Donetsk Dedicated to the Day of Mourning and Sorrow for Volyn Massacres of 1943-45

00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 01. 110715

All images at the Monument to the Victims of Fascism in Donetsk DNR


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 02. Mateusz Piskorski from Poland. 110715

Special guest Mateusz Piskorski from Poland


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 03. 110715


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 04. A I Kofman. 110715

DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs A I Kofman


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 05. Armenian community. 110715

Armenian community representative speaking at the ceremony


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 06.110715


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 07.First Deputy FM M A Mukhin. 110715

DNR First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs M A Mnukhin


Today, 11 July, at the Monument to the Victims of Fascism in the centre of the Park of Slavic Culture in Donetsk, the DNR MID* (aided by the Administration of the DNR Chairman of the Government and the NGO Donetsk Respublika) held a memorial event dedicated to the Day of Mourning and Sorrow for the Volyn Massacre of 1943-45. Present were DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs A I Kofman, DNR Minister of Culture AA Paretsky, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Donetsk Respublika A V Muratov, as well as other leading figures from the DNR.

  • MID: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Opening the event, Kofman drew a parallel between the tragic events back of 72 years ago and the war unleashed by the Kiev junta in Novorossiya, “In Volyn, they killed Armenians, they killed Poles and Jews, they killed Ukrainians, as well as Russians. Fascists respect no nationality… they’re the scumbags of the human race; we must smother them. If they raise their heads again now, 70 years later, we must destroy them again. I’m very glad that Europe’s starting to wake up; many volunteers come from all over Europe to fight for us. They also know what fascism is all about. However, the European leadership doesn’t want to remember that, they want to forget about it. Nevertheless, I’m confident that we can do it. Today, we came here to honour the memory of those who died then… they were victims of fascism”.

Not only DNR official representatives at the event, but it also attracted Europeans, those who cared about the events taking place on the ground in the DNR. Mateusz Piskorski, from the Polish political faction Zmiana, emphasised that despite the fact that the DNR MID sent an invitation to Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to come, the latter deigned not to reply. He said, “I want to declare that a Polish government delegation should’ve attended this present event. Incidentally, the DNR MID invited them to be here. After all, where better place is there to mark the anniversary of these tragic events, if not here… on the long-suffering Donbass land? After all, unfortunately, the ethos of the Volyn Massacre continues; those who subscribe to the ideology of Banderist fascism continue to rule one of our Eastern European countries, with the active support of the main abettor of Nazism… the USA. However, I’m sure that the repeat of the Volyn Massacre that they want to perpetrate here in the Donbass won’t succeed. We should remember the victims of the Kiev régime here in the DNR. Only one country in the world officially marked this year’s anniversary of the Volyn tragedy… the DNR”.

At the end of the evening, in tribute to the memory of all the victims, our children released white balloons into the sky as a symbol of hope for a peaceful and bright future.

11 July 2015

Official website of the DNR Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Poles Replace Vandalised Monument to Victims of Banderist Terrorism in the VOV

00 anti-UPA memorial. poland. 110715

“Memorial to the Poles Brutally Killed by Banderist Scumbags. Remember”.


In Poland, [locals] replaced the nameplate on a monument to the victims of the UPA. It reads, “Memorial to the Poles brutally killed by Banderist scumbags. Remember”. A real “war against Polish monuments” is unfolding in the Western Ukraine… it’s true, the destruction continues of even the most minor of memorials and graves that have any relation to the activities of the UPA. The website Kresy.pl reported that no one in Poland can investigate incidents involving destruction of monuments to the UPA’s victims, because the authorities claim that no one complains to the police. At present, police recorded two cases of monument vandalism, in Radruzh and Verkhatei. Police spokesman Marian Sokhan said, “At the moment, there isn’t any formal request for an investigation, no one claims responsibility for these monuments”. Meanwhile, at the site of one of the vandalised monuments to Poles killed by UPA Banderists, [locals] replaced the plaque [on the monument].

11 July 2015

The Russian Federation



This is what Victor Potapov supports with his rant against the Soviet legacy (he IS a paid minion of the CIA, after all). This is what Vassa Larina supports with her indifferentist schmoozing with Uniates (she IS a paid minion of the papists, after all). This is what Odd Rod Dreher supports with his unhinged rightwing rants in The American Conservative (do remember that its paid circulation is only 8,000). Destroying the past is commonplace amongst the Anglos and those who suck up to them… that’s demonic… I’m not alone in thinking that way. After all, they believe in “letting go and moving on”… that is, letting the guilty escape the consequences of their crimes (if they’re “important” enough and/or have enough money, that is) and telling the victims to go to hell. Great folks, aren’t they… they’re the sugar daddies of the Galician Uniate nationalists… fancy that…


Friday, 26 June 2015

26 June 2015. The Victims of the Charleston Terakt Were Laid to Rest Today… We Bow to Their Families

 00 Pinckney. Ethiopian icon of the Birthgiver Mary. 260615


00 Bernie Sanders Template 02. 230615


00 M L King... russian fireman. 260615

Senior Lieutenant of the Moscow Fire Brigade rescuing a pet cat from a burning building


Firstly, we bow to the families affected by the terakt… can we share your grief? Secondly, we must face the rancorous and corrosive racism that caused this enormity. However, that’s not the task of today. Today’s labour is to bury the dead and comfort the survivors, as best one can.

I chose the last image to portray love purposefully. Love isn’t weak… it isn’t passive… it isn’t submissive. Love is strong… love is active… love resists! I’m thinking of an incident some years ago in Moscow… Colonel Yevgeni Chernyshov, the Chief of the Moscow Fire Brigade, went out with the “brothers” to a fire, even though he didn’t have to. After rescuing five people, he went upstairs to rescue more people, but the ceiling collapsed on him, killing him on the spot (he received a state funeral). That’s what love is… love sacrifices… love fights… love cares to the point that we no longer think of ourselves. Love hews to the truth and opposes falsehood wherever it appears or whosoever speaks it. Love is a burning desire to see things put right… not in a notional hereafter, but in the present. Love is powerful… it’s not weak in any sense of the word…

Love can defeat racism… but shall we let it?


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