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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Court sentenced Ukrainian Director Sentsov to 20 Years in the Slam for Terrorism

00 right sector terrorist 260815


Our correspondent on the scene reported that the North Caucasus District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Ukrainian director O G Sentsov to 20 years in prison for organising terrorist attacks in the Crimea. The judge said, “For the set of crimes committed, we sentence defendant Sentsov to 20 years confinement to a strict régime penal colony”. Sentsov’s co-defendant, Aleksandr Kolchenko got ten years in an ITK. According to the SK RF, Sentsov created a terrorist cell in the Crimea under the Right Sector, a Ukrainian extremist movement banned from activity in the Russian Federation under Russian law. The SK RF stated that in April and May 2014 this group set ablaze the offices of the NGO “Russian Community of the Crimea” and the local branch of the United Russia faction, both in Simferopol. The defendants in the case are also faced charges of trying to blow up a statue of Lenin in Simferopol on 9 May 2014. During summation, the Procurator asked the court to sentence Sentsov to 23 years in a strict régime ITK, two further years. For co-defendant Kolchenko, the Procurator asked for 12 years imprisonment, with restricted freedom of movement for another 18 months. Two other defendants in the case, Aleksei Afanasyev and Gennady Tsirny, already received seven years in an ITK.

The Right Sector is a Ukrainian association of extremist nationalists. In January and February 2014, its gunmen clashed with the police and seized administrative buildings, and in April 2014, it attempted to suppress patriot protests in the former eastern Ukraine. In November 2014, the Supreme Court recognised the Right Sector as an extremist organisation and banned its activities in the Russian Federation. In January 2015, the Right Sector was on the register of organisations banned in Russia. Earlier, the RF Genprokuratura opened a criminal case against D A Yarosh, the leader of the movement, for incitement to terrorism.

25 August 2015

RIA Novosti



John McCain is one of the most vehement supporters of the Right Sector terrorists. Ergo, all of his fulminations against “terrorism” are sheer bullshit. He’s all for terrorism when it suits the USA. He’s all for drone strikes against innocent civilians. He’s all for aggressions like those in Iraq and Libya, and he wants to attack Syria and Iran. He’s been a loud supporter of the rightwing elements that made up the death squads that murdered Archbishop Romero back in the 80s. Let’s keep it simple. If you vote for Republicans, you vote for terrorism. If you support the Republicans actively, you’re either a dupe or you consciously abet evil. Whiteford is a dupe, Dreher is a semi-dupe (he’s not bright enough to be evil, I’m afraid), and Potapov, Paffhausen, Webster, and Reardon have consciously abetted evil through their strident advocacy of the GOP… that’s the way it is.

You must stand against terrorism and all those who abet it. The worst terrorists in the world today do NOT live in the Middle East or Central Asia… they’re all comfortable “nice” people in the “right” DC burbs. Evil is what it is, and it’s damnably hard to see it (most evil people aren’t ugly nor repulsive on the surface). Have a care… as I always say, the times ARE evil…


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Explosion in Stavropol-Moscow Gas Pipeline Near Rovenki

00 lnr lugansk pr 01 gas fire 250815


The LNR MChS reported that an explosion occurred in the main Stavropol-Moscow natural gas pipeline near Rovenki; it may have been a deliberate attack. The explosion tore a hole in the gas pipeline of 70 to 100-cm (28 to 40-inches), causing a fire with flames reaching a height of 30 metres (99 feet). Currently, three MChS staff are onsite along with gas utility techs, who sealed off the line, the fire will burn until it burns all the gas in the blocked section. The MChS said, “The explosion and fire hurt no one as the incident occurred in open countryside. In the near future, we’ll undertake an examination, but a number of signs indicate that the incident was the result of a deliberate explosion. Someone may have attacked it”.



The LNR MChS and gas utility workers managed to put out a fire on the site of a natural gas pipeline explosion near Rovenki in short order. A MChS source told us, “At 21.00, the burning stopped. Now, we’re cooling down the affected piping. After it cools, we’ll examine the damage to determine what caused the incident”. Earlier, some experts called the incident a terrorist attack.

24 August 2015



At a briefing in Lugansk, Colonel Igor Yashchenko, Deputy Chief of Staff of the LNR Peoples Armed Forces, reported that the nature of damage to the gas pipeline near Rovenki indicated that enemy terrorists set off the explosion. The explosion occurred on 24 August at the site of the main Stavropol-Moscow natural gas pipeline in Nagolno-Tarasovka near Rovenki, the report came into the LNR MChS at 18.36. Thanks to quick and competent work on the part of MChS staff and gas utility workers, the fire was out by 21.00. There were no casualties in the incident as it took place in a field away from residential buildings. Colonel Yashchenko noted, “The examination by MChS experts and gas utility crews found two holes at the explosion site. One was 45-mm x 90-mm (1.75 x 3.5-inches); the other was 55-mm x 90-mm (2.2 x 3.5-inches). The nature of the damage suggested that it didn’t happen as the result of accident, that it was an enemy terrorist attack, as there were clear signs of traces of propellant material from a projectile. We’ll announce an official conclusion only after we finish the investigation”.


25 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… The Victims of the Wołyń Massacre 1943-45

00 polish memorial volyn massacre. 280715


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Memorial Event in Donetsk Dedicated to the Day of Mourning and Sorrow for Volyn Massacres of 1943-45

00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 01. 110715

All images at the Monument to the Victims of Fascism in Donetsk DNR


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 02. Mateusz Piskorski from Poland. 110715

Special guest Mateusz Piskorski from Poland


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 03. 110715


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 04. A I Kofman. 110715

DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs A I Kofman


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 05. Armenian community. 110715

Armenian community representative speaking at the ceremony


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 06.110715


00 monument to the Victims of fascism in Donetsk 07.First Deputy FM M A Mukhin. 110715

DNR First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs M A Mnukhin


Today, 11 July, at the Monument to the Victims of Fascism in the centre of the Park of Slavic Culture in Donetsk, the DNR MID* (aided by the Administration of the DNR Chairman of the Government and the NGO Donetsk Respublika) held a memorial event dedicated to the Day of Mourning and Sorrow for the Volyn Massacre of 1943-45. Present were DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs A I Kofman, DNR Minister of Culture AA Paretsky, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Donetsk Respublika A V Muratov, as well as other leading figures from the DNR.

  • MID: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Opening the event, Kofman drew a parallel between the tragic events back of 72 years ago and the war unleashed by the Kiev junta in Novorossiya, “In Volyn, they killed Armenians, they killed Poles and Jews, they killed Ukrainians, as well as Russians. Fascists respect no nationality… they’re the scumbags of the human race; we must smother them. If they raise their heads again now, 70 years later, we must destroy them again. I’m very glad that Europe’s starting to wake up; many volunteers come from all over Europe to fight for us. They also know what fascism is all about. However, the European leadership doesn’t want to remember that, they want to forget about it. Nevertheless, I’m confident that we can do it. Today, we came here to honour the memory of those who died then… they were victims of fascism”.

Not only DNR official representatives at the event, but it also attracted Europeans, those who cared about the events taking place on the ground in the DNR. Mateusz Piskorski, from the Polish political faction Zmiana, emphasised that despite the fact that the DNR MID sent an invitation to Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to come, the latter deigned not to reply. He said, “I want to declare that a Polish government delegation should’ve attended this present event. Incidentally, the DNR MID invited them to be here. After all, where better place is there to mark the anniversary of these tragic events, if not here… on the long-suffering Donbass land? After all, unfortunately, the ethos of the Volyn Massacre continues; those who subscribe to the ideology of Banderist fascism continue to rule one of our Eastern European countries, with the active support of the main abettor of Nazism… the USA. However, I’m sure that the repeat of the Volyn Massacre that they want to perpetrate here in the Donbass won’t succeed. We should remember the victims of the Kiev régime here in the DNR. Only one country in the world officially marked this year’s anniversary of the Volyn tragedy… the DNR”.

At the end of the evening, in tribute to the memory of all the victims, our children released white balloons into the sky as a symbol of hope for a peaceful and bright future.

11 July 2015

Official website of the DNR Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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