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Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. The Uniate Nationalist Terrorists Don’t Even Spare the Animals…

00 little lion cub in crimea 281115


A zookeeper bundled up a lion cub in a blanket to keep it warm during a power outage at the Taigan Safari Park near Simferopol, in the Crimea.

27 November 2015

Sputnik International



The Ukrop terrorists don’t care whom they hurt… they don’t even spare the dumb beasts. That’s the REAL meaning of “Glory to the Ukraine”, “Glory to the Heroes”, and “The Ukraine for Ukrainians Only”… after all, we’re talking about bestial barbarians lower than the beasts. Don’t forget… they screamed “Knife the Moskals (Russians)” and lit the Dom Profsoyuzov on fire. Great human beings, no?


Thursday, 26 November 2015

26 November 2015. A Syrian Christian Demot… “Syria has the Right and Duty to Resist Foreign-Backed Terrorism”

00 syria has the right to resist terrorism 261115


I stand with Syria… and its allies Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and France… I oppose the USA, and its minions Israel, Bahrain, Qatar, the UK, and the KSA. The former want to defend the secular Syrian state (that protects the local Christians). The latter want to topple it and replace it with an Islamist tyranny (that wants to persecute the Christian minority). Those are the only two options… do choose wisely…


How Putin Taught Me a Lesson in Being Christ-like

00 Putin on the Holy Mountain


On Tuesday, when Turkey ambushed and shot down a Russian Su-24, the world held its breath. Would this “stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists”, as Putin stated it, trigger World War III? Despite Turkey’s insane act of war, Putin had no plans for starting a war against Turkey and its NATO accomplices. No doubt, Putin’s decision not to retaliate with military force sprang from political strategy. Yet, nevertheless, one can also see it as a self-sacrificial act. Putin and Russia received a major blow and chose to turn the other cheek, but not because Russia is weak, fearful, or incapable of responding with deadly force. However, Putin chose to defeat the greater evil of terrorism instead of taking revenge. Now, Putin invites his foes to coöperate to defeat the menace of terrorism. This is similar to Christ enduring the pain and shame of the cross to save the world. Russia seems to follow the same path. Putin’s political decision shows a moral superiority and a meekness that springs from being poor in spirit, the first step of following Christ, and an ultimately spiritual Christian virtue. The society that he leads possesses the Christian foundation from which such stature springs. Putin not only taught me what it means to be Christ-like… his Christ-like response saved the entire world from war on Tuesday.

Thank God for Mr Putin.

26 November 2015

Iben Thranholm

Russia Insider



Unlike loudmouthed ”Christian” politicians in the USA (Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Rick Perry are the worst offenders here), VVP does NOT wear his religion on his sleeve. Indeed, he stated, “I won’t do a spiritual strip-tease”. However, he goes to Valaam on otpust every year without fanfare, and the fathers on the Mountain always greet him with great enthusiasm. Observers note that he “got religion” after his wife was in a near-fatal auto accident. Many people do likewise in similar straits, so that’s believable. No doubt, he consulted an elder (there are such in Russia, although we don’t have any here, sad to say… my money is on Archimandrite Ilya Nozdrin, HH’s starets)… one can see the result.

God bless Vladimir Vladimirovich and keep him. The world needs him… is this why God suspends His wrath? One does wonder (especially, after seeing the spectacle of American Republicans with their grasping and narcissistic Me First foolishness and greed)…


26 November 2015. Putin on ISIS and Nations That Aid Terrorism

00 putin on terror and isis 261115


Vova is clear here… he’s calling out the USA for aiding terrorists throughout the world. Trust me, Zbig, Kerry, Butcher Biden, McCain, Chilly Hilly, Wolfowitz, Nuland, and Rubio got the message (some of the others are too dense to figure it out)…

One last thing… there’s no such thing as a “moderate opposition” in Syria… they’re murderous bastards who kill Shias, Alawis, and Christians, the same as ISIS does… they just have Langley’s imprimatur, that’s all. After all, the CIA is the main abettor of terrorism around the world.


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