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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Poland Recognizes Mass Killings by Ukrainian Nationalists in the VOV as Genocide

00 polish memorial volyn massacre. 280715


Read this. This is something EXTREMELY hateful and displeasing to the Yanks, as it discomfited their Galician Uniate running dogs. It means that the Poles are willing to piss off the USA… they might even be thinking of taking the Lvovshchina, which was under their rule in the days of the Second Polish Republic. Is the Ukraine ripe for dissolution? This would seem to indicate that… for if the American project in the Ukraine were to succeed, the Poles wouldn’t do this. Look for the junta to launch an offensive shortly, and for it to fail miserably. You see, the junta has to do exactly what its Anglo puppeteers tell it to do, and the Anglos don’t give a damn if the Ukraine lives or dies. I’d say that the storm clouds are gathering… that doesn’t bode well for the junta squatting in Kiev…


RF Minoborony Comment on Wall Street Journal Reports of Attacks on Western Base in al-Tanf

00 bomb explosion. 06.09.13


The RF Minoborony commented on a report in The Wall Street Journal about airstrikes by our forces against an insurgent training camp near al-Tanf:

Only the military command of the anti-ISIS coalition is responsible for the fact that its Special Forces units were subject to threats, as they were in the zone of operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Constantly, we appealed through all channels to our partners to give us information about locations of the so-called “moderate opposition” groups under their control. However, instead of that, post factum, we heard reproaches and accusations that the Russian Aerospace Forces “shouldn’t have hit” some regions and targets. After an airstrike on an insurgent training camp near al-Tanf in June, our American colleagues said, “Don’t attack those targets that you just hit!” Moreover, taking into account the report of The Wall Street Journal, our pilots now have to guess (from an altitude of several kilometres) whether there are Western Special Forces units present, trying to see if there are “sandbag constructions peculiar to American and British military bases”. We’re confident that there’s a simpler method of solving the problem. Our partners should move from words to deeds and start joint actions against international terrorist groups active in Syria. Only in this case would we be successful in preventing such incidents and endangering our personnel, who are performing tasks aimed at fighting terrorists in Syria.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal, referring to sources in the Pentagon and the White House, reported that on 16 June Russian combat aircraft struck a secret base of American and British special ops troops in al-Tanf, on the border with Jordan.

23 July 2016

RF Minoborony


Saturday, 16 July 2016

16 July 2016. From the Russian Web… BANDEROVTSY… We’re Waiting for an Answer

00 we're waiting for an answer ussr bandera 160716


Do reflect on the fact that Chilly and the Chump support the Banderovtsy. Both major parties do so. It’s just another reason to support Jill Stein… she doesn’t support fascism abroad…


Three Russian “Takes” on the Nice Terakt

00 nice frace terakt 160716


00 nice frace terakt we mourn 160716


00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Nice 140716. 2016


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