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Sunday, 1 May 2016

1 May 2016. Victory Day is On Its Way… Some of the Victors are Still with Us!

00 veteran couple russia. 090416


Some of the VOV vets are still here with us, albeit elderly. Here’s VOV Vet Pavel Filatovich Abryutin (he’s wearing a railwayman’s uniform) with his wife Feofaniya Spiridonovna Abryutina (retired worker/rear-area toiler during the VOV)… their marriage lasted for 67 years, so far.

Thank you, Grandpa for the Victory!

Thank all the vets of the Anti-Hitler Coalition… some are still left in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and France. They all put down the fascist beast. It’s not their fault that Truman betrayed the Victory at the behest of Churchill… they put the fascist beast down. The vets beat the fascists… Truman allied the West with them. Nasty piece of work, wasn’t he?

Give honour to the victors… they won’t be with us much longer. We owe so much to them…

They all faces… they all had names

No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten


1 May 2016. A Weighty Thing to Consider on this Easter Sunday

00 politician media rich man sanders


When shall we have the courage to outgrow the charity mentality and see that at the bottom of all relations between rich and poor there’s a problem of justice?

Dom Hélder Pessoa Câmara

Archbishop of Olinda and Recife (Brazil)

I’m not a theologian, or an expert on the Bible, or a Catholic. I’m just a US Senator from the small state of Vermont. I’m far from being a perfect human being, but I’m motivated by a vision that exists in all the great religions… Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others… so beautifully and clearly stated in Matthew 7.12, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them to do to you”. The Golden Rule… do to others what you’d have them do to you… not very complicated.

Bernie Sanders

Pope Francisco Bergoglio is a “democratic liberal”. He believes that the Free Market is a fraud… as does our Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev. Cardinal Bernardin spoke of a seamless garment… that means that pro-lifers MUST be anti-death penalty, pro-social safety net, pro-single-payer, and anti-warmongering, or they’re hypocrites. The good cardinal was RIGHT… just look at contemporary “pro-lifers”… their kowtowing to the worst elements of the Republican Party makes them unspeakable horrors. They’re not “pro-life” at all… they’re anti-life in the deepest meaning of the term.

Here’s the irony this year… if you want to uphold Christian morals and ethics, you must vote for a Jewish secularist who speaks in favour of “pro-choice”… this one bad element DOESN’T spoil the pot. There are no pure options on this side of the veil. NONE. Therefore, you must weigh out the options… in this instance, the Republican Anti-Life Programme has only one good point (anti-abortion), whilst the rest is Warmongering Oligarch Rubbish. Bernie’s Pro-Life Programme has one bad spot (pro-choice)… you don’t throw away an apple with a bad spot, you cut out the spot and eat it with thanks.

Bear this in mind… a wise monastic told me years ago, “Satan baits his traps with objectively good things”. That’s how the Evil One uses the anti-abortion plank in the Republican programme… Satan puts one good thing in the midst of demonic evil… the superficial and unintelligent lot eats it up by the gross. Orthodox people… do note that the konvertsy just gobble it all down. It speaks volumes of them and their intelligence. Don’t frequent their websites nor engage them in useless polemic… it won’t do any good at all… in fact, it’d do much harm… for it’d hammer in the heterodox errors that they espouse, and it’d anger and frustrate you for no good purpose.

Here’s the interesting contradiction this year… if you wish to follow Christ to the fullest, you must vote for a secularist Jew… fancy that…


Saturday, 30 April 2016

30 April 2016. It Ain’t Over… There’s a Real Cost Involved in Voting for Hilly

00 bernie it ain't over till its over 300416


Bernie’s website said this:

When you hear some politician telling the world how tough he is, and how quickly he’d send troops to this-or-that part of the world, understand that it isn’t going to be his kids going off into that war. It’d be your kids. The cost of war is great, and it’s far more than the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend on planes, tanks, missiles, and guns.

Let’s keep it simple… both Chilly Hilly and Trump want to warmonger, but Bernie doesn’t. Ted Cruz and Butcher Biden are both equally eager to unleash war in foreign parts to enrich their fatcat backers. Only Bernie doesn’t want to do that. Why, even one of the Koch Brothers “endorsed” Chilly Hilly and thinks that she’d make a fine president. Chilly Hilly’s Upper Middle backers don’t give fuck-all about you. They got theirs… so screw you and yours. They have their foreign jaunts, overseas holidays, above-average pay packets, and their kids go to Ivy League colleges. They don’t give a rat’s ass that they get their perks on your backs. You don’t deserve anything… “you didn’t work for it like they did”.  Their kids deserve to be safe at home in college… your kids deserve to die in far-off climes to benefit their already-comfortable lives. You can vote for the status quo… vote for Hilly. You can vote to overturn the Reagan-Clinton monstrosity… vote for Bernie. One last thing… a vote for Hilly is a vote for Bill’s Third Term… the last time around got us NAFTA, Waco, Wall Street give-aways, “welfare reform”, and the Easter Bombing of Belgrade. Do you truly want a rerun? Remember… sequels are NEVER as good as the originals were…


Sunday, 24 April 2016

24 April 2016. You Don’t Spit at People to Make a Point

00.01v Occupy Wall Street. 19.10.11. Phoenix AZ USA

This is more respectful than the “Black Lives Matter” people trampling on the flag… here’s the sad part… the BLM people knew that they were inciting, and didn’t care…


If you want a symbolic gesture, don’t burn the flag, wash it.

Norman Thomas

I saw an online image of two black ladies trampling on an American flag to show their commitment to “Black Lives Matter”. That move was both unwise and inflammatory. It showed ungrounded contempt for the symbol of this country. I’m a Leftist… I’m patriotic… the two aren’t exclusive of one another, despite what the loud rightists say! To trample on the flag isn’t only stupid, it’s spitting in people’s faces, for surely these women should’ve known that their act would incite people to anger. There are right and wrong ways of protesting, indeed, there are right and wrong ways of rebelling against an evil.

You don’t spit in people’s faces to make a point. Full stop.


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