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Saturday, 6 February 2016

6 February 2016. Here’s a GREAT Reason to Live in the Albany NY Metro Area…

00 Barba Bible-minded Cities 2016. 250116


The Albany NY metro area came in DEAD-LAST in this listing of “bible-minded” areas.


It means that our region is mostly free of Antichristian Evangelical contamination. Mind you, the rural parts of the region are rather Mid-America, but they’re not as bad as the Deep South due to their proximity to (and rule by) saner and more balanced areas. Remember, “bible-minded” is Born-Again code for “Evangelical” hotpots. You now know where NOT to live… look at the “bible-minded” regions and you’ll be hip to where armed n’ dangerous Know-Nothing Nativist ignoranuses live. Radical Evangelical Sectarianism isn’t Christian… you err if you ever make such a mistake. Hat tip to the Barna pollsters for this one…


6 February 2016. You Want to Have Social Justice and a Pro-Family Political Programme? Don’t Vote for the GOP Anti-Life Agenda!

00 cat and kitten. 060216


Here’s the choice in a nutshell. Vote for Bernie… you get social justice and pro-family policies. Vote for the Repugs or Chilly Hilly… you get social repression and anti-family policies. Mere anti-abortion agitation isn’t “Pro-Life”… it never was, it isn’t, and it never shall be. Do ponder that…


6 February 2016. DON’T Vote for Chilly Hilly… Here’s What She Thinks of You and Your Needs…

00 wicked witch of the west 250116


Chilly Hilly sits on the Wal-Mart board and APPROVES of their methods. Need I add anything more? Shitbirds of a feather flock together… Hilly’s shown us who her friends are… it sure ain’t us! She sure kept her silence as Bill Clinton handed the country over to the rich, too. Friends don’t let friends vote for Chilly Hilly…


6 February 2016. No Comment Necessary Department… Vote for Bernie! There’s NO-ONE Else!

00 usa 2016 candidates sanders clinton 290116


Look at the chart above.

Vote for Bernie.

That’s all…


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