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Friday, 20 October 2017

20 October 2017. The Kerch Bridge is Going Up…


The above image is of the new Kerch Strait Bridge linking the Crimea to the rest of the Russian Federation. It’s going forward and at full-speed. American sanctions haven’t harmed Russia. They’ve merely sped up the import substitution programme. Russian industry, agriculture, and commercial enterprises stepped up and replaced Western imports. The Americans tried to hobble Russia by having their Ukrainian puppets join the sanctions. All that did was to focus Russian energies. Now, Russia has replacements for everything once built in the Ukraine. The leading light in this was Deputy Chairman of the Government D O Rogozin, the defence industry head. He refused to give in. He gave industry goals and industry met them. In short, the American sanctions didn’t hurt Russia. They helped it!

Russia, China, and Iran form a homogenous contiguous economic bloc linked by landlines… that is, the US Navy can’t interdict them. That’s why the Americans hate the Chinese Silk Road initiative. This overland route would be invulnerable to US Navy pressure. The USN is the only truly strong part of the American forces (like Britain before it, the USA is a sea power, relatively weak in its land/air forces). As naval forces are inherently expensive to build, maintain, and operate, the USA can’t match Russia, China, or even Iran in ground and air forces. The USA simply doesn’t have the money. It must find the funds for a world-beating navy, which means that its army and air force must take what’s left. The USN is primarily responsible for the defence of the American heartland (as the Royal Navy was for Britain’s defence). The USA’s army and air force don’t protect the homeland… that’s always been a naval responsibility. Unlike Russia, China, and Iran, which must maintain large ground forces for homeland defence, the USA (with weak neighbours to the north and south, and oceans to the east and west, as Bismarck noted) must maintain a large naval force to defend itself and to control the sea lanes tying together the Anglosphere and its allies.

Besides that, Russia isn’t very vulnerable from the World Ocean. Most of the Russian coastline faces the Arctic (where naval operations would be extraordinarily difficult)… most of the rest lies in the confined waters of the Baltic and Black Seas. The only place where Russia faces the World Ocean is in the Pacific. Just as Russia poses no real threat to the USA, the USA doesn’t have a strategic advantage over Russia either. It can blockade the Russian Navy in home waters, but the Russian fleet has a different purpose than the USN. The USN is a bluewater high-seas control force. The Russian fleet has the tasks of coastal defence, protection of the two “fortress areas” for SLBM forces, and cooperation with the army. They’re two very different forces.

The Americans are simply not hurting their opponent. However, they ARE goading the bear. All that does is to make him vigilant…



20 October 2017. When America Threatened Russia… This was Russia’s Response




Earlier this year, when Hillary Clinton and Obama hurled threats and imprecations at Russia, what did the Russians do? Why, they invited the kids from American embassy families to come to the big New Year shindig at the State Kremlin Palace! You could see who the juvenile brats were and who the grownups were. The Anglos threw their usual adolescent hissy fit. They wouldn’t let their kids go to the show. I think that this proves to all comers that Russia is in the right and the USA is utterly in the wrong (again). After Trump took office, things didn’t improve one little bit. Instead, they’ve gotten worse. Look at what Russia offered to our kids AFTER America issued spiteful and lying statements about the Rodina. Why, the USA hasn’t issued an apology for interfering in the 1996 Russian Election, have they? You can see what evil American neoliberalism represents. That’s both Republicans and Democrats, mind you.

How much longer shall this godless pretence last? It has the potential to destroy all civilisation. However, many of these American warmongers call themselves “Pro-Lifers”… what a demonic imposture and charade…


20 October 2017. Morrell Threatens Russia… Who’s the REAL Aggressor?


The USA threatens China, too… can you imagine the depth of insane megalomania that’s infested the American “leadership”?


CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said on the Charlie Rose Show that the USA should start killing Russians to give them a message. I should mention that both the USSR in the past and the Russian Federation in the present based their defence preparations on the premise that the deceitful Anglos would launch a sneak attack after a domestic media blitz demonising them. That position came from a close study of history. Russians are intent students of the past and draw the proper lessons, unlike false-hearted, arrogant, and hubristic Anglos.

In 1898, a press offensive preceded the American aggression against Spain. Spain wasn’t a threat to the USA. It was doing its best to avoid war. The USS Maine blew up in Havana harbour (most objective historians conclude it was a boiler explosion in a poorly designed and badly built ship), but the USA used it as a casus belli against Spain. In 1917, Wilhelmine Germany didn’t (and couldn’t) threaten the USA, but the Americans went to war anyway, after a press campaign vilifying Germany. In 1941, the USA placed draconian trade restrictions on Japan, in an attempt to force Japan to kowtow to American demands. Should I mention that the American press lambasted the Japanese? That led to the attack on Pearl Harbour (the Americans were expecting an attack on the Philippines… not an attack on their rear-area fleet base… the Japanese riposte unnerved the Yanks for six months). That ended in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the 80s, the Reagan junta vilified the USSR… they placed offensive instruments in Western Europe. Today, the Trump junta threatens Russia and places trade restrictions and onerous personal sanctions on individual Russians (such as Deputy Chairman of the Government D O Rogozin (the defence industry “tsar”), media luminary D K Kiselyov, and even musicians such as People’s Artist of the USSR I D Kobzon and Honoured Artist of Russia А А Karabanov).

Soviet (and present Russian) defence preparations rested on the assumption that the Anglos would strike first and without warning. The Soviet divisions in the DDR and Czechoslovakia were a covering force to allow the USSR to mobilise its reserves. The best conscripts and equipment were in the Western Military District (Byelorussia, Galicia, and Karpatskaya Krai). These divisions weren’t up to full strength in peacetime. The plan was for the reservists of the past few years to rejoin these units, shakedown, and unpack stored equipment so that these troops could be a counterstrike force against the Anglo aggressors. The troops in the DDR would absorb the initial American blow, give early warning of any such attack to rear echelons, and conduct a fighting withdrawal across Eastern Europe to the Soviet border. There, the forces in the Western Military District would strike the weakened and tired American aggressors, throwing them back to their original startlines (the Sovs knew that was the best outcome on offer, what with nuclear weapons in Yank hands). This had the advantage of confining most of the expected war damage to its East Bloc allies, not the USSR itself (the Sovs counted on nuclear weapons to keep the Anglos from attacking the USSR itself).

In like manner, Russian Federation warplans assume an American surprise attack (being students of history, Russians know that Americans are mendacious liars… the prime example of that being American mistreatment of Native Americans). Recent history proves this. The Yanks attacked in South Ossetia in 2008 and fomented the Ukrainian coup in 2014. Of course, the Russians also notice the American media offensive… something that happens prior to every American aggression.

Interestingly, the Anglos inserted their special ops forces (under the guise of PMC contractors… for deniability purposes) in both cases, but the Russians defeated them in open battle. In South Ossetia, the battle was for the Roki Tunnel… to block Russian movement to the battlefront. By all accounts, the Russians whipped the Yanks and their Georgian allies. Russia won that round. In the Ukraine, the Anglos sent in their special oppers to seize the Donetsk Airport (the plan was to seize it and airlift in friendly forces to crush the pro-Russian Peoples Republics in the Donbass). Motorola and Givi, leading a scratch force of Don Cossacks and Donetsk homeboys, routed the Yanks and their Polish allies. It wasn’t bright for the Americans to have brought in Poles… that led to a national stirring (but the Yanks don’t know history and hold it in contempt… so 1612 totally flew over their heads).

The Russian forces are on alert. They know that Americans are fiendish and grasping, beyond the measure of any other people. We live in dangerous and perilous times… may God preserve us. The Russian forces are on guard for peace… may God bless and keep them.


Sunday, 10 September 2017

10 September 2017. The Bear Sez…


The Battle of Poltava in 1709… this is what Russia does to aggressors! Oh, yes… the “indispensable” USA wasn’t in existence yet, was it? If it wasn’t there, it isn’t “indispensable”, is it? Just a thought… 


Russians wish to live at peace with all decent honourable people. Russian people don’t want war. They want peace… they love peace… they want to build lasting peace. However… they’ll fight like no one else can if aggressors come in war. The American Establishment wants war. Russia knows this. As V V Putin said:

There’s something that I learnt on the streets of Piter. If a conflict is inevitable, then, land the first blow!

If the USA continues its bellicose and vain sabre-rattling, Russia will come to a reasonable conclusion. The Russian forces are already on alert. The Russian forces have orders to meet any aggression with force. It isn’t 22 June 1941… Russia doesn’t trust its Western interlocutors. If Trump and his cronies continue to escalate their threats… if the Establishment Dems continue their relentless and feral hate campaign… well, Russia will draw the proper conclusions. I’d note that Russia tends to win defensive wars. If the American Establishment pushes Russia into war… Russia will launch its strategic forces… the USA doesn’t have reliable defences against them. Even if the much-touted ABMs were as good as the Yanks claim that they are (they’re not… the Yanks are known boasters and bloaters), some of the Russian nukes would get through and devastate wide swathes of this country. That’s what angers so many Anglos… they want to hurt others and suffer no consequence. China and Russia have the capability to strike back and strike hard at the Anglo heartland. That angers that pack of bullies.

Russia wants peace… the American Establishment seems to want a “preventative war” to forestall a Sino-Russian condominium in Eurasia. You see, if the Chinese plan for One Belt-One Road reaches fruition, Sino-Russian transportation could use land routes, immune from American naval interference. This scares the Anglos. Shall we have peace, as Russia wants, or shall we have war, as some Anglos want? I don’t know… God willing, we’ll be spared…


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