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Saturday, 13 January 2018

13 January 2018. Two Things Upped My Productivity Recently


Two things upped my productivity recently. Let’s start with the simpler item… I bought an ordinary ten-buck keyboard and plugged it into the laptop (actually, into a splitter box, but let’s not get too technical). Laptop keyboards are SHITTY. On top of that, some of the keys weren’t functioning at par. They weren’t dead, but it was difficult to get them to work correctly. That slowed down my speed considerably and made it harder to do any creative writing whatsoever. With an ordinary desktop-style keyboard, my speed quickly went back up to where it should be, and if there’s trouble with it, I need only shitcan it and replace it with another ten-buck wonder.

Secondly, we were hacked seriously. In correspondence with friends, this has happened recently to all sorts of anti-Hillary people. For instance, the Hillarybots hacked the email of Ajamu Baraka and the Green Party. They scream about “Russian hackers”… what lying sacks o’ shit! They’re the ones who resort to hacking and computer manipulation as a first resort, not the Russians (who do a good job of deterring and countering American cyberattacks, thank you very much). It cost us a bit of money, but we put up cyberdefences against any further such shenanigans. Remember… Hillary wanted Eddie Snowdon’s head… but he was able to foil her and her sock-puppet Obama. Sadly, we weren’t the only people it happened to… coincidentally, all of them were anti-Hillary to one extent or another. Fancy that…

Therefore, I’m getting back up to snuff… actually, the biggest improvement is having a real keyboard to punch. It’s FUN tickling the keys… that is, if you’re a ten-finger typist like me. Have a good one, all…



Monday, 1 January 2018

1 January 2018. My New Year Wish for All My Friends… Real-Life and Online


My wish is that all of you have as little misfortune in the coming year as is possible. May you have a happy home life and a tolerable work-life. May there be little discord in your families and good relations with friends. My vow to you is that I’ll be as true as I’ve always been. I’ll never betray a confidence, I’ll always keep your correspondence private (and never name you as a source unless explicitly allowed), and I’ll defend you to the best of my ability.

That is, I offer my friendship… I have little else… money, power, and influence have I none. However… I’ll have your back, always and everywhere. Love to all of you. Remember… love rules this house… the love of life, love of God, love of humanity, love of justice, love of the truth, and love for you, my friends. If love doesn’t rule, you may as well lay down and die…

Be good and be well in the coming year.

You have a friend…


Friday, 20 October 2017

20 October 2017. Monday was My Nicky’s Birthday


On Monday, my Nicky was 67-years-old. I love him without reservation. I’ll never forget how he saved me from a bad situation, at a cost to himself. I’ll allow no one to attack my man… full stop. I’m here for him, for as long as he needs me. On Tuesday, we had a lovely birthday dinner at Bucca di Beppo… I knew that’s what would make him happiest. His happiness made my day… it wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny, and I’m glad that it made him smile so much. It was his day, after all.

I hope that you have love in your life, too…


20 October 2017. My Friends ARE My Friends… Full Stop and Without Reservation


These days, you hear much blather about how people will “unfriend” others if they don’t conform to Politically Correct shibboleths (both “liberal” and “conservative”). I refuse to do such evil. I chose my friends because I found them trusty and true… if they disagree with me on this or on that, so be it. Character, not agreement, is the basis of friendship; at least, we Russians think so. If you wish to “unfriend” people because of their political opinions… so be it. I can’t dictate to you. I prefer to honour and respect my friends, even if we’ve had little contact recently. I found them worthy and no political opinion is going to change that. I confide that I’m not the only person with that attitude…


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