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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Who Killed Motorola… Why? I’ll Tell You.



So, Saker, Southfront, and Shary say things don’t add up with the Motorola hit. Maybe, from their perspectives thousands of kilometres from where it happened, it does add up, but I’m about 500 metres from where it happened, so here’s my take…

  • There were two previous attempts on Motorola’s life in the last six months… at the hospital in June and behind his apartment building in August. Somebody’s been out to get him for a while. Whoever killed him tried at least twice before and failed. Sparta has its own intelligence unit, with connections to the DNR intelligence services. If someone here was out to get him, and already tried twice, Motorola would’ve had a real good idea of whom it was. If it were someone from the DNR side, he would’ve known there was no way they wouldn’t eventually get him. It would’ve been certain suicide for him to stay, as well as risking the lives of his wife and kids. He could easily have “pulled a Strelkov”, moved to the Crimea, retired to write his memoirs, exposing whatever traitors he thought had it in for him. However, he didn’t. I’ve seen him several times, strolling with his wife and baby in the city centre, shopping, going to the gym. Not what he’d have done if he thought he had to worry about getting it in the back from his comrades or leaders. Not at all. He was fearless, but not stupid by a long shot, especially with the lives of his wife and kids.
  • Zakharchenko trusted Motorola enough to send him and Sparta to the LNR to safeguard Plotnitsky during/after the coup attempt. That’s a big responsibility, one not likely given to someone you’re planning to kill, and someone you’d tried to kill twice already.
  • “High security building?” I’ve been in that building more than once myself. They have babushkas guarding the door, not MGB or Sparta. It’s a multi-floored apartment building where Ukrop semi-oligarchs used to live. Ukrops have the blueprints and probably old sets of keys that just might still work. The elevators are Otis, made in the USA. Maybe, they needed “repairs” recently, you know, as the WTC did in August ’01. There are MANY vantage points, hundreds, from which an assassin could see when Motorola came home, and the tech is cheap and easy to detonate a bomb via mobile phone (2 out of 3 mobile services in the DNR are still Ukrop OWNED AND OPERATED) and if you have a mobile phone detonator, it’s nothing to add a camera or mic function to the rig, to make sure the target is in the kill zone when you press the button.
  • I trust and respect A V Zakharchenko. He’s a good guy, and he’s doing a good job that sure ain’t easy. I saw his vid from last night, and I really doubt he was acting. I believe the technical term is “FUCKIN’ PISSED”. He threatened the Ukrop army and special services directly, something I doubt that Moscow pre-approved. He called A S Pavlov his “good friend” and I think that he meant it.
  • So does Sparta Brigade, one of the biggest and strongest units in the whole Novorossiyan Army. If they thought that Zakharchenko had anything to do with it, they’d be in the streets already, and nobody could stop them… BUT THEY’RE NOT. His men and many other people here loved Motorola. Zakharchenko would commit political suicide to kill him, and what reason could he have? Only weeks before, Motorola just proved himself a trusted and loyal officer to Zakharchenko and Novorossiya in the LNR. Apparently, the people that are in a position to know, and to do something about it, don’t think it was an “inside job”.
  • Cui Bono? Nobody in the DNR, that’s for sure, and nobody loyal to the future of the RF, either. Motorola was a GREAT commander… courageous, skilled, and loved by his men. The DNR NEEDS Commanders like that. It was a strategic loss, from a military perspective. This war isn’t over yet, and we may well be coming up on the hardest part of it in the near future. If things get hot in Syria, they’ll heat up here. Things are STILL hot as Hell at the Front, and getting hotter, here and in Syria, every day. The war goes on, and we can’t afford to bump off our own best commanders. If the Army falls, the Republic falls, and our Army suffered a grave loss last night. To my knowledge, Motorola wasn’t seeking political power or in any conflict with the Administration here. He wasn’t running for office or in the primaries; he made no public statements about politics or much of anything else.
  • Tonight, the Kiev and US fascists are celebrating the murder of one of their most powerful and charismatic foes. Someone who whipped their ass at the Donetsk airport and all along the Donbass Front. The only thing that could make them happier would be to see some suspicion and in-fighting break out between Sparta and the Administration, or for other DNR commanders to wonder if they were next for the proverbial bayonet in the back. Nevertheless, that ain’t gonna happen, because the truth is clear to all here whose opinions matter. The fuckin’ Ukrops did it. They tried twice before and failed. This time, they sent in the A-team and finally got the job done. Rather than sow suspicion and discord, they brought us all closer together to face the real and common enemy.

The suspicions of an “inside job” aren’t only unfounded, they’re dangerous. There was no reason for anyone in the DNR or the RF to want Motorola dead, and every reason for the Kiev fascists to. The fascists, just like with MH-17, had motive, means, and opportunity. Motorola trusted his leaders and comrades. His actions and subsequent events prove it. No serious person here thinks it was anyone other than Ukrop saboteurs who killed him this time, who tried twice before… that includes me. Discord amongst comrades sticks a knife in the back of the whole DNR, Novorossiya, and the RF. We need unity now, as much as we did during the darkest days of the war, because darker days may soon be upon us.

I respect The Saker, Shary and Southfront, and I’m surprised they put forth these speculations without any evidence. If there’s any proof Motorola had problems with comrades here, let’s see it. However, I don’t see any, and I live in Donetsk, and I have friends here privy to things not usually made public. There have been some disturbing, and maybe even suspicious, killings of Novorossiyan commanders, but they’ve ALL been in the LNR, not here. Moreover, I don’t speak on Plotnitsky or the workings of the LNR because I simply don’t know, and I admit it. However, I DO know the DNR isn’t the LNR. Zakharchenko isn’t Plotnitsky, and he enjoys well-deserved popular support here, and has no good reason to risk losing it all by killing one of his best friends and comrades. He’s no fool, and knows his fate will be the same as the DNR’s. For him to attack Motorola would be an attack on the whole DNR and on himself. Think about it. The Ukrop and American fascists had every reason to want Motorola killed. The administration here (and close by) had every reason not to, with one of the most important ones being that his death would cause these exact unfounded rumours and suspicions. To all who speculate without evidence, I say your speculations are foolish and dangerous. If you have any evidence, let’s see it. Put up, or shut up.

Russell “Texas” Bentley

Donetsk DNR

18 October 2016

Russell Bonner Bentley



I have great mistrust of all the online bloviators on Russian affairs, especially, the “Saker”… anyone who uses the construction “Anglo-Zionist Empire” is an anti-Semitic fanatic not worth attending to. Anti-Semitism is a sickness… one rampant amongst Galician Uniates and their “Ukrainian Orthodox” partners-in-crime. We should avoid it. Israel is NOT an equal partner with the USA nor is it the dominant party pulling the strings in Washington. Such is ludicrous and without merit. Israel is the sole unequivocal strategic partner of the USA in the Middle East… that’s the real situation. Israel uses this to extort subsidies and “aid” from the USA… but it isn’t the controlling partner, nor is it an equal partner of the USA. It’s a “dominion” of the USA, much like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand were to the UK in the salad days of the British Empire. Washington more controls Israel than the other way around.

Don’t let the hatred of the anti-Semites lead you astray. The Saker is obviously of that tribe. Have a care; the times are evil and poseurs are about… keep your wits about you.



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