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Sunday, 6 April 2014

USA Instigating “Yugoslav Scenario” of Fraternal Genocide in the Ukraine

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Aijaz Ahmad, a famous Indian philosopher and political expert, said in an article in a leading Indian newsmagazine, Frontline, that the American effort to turn the Ukraine into a forward area for positioning NATO bases is paving the way for fraternal genocide and ethnic cleansing in the former Soviet state, repeating the Yugoslav scenario. The conflict in Yugoslavia… a former European country that separated into Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro… culminated in a series of NATO bombings in March 1999 in response to alleged widespread atrocities by Serbian forces against ethnic Albanians in the province of Kosovo. Because of a 78-day NATO bombing campaign, Serbia, which has historic ties to Russia, lost control of Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008. Moscow compared last month’s Crimea secession from Ukraine with Kosovo’s secession from Serbia, saying that Kosovo established a precedent and that Crimea followed suit.

In his article, The “Great Game”’ in Europe, Ahmad wrote that in February the USA sponsored a Euro-Nazi coup in Kiev and, in response, Crimea’s reunification with Russia in March signalled a “turning point and a watershed event” in the post-Soviet era. Ahmad wrote that on the heels of US President Barack Obama’s China-containment strategy, known as the “Asian pivot”, Washington started a European pivot with the goal of encircling Russia by abolishing a crucial buffer between Moscow and advancing a network of NATO bases into territories formerly part of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR. Ahmad thinks that the Ukraine, like the Serbo-Croatian region in the former Yugoslavia, is a borderland shared between East and West, categories developed by American political scientist Samuel Huntington {actually, he stole the idea from 19th century Russian historian Sergei Solovyov, but let’s be kind: editor}. Outside forces encouraged Croatia, with its Catholic majority, to break its union with predominantly Orthodox Serbia, “with murderous, even genocidal consequences all around. In attempting to turn the Ukraine into a forward country for positioning NATO bases against Russia, the USA is paving the way, wittingly or unwittingly, for potentially that same kind of fraternal genocide and ethnic cleansing”.

Commenting on an 18 billion USD promised IMF loan to the Ukraine, Ahmad said that he doubts that the West’s economic assistance would indeed help the crisis-hit country. According to Moody’s, Kiev needs 24 billion USD to cover its budget deficit, debt repayment, natural gas bills, and pension payments this year alone. Over the past two decades, the Russian subsidy for Ukraine’s oil and gas purchases reached about 200 billion USD. Ahmad said, “The West offers little driblets of money, without Russian generosity, the Ukrainian economy will be in ruins. IMF-imposed austerity on a ruined economy and NATO-propelled militarisation for eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with Russian power is just the kind of combustible combination that may well lead to a civil war, a regional war, and heaven knows what else… in a country where 70 percent in a recent Gallup poll voted against joining NATO”. Ahmad said that China and India supported Moscow in its actions in the Ukraine, adding that a strategic alliance between Russia, which has vast mineral deposits, and China, the world’s second-largest economy, could become one of the positive results of Washington’s fiasco in the Ukraine.

4 April 2014



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Friday, 4 April 2014

FSB Nicks Ukie Terrorists Planning Actions in Russia… Junta Fails to Gain Majority Support in Poll… Russia Reminds NATO that it has Trump Cards

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On Thursday, the FSB confirmed that it arrested dozens of Ukrainian citizens suspected of planning terrorist attacks in seven Russian federal subjects. The suspects admitted that the SBU ordered them to spy on Russian military manoeuvres in regions bordering the Ukraine. In addition, they were to establish contacts with Russian radicals. Earlier, NTV reported that Russian authorities nicked 25 Ukrainians, including three radical Right Sector activists, on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in Rostov, Volgograd, Tver, Orel, and Belgorod Oblasts, and the Republics of Kalmykia and Tatarstan. The FSB said, “As a result of measures taken from information about activists of the so-called Right Sector movement preparing terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation during 14 to 16 March, we arrested some 25 Ukrainian citizens”. The FSB arrested them “before they committed any illegal actions damaging Russian security”; however, UNIAN reported that the SBU claimed that the information was “nonsense”.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) called on the Ukrainian junta to take decisive action in disarming radical paramilitary groups, expressing concern about continued extremist activity in the country. The Right Sector, an ultranationalist Ukrainian paramilitary group, faced an outright ban in the Ukraine following a siege of the Rada building last week. The movement had a leading role in the violent protests that brought the present Ukrainian junta to power in late February. Its activists used clubs, petrol bombs, and firearms in street fighting against Ukrainian police. Russia wanted one of its most notorious members, Aleksandr Muzichko, on suspicion of torturing and murdering at least 20 Russian servicemen in Chechnya in the early 2000s. Supposedly, MVDU spetsnaz killed him last month.


Anyone who’s read the official junta release on Muzichko’s death can see that it’s a farrago of lies from stem to stern. MVDU boss Avakov was a convicted real estate fraudster in Italy (probably, Langley recruited him when he was in the Itie nick), so, nothing that he says has any credibility whatsoever. As for me, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories… they’re for people of weak intellect and too much time on their hands. However, it’s just to point up that Muzichko had tons of enemies, all of whom wanted him dead. When that many people want someone dead, they usually end up dead. I believe that outsiders killed him, probably, it was an ad hoc “Odd Couple” alliance to take down a common foe (that is, Langley could’ve helped the FSB, or, vice versa… in politics, odder bedfellows have occurred).



The results of a public opinion survey conducted by GfK Ukraine in March show that the coup failed to gain majority support amongst Ukrainian citizens. According to poll results, 31 percent of respondents said that they wholeheartedly supported the coup in Kiev in February, 18 percent said that they somewhat supported it, 16 percent didn’t like it, 18 percent strongly opposed it, and 17 percent had no opinion. Only 20 percent of respondents in the Southeastern Ukraine said that they approved of the putsch, compared with 57 percent in the country’s other regions. In a press release, GfK Ukraine said that 29 percent of Ukrainians believe their country is moving in the right direction today (7 percent in February), and 42 percent of those polled criticised the path recently chosen by the junta (70 percent in February). Less than a majority supported the junta’s policies, 36 percent in Kiev and the northern/western/central area, compared to 12 percent in the south and 9 percent in the east. GfK Ukraine ran the survey on 4-18 March; it involved 1,000 people, including Crimean residents. The margin of error was +/- 3.1 percent.


Note well that the junta failed to gain majority support, even in pro-Western strongholds (no doubt, Uniate areas are strongly in favour of the anti-Orthodox putschists, though). The junta has LESS support than Yanukovich did on the ground in the Ukraine, but it has MORE support than Yanukovich did in the Western media and amongst Western neoliberal elements. What’ll doom the junta is that it has too many “old faces” from the corrupt oligarch/shitbird politician element in its ranks. Turchinov is an old crony of Yuliya’s… as is Yatsenyuk. Note well that the USA doesn’t mind supping with thieves (literally, as Avakov’s spell in the slam testifies). This isn’t even bringing up the Uniate terrorist elements such as Tyagnibok & Co in the junta!

One last thing… the original of this article had a subtle pro-Western slant, which I corrected. VOR should look at the staffer who prepared this… the Rodina can’t have traitors at this time and place…



On Wednesday, Viktor Ozerov, the Federation Council Defence and Security Committee Chairman, told Interfax that NATO’s decision to suspend coöperation with Russia gives Moscow the right to suspend NATO transit to Afghanistan across Russian territory, saying, “NATO transports armaments, military hardware, and servicemen to Afghanistan across our territory. If our coöperation comes to a halt, we’d have the right to suspend this transit, and the alliance would have to find other routes. Bilateral agreements with France, Italy, the USA, Germany, and some other countries allow NATO transit to Afghanistan. Soon, the NATO pullout from Afghanistan will begin and the alliance would have to find routes bypassing our territory”.

“Cooperation always implies mutual interests. Russia won’t lose from the halt of coöperation. Primarily, that coöperation was helpful for the alliance. In fact, there were nothing more than declarations of coöperation. NATO always followed its own policy, for instance, in expanding towards the Russian borders and the deployment of missile defence systems. The goals and tasks were ambitious, for instance, in this year’s coöperation program. However, if we look at earlier years, we’d see that coöperation existed only in secondary programs, such as mine clearing operations in Afghanistan, deterring drug trafficking, and countering homemade bombs. At the same time, we made no progress on the keynote issue, missile defence, as in earlier years NATO ignored the Russian opinion”.

“This isn’t the first time that NATO suspended coöperation with Russia; the same happened in August 2008 when Russia defended its citizens in South Ossetia. Back then, NATO foreign ministers decided to review relations with Russia. The relations were frozen, but the freeze did not last for long. This is no more than an idle threat. I think that NATO will revise its decision very soon, as soon as passions about the Ukraine calm down, we’d go back to dialogue and partnership”.

“Always, Russia demonstrated its desire to develop relations with the alliance, but it’s always been a one-way street. They listened to our proposals and initiatives, but nothing more. NATO continued to expand, incorporating other states, and setting up bases in disregard of the Russian position. Russia joined the Partnership for Peace programme in the early 1990s when its coöperation with NATO had just begun. Our interaction with NATO over the Bosnian situation was the most fruitful period of our coöperation. That’s only one example. Regardless NATO’s position, we’re destined to coöperate because we live on the same continent and in the same space. Military activity of one side might have a direct influence on the other side’s security. We can’t help but view the military alliances of Eastern European and Baltic states, and the associated military activity on their territories, as a threat to our strategic security interests. Moreover, we’ll give an adequate response to all that”.


The Bear reminds the smug West that it holds trump cards in its hand. If the West continues its peevish, childish, and foolish petulance… well, Russia CAN do something about it… it’s NOT Nu, pogodi! That is, it isn’t a powerless cipher… the feckless and ignorant Amerikantsy have forgotten that.


4 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service




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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Media Wars around Crimea: Russia NOT Impressed by Liars’ Empty Threats

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If one were to believe the Western media, one could get the impression that the Third World war already began. Phrases like, “the annexation of Crimea”, “occupation”, and even “theft of another country’s lands” (the expression used by the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung) quickly spread all over. However, here’s the problem… it appears that serious people in the West, business representatives specifically, don’t believe their own media. Otherwise, what could explain such a strange thing as the appreciation of the Rouble by 31 kopeks against the Euro… right after the West announced all sorts of sanctions upon Russia?

At one point, Lev Tolstoy, the Russian classic author, said the following about bad writers, “He tries to scare me, but I’m not scared”. The same is true here… one can hardly believe the threats of Western leaders as these threats come from liars. How else can one call those EU ministers who “guaranteed” the political agreement between Ukrainian President Yanukovich and the rebellious Euromaidan oppositionists signed on 21 February? Prior to that, they’d talked about “peaceful protest”, despite the fact that any glance at a TV screen, even in the West, with Molotov cocktails flying at the cops, couldn’t be associated with peace. Let’s recall the Bible… he that once deceives is ever a suspect.

The conclusion one has to draw from all this is, as Stanislavsky used to say, “I don’t believe it!” President Putin’s handling of the Crimea’s reunion with Russia, a risky and unexpected operation, served as such a conclusion. For the first time, the “Russian World” refused to take what the West said at face value, it refused to sacrifice its citizens for the sake of preserving partnership relations with the West, which had significantly lost their value, anyway. The result came out surprisingly well. Many observers were pleasantly surprised by the speech of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, when, for the first time in 15 years, the world heard such words from an American diplomat as “international law”, “multilateral approach”, and even “Russia’s lawful interests”.

It took the first change of post-war borders in Europe not sanctioned by Washington and the EU for the head US diplomat to start talking as a law-abiding citizen. However, it was too late. According to Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Politics, the West missed its chance, as it never fully believed that, unlike itself, Russia could say the truth. “Until the last days, they thought that Russia was bluffing. They wanted to show that they were firm and were ready to impose a number of sanctions. Then, Lavrov and Kerry would meet and find some diplomatic solution. Suddenly, it became clear… apparently, Russia means exactly what it says. The Crimea isn’t negotiable. The rest of the Ukraine is still unclear, but in the Crimea, the question’s solved”.

Now, the West screams about Russia violating commitments in the Budapest Treaties of 1994, which guaranteed the inviolability of the Ukraine’s territory in exchange for its agreement to renounce nuclear arms. That decision was a bailout solution for the entire world… the neo-Nazi Svoboda bloc, which currently controls half of the Ukrainian government, sees the nuclear rearmament of the Ukraine as part of its programme. God only knows what Tyagnibok, the Svoboda Führer, as well as his followers, would be capable of if they had a nuclear club instead of a baseball bat in their hands. Now, the West holds that agreement against Russia. However, as Lukyanov pointed up, quite recently, the West completely refused to remember that agreement. “To go back to the Budapest memorandum… nobody remembered it. A few years ago, the Ukraine planned to join NATO, but Russia reminded it of that agreement… “Why do you need NATO when you have such guarantees?” The answer from the Ukrainians was, “It isn’t serious, whilst NATO is!” Lies give birth to mistrust. For a quarter of a century, beginning with the late Gorbachyov era, Russia tried to build its relations with the West based on trust. In response, it got only lies, lies, and more lies. Finally, we got fed up with that. We began to act the way that the Americans got used to acting over the past 15 years, only with fewer losses, and in accordance with the will of the people (96 percent of Iraqi citizens didn’t invite the Americans to come into their country).

20 March 2014

Dmitri Babich

Voice of Russia World Service


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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

11 March 2014. Why American Sabre-Rattling Should Concern You…

the-bear-is-back. Dmitri Pushkov. The Demon

This is what happened the last time that the West and its soulless toadies provoked the Bear without provocation… they’re kicking our people again… silly wabbits…


There are two things that concern me about the current situation in the Ukraine at large and the Crimea in particular. Firstly, American and Russian forces have “fallen out of practise” in dealing with unexpected encounters. This was common enough in the Cold War, there were protocols in place, and upfront personnel were well aware of them. Besides which, everyone knew that a misstep could result in very dicey consequences at best, and no one wanted to think of the worst. Today, the forces aren’t used to operating under such strict protocols, especially, not Americans. What makes it truly harrowing is that Americans believe their own propaganda (the USA “won” the Cold War, Ronald Reagan caused the fall of the USSR, that America is the “sole superpower”, just to name the most egregious rot). That is, there’s no set doctrine in place for dealing with “hostiles in Indian country”, and first-line personnel aren’t used to dealing with such (nor are they used to keeping such in their everyday considerations). This is a recipe for a disaster. No one wants war… but many wars start through inadvertent stoking of tensions. NATO aircraft have to stay out of Russian or Ukrainian airspace, or, it could result in an inadvertent shootdown that could easily turn into something far worse (I wouldn’t believe that it’d turn into war, but it WOULD sour relations for YEARS). There is another cause that we have to take into account… diaspora Ukrainians serve in the Western forces, some of whom are fanatics who wouldn’t think twice of embroiling the West with Russia (I’ve seen “Ukrainians” up close and personal… the hate that some spew has to be seen to be believed). This is a real wild card… one that the West refuses to guard against. However, as bad as this might be, such “incidents” aren’t what worries me most.

That leads us to the second reason the present crisis is such a nailbiter. The present Ukrainian junta is a lawless, corrupt, and feckless lot; they’re so bad that they make Yanukovich look utterly innocent. Had Yuliya been faced with the Maidan, she would’ve repressed it with the maximum violence and brutality, without regard for political or international fallout. The USA annoints a junta that enshrines thievery, violence, and repression as its credo. Yanukovich didn’t throw his opponents in the slam… the junta does. Yanukovich didn’t order the police to fire on the mob… the junta would have. Yanukovich wasn’t uniquely corrupt… Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and Timoshenko all live in his neighbourhood (Yatsenyuk a mere 100 metres away), in mansions financed by the most crass sort of graft and theft. If that ain’t all, the junta has fanatics from Svoboda and the Right Sector in its “ministry”, some of whom who’re in “power ministries”. That is, we have criminals at the head of the junta, with fanatics in subordinate positions. Mind you, if things “went south” for the junta, the criminal members such as Timoshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and Avakov would flee (they’ve socked away boodle stolen from the Ukrainian treasury abroad)… but fanatics such as Tyagnibok and Yarosh would do something unhinged if they thought that their ship was going down. They could attempt actions against the Dnepr dams or the Chernobyl containment site. We’re talking about fanatics with no human consideration whatsoever. It wouldn’t concern them that their own people would suffer. This is what should worry people. Unhinged lunatics are about and they have access to “sharps”. Alternatively, Galician fanatics in the Ukrainian forces could order unauthorised attacks on the Crimea or cause blood-soaked repressions in Russian areas. No matter which way you slice this shit sandwich, it’s not appealing, is it?

We have to make it to Easter. Shall the junta last? Not only do I lack the foggiest idea, no one else knows anything, either. God do spare us… we’re in a hurtling rollercoaster car, and no one’s in control. Pass the jug… what else can we do?


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