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Saturday, 4 July 2015

4 July 2015. There’ll Always Be a Russia… And Russia Will be Free!

00 russia. the service goes on. 020715


The Battle on the Ice


Russians are prepared to defend the Motherland… to defend Holy Rus… that INCLUDES the Ukraine. No foreign aggressor after the Mongols has ever taken down Rus… the bombastic Anglo brats had best mind that. Russians don’t want war… but if the Anglo brats do come, they’ll leave their bones on the steppe, like every other aggressor that’s attempted to rape Holy Rus. “All those who march on Russia with a sword in hand, by that sword shall they die”.

As it was… as it is… as it ever shall be…


4 July 2015. Video. Victory Day Performance on Red Square with Fireworks at End

00 lenin. do not touch our history. 040715



This is 95 minutes well-spent. It’s NOT a concert… it’s performance art, and of very high quality too. It starts out with the Nochhye Volki MC guys doing bike ballet on Red Square (with A S Zaldostonov in the lead). The first “name” performer to appear is V S Lanovoi… he kept the faith with the Party, even in the bad years. Presidents Putin and Xi were present… that was a message to the demented arrogant Anglo toddlers, no doubt.

Orthodox people… watch this… you can stand with V S Lanovoi, or you can stand with Victor Potapov. You can stand with Presidents Putin and Xi, or you can stand with Paffhausen and Dreher. You can ease on down the road with Aleksandr the Surgeon and the Night Wolves, or you can stand with blustering phonies like Reardon and Jacobses. You can stand with decent healthy people or you can stand with those who cheer on greedy grasping filth (in the hope that some of the crumbs might fall their way). It IS up to you… choose wisely…

DO NOT TOUCH OUR HISTORY… It’s ALL ours or NONE of it is ours. Do read Potapov’s unhinged rants in that spirit…


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1 July 2015. A Popular Russian Demot…

00 God is with us. 300615


The picture of the soldier and the cross with the legend с нами Бог (s nami Bog: God is with us) is very popular in Russia and Novorossiya today. The American-fomented aggression in the Ukraine has galvanised people like never before in modern times. It’s like the VOV! It’s like the Patriotic War of 1812! It’s like the people responding to Pozharsky and Minin in 1612! It’s like the people rallying behind Grand Prince St Aleksandr Nevsky to drive out the papist invaders in 1242! That’s why President Putin has an approval rating of 89 percent. The Russian people… indeed, all the decent and right-believing people of Holy Rus… are ready to fight the Anglo pigs. If the USA were to touch one drop of Russian soil… and that WOULD include the Crimea and Novorossiya… all bets would be off. Russia has a LOOONG history of thrashing invaders. Russians don’t give a good goddamn until the plug-uglies from foreign parts show up. When they do, the Westerners find out (again) that you don’t mess with the Bear.

Bears DO tend to get gnarly when provoked… just sayin’…


Monday, 29 June 2015

29 June 2015. My Take on the Shitty Situation in the Western Ukraine as Expressed to a Friend

00 lvov ukraine graffiti 03. 280615

Please note! Пидор is one of the WORST words in the Russian “mat” vocabulary, it’s the Russian equivalent of “motherfucker” or “faggot”.  Literally (with no intent of either anti-Semitism or anti-gay hatred on my part), the above graffito reads, “[We’re] ruled by killers and Yid thieves! Faggots!”


The graffiti nails it… Rabbit and Choco Loco are in the shitter… that’s why the American/Canadian troops are in the Western Ukraine… the junta is finding it hard to hold the area, and it needs help to occupy it. Remember, the local homies HELPED the Sovs secure the area, as the UPA was a pack of murderin’ criminals. Their spots haven’t changed (that is, the locals still don’t like murderin’ bastards). In short, the Lvovshchina may rise, too… the draft evasion rates are HIGHER than they are in Kharkov (a friend of mine in Kiev says so). It’s a royal clusterfuck all around and the ordinary people suffer. That’s why I hate Chilly Hilly and Zbig… they’re the evil geniuses behind this.


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