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Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 September 2014. Fatso at the Centre at the Blunder’s Behest… Gets Slight Photo Op… NOTHING ELSE

00 Paffhausen in Moscow. 27.09.14

Fatso on the extreme right (he does figure in a SMALL way in only two other images)


00 Chingarov with Patr Kirill. 27.09.14

HH with the main honoree, Polar explorer A N Chilingarov, who received the Order of St Sergei. Fatso? He received nothing… but watch the konvertsy lap this up…


There’s much Sturm und Drang about Fatso at the Centre (see here for the MP coverage). It’s nothing but the Blunder‘s doing… it shows that the Blunder is up to his old tricks. This doesn’t mean that HH is honouring Fatso… after all, California Fats received no award, and ten other people did receive high Church awards. The main focus in Russian media coverage was A N Chilingarov, and rightly so… Artur Nikolayevich is a polar explorer, public figure, Doctor of Sciences, and a government official… compared to him, Fatso’s nothing but a worthless California Dreamer. Oh, yes…Varsonofy Sudakov and V A Chaplin were no-shows… there were none of the usual and expected heavy-hitters at this affair. A Cabineteer opined:

His Russian must be improving, but I wonder how he can afford to travel to Russia?  I doubt that the OCA would’ve sent him.

I replied:

He got the money from Potapov… who got it from Langley. I’d not trust Fatso… he’s tight with Vlad Berzansky Jr (VB calls Fatso “Johnny”)… of course, all the konvertsy will salivate on command.

This signifies NOTHING. There wasn’t a big deal on this one… this had the Blunder’s fingerprints all over it. HH is NOT going to upset the OCA apple cart. This was to show the EP that the Centre considers the OCA a canonical Local Church, nothing more. Paffso didn’t merit an award, nor was he receive a prominent part to play in the proceedings. I think that this was a gin-up on the part of Potapov and the Blunder, along with the fact that Fats was tight with Yustinian Ovchinnikov, y’ know, the MP bishop recently caught in nasty doings. One of my Moscow friends said:

He knows all the poofters in the American Church… they called him in to grill him on his gay pals. They don’t want another Yustinian.

That’s what’s out there… however, remember, Fatso protected such equivocal sorts in the Church as Peterson, Ray Velencia, Isidore Brittain, and Storheim… now, if shitbirds of a feather flock together (and they do)… you can catch my drift. This is no rehab of the Fats… it’s another move in the Great Game between the EP and the MP. The Centre doesn’t want a return to Paffhausen’s Great Circus and Comedy Show any more than the OCA SOBs (Synod of Bishops, that is) do. However, he’s a useful pawn in the poker game over the 2016 Dixie Fry (no done deal, kids). Stay tuned… I’ll betcha that HH will do something with Mollard soon, to keep up appearances…


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Schismatics Seized Orthodox Parish in Rovno Oblast in the Ukraine

00 Slava Ukrainy! 25.08.14

Here is schismatical and Uniate “freedom”… ponder it well, Orthodox…



THIS is how the Unia and Schism operate. The Unia can only exist where a friendly government supports it. The Unia began as treason by higher clergy… they kowtowed to the papist Polish state; the people didn’t want it. When the Polish state fell, the Unia in the lands under Russia faded and died… it had NO popular support. However, the Habsburg authorities outlawed Orthodoxy… the Unia had its fervent patronage. Likewise, the interwar Polish state backed the Unia over the Orthodox… hundreds of Orthodox churches perished in fires or papist mobs seized them. After 1991, the so-called Ukrainian “government” favoured the Uniates and schismatics… it led to armed Uniate and schismatical mobs (paid by the USA, by the way) seizing many parishes, without popular support. V F Yanukovich halted this… it’s the real reason the papists vilify him… he was LESS corrupt than his predecessors and successors were (he WAS corrupt, but he was less corrupt than they were… don’t listen to self-serving papist propaganda… the papists hate him for his firm Orthodoxy and his ties to the Mountain). This is more of the same… the USA giggles its demented approval of this… as does the US Republican Party, in particular. DO NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER… if you do, you kick your coreligionists in the head with all your might. Think on that…



Members of the uncanonical self-proclaimed “Kiev Patriarchate”, supported by nationalists, seized an Orthodox church in Khodosy in Rovno Raion in Rovno Oblast. Fr Roman Ignatyuk, a local priest who witnessed the incident, told the website of the UPTs/MP Diocese of Rovno, “Several cars drove up, and some tough-looking guys got out. Some were in black camouflage uniforms with yellow armbands. Most likely, they were from the Right Sector”. At that time, the clergy were serving a molieben inside the church. A group of outsiders gathered outside the church, convened a meeting, and held a “vote” on the parish’s affiliation. The believers locked the church up from the inside. Fr Roman stated, “The outsiders staged a real attack on our church. They tried to cut off the lock on the main door, using a grinder. Then, they attempted to force their way in at other doors. In the end, they brought a crowbar and just tore the side-doors off the right side of the choir”. The priests made ​​repeated calls to the SBU and the cops, asking them to come. A cop on the scene stood amongst the attackers and didn’t do anything to impede them. Fr Roman reported, “The believers formed a human shield, not letting the intruders through the broken doors”. The terrorists broke down the central door; they grabbed a priest who tried to stop them by his robes and threw him into the street. Fr Roman said, “Then, they grabbed my arm and leg and wanted to throw me out of the church, too. However, they didn’t succeed in doing that. I escaped; they only tore off a button and a loop on my inner cassock”. Fr Roman noted that outsider schismatical priests led the group, who claimed that the village had voted to join the “Kiev Patriarchate”.

24 September 2014



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

GOAA Parish Church in Palm Harbor FL Burns, Relics Saved

00 kid with icon. Greek church. 24.09.14



These guys need a hand… send ‘em a fin (or two or three).

E-mail address:


Snail-mail address:

Ss Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church

1010 Riviere Road

Palm Harbor FL 34683 




Fire investigators from were on the scene of a church fire in Palm Harbor FL well into the afternoon Tuesday, looking for anything suspicious. For members of the Greek Orthodox parish as they prayed this morning, there was a feeling that a higher power had stepped in and taken control. The fire at Ss Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Hellenic Orthodox Church started sometime after 03.00 EDT. Carol Dyer, who was delivering papers for the Tampa Bay Times, spotted it. She told us, “I saw smoke coming out from the roof around the eaves”. Dyer immediately called 911, but took no credit, saying, “God orchestrated it. He had his hand on these people. He didn’t want their place to burn down”. Fire crews from Palm Harbor were on the scene within minutes, fighting a blaze that ripped its way through a kitchen and common area. The fire and heat, charring and melting, even caused a chimney to buckle 15 degrees.

However, for church members, the structure itself was secondary to what was inside. Elias Damianakis explained, “The concern is for the sacred objects in the church. We are one of the few parishes in the south that have relics of the Saints”. The relics, fragments of the bones of three saints, Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene, brought here in 2004 by the Archbishop of Greece, were all in a case behind a wall.  The fire stopped just short of the wall. Irene Koulianos believes something kept the fire back. When asked if she thought it was the hand of God, she replied, “Absolutely”. On a morning where many would expect to see mourning, members outside the church did not. Irene said, “You witness miracles, what are you going to do? You just say thank God you can witness these things”. Therefore, they prayed to celebrate the divine, and to honour what they saw as divine intervention.

23 September 2014

ABC Action News/WFTS Tampa Bay


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Patriarch Irinej Slams Proposed Gay Pride March in Belgrade

gay parade in st petersburg


On Tuesday, Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović, the head of the influential Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), denounced a gay pride march planned for the weekend, adding to tensions over the event, which faced threats from extremists. He issued a statement that the “shameless” event casts a moral shadow on Serbia… a conservative Balkan country whose gay population faces harassment. Officials suggested that they could allow Sunday’s event despite fears of a repeat of the violence in 2010 when rightwing groups attacked a gay march in Belgrade, triggering clashes with police that left more than 100 people injured. Authorities banned gay marches planned for the following three years, citing security reasons. Some see that holding the march is a test of Serbia’s pledge to respect human rights as it seeks EU membership. Irinej said that the gay organisers “and their mentors from Europe” haven’t learned the lesson from past marches, adding that “a great majority” of Serbs are against holding the event, saying, “Thousands of policemen will have to be brought to Belgrade”, adding that they face the threat of injury and death. Several far-right groups, which include soccer hooligans, announced anti-gay marches in the capital a day before the gay event. On Tuesday, police said that they have filed charges against eight people who made threats against gays on social media. Milorad Todorović, a police officer in charge of cybercrime, said, “Police are here to secure the safety of all citizens. I hope that the gay event will be held on Sunday”.

Associated Press



An official SPC statement, signed by Patriarch Irinej condemned an announced gay parade, “You have the right to make a parade, but only at your own cost and expense of your principals, no matter how they’re called; that is, both the cost for the organisation of the parade, and for security, but not at the expense of Serbia… bombed, destroyed, morally and economically crippled, impoverished, flooded, nailed to the pillory. It’s absurd grandstanding that the state should spend millions in its current poverty to secure a handful of citizens and their guests for a parade of several hundred metres in the centre of Belgrade. These days, we’re seeing an unbelievable gay parade again imposed on Belgrade and Serbia. The organisers of this grandstanding and their mentors from Europe don’t want to learn from the events of the last parade”. Patriarch Irinej warned of the dangers that a parade could cause to both sides. The statement also pointed up that previous parades provoked resistance from the majority of citizens, unleashing rioting and aggression, awakening chaos and destructiveness in some sections of society, especially amongst younger people. The SPC asked the organisers and participants of the parade if they can and must exercise their rights to privacy by causing “humiliation and oppression of the moral sentiments of the majority of mankind. If the gay sexual orientation is justified and we should propagate it, then, why isn’t it true for paedophilia too, widespread in the Western world, as well as incest? Why are their rights less important than the so-called right of your sexual (dis)orientation? Are you so blinded by your lust and selfishness that you don’t mind putting the whole state apparatus in your service and imposing it to high and unjustifiable costs for organising your parade?”

23 September 2014




HH put it clearly… “We respect all human choices, including those of sexual orientation, but we reserve the right to call sin ‘sin’”. HH, Patriarch Ilie of Georgia, and now Patriarch Irinej of Serbia have spoken of the inadmissibility of gay rights initiatives on the Western model in their countries. The societies involved won’t have it. One of the reasons for their strong stance is that such gay actions would be counterproductive. They don’t want to empower schmidiots like K Yu Dushenov, who’d use the turmoil around such events to twist them to the ends of far-right creeps. Yes, we still have some of the Old School anti-Semite haters amongst us, I’m afraid… Dushenov did three years in an IK for anti-Semitic agitation… he’s just as anti-gay as he’s anti-Semitic.

That is, the motive isn’t hatred of gays, as one sees amongst American konvertsy… the motive is two-fold… firstly, to forestall gnarly elements within the Church that’d cause untoward kafuffle, not only in gay matters, but in other things as well (as one can see with the American konvertsy obsession with the questionable notion of the toll houses). Secondly, it’s to protect the majority of gay people who do NOT march in such parades… who do NOT push themselves into people’s faces… who do NOT wish to upset the larger society about them. The Church DOES stand for those hated by the “respectable”… it does its best to further their interests. Gay parades are counterproductive in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. The Church understands this, so, it opposes them forcefully.

The Church, most of all, is a bastion of Good Sense… it knows that a small fraction of people are homosexual, and it wishes to see that they don’t suffer. It does NOT bless homosexuality (just as it doesn’t bless abortion)… but just as it tolerates abortion in some limited cases (the Church has a prayer for a woman who’s aborted a child), it doesn’t persecute the homosexual people in its midst. The Church does NOT bless abortion or homosexuality… but it has mercy on those enmeshed in them. That’s a subtle point, which most loudmouthed konvertsy miss. I know that some loudmouthed Anglo konverts are going to accuse me of saying that the Church blesses abortion and homosexuality… it does NOT. However, I believe that the Church follows the lead of its Founder… who was a solid good-sense workingman who “judged not”… we’d do well to follow His lead (that’s a lifelong pursuit, I’ve found)…


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