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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

22 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The Honoured Dead of Slavyansk

00 slavyansk 01. 22.04


Three patriot Opolchenie fighters died in the firefight on Easter Sunday with the Right Sector Uniate terrorists in Slavyansk:

  • Sergei Tikhonovich, 57
  • Pavel Pavelko, 42
  • Aleksandr Sigarov, 24

In the above image, we see Tikhonovich (on the left) and Sigarov (on the right). The people are giving them the Last Kiss. Their blood lies on the altar. There’s no going back to the status quo ante now. In their hearts and souls, the Russian people of the southeast have left the Ukrainian non-state behind. They never believed in it, in any case. They were swept up in it in 1991, without their consent, and they won’t let it happen again. The Russian population wants no part of the neo-Nazi Uniate fantasy… their dedes fought the fascists then, they’ll fight ‘em now. All good Orthodox Christians have the God-given duty to support the Russian patriot elements and oppose the godless pro-American junta. In particular, Orthodox people shouldn’t support Langley or any of its fronts (such as Radio Liberty)… that’s supporting the monsters who wish to knife the motherland in the back (a particular priest has a pressing duty to disown them, I’d say).

However, we must stand with the people of Slavyansk and remember the sacrifice of Sergei, Pavel, and Aleksandr. Have your priest offer Pannikhida for the repose of their souls and light a candle for them next Sunday. We’re Christians… that’s what we do.


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Sunday, 20 April 2014

20 April 2014. It’s Holy Easter! HOORAY!

00 Happy Easter 01. Happy Acolytes. 20.04.14.


It’s a time of celebration and FUN… this is the central day for all real Christians. This is what our faith is all about. Don’t have a long face… this is a joyous time. That’s why so many people reject Christianity; it looks as though some believers were not only weaned on pickles, they’ve been their constant diet ever since. SMILE and pass the pierogies… we’re Christians… that’s what we do! … Yes, I WILL have seconds on the galumpkis, if you please.


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Saturday, 19 April 2014

G A Zyuganov: To the Bright Paschal Feast! If We Preserve an Undying Commitment to the Ideals of Good and Justice, Then, a Public and Political Revival Will be Possible!

00 To the Bright Feast of Easter. 19.04.14


I give you my most sincere greetings on the Bright Feast of Easter; I wish you the most vibrant spiritual joy, the enjoyment of all good things, and domestic happiness.

The ancients said that symbols and images rule the world. In these Easter holidays, special images shine over Russia. Not only the traditional ones of Resurrection as revival… today, we celebrate the return of Chersonesos and we celebrate the 700th anniversary of the birth of St Sergei of Radonezh. The first saw the beginning of the Orthodox civilisation, the Russian World. The second saw the Great Russian ethnos emerge as a united people stretching from the Baltic to the Pacific, from the White Sea to the Black Sea.

V O Klyuchevsky wrote, referring to the view of St Sergei of Radonezh, “Our people attended to their moral revival, this made possible the revival of the political”. This moral revival allowed our ancestors to start the awakening of the Russian people from darkness, from humiliation by their enemies and by their own stupid rivalries. St Sergei’s spiritual encouragement inspired the soldiers on the Kulikovo Field to bring forth a great podvig of arms, which laid a foundation for the Great Russian ethnos, one of the branches of an ancient tree, the root of which engendered three fraternal Slavic peoples. Our three East Slavic peoples share a common destiny and a common past. One of the turning points was the Baptism of Rus, but we must remember that the famous event in Chersonesos preceded it… the conversion to Orthodoxy of Grand Prince St Vladimir the Red Sun. Today, our eyes now turn to fiery Chersonesos, to its current residents, the heirs of Russian glory and pride, now reunited with Russia, now living as one yet again.

Today, during the bright feast of the Resurrection, our thoughts are with our Ukrainian brothers, who hope to see a sign from the powers-that-be, who hope for a victory of light over darkness. We’re shoulder to shoulder with fraternal Belarus. We’re with you, our brothers and comrades. St Sergei taught us that only love and unity will saved us. That’s how we saved ourselves and saved the world from the “brown plague” seven decades ago. Contrary to the vapourings from the West about “the end of history”, recent events show that the historical process continues and that it still progresses towards the good and to good-will. However, this will only happen if its true creator… the people… preserves its historical memory and its true ideals.

I give you my most sincere greetings on the Bright Feast of Christ’s Easter; I wish all of you the “unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Epistle of St Paul to the Ephesians 4.3) during these happy days. I wish you love and unity, for if we preserve an undying commitment to the ideals of good and justice, then, a public and political revival will be possible!

To the Bright Paschal Feast, dear friends! 

Christ is Risen!

00 G A Zyuganov 201119 April 2014

Gennady Zyuganov

Head of the KPRF faction in the RF Gosduma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Chairman of the Central Committee of the KPRF


KPRF official website



White and Red now converge… if the above doesn’t prove that to you, then, you have no eyes to see with, no ears to hear with, and no brain to think with. The Cross or the Red Banner? NO! The Cross AND the Red Banner! Look at the vapourings of the Free Marketer Evangelicals and look at what Comrade Zyuganov says and what HH says (these two are in word-for-word agreement)… one of these things is NOT like the other! We have a choice. I’ve chosen. What about you? Your immortal soul IS in the balance… by the way, choosing any of the neoliberal/neocon paths isn’t an option (that means that supporting Langley or any of its front organisations (such as RFE/RL) in any way is evil)… that McMansion DOES have a VERY dear price… Ol’ Scratch does drive a hard bargain, doesn’t he?


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19 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Blessing the Patriots in the Southeast

00 Blessing the Patriots in Lugansk 01. 19.04.014

Blessing the patriots in Lugansk


00 Blessing the Patriots in slavyansk 01. 19.04.014

Blessing the patriots in Slavyansk


00 Blessing the Patriots in Donetsk 01. 19.04.014

Blessing the patriots in Donetsk


Life goes on in the patriot-controlled areas, as you can see, and there’s LESS disorder than in junta-controlled areas. I fully expect the junta to desecrate the feast… after all, Yatsenyuk is a SCIENTOLOGIST, a filthy cultist! The rest of ‘em are heretical Evangelicals, schismatical Orthodox, and treacherous Uniates… not a savoury lot, are they? I fully expect them to blaspheme yet again. Reflect on the fact that the USA supports such shit and that American Evangelicals slobber their approval of it!

Pray for these brave people. May God grant them the victory over their godless foes. What courageous wonderful people… they do show us that there’s something other than “success” and filthy lucre in this world, don’t they?


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