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Sunday, 27 March 2016

BREAKING NEWS… Syrian Forces Liberate Palmyra

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Syrian government forces backed by Russian airstrikes recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the heart of the Syrian Desert. The Syrian offensive began on 8 March, striking the surrounding hills and orchards before the direct assault on the ISIS-held bastion. The Syrian Arab Army hasn’t confirmed how many ISIS militants died in the 18-day-long battle; however, a third-party source accompanying the Desert Hawks during the battle told al-Masdar that government forces killed hundreds of jihadis and destroyed many vehicles and heavy weapons. On 21 May 2015, ISIS began a reign of terror began over the strategic city of Palmyra; ISIS terrorists massacred dozens of government troops and loyalist civilians. Upon capturing Palmyra, ISIS wreaked havoc on shrines, temples, and monuments, destroying priceless antiquities that withstood centuries of natural and manmade disasters. Palmyra is strategically important because it sits in a desert that stretches to the Iraqi border to the east and ISIS’ de-facto capital of al-Raqqah to the north. Located in Homs Governorate near the modern city of Tadmur, the ancient city is 210 kilometres (130 miles) from the Syrian capital of Damascus. Most likely, the fall of Palmyra will pave the way for the Syrian Army to advance towards the ISIS stronghold in al-Raqqah as well as Deir ez-Zor (450 kilometres (280 miles) from Damascus) in the east. Currently, the Republican Guard defends the Deir ez-Zor military base and the provincial capital, where tens of thousands of civilians suffer from an ISIS blockade.

27 March 2016

al-Masdar al-’Arabi (The Arab Source)



The Taqba Dam, the largest in Syria, is 40 kilometres (25 miles) from al-Raqqah. Would the ISIS militants blow the dam in case of a government advance? Now, that’s something that the lamestream Western media isn’t covering at all. It tells you much about them, doesn’t it? Bite the coin before accepting it… CNN, Sky News, and Fox, along with the NYT and Economist, are passing base-metal counterfeits, I’d say…


Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. The Anglos Should Take Their Blood-Drenched Hands Off Syria

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Assad protects Christians… the Western-backed terrorists kill Christians. Both Bush and Obama backed the terrorists. What does that tell you about the American Establishment? In Syria, if you stay out of politics, Assad leaves you alone. All minority groups in Syria (not just Christians) find this modus vivendi acceptable. If you don’t like it, tough touchus. The locals do like it and they find it amenable. We should leave them in peace. Note well that the Republicans and Chilly Hilly would continue to back the terrorists… only Bernie would hang the terrorists out to dry, as he’d direct resources to domestic improvements, not foreign adventuring and warmongering. 

#Feel the Bern… #Still Bernie… see to it that Chilly Hilly and her evil cohort of Affluent Effluent backers get their just deserts… as evil as “conservatism” is, the “liberal” side of the neoliberal coin is more so, this year… vote for the only HONEST candidate…


Sunday, 6 March 2016

6 March 2016. No American Can Support the “Moderate Opposition” in Syria… They’re Nothing but Terrorists Abetted by Langley

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Look at the above image. It’s Syrian Christian soldiers being blessed by a priest before going into battle against the terrorists (the “moderate opposition” backed by all American neoliberal pols). All the Repugs and Chilly Hilly support the terrorists… just as they support the Wahabi aggression in Yemen and the Gulf State kleptocracies (they all support the failed “Ukrainian” Uniate/schismo non-state, too). Keep it simple… Christians in Syria support Bashar al-Assad… unanimously. Life ain’t perfect, but they have a life and Assad leaves them alone to live their lives in peace. The American-backed terrorists want to murder them and install an Islamist dictatorship (most Muslims aren’t overly excited about such a theocracy, either, to speak frankly). Faced with such a choice, the Syrian Christians are the fiercest fighters in Assad’s forces. Talk to the Syrians here in the USA… they’ll tell you the truth.

Don’t listen to lies from the NY Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, The American Conservative, Breitbart, NPR, CNN, or Fox News. They all beat the drum for neoliberalism and Oligarch Rule… whether its Serge Schmemann or Sofia Kishkovskaya or Rod Dreher or Victor Potapov or Freddie M-G, the journos amongst us have sold out to the beast. Not one stands up for the truth. They’ve all sold out… fancy that. Be careful… many amongst us sold out for filthy lucre or for “praise”. It’s an evil world and many amongst us have succumbed to the zeitgeist (not just those named). Have a care…


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

26 January 2015. Christian Syria… Standing Tall Against American Terrorism in the Middle East

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Metropolitan Joseph should shut up the loud pro-Republican konvertsy in his ranks for their support of the rabid Republican haters of Middle Eastern Christians… look at how Ted Cruz spat on and humiliated Arab Christian leaders! They all support the CIA-led and -financed “moderate opposition” terrorists who’ve murdered hundreds of Christians. Metropolitan Joseph should make Justin Amash and Darrell Issa perform public penance for their participation in the objectively evil Republican Party apparat, for that gives passive support (even though they keep their silence) of aggression in the Middle East and their support of the Anti-Life Antichristian agenda of the GOP. He should force them to make 100 pokloni in front of those victimised by American aggression in full public view. Will this happen? I doubt it. Money trumps justice, all too often. However, it’s how an Orthodox bishop would bring miscreant and unrepentant Orthodox political figures to heel for their grotesque and bestial actions.

Christian Syria… if you want it to continue, support Bashar al-Assad, support Iran, support Hizbullah, and support Russia. If you want to destroy it, support the US Republican Party and Dems like Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden. Let God see and judge such evil!


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