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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Alaska: Starring

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Last week’s Russian Christmas in Unalaska looked a little different from elsewhere in the state. Over the years, the town evolved from a Native village into an industrial hub. Now, it has miles of roads and thousands of residents from countless different faiths. Therefore, the little congregation of the oldest Russian Orthodox Church on the continent has had to evolve, too. KUCB’s Annie Ropeik has more on how their Slaaviq became a community celebration. In Unalaska’s historic downtown, Christmastime means almost every building is strung with lights… all but the Orthodox Church, which sits at the back of the neighbourhood. Its green onion domes date back 200 years, standing out in a skyline of cargo cranes and seafood plants. Outside the church, you wouldn’t know it’s Christmas… until early January, when a rare sound rings out across the island. In the sanctuary, about 15 worshippers sing a set of Russian and English carols. They’re grouped around a pair of spinning wooden stars, each a few feet across and strung with lights, bells, and tinsel. This starring ceremony will repeat dozens of times in the next few nights, in kitchens and living rooms across town.

However, the biggest, newest, part of the holiday came earlier in the day. At least 100 people packed into the local senior centre for a community Slaaviq potluck. The meal only dates back about 15 years, designed to give the elders a starring in the daytime. Fr Evon Bereskin, the Orthodox priest for Unalaska and several nearby villages, said, “The meaning of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ, the starring, is that we’re going out to proclaim the birth of Christ. The stars that we’re spinning are the stars which the wise men followed. So, we’re spinning and singing and following the star, which leads us to Christ”. From here, Fr Evon said that they’d spend three days starring in people’s homes. These days, that can include long-time Unalaskans who aren’t actually part of the congregation. However, the list for the second night is all churchgoers. The group that will bring the star to them is bigger than the one at the church. They meet at Fr Evon’s apartment for coffee and brownies, then, try to figure out who’s next… and spread the word via text message. Lifelong Unalaskan Sharon Svarny Livingston is one of the starring group. She said that this part has changed a lot since she was little, when the town looked more like the villages that celebrate Slaaviq in the rest of Alaska. She told us, “In all those other places, you walk with the star all over the whole town, you know? So, that creates a different feeling. Here you gotta drive. If you’re working and you don’t get off until late, you’ve gotta try to find the star, which can be really difficult sometimes. It’s easier now with cell phones”.

The congregation’s also had to condense some over the years. With many parents now raising their kids to celebrate two Christmases… American and Russian… Livingston says that they’ve had to work harder to pass on the traditions, saying, “We kind of went through a period where we really had to teach the young kids the songs and stuff. We all started to go in one group and we just kind of stayed that way. That’s what’s really changed”. The single star they’re using now is thought to be their oldest… made about a century ago in the Native village of Kashega, abandoned during World War II. Tonight, that star… as big as a small child… gets a ride in one of the SUVs caravanning up the road to the first houses on the list. Then, it crowds into Vicki Williams’ living room with its entourage of carollers singing in Russian. The starring always ends the same way… with a blessing of long life. The choir sang, “Many years to all, many years to all, to the people in this house. (In Russian and English) Merry Christmas, merry Christmas!” Williams replied, “Thank you!” Williams wears a big smile, standing in the middle of the crowd and thanking all her friends for coming as they file out, saying, “I feel like I’m having my house blessed when they come here, you know, with the cross and the star and stuff”. She bid a “see you later” to a pair of young fishermen on their way out the door. Around her, the room emptied out as quickly as it filled. The starring group is heading back to their cars. They have lots more houses to get to before the night is over.

16 January 2015

Annie Ropeik

KUCB (Unalaska AK USA)

AK Alaska Public Media


Sunday, 11 January 2015

11 January 2014. Vox Pop on the Church War and Christmas… a “Read n’ Heed”

01a carolers Byelorussia


I came to the USA from Poland, being from an area next to what are now Slovakia and the Ukraine. The Orthodox Service Books printed in the early 1600s call this area Podkarpatskaya Rus. You can see this name on the first pages of the very oldest Slavonic Service Books printed in Mukačevo. I know my heritage, I know my faith, and I know what I am… I’m “Ruska”, a Russian woman from the Carpathians. My family has always been Orthodox. Always. My great grandparents would go to Yablechno or Pochaev to confess their sins every year when they could. Everyone in Europe knows who we are. It’s only here I’m informed I’m “really” Ukrainian or Ruthenian or Rusyn or whatever. I came to America when in the late 60s, looking for work. Poland needed American dollars. Life wasn’t too restricted in communist Poland. In fact, the communist government defended Orthodox from Roman Catholic persecution all the time. Sometimes, they rebuilt Orthodox Churches, too. Officially, it was because of “cultural value”, but they really helped the Church. I came to America and found work and husband. My husband and I (he was a Pole with a worker’s visa, too) ended up staying here. We found a good Orthodox church in a town nearby and joined it. Life went on.

In 1982, our American Orthodox Church did something even the communists wouldn’t do in Poland. They took on the Roman Catholic calendar. We weren’t happy, but we were able to keep our tradition by going to another church not too far away. Others elsewhere were not so lucky; for almost 25 years, the American Church attacked them. Sometimes, real persecution took place. Again, the communists never did such a thing in Poland or Czechoslovakia! The American Church said we couldn’t have “two Christmases”. It was wrong to keep one as the civil day and the other as a holy day. They always told us that we had to “sanctify” America by using only American Christmas. They showed much animosity against those who couldn’t accept this change.

Then, the White Exile Church and the Moscow Church made peace. They even united. They buried the hatchet. OK. However, now that the two Russian Churches united, what do we see? Every Orthodox Christmas, OCA people fill our churches! Even priests! They come, sing, eat festal foods, and go sing Russian Christmas carols. They keep two Christmases! What they persecuted others for doing for 25 years! It’s outrageous! I want to tell them what I feel! Either go back to the old calendar or go away and “sanctify” 25 December! You don’t have the right to be with us for Orthodox Christmas. You threw it in the garbage… with it you tossed out many of your own brothers! Maybe, you secretly preferred the old calendar? Nevertheless, you did nothing to defend it or defend the people who kept it. You sat on your hands as other people better than you suffered. I can’t forget this. I forgive you, but really, your appearance at our church for Russian Christmas is an insult. You sour my holy day and other people’s too! Go “sanctify” your calendar, please. If not, at least, issue a sincere and heartfelt apology… ask forgiveness from those you hurt. If you can’t do that, you’re not entitled to any Christmas at all!



As I always say, there was a REAL Church War and those who fomented it hurt many people, but the powers-that-be never gave a ruby-red goddamn, as the victims were “little people”. To hell with the First Families, their institutions, and their lies… the sooner that they disappear, the better it’ll be for the rest of us.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Gospel according to St Matthew 18.6


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Paul Gassios Named New Orthodox Leader in Chicago and the Midwest

00 Gassios OCA bishop Chicago Midwest 01. 30.12.14


During a three-hour service rich in ceremony and symbolism, the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) consecrated a new bishop of Chicago and the Midwest to replace a predecessor who left in 2013 after accusations of sexual misconduct. The new bishop, Paul Gassios, 61, a Detroit native, will serve his first liturgy Sunday at Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, 1121 N Leavitt St., said Fr John Adamcio, dean of the cathedral. On Saturday, OCA leaders from across the nation and Canada participated in the consecration at Holy Trinity, led by Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard, the OCA First Hierarch based in New York. During the service, at a confession of faith, Bishop Paul said, “I promise to preserve the peace of the church, and firmly to hold and to teach with zeal the people entrusted to me”.

Bishop Paul fills the void left by Bishop Matthias Moriak, who retired after less than two years in the position at the request of the national church. The OCA placed him on administrative leave in August 2012, at which time he said he was accused of “unwelcome written and spoken comments to a woman that she regarded as an inappropriate crossing of personal boundaries”. Later, he blamed clergy for plotting his ouster in reaction to edicts he issued shortly after his arrival, which included limiting the role of women in worship and barring evening liturgies on Feast Days.

In 1794, Russian missionaries founded the precursor of the OCA in Alaska, but today it’s autonomous from other branches, including the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago. Adamcio said that the OCA claims about 20,000 to 30,000 members in the USA, including up to 2,500 in northern Illinois {this is an undercount: editor}, noting , “We believe the Orthodox Church to be the oldest manifestation of Christianity”.

On Saturday, about 250 people witnessed the consecration during a service designed to entice the senses, with the smell of incense thick within a sanctuary filled with colourful images of Christ and the saints. Congregants stood beneath a dome and above in a balcony, as the priests conducted ornate rites in vestments and mitres that represent their position within church hierarchy. Wreaths and candles reflected the Christmas holiday, and a chime sounded after every stanza of the proclamation of faith, or Nicene Creed, which begins, “We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible”. Later, explaining that the services are intended to leave an impression, Adamcio said, “The Orthodox Church worships with all of the senses. We feel God is beauty. We try to give God the beauty to transport us to a place closer to God, and farther away from the world”.

Bishop Paul, who served as administrator for the Midwest diocese, was nominated as bishop in October. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1994, and formerly served at churches in Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri before relocating to Chicago.

27 December 2014

Lisa Black

Chicago Tribune



00 Gassios OCA bishop Chicago Midwest 02. 30.12.14


Today, Fr Paul Gassios, the former archpriest of St George Orthodox Cathedral in Rossford OH, will become bishop of the OCA Diocese of the Midwest in ceremonies that take place in Chicago. As bishop, he’ll oversee a diocese covering 11 states with 81 parishes. For Bishop-elect Paul, 61, the promotion in the church hierarchy follows other titles that have been bestowed on the man. He became an Igumen, or monk, in October, and he was promoted to Archimandrite, the step below bishop, when he became bishop-elect of the Diocese of the Midwest in August.

His demeanour suggests a man who will remain a humble priest. He said, “I think the paradox of the Christian life is that we come to be strong as Christians only through the paradox of acknowledging our weakness. It was hard for me to leave [Rossford], because I really grew to love the people of St George. I really love what the parish had become, [with] many cultural backgrounds united under one faith. We became an Orthodox Church in America, with Bulgarians, Macedonians, Russians, Romanians, and converts from other faiths. I came to love and appreciate the love and diversity of the people there”.

The bishop-elect’s schedule for the weekend includes a Vespers at 18.00 today at Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago. On Saturday, the Consecration Divine Liturgy will start at 09.00 at the cathedral, with the Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard, Archbishop of Washington and Metropolitan of all America and Canada (sic), as the primary celebrant. A banquet will follow at Chicago’s Ukrainian Cultural Center. The first liturgy served by the the new Bishop Paul will take place at 09.30 on Sunday.

The Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo was the acting bishop for the Midwest before Father Paul’s consecration. He said, “I was the chief ‘lobbyist’ for Fr Paul to be bishop. I knew he’d been a candidate both for my diocese and for before. I had the opportunity to watch him for two years… as it were, to take his measure… and I was impressed by his fundamental decency and humility and also by a genuine pastoral touch. I knew something of his background. He was a social worker in Detroit before he went to seminary, and he worked especially with broken children. I thought with all the horrors of the past 20 or 30 years regarding clerical abuse, this was a hopeful thing to have for someone in that position. I’m also doubly pleased in that now I’m free” (in being responsible for the diocese).

The men, who worked together at St George, will be colleagues, but their dioceses have different characters. Bishop Alexander is bishop of the ethnic Bulgarian Diocese of Toledo and became its bishop in 2012. Fr Paul said the Midwest Diocese is a geographic region, whilst Bishop Alexander’s Bulgarian Diocese is ethnic and covers all the USA and Canada. There is also an ethnic diocese for Romanians. Fr Paul said that serving at St George “helped to better prepare me for becoming a bishop. Because I was in an ethnic diocese and not a territorial diocese, it was good for me to learn that” difference in approach.

Bishop Alexander said he didn’t think Fr Paul would need his advice on leading the diocese, saying, “I think he knows well enough to keep his ears open and his mouth shut at least the first year or so”. Fr Paul noted, “Before I can plan anything, I first have to listen and learn. You need to talk two years from now to learn what my plan would be”. At St George, the new priest is Fr Nicholas Hubbard, “Fr Nick,” who has already begun his ministry there. Bishop Alexander said, “[Fr Nick] has energy, imagination. The parish is very good, but it’s small and it needs to grow in order simply to meet the bills. … I think we have an able young man, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he flowers”.

The OCA is one of 13 Eastern Orthodox churches and had about 85,000 adherents in 2011. The Midwest Diocese has parishes in 11 states, of which Ohio has the most, with 21. In addition to St George Cathedral, the diocese includes Holy Assumption Church in Marblehead OH and St Stephen the First Martyr Mission in Lima OH.

Fr Paul was born in Detroit, on 6 April 1953, and was baptised with the name Apostolos, in honour of the holy Apostle Paul, at Detroit’s Ss Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church. He graduated from Detroit’s Cooley High School and Wayne State University, where he majored in history and psychology. He received a master’s degree in social work from Wayne State in 1980. In the mid-1980s, Bishop-elect Paul became a member of Holy Transfiguration Church, Livonia MI, an OCA parish. He began theological studies in September 1991, at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Yonkers NY, from which he received his master of divinity degree in 1994, and was ordained the same year. His assignments before St George Cathedral in Rossford included priest-in-charge of St Thomas the Apostle Church, Kokomo IN, residence at St Gregory Palamas Monastery, Hayesville OH, and rector of Archangel Michael Church, St Louis MO, and at the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church, Desloge MO. On 20 October, he was tonsured to monastic rank with the name Paul, in honour of St Paul the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople.

26 December 2014

T K Barger

Toledo (OH) Blade



A local source sent me this:

Interesting comparisons to Moriak’s consecration in 2011… the banquet after Moriak’s consecration was held at a fancy restaurant taken over for the afternoon, tickets were 75 bucks. Today’s banquet today was at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, close to Holy Trinity Cathedral (run by the Ukie “Catholics”), cost 50 bucks/person, which is about standard for what a Chicago wedding reception costs, on the reasonable end.Moriak was consecrated at Christ the Saviour Church, right next to the Midwest Diocese’s office. Much larger altar area than Holy Trinity Cathedral (which was not built as a cathedral). Pics at the time showed the church was packed and held more people than the Cathedral ever could. Gassios was consecrated at Holy Trinity (which has a dinky altar area). From the looks of it, much fewer people were in attendance than at Moriak’s consecration. From what I’ve heard from Gassios himself (speaking at parishes) and seen of his writing, he’s a modest fellow (he calls himself a “dumpy little Greek”), although quite jolly. He’s not likely to cause many waves.

Let’s be blunt. All the konvertsy nutters showed up for Moriak’s investiture, whilst none of them showed up for Gassios’. It’s quite that simple. Gassios is reaching out to the REAL Orthodox… not to the konvertsy poseurs. I wish him well. The konvertsy love lionising questionable figures… Podmo, Royster, Paffso, Storheim, Moriak… and, for them, Seraphim Rose is close unto GOD. Yes, he’s being investigated by the MP for canonisation, but a Centre contact told me that it’s on the very rear burner, and “He won’t be glorified until the Platina monastery returns to the ROCOR”. Other grounded sources in the ROCOR and OCA repeated this to me, almost verbatim… IF he’s canonised, it won’t be until some considerable time passes, and the present brouhaha between the USA and Russia doesn’t help his chances one bit.

Ura! For Gassios… sanity DOES reign. The diocese needs peace and healing… it looks like its going to get that.


Friday, 26 December 2014

Trolls! We Create, They Spoil, and We Fight Back!




When I read this, I thought of what someone wrote me some years ago. They said that I was wise in shutting down the commboxes on my blogs. Well, dear, this one’s for you. I have some more comments, but let’s read the following first…



Trolls are exhausting, but eternal. They’re like lice, like parasites. When I try to imagine them, in my mind they seem like something slimy, moderately stinky, and thoroughly repulsive. It appears that they come from nowhere… they insult and ridicule, then, they move rapidly back into the darkness, awaiting another appropriate opportunity to attack and to harm. Like rat droppings, they leave their toxic comments at the bottom of the RT reports, and all over other great, often non-Western, media outlets. The better the reports, the more vicious their assaults are. Those writers who manage to effectively deconstruct the main official narratives erected by propaganda gurus of the USA and UK Trolls particularly “outrage” them. Their comments range from “The author must’ve been drunk when he wrote the article”, to the much more elaborate “analytical” slurs. You know that you’re dealing with a troll, when some stereotypical catch phrase pops up… “I’m shocked that RT is now droppings its standards, by using such low-quality reporting”. There are iPad revolutionaries amongst them, or some individuals, defined in some countries such as Eritrea as “useful idiots”. Useful to the Empire, of course!

Most of trolls are “politically correct”. They try to get you by the linguistic standards created by the Empire. You slip and they’re at your throat. You lose your temper, calling someone names in the middle of the battle, and they bury their dirty teeth right into your flesh. Trolls repeat, again and again, that you aren’t what you claim that you really are. You may go from one warzone to another, from one misery created by the Empire to another; you may be exhausted, covered in filth, hardly alive. However, they’ll call you “an armchair revolutionary”. Unless you become some sort of a bizarre character, a Mother Teresa with boots, Leica, and professional camcorder, they’ll smash you for being a hypocrite. Of course, the best would be if you could instantly die and vanish!

They study you. If you smash back at them, they remind everyone that you stayed in a good hotel, here or there, or that you stayed in some warzone for “too short a time”, so, therefore, actually, you’re a coward. They study you… they know, or others tell them, what hurts you. Then, they pin their needles exactly into those sensitive unhealed spots of yours. They never do it to improve the world, or to make us perform better. They only do it to break us, to make us suffer, to put us, so to speak, “out of service”.

Most of us that have covered the infinite wars, conflicts, misery, and revolutions carry a terrible baggage on our shoulders. We all think, often, during those dark endless nights, what could we have done better, more effectively. Most of us are alone during such moments. Then, the bloody trolls come. Like, after Mosul and Lebanon, and right before Eritrea, I finally realised what it really meant that Ms Serena Shim died, most likely murdered. We covered the same story, about the West training the Syrian opposition in Turkish and Jordanian refugee camps… she did it for Press TV; I did it for Telesur and others. She died, but I survived. I cried for her. Not right away, but later… after Iraq…

Then, a troll appeared. They said, “You’re fake”. I did the most stupid thing one could do, because I was exhausted and therefore vulnerable… I engaged with a troll, trying to explain, to defend myself. That’s when they called me an “armchair revolutionary”. I asked, “If I am, then, who’s not?” The answer came, “Serena Shim”. Of course, I’ve almost died on some 20 occasions, but I always survived… even after being tortured, even after being condemned to death on three different occasions. However, I survived, whilst Serena Shim died. That day, finally, I felt like dropping everything, cancelling Eritrea, and just burying myself in the Japanese countryside, writing my 1,000-page novel. Trolls 1: Vltchek 0. Then, I thought, “It’s just a troll. Eritrea needs me”. I ached all over that night, flying from Beirut to Asmara via Cairo. It’s clear that the carefully chosen words of trolls can do more damage than an entire battalion of enemy forces.


Trolls constantly attack me; of course, they also attack Pepe Escobar, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, John Pilger, and the others who systematically uncover the crimes against humanity committed by the Empire. They viciously attack those mainstream thinkers and investigative journalists who finally chose to listen to their consciences, who resign in disgust, who switch sides. Those people like my friend Andrew Marshall, the former head of Reuters in Iraq, who resigned from that press agency after a moral dispute over the coverage of Thailand (Reuters refused to publish his shocking findings about the élites and the monarchy in “The land of the smiles”).

Trolls are capable of tarnishing the reputation of such dissidents by spreading shallow and groundless, but extremely well-fabricated, lies about them. They’re able to and fully willing to ruin the lives of people. They’re always ready! The more decent and brave the people are… their victims… the more excited the trolls get, the more they salivate in anticipation of a revolting feast. Periodically, they even attack those who are still part of the establishment, if they touch on “forbidden subjects”, like the murderous regimes supported by the West… those installed in Rwanda or Uganda, or even in Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Bahrain, or Turkey.

Many trolls are paid. The great Uruguayan writer and thinker, Eduardo Galeano, once described them to me as, “These people… nobody knows who pays them, and they wouldn’t tell”. However, some trolls are actually “volunteers”, spontaneous busybodies, unable to write coherent essays themselves, but who are skilled enough to produce a few truly insulting sentences and attach them, as “comments” at the bottom of other people’s work. Many trolls are actually very sad characters. They’re mediocre, they have no future, and they suffer from an inferiority complex. They’re cowards! They’ve failed in whatever they’ve tried to do, so, therefore, they hate… barking is all that they have left. They have their favourite bases where they flock together. Apart from the logical bastions in both North America and Western Europe, they enjoy several sunny but ruined spots like West and East Africa, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, the Gulf States, but also some chillier places, including Eastern Europe and Hong Kong.


Of course, there are professional right-wing ideological cadres that do the heavy-duty smearing. All one has to do is some serious work for Russian RT, or Venezuelan Telesur, or Iranian Press TV, or Chinese CCTV, and your stuff is most likely to be attacked in this way, “So, an individual who contributes to Russian state media was given a very rare media permission for Eritrea and is now tweeting nonsense”. The above comment comes from a very “‘legitimate source”, from a real pro, not from any odd secret and pathetic troll. The author is the @businessinsider’s national security and military editor.

Today, smearing is an entire and huge industry in the West. It forms an integral part of ideological combat, or you may choose to call it the global ideological onslaught of the Western propaganda apparatus. Millions of cadres/apparatchiks in North America and Europe are busy working, day and night, on destroying opposition to the Empire. They’re all over the official corporate media, as well as in academia and all sorts of think tanks and NGOs. These days, academic degrees in certain fields are almost synonymous with terms like “collaboration with fascism” and “betrayal of humanity”.

However, academic smearing and the attacks from media sources aren’t what this essay addresses today. Academics and journalists are “professional” propagandists; the Empire educated and groomed many of them from an early age, through scholarships, funding, and recruitment. What we’re putting in the spotlight today are those little trolls; little shits, those tiny psychological gangsters, who try to break people… fighters against the Empire… through their petty but relentless insults, and personal attacks.


Let’s be honest… almost all of us who face the Empire are, to some degree, vulnerable. We engage in an extremely tough battle with the mightiest adversary on earth. It puts us emotionally and psychologically on edge. It leaves us shattered, battered, and often wounded. All of us need a great dose of psychological support, a home base, at least a tiny group of loving determined people who stand by us, “no matter what”. Yes, no matter what! We need someone who’d rather die for us than to betray us, even if we slip, even if, when exhausted, we babble total crap, absolute nonsense. Without such support, we could easily fall.

Our skin is thin. No matter how brave we are, we’re also sensitive and easily hurt. If we weren’t like that, we’d be whoring, successfully, with the corporate academia and media. We’d be the Empire’s apparatchiks. Several lines of smear often derails us for countless and precious hours, or even days… days that we could dedicate to much more important things and activities, than to the sorrowful licking of our own wounds somewhere in a dark corner. Therefore, I suggest that we fight back! Not just to defend ourselves, but to protect our time and our combat-readiness.

I suggest that we create a group, a “syndicate”, to identify the trolls, to unveil them, and to beat them, intellectually, over their dirty muzzles, back to where they belong, to nothingness. A troll isn’t even “an enemy soldier”, a warrior who landed on the wrong side of the trenches. A troll is only a snitch, a loser, and a collaborator with the régime, a pest… or, they’re simply traitors. Trolls monitor us, compile lists of us, and smear us whatever we say or write. Let’s compile a list of trolls, too! Let’s monitor them, expose them, and shame them. I propose the “United Front Against Trolls” (UFAT)… it’d serve and defend all of us, members of the “new media”… outlets such as Telesur, CounterPunch, or Global Research. Let’s come to the defence of each other; let’s start a pesticide campaign for our great resistance outlets to rid us of these pests. I say, “Down with the trolls! Let’s counterattack, comrades! With vehemence, passion, and deadly humour!”

5 December 2014

Andre Vltchek




This is why I oppose certain people so vehemently. Jonas Paffhausen collaborates with the Uniate enemies of the Church, attempted to ally the Church with “Evangelical” sectarians, and hobnobbed with the American Enterprise Institute… certainly, one of the more feral and disgusting neoliberal stink-tanks out there. Victor Potapov works for Radio Liberty… he’s a longtime willing slave of the Langley apparat… never forget his vicious attack on the late Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger in Georgetown. In like manner, Alexander Webster and Terrence Mattingly are rightwing stinktankers of the worst-possible sort.

However, two people fall into the troll category… Rod Dreher and John Whiteford… I’m a “commie”… I’m a “Bolshie”… my personal life is grist for their mill. As for their families and personal life… I REFUSE to attack those… just because a troll reaches into the gutter doesn’t give you the right to do likewise. I oppose them because they defend clear, objective, and manifest evil. I oppose them because they repeat the lies of the Hegemonist Establishment. I oppose them because they’re apologists for Republican greedster murderers who don’t scruple at torturing and killing in their pursuit of filthy lucre and power (they applaud Republican pigs who support the Uniate war criminals in Novorossiya)… they call themselves “Pro-Life”… what an imposture! I do NOT oppose them because I hate them, their families, or their path in life.

Yet, that’s what trolls do. They’re the bane of anyone who does serious work on the ‘net. I’d remind my readers of the fact that Mr Whiteford lacks a real Orthodox formation as a clergyman (that takes some five to six years of study and residence at an Orthodox seminary, at least) and that Mr Dreher calls himself a “paleocon” whilst having lived the life of a veritable peripatetic nomad (he’s lived in four widely-separated metro areas in less than ten years… this lack of rootedness in any one place negates any claim of his to being a “conservative”).

I do NOT claim “final authority”… but some of my negative interlocutors DO claim such. I’d only observe that people of such ilk are unreachable. Do have a care if you interact with them… they’re nasty and bloody-minded, and anything that you might say to them may become public property, posted on the internet for all to gawk at. I know whereof I speak…

Have a care. There be fresh cowpats in that there field. Shit is very difficult to clean off one’s boots, even if one steps in it unintentionally…


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