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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Oregon Cops Nick JP Pal on Kiddie Porn Rap

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

Paffhausen and Benjamin Peterson BEAMING at Brittain (he’s on the far left) … I’d say to His Holiness, “Ну, так что же? (Nu, tak chto zhe?: Well, what about it?) This asshole drags the Church’s good name in the gutter, sir… DO SOMETHING. He enabled evil in the OCA, don’t let him do the same in the ROCOR!”



The Cabinet tipped me off on this on Friday at about 16.00. However, since yesterday was Holy Friday, I didn’t start work on it until 01.30… posting or working on such shit wasn’t in keeping with the day’s solemnity and focus.



On Thursday, police arrested an Albany OR man who was a priest with an Orthodox church in the Lewisburg area on child pornography charges. On Friday, Stanley Brittain, 39, of Albany, faced 16 counts of first-degree encouraging child sex abuse in Linn County Circuit Court. Until last week, Brittain was associated with St Anne Orthodox Church, near Corvallis. Judge Thomas McHill set Brittain’s bail at 100,000 USD (3.57 million Roubles. 110,300 CAD. 107,200 AUD. 72,400 Euros. 59,600 UK Pounds), and appointed Arnold Poole as his attorney. Prosecutor Michael Wynhausen said that Brittain trafficked in hundreds, possibly thousands, of images and videos of young boys subjected to what Wynhausen termed “horrific” sexual abuse. He added that Brittain used methamphetamine before his arrest, saying, “At this point, the 16 counts are just a small fraction of the charges that could be levelled against him”.

The investigation into Brittain started in January, when police arrested a suspect in Oklahoma who was communicating with Brittain, Wynhausen said. Albany Police Detective Lieutenant Travis Giboney said that Brittain was an unpaid staff member and loosely affiliated with St Anne Orthodox Church. Captain Eric Carter added that there’s no evidence that Brittain was grooming potential victims from the congregation, “There’s nothing at the onset that leads us to believe (the crimes) were associated with the church”. Carter said that police haven’t identified any of the children from the images, “It’s all surrounding possession of what we could consider child pornography”.

On Thursday, at about 11.30 PDT, Albany detectives, with the assistance of the Oregon Department of Justice, served a search warrant on Brittain’s residence in the 2400 block of Eighth Avenue Southeast. Carter said that Brittain was cooperative, and authorities seized computers and other electronic devices. Brittain, a South Albany High School graduate, was known as Fr Isidore within the church. St Anne Orthodox Church began in the early 1990s and was originally in Albany. In 2003, the church purchased the historic Lewisburg Grange Hall and moved there. About 100 people now attend the church on a typical Sunday. Attempts to contact St Anne Orthodox Church for comment were unsuccessful on Friday, in part because of Good Friday services. The police investigation into Brittain continues, and those with information about the case can call (541) 917 7680.

18 April 2014

Kyle Odegard

Albany (OR) Democrat-Herald



Reaction from the Cabinet:

  • Holy shit.
  • Oh, sweet Lord! Here you have JP’s legacy… this is what happened because JP disregarded his suspension and failed to depose him. Oh, and don’t forget those who aided and abetted JP in this… enough said.
  • Jonah is basically living at St John’s (ROCOR) in DC… no official release, but there he is… proud as a Turk.

This is an evil legacy of Paffhausen. Besides which, the parish in Oregon is a HOOMie conventicle, and everyone’s heard the word that’s circulated about them, the least-bad of which is that they’re a bunch of hyperclericalists who kiss the ass of their priests and allow them to run roughshod over the people. Don’t forget, JP championed the HOOMies. He pushed for their inclusion in the OCA and for the automatic ordination of their “clergy” without any vetting whatsoever. This is a poisonous result of all that. I believe that the OCA Holy Synod should make Brittain cop a plea to all the charges. That’s the only way to make this “go away” with justice. Brittain belongs in the slam, full stop. Then, the OCA Holy Synod should write both the ROCOR and MP Holy Synods asking them not to receive Paffhausen. Paffhausen was the main enabler of Brittain; Benjamin Peterson was another. In all justice, Peterson would resign, but he won’t. As for JP, there’s an elegant canonical solution. A schemamonk may become a bishop, but if a bishop takes the schema, he stops being a bishop. That is, JP should take the schema and the OCA Holy Synod should send him off to Athos to live out his days in repentance. Any “release” to the ROCOR would become moot… I don’t think that the ROCOR wants such a piece of work at this point.

This is too much of a muchness. Tikhon Mollard’s smarmy reflection on the barren fig tree is too much, too. It applies to the OCA apparat, SVS, and to JP in particular. Expect nothing, though… Mollard will be his usual bovine self. I have to walk away from this shit for a while… Easter is coming up…


Addendum 03.20 EDT 19 April 2014:

One of the Cabineteers wrote:

One article says Brittain was defrocked last week, so I doubt the OCA will have any influence over him from here on out.

That may be so, but it doesn’t wipe out the past. Brittain dragged the OCA in the mud… and Peterson and Paffhausen enabled him to do it. Full stop.


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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Kenai Orthodox Church Gets Grant for Bell Tower

01 Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church in Kenai AK




Even a 120-year old building needs a bit of sprucing up occasionally. Alaska’s Historical Commission announced a 12,000 USD (428,000 Roubles. 13,150 CAD. 12,760 AUD. 8,650 Euros. 7,160 UK Pounds) grant that’d essentially put a new hat on an old church-going lady, by renovating the bell tower at Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church in Kenai. Fr Thomas Andrew, rector of the church, said that the blue paint is peeling, cracks in the floor of the tower sometimes cause leaks in the foyer of the church, and that the louvers, or wooden window slats, need replacement. The building, registered as a National Historic Landmark, is one of the oldest Russian Orthodox Churches in Alaska. It was one of 11 projects around the state chosen to receive nearly 100,000 USD (3.57 million Roubles. 109,600 CAD. 106,400 AUD. 72,000 Euros. 59,700 UK Pounds) in grant funding through the commission. Other projects included Fort Seward barracks signs in Port Chilkoot, a Cold War oral history project at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and a student film project on the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Kodiak. Each project would have until September 2015 to spend the funds. State Historian Joan Antonson said that the recipients would have to match the state’s grant.

This year marks the first year in nearly a decade that this type of grant has been available, Antonson said. She said, “We found that we had some state funds in our budget that we could put towards a grant program to get money to do history projects”, adding that the History and Archaeology Department typically administers federal grant money which can have more restrictions on what people can apply for. Antonson noted, “This made it possible for church projects to get funding. Under federal guidelines, churches can get money for planning, but they can’t get it for actually doing the work that’s proposed on this bell tower”. She said that the Russian Orthodox churches in the state might not have the wealth that some other groups have, observing, “But they’ve been determined to be so incredibly significant for their architecture and their ties to telling Alaska’s Russian heritage. They perhaps got some special consideration because this is a way to get them some money for what we call ‘hammer and nail’ projects, because it’s state funds”. Antonson said that the commission and staff who’d be administering the funds were “delighted” to be helping with the project in Kenai, stating, “Apparently there are three bells that date back to the Russian period and one that actually came from Russia. The community of Kenai has a really important history in this state and we just want to sort of have a presence or help them make their history better known”.


Hey, these guys need to match the funds… so, send ‘em a fin or two, if you can. I think that it’d be super if the Centre would chip in, too. After all, the missionaries did come from Russia, and that would be a nice touch (HH could show Orthodox unity in real life by sending in a buck or two himself!). Then, Metropolitan Kliment Kapalin could visit when the work’s done… he has a special love for the region, ya know.

Here’s the contact info:

Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church

1106 Mission Ave

Kenai AK 99611


Here’s the rector:

Fr Thomas A Andrew

1106 Mission Ave

Kenai AK 99611



They don’t have a parish website. Send ‘em some gelt for the tower… it’s a good cause!


12 April 2014

Rashah McChesney

Peninsula Clarion (Kenai AK)


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Saturday, 29 March 2014

29 March 2014. The Passing of Metropolitan Philip Saliba… the Coming of Metropolitan Joseph al-Zehlaoui… Is this the End of Angliochianism?

00 Metropolitan Philip Saliba. 29.03.14


Here’s a report from the Cabinet:

There wasn’t much English at Metropolitan Philip’s funeral. The Arabs are taking the Church back. I also didn’t see Freddie M-G… hardly any of the white bread Angliochian converts were in evidence. It’s all going to unravel now that Metropolitan Philip is dead. Watch the Bishops all become Metropolitans and watch the converts lose their power.

It’s too soon to make statements, but it’s been clear for some time that Archbishop Joseph al-Zehlaoui was the anointed heir to Saliba (being godson of the previous Antiochian Patriarch, Ignatius Hazim, sure didn’t hurt him). Does this mean that the Toledo crowd will elbow out the konvertsy? You know who I’m talking about, the pro-Russian crowd around the late bishop Michael Shaheen (don’t diss Vladyki Michael’s memory in Toledo… it’s not healthy). When one sees how AOCANA poured cold water all over the so-called “Episcopal Assembly”, it’s a possibility.

Look for changes. Look for blood on the floor. Oh, yes, “Metropolitan” in the Middle East means a ruling bishop, so, if the AOCANA bishops take on that title, they’d be in sync with their Mother Church (“Archbishop” is what they call what we call a “Metropolitan”… go figure, that’s Orthodoxy for ya… if ya want consistency, go to the Westerns).

Pass the jug and the popcorn… the real show hasn’t begun yet…


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Friday, 28 March 2014

28 March 2014. Funeral Service for Metropolitan Philip Saliba to be Livestreamed Saturday 29 March

00 MetropolitanPhilip Saliba. 28.03.14


You can watch a livestreamed online broadcast of the funeral service for Metropolitan Philip Saliba on Saturday 29 March at 09.00 EDT (06.00 PDT. 13.00 UTC. 17.00 MSK. 00.00 Sunday 30 March AEDT). Click here for a page with a link to the stream. This stream isn’t compatible with iOS devices; Noursat does provide an iOS app via their website.


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