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Sunday, 20 July 2014

20 July 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words: Slavyansk… BEFORE and AFTER the Uniates Came…

00 church in slavyansk. 07.06.14



00 church in slavyansk. 18.07.14



00 slavyansk 01. 08.06.14



00 family from slavyansk 01. 07.06.14



Today, Slavyansk is a battered shell… only some 20 percent of its population remains. The rest? Dead or fled… or killed by the Uniate swine (especially, the so-called “National Guard”, who’re nothing but untrained and undisciplined Euromaidan terrorists in uniform). The first thing that the Uniates did upon entering Slavyansk was to unleash a Reign of Terror on communists and Orthodox believers (they particularly hunted down UOC/MP clergy). If you support the Uniate junta in any way, that’s what you support, and you’re my enemy. I don’t hate you… I don’t dwell on it… but you’re an enemy, and I must treat you accordingly. Such enemies are Victor Potapov, who refuses to break ties with the CIA… Lyonyo Kishkovsky, who refuses to break ties with the CFR… JP, who refuses to break ties with the rightwing neocon warmongers on K Street… Michael Dahulich, who’s a closet supporter of the EP (he sneakily tries to influence young priests to follow foreign Greek, rather than our good old-school Russian, customs) and a Uniate lover. DO NOT HATE THEM… but do oppose them, for they oppose the good of Christ’s Church. It’s time for all decent Orthodox to stand tall for Russia and the People’s Republics… to stand tall with HH in opposing the Free Market hydra and in support of Orthodox Socialism… those who refuse to do so are enemies… full stop. DO NOT HATE THEM… but Christians have no obligation to roll over and “play dead”, either.

You needn’t be “Lion Chow”… after all, there were canny Bishops like Mensurius of Carthage who weathered the storm… so should we…


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Storheim’s Shyster Gets Him Bail Whilst Appeal is Heard

01 Canadian gavel


A former Orthodox bishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy is free on bail while his appeal is heard. Last week, a court sentenced Seraphim Storheim to eight months in jail for an assault dating back almost 30 years. Jeff Gindin, his lawyer, immediately appealed the conviction and the sentence. Gindin argued that if the court didn’t grant Storheim bail, it’s possible he would’ve served the bulk of his sentence before his appeal was heard. Judge Diana Cameron, of Manitoba’s Court of Appeal, agreed, saying it was conceivable that even if the appeal moves quickly, Storheim would’ve served at least half his sentence before a decision. Storheim was free on bail as the case made its way through the courts, but he’s been in custody since his sentencing.

17 July 2014

The Canadian Press



Jeff Gindin is a POS shyster who attacked the sanity of Storheim’s accusers. That’s why so many victims won’t come forward. The Church Establishment, Goodthinker elements (“Father is always right”), the personal claques of the cleric involved, and the mercenary lawyers who defend the pervs all savage the victims without mercy… in public, no less. The victims hang on the cross again… the people mentioned above show them no compassion or pity. I find Mr Gindin an abhorrent individual… I’d have nothing to do with him or those who defend his nasty and godless methods. Let Storheim go to the slam and serve his eight months… he’d be out in March 2015. That’s no hard time… the asshole deserved EIGHT YEARS for what he did. Mr Justice Mainella made it clear what he thought of Storheim and what he thought of his credibility (by implication that extended to Gindin, Storheim’s mouthpiece). Eight months is an insignificant punishment. Yet, the OCA will spend the “widow’s mite” in an attempt to keep this convicted perv out of the can. None dare call it decadence and depravity, right at the altar of Christ’s Church…


Friday, 11 July 2014

11 July 2014. A Blast from the Past… Bishop Kip… One of the Finest Men to Wear the Crown…

00 bishop kiprian borisevich. 11.07.14

Bishop Kip with two generations of priests… Fr Dmitri Ressetar (left) and Fr Daniel Ressetar (right)… now, that’s old-school Orthodoxy


I remember reading in the commboxes to Mark Stokoe’s blog some time back that some upstart konvert called Bishop Kiprian Borisevich a “cruel man”.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone in NEPA respected and loved Bishop Kip. NO EXCEPTIONS… no way, no how. Bishop Kip knew how to “bish”, and no one, but no one, dared cross him after he’d decided something. That’s the way it’s ‘sposed to be, kids… bishops aren’t supposed to be convicted pervs (like Storheim)… bishops aren’t supposed to be driving under the influence (like Peterson)… bishops aren’t supposed to be siccing lawyers on the Synod (like Paffso). NO! Our bishops should follow Bishop Kip’s example… they should concentrate on being pastors who live with and for their flocks. Bishop Kip found himself in the interwar Polish state and served as a priest during the time of its persecution of Orthodox Christians. He fought the papists, along with his brother (Archbishop Varlaam Borisevich), who was also a priest. His brother was a Confessor of the Faith, imprisoned by the Polish papist authorities for defending the Church (do note well that the modernists and konvertsy don’t know this nor do they bother to find it out). All the oldtimers and everyone from the old families respects Bishop Kip’s memory (as well we should).

We’ve fallen… and we refuse to get up. We shouldn’t look for nostrums amongst the heterodox or amongst the Greeks… all that we have to do is to follow the good example set by our forebears. ‘Nuff said…


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

9 July 2014. More Intel on Fester in Georgia

01 woman on phone


Got this in from the Cabinet:

A follow-up on (Fr Joe) Fester. It seems that he won’t be leaving until the end of the summer. The reason for his departure appears to be that his wife has an opportunity from her employer (and I don’t know who she works for) to be transferred to Georgia, and he’d “tag along”. Who knows what he’d do there.

Fester was one of Paffso’s retinue in the District. Seems like he’s heading out of Dodge… WAY out of Dodge. What it means, no one knows. However, he’s putting mucho distance between himself and Paffso. Is he running away from a bad situation or is he preparing a bolthole for the Fat One? Only time will tell us…



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