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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

21 October 2014. A Wrinkle on the OCA’s “Background Checks”

01 money down toilet


Due to the bad publicity stemming from the Storheim affair and the well-known homosexual hijinks of some higher clergy, the OCA is requiring clergy and altar servers to undergo “background checks”. That isn’t what’s wrong… it’s that the OCA is making them pay for it out of their own pockets! In other words, the OCA has to run checks so that its insurers and lawyers are happy, but the institutional Church is refusing to pay for it and is trying to fob the costs onto the clergy and servers. Lyonyo and Jillions deserve a Cossack horsewhipping for this. Watch ‘em crawl outta their holes and claim that it ain’t so. They have money for ecumenical lovefeasts with the papist attackers of the Mother Church (and for indifferentist meetings with the Uniate killers of our compatriots in Novorossiya), but they have no money to pay for the background checks demanded by their insurers and lawyers. I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge…

The OCA continues to deteriorate as Mollard drools vacuously (yet, more than one source has told me that’s preferable to Dahulich having the white hat… I tend to agree). Yet, that may be for the best in the end… each day sees one less true believer in the OCA Myth… that’s a GOOD thing. Let it mature in God’s good time…


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

8 October 2014. Cabinet Vox Pop on Gassios

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A Cabineteer from that neck o’ the woods wrote me:

I think Gassios will be a good fit for the Midwest as he’s a native Midwesterner. He has a self-deprecating sense of humour (I’ve heard him refer to himself as “that dumpy Greek”) and he drives a newer, but modest car (Ford Fiesta). Then, he’s short, so the car fits him. He actually has experience with konvertsy… he was the priest at St Thomas the Apostle in Kokomo IN for more than a decade (assigned there not long after the parish became Orthodox, I believe). I’ve read some of what he faced trying to get them to “convert” to standard Orthodox practices. Gassios might be Greek, but he’s cradle. That’s important for stability. He’s been in the OCA since the mid-80s, that’s long enough for him to get an idea of the OCA. Most importantly, he held regular jobs (he was a social worker) before he went to seminary (he was in his late 30s). Therefore, he knows what it’s like to be an Average Working Joe; he’s not someone who’s been a priest for years in a parish, not working like a “normal” person. He didn’t want anyone to nominate him to be bishop again; he wanted to retire to a monastery. He doesn’t want to be a bishop. Moriak did.

Your rant about OCA priests wearing Uniate (Greek-style) vestments hit a nerve with me. I’ve seen priests with no connection to Dahulich or the Uniate lovers wear Greek-style vestments. I’ve seen multiple priests buy NEW vestments in this style. I have absolutely no idea why. Did you know that the ACROD priests are pretty much ordered to wear Greek-style vestments? Someone told me this before Metropolitan Nicholas died.

Amen… I won’t add anything on Gassios… I never met him, so, I don’t know, so, I can’t have an opinion on him. However, everyone who knows him says, “Give him a chance… he’s not a bad guy”. As for Greek vestments… if you want to wear them, be honest, and leave Russian Orthodoxy (OCA/ROCOR/MP)… we have our own style, hallowed by tradition. There is no such thing as “generic Orthodox”… that’s that.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OCA Midwest Diocesan Assembly Nominates Archpriest Paul Gassios as Bishop of Chicago and all the Midwest


This Assembly was no democracy… the politicking went on for months beforehand… I’d been surprised if it wasn’t Gassios. It was your typical “managed” Russian-style Sobor, which shows that the delegates pushed the konvertsy to the side (and rightfully so).


On Tuesday, 7 October 2014, at a special Diocesan Assembly held at Archangel Michael Church in Broadview Heights [Greater Cleveland] OH, 103 clergy and lay delegates representing parishes throughout the OCA Diocese of the Midwest nominated Archpriest Paul Gassios to become the new OCA Bishop of Chicago and all the Midwest. The Assembly forwarded Fr Paul’s name to the Holy Synod of Bishops for canonical election. Bishop Alexander Golitizin of Toledo, Locum Tenens, opened the Assembly immediately after serving Divine Liturgy. For several months, Fr Paul served as Administrator of the Diocese of the Midwest. Raised in a Greek Orthodox family, Fr Paul became a member of the OCA in the mid-1980s.  He received a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University and received a Master of Divinity degree from St Vladimir’s Seminary in 1994.  After his ordination, he served in the Diocese of the Midwest as rector of St Thomas the Apostle Church, Kokomo IN for 11 years and as rector of Archangel Michael Church, St Louis MO, for an additional seven months. In 2007, he transferred to the OCA Bulgarian Diocese and became Dean of St George Cathedral, Rossford [Toledo] OH.

7 October 2014

OCA Diocese of the Midwest



I got several replies from Midwest Cabineteers (including one via smartphone from the Assembly)… the tenor of the posts was, “He won’t turn out like Moriak did. To hell with the converts and their ignorance”. Does this presage a general return to Tradition on the part of OCA ethnic parishes (the convert parishes aren’t serious… they’re people playing at “Church”)? I don’t know… but one of the Cabinet said:

“All this took was one convert and another parish tradition is no more”.

The konvertsy had best step lightly… they’re no longer the darlings of the First Families… that is, if they ever were (have you noticed how detached from reality most konvertsy are?)…


7 October 2014. Interesting… IF TRUE. Did OCA EPA Parish Vote to Join ROCOR Because of Maymon’s Shenanigans?

00 OCA Going Down. 14.05.13


I’ve heard from several reputable sources that Fr John Bohush’s parish near Philadelphia voted to leave the OCA and join the ROCOR. If true (and I stress IF, as there’s no official intel on this as yet), there may be actions short of canonical release (for such is what they seek) to put things to rights. Firstly, the OCA Synod of Bishops (SOBs) could vote to retire Maymon, on the grounds of upsetting his diocese, which has the oldest parishes of the OCA in the Lower 48 in it (I stand under correction in this, but I think that it’s true). Maymon and Moriak were shitbirds of a feather… but at least they’re open in their nutcake affectations, which makes them easy to deal with (relatively). Dahulich is another story… he had a major falling-out with Nicholas Šmisko, which doesn’t augur well for his future. Besides that, he’s an open EP partisan and encourages young clergy to wear Uniate-style vestments (Dahulich’s notions contaminated our new parish priest, as one can see in the Uniate vestments that he wears virtually all the time… he’s too young and immature to see how dangerously pro-papist Dahulich is). Dahulich is much more dangerous than Maymon is, and the SOBs know it. Dahulich has a papist PhD… he’s soft on the Unia, soft on the papists, soft on the Republicans, and soft on the EP. I believe that he’s ready to sell out part of the OCA to Bart, and I believe that most of the SOBs are aware of that, too (Mollard is too bovine and stupid to know this, but “he’s a hat-rack for the white hat”, as one priest told me).

There be reasons why the SOBs haven’t moved against Maymon up to this point, the main one being that Dahulich is the main enemy… he bears watching constantly, for one turns one’s back on him in peril. DO remember how the Sobor coalesced against him… Mollard has the white hat as the Sobor delegates wanted to deny it to Dahulich; that’s what many told me, and I believe them. The Bohush clan is one of the oldest po-nashemu families in the OCA (my late friend Denise was a Bohush, her father was Al Bohush, the choir director… my Nicky has ties to the Bohushs)… this means that Maymon is in the deep kimchi with the Rusin core of his diocese. These idiots have to stop catering to ignorant Anglo konverts. In one parish, a young Dahulich-influenced priest allowed a konvert‘s complaints to upset parish tradition… this is why people like Maymon are pissing off people like Fr John. In any case, the toddlers don’t have a say, anyway… why are we allowing them this latitude? There are many reasons, but part of it is that we have people amongst us who want to suck up to the Heterodox, and one can see that most konverts (and konvert parishes, in particular) have no clue on what Real Orthodox Tradition is.

If true… VERY interesting. If true… it may NOT result in a canonical release… but it COULD. Watch this one, kids.


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