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Monday, 22 December 2014

22 December 2014. A Point to Ponder… Why Galician Uniates are “Nationalists” and NOT “Patriots”

00 Bandera scum out! 10.05.14


Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.

Charles de Gaulle


The Galician Uniates scream, “A Knife for the Moskals”… look at the blood-soaked history of the Uniates in the VOV. I rest my case. These misbegotten sorts are spurious “nationalists”, NOT honest “patriots”. A patriot wouldn’t be so quick to resort to the knife… reflect on that.


22 December 2014. It’s On Its Way… HAPPY HOLIDAYS

00 Moscow. Christmas ornament. 22.12.14


Holiday decorations on Red Square in Moscow… friends of mine at the Centre tell me that these are New Year decorations. That’s good… that means that it’s for everybody, not just Christians. I find that a GOOD thing…



22 December 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… A Soldier Kisses His Girlfriend in Stavropol

00 Kiss in Stavropol Russia. 22.12.14


Normal life does go on… a soldier kisses his girlfriend in Stavropol. Thank God… things are as they’ve always been. Aren’t you ashamed of having listened to the Western media’s lies about Russia? There aren’t any ogres about… nor is there any war being prepared… on the Russian side, that is. As for the Uniate fascists and their American puppeteers… it’s anyone’s guess (in fact, a false flag op ginned up by Langley carried out by Uniate fanatics isn’t out of the question). “Winning is the only thing”… you forget that about Anglo Americans at your peril… “A knife for the Moskals!”… such is the Christianity of the Uniates. Let those with ears, hear…


Sunday, 21 December 2014

21 December 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Tchaikovsky Symphony nr 5 Conducted by Honoured Artist of Russia Captain of the First Rank A A Karabanov

00 Aleksei A Karabanov. 21.12.14


P I Tchaikovsky, Symphony nr 5 in E minor, op 64 (St Petersburg State Capella Orchestra) (A A Karabanov, dirigent)


P I Tchaikovsky, Capriccio Italien in A major, op 45 (St Petersburg State Capella Orchestra) (A A Karabanov, dirigent)


P I Tchaikovsky, Elégie (Larghetto elegiaco) from the Serenade for Strings in C major, Op 48 (Mikhailovsky Theatre Orchestra) (A A Karabanov, dirigent)


I just received word from friends in the District that the Know-Nothing Republican filth are thinking of putting cultural figures such as A А Karabanov on the “sanctions list”. For those who don’t know him, he’s the dirigent of the N A Rimsky-Korsakov Central Navy Orchestra… besides being an Honoured Artist of Russia, he’s a Captain of the First Rank in the Navy. Of course, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Ann Coulter, Rush Limboob, Freddy M-G, Rod Dreher, Michelle Bachmann, and John McCain are hardly kulturny in the Russian sense of the term (its closest analogue is civilisé or courtois in French)… they’re all drooling swinishly grasping acolytes of Almighty Mammon and unflagging missionaries of Anglo American non-culture.

Listen to this performance of the Tchaikovsky Symphony nr 5 (my personal fave amongst his oeuvre) and the two shorter Tchaikovsky pieces… realise what the GOP ignoranuses want to do. They want to depress us all to their babbling toddler level. They want to punish all peoples, states, and cultures that won’t bow down before hedonism and gaping materialism (the worst, ironically, are American Radical Sectarians (AKA “Evangelicals”… with all apologies to the REAL Evangelical Church (“Lutherans”))… listen to this fruit of the Orthodox culture and compare it to the meretricious rubbish that issues forth from Nashville and Hollywood… there’s no comparison, is there? Whom would YOU rather honour… Aleksei Alekseyevich or Kim Kardashian and the Dixie Chicks? There’s no competition, is there? As I say, look at the wholesome good fruits of Holy Rus and the rotten noxious fruits of Anglo America… THAT says it all. The Almighty Dollar or Almighty God… that IS the choice…

Are they going to censor the internet, too? We’ll have to see…


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