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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Different “Flavours” of Orthodoxy… VERY Different, Yet, All ONE

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I read an interesting piece in the Jewish Daily Forward about why people leave ultra-Orthodox Judaism (it’s here, for those interested), and it got me thinking about the different “flavours” of Russian Orthodoxy. I’m not talking about Greek Orthodoxy… only amongst us “Russians”. I’m NOT talking about “jurisdictional divisions”… that’s something else entirely. There are “camps” amongst us, with such diverse opinions that it’s simply stunning to the outsider. New Skete is in the same Church as Jordanville is… Lazar Puhalo and John Whiteford are in the same Church… SVS and Monomakhos are in the same Church, too. In short, there’s an amazing diversity in the Church. Anything not defined in the Creed or synodically defined IS up for grabs. That doesn’t mean that there’s no unity in the Church… there IS. It does mean that the Church offers us a freedom not found amongst Papists or Protestants. Perhaps, it comes from the Greek roots of Eastern Orthodoxy (let’s leave Oriental Orthodoxy to the side for the purposes of this discussion). The Greeks have a love of intellectual argument and disputation… it started in pagan antiquity and carried over when Greece became Christian. Ergo, if one has a “Greek” orientation (and all Eastern Orthodox do), that means that one would welcome intellectual ferment as a way of coming to the truth.

This marks us as distinct from papists, with their insistence on the juridical importance of one man at the head of the church, and as distinct from Protestants, who’re all-too-often Bibliolaters. That is, both Western forms of Christianity (and the Sectarians who branched off from both) restrict enquiry. Of course, papal infallibility is a fallacy. Orthodoxy doesn’t and can’t accept that… it’s why they’ll never be official reconciliation with the Church of Rome. On the other hand, we’re just as adamant about “biblical inerrancy”. The Church existed before there was a canonical New Testament (a trait that the Oriental Orthodox and the Church of Rome share with us), so, we know that the Bible is the Book of the Church, it isn’t the SOURCE of the Church, as the Church existed before the Book did… the Church defined that Book… the Book did NOT define the Church. Ergo, all ecclesiologies founded on “biblical inerrancy” are trashy and without foundation.

This leads to a situation that many of the more literal-minded can’t abide. The Church normally doesn’t anathematise individuals, even those such as Florensky and Bulgakov who taught rank heresy. When it does issue an anathema, it’s usually for something serious, such as attacking the Church’s unity, so, most anathematisations are for those who set up opposition candy shops, such as Rusantsov and Denisenko. The Church excommunicated G P Yakunin for publishing lies about the hierarchy of the Church under the Soviets… so, one can see that the bloviations of Monomakhos, Dreher, Whiteford, et al are mere wind.

The Church WILL survive Lazar Puhalo… there’s no need to kick him out. Likewise, the Church WILL survive John Whiteford… in like manner, there’s no need to kick him out. The Church can even abide disagreements about relatively minor things such as the Calendar. I go to a parish that follows the Catholic calendar, but I don’t go to Catholic Christmas… I don’t make a sanctimonious fuss about it, either. I simply won’t sanctify the Catholic date. I believe that time will set this right… if we don’t make a narcissistic fuss about it, the way Dreher and the Monomakhos toddlers do.

The older I get, the more that I’m not bothered by diversity in the Church. Mind you, I’m NOT talking about kissing the Pope of Rome’s ass, as Jillions and some at SVS do… I’m not talking about “aerial toll houses”… the Church closed down all discussion on those. I’m talking about compassion to individuals. I notice that most of those who call themselves “Traditionalists” show an unforgiving and unloving attitude that they justify by saying, “We’re confessing the Truth in Love”. That’s utter rot; through oikonomia, through its creative wielding of the Canons as truly loving instruments of healing and reconciliation, the Church accommodates MANY who’ve fallen afoul of this-or-that rule.

Here’s the sad part… most of those screaming for “Tradition” don’t realise that our True Tradition is one of Accommodation… that’s what oikonomia is all about. The Church demands conformity in what’s needful… it allows freedom in all else. Ergo, Monomakhos isn’t outside the Church unless it moves itself outside (which could happen… heretics leave all the time because we’re “not pure enough” for them). That is, they’re in the Church until they leave. Merely being a pain in the ass doesn’t remove one from the Church or from God’s Love. If the Almighty can abide them, so can we.

I’m not saying that you have to agree with them… you don’t. However, until they leave, they ARE of us, and I’d defend that to all comers. In my Father’s House there are MANY mansions… do recall WHO said that…


Why Does the “Holocaust Industry” Lie About Auschwitz?

00 St Maximilian Maria Kolbe. Hungary. Auschwitz. 27.01.13


Let’s keep it simple. Auschwitz-Birkenau was an extermination camp. Many thousands went to their deaths there. However… not all of them were Jews. Thousands were Catholic Poles… thousands were Orthodox Russians… thousands were Roma. Having said this, read this piece, it’s a typical thing found in some circles. For instance, it was evil for some Jews to have caterwauled so loudly about a Carmelite convent on the site that the RCs shut it down. St Edith Stein, a convert to Catholicism and a Carmelite, died at Auschwitz at the hands of the Nazis. Therefore, the Carmelites had every right to “be there”… one of their own perished in the ovens! St Maksymilian Maria Kolbe died at Auschwitz… therefore, the Catholic Poles have a right to “be there”. The Jewish elements that don’t want a Christian dimension to Auschwitz are biased bigots of the worst-possible sort. Most are found in the so-called “Holocaust Industry”… they discredit real scholarship about the Holocaust (as typified by Raul Hilberg); they feed the flames of Anti-Semitism. They don’t represent most Jews nor do they typify the general Jewish attitude towards Auschwitz.

I do NOT abide “Holocaust Denial”… in like manner, I do NOT abide the “Holocaust Industry”. Both are distortions of and a mockery of the truth. If you tell the story of Auschwitz… tell the WHOLE story. The Carmelite convent belongs there and the Auschwitz Cross belongs there. They don’t make an Anti-Semitic statement of any sort. I stand for simple justice… that demands that we honour ALL of the victims. That’s that…


McCain Calls Demonstrators “Low Life Scum”… I Seem to Recall Him Praising the Evromaidantsy Scum as Heroes… Where is the REAL John McCain

00 Pat Bagley. Crabby McCain. 10.04.14.


Read this. These protestors hurt no one, hurled no Molotov cocktails, nor did they conspire to overthrow the legitimate government. McCain praised the Evromaidantsy… who did hurl Molotov cocktails… who did hurt and kill people… who did conspire to overthrow the legitimate government (and did so). McCain shared the stage with the Rabbit… a soulless vacuous sort who was Darlin’ Yuliya the Landshark’s bagman and enforcer. Shitbirds of a feather do flock together! Let’s see… non-violent protestors are scum… vicious terrorists are heroes. It gives you the measure of the contemporary US Republican Party. It’s what they want in the USA… so, we’d best be on our guard. They’re not against amorality, illegality, and “might makes right”… McCain’s actions in Kiev prove that. You’ve been warned…


Blitzkrieg Turned Mayhem: CyberBerkut Hack into Junta Computers, Reveal Truth of Uniate Aggression

00 novorossiya. civil war 05. 10.11.14

Rosary in the hands of a Uniate terrorist… the Uniates want all “Ukrainians” to kiss the pope’s ass… it’s one reason why they show no pity to the Orthodox patriots and why they murdered indiscriminately at the Dom Profsoyuzov arson in Odessa. Not all religiously motivated terrorists are Islamist Muslims… Galician Uniates and American Sectarian “Dominionists” are even worse.


CyberBerkut published documents exposing the dreadful situation with the Kiev junta troops attacking Novorossiya… war crimes, tremendous loss of lives, and wholesale desertion of entrapped troops. CyberBerkut claim that they’ve hacked into the personal computer of the Ukrainian Judge Advocate General and copied a number of classified documents. These documents expose some dark secrets of the junta regarding the real state of things in Novorossiya in the former Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. The price of the warfare resumed by junta strongman Poroshenko in Novorossiya is terrifying. The hacked documents claim at least 1,100 junta troops died in the last two weeks. Many junta soldiers surrendered to patriot forces; junta forces lost over 100 tanks and AFVs. This information collides with the latest junta reports about “no losses”, “defeated enemy”, and “thousands of eliminated terrorists”. The explanation to this is simple… according to the hacked documents, the junta SBU officially forbade the Minoborony Ukrainy to show true casualties in the junta forces.

Order by the first deputy head of the SBU Anti-Terrorist (sic) Centre on the anti-terrorist (sic) operation

Relating to orders by the Minoborony Ukrainy, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Defence Forces, and Head of the SBU Anti-Terrorist (sic) Centre of the Ukrainian Security Service we restrict from 26 January 2015 presenting data on real losses in the anti-terrorist (sic) operation.


  1. Commanders of the military units shall present reports only to the Anti-Terrorist (sic) Centre
  2. Deputy Head of the Anti-Terrorist (sic) HQ shall instruct via Military Medical Department of the Minoborony Ukrainy, Head of the Dnepropetrovsk Military Hospital, Southern Military Medical Centre (Odessa), and Northern Military Medical Centre (Kharkov) to stop until further notice make reports through official channels on real losses in the anti-terrorist (sic) operation.

Don’t you find it ironic that the Uniate/rightwing terrorists call their unprovoked aggression against the Orthodox/leftist patriots an “anti-terrorist operation?” The Uniates invaded Novorossiya against the stated desire of the population… ergo, they’re aggressors, terrorists, and criminals. However, sadly, since the USA has done such since its formation in the 1780s, it doesn’t surprise one that the Anglo Americans back the Uniate terrorists (do remember the aggression against Mexico, the slaver-initiated “American Civil War”, and the massacre at Wounded Knee). The Uniates have been the willing and violent running dogs of Western interests ever since their formation in 1596… never forget that.



The documents the activists obtained paint a grim picture of junta warfare… undisciplined troops, reserves running out, a stalled mobilisation due to potential conscripts fleeing, mostly running to Russia and other neighbouring states. Lacking trained troops, junta leaders order recruits into meaningless attacks on multi-layered patriot defences, resulting in chaos and vast casualties. The documents show that the junta military even employed barrier troops, who fired at their fellow servicemen to prevent their retreat. CyberBerkut accused junta commanders of defecting, leaving their subordinates on the battlefield. The zone along the frontline is full of prowling deserters and bloodthirsty psychopaths dressed in junta uniforms. The activists stated, “We’re CyberBerkut. We don’t forget; we don’t forgive”, promising to follow-up on “other criminal organisations” that started “the civil war in the Ukraine”.

28 January 2015



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