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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Gives Some Advice to the “Dear CIA”



On Sunday, RT and Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said that the Western establishment considers Russia “abnormal” by default and gave the CIA some caustic advice on how to prevent Russia from being perceived as “normal” in the West. Simonyan wrote in her blog:

For the majority of the Western Establishment, the idea that Russia is normal is as wild as the suggestion that the Earth is square… Everyone stopped caring about facts long ago. There’s a conclusion that Russia is abnormal with all that follows. Facts have to be adjusted to fit the conclusion.

According to the RT editor-in-chief, part of the Establishment’s dislike for US President Donald Trump stems from his seeming willingness to review the relationship with Russia. Simonyan gave a few acerbic recommendations to the CIA on how to ensure that the public opinion of Russia doesn’t change, including constant reminders about hackers and Trump’s relations with Moscow:

Remind people about the cunning of RT and Sputnik. Use the most fear-inducing vocabulary. There’s no need to look for a newsworthy event, the people are used to it.

She cited the example of NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu calling Sputnik “part of the propaganda machine” in an interview with the BBC. Simonyan added sarcastically that a political assassination of a prominent activist or a politician would be a fail-safe way to avoid normalising relations with Russia and suggested that the CIA arrange that, noting that she made her suggestion “in an ironic context” and it was in no way an actual call for action.

On 6 January, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a report saying US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, had a high degree of confidence that Russia meddled in the US presidential election. On 7 January, Simonyan said that the report was poorly prepared and jokingly offered some facts the CIA could use in future.

12 February 2017

Sputnik International



My, my, my, the CIA complains of “Russian meddling in the US Presidential election”… I seem to recall that’s a favourite Langley tactic… meddling in foreign elections or overthrowing people that the US Deep State doesn’t like. I seem to recall that V F Yanukovich was the legitimate President of the Ukraine… didn’t Langley have a hand in his overthrow, kids? It seems to me that Langley is lying, yet again. Do note what they’re saying… “Donald Trump isn’t the legit prez because the Russians interfered”.

Stay tuned… the poker game between Trump and the Deep State has only begun…


Thursday, 9 February 2017

9 February 2017. BREAKING NEWS Famous DNR Commander M S Tolstykh “Givi” Murdered

00 heroism motorola and givi. 06.06.15


Uniate/schismo nationalists (no doubt, acting under Langley’s orders and protection) murdered M S Tolstykh, better known by his callsign “Givi”. Just like in the case of “Motorola” (A S Pavlov), the Uniates and their Langley puppeteers showed their criminality and cowardice… they used a remote-control bomb to kill Givi… it wasn’t in a real mano a mano fight… the Uniate/schismo nationalists (like their Anglo American enablers) are cowardly bullies, who don’t like to mix it up with true standup guys like Motorola and Givi. Mikhail Sergeyevich was an ordinary guy… a truck driver from Ilovaisk. His grit, courage, and fortitude won him acclaim on the battlefield, and the Uniate/Langley pigs couldn’t defeat him. Another hero is gone… the DNR declared three days of mourning. This crime shows the absolute stupidity and cluelessness of Langley and their Uniate stooges. By murdering Motorola and Givi, all that they did was to create martyrs and a focus of unity and determination for the patriot elements. They also showed the base criminality at the base of both the American policy and the Uniate junta. God do preserve us… the USA continues on its mad spree and it still continues to support its protegés in aggression throughout the world. Trump changed NOTHING.

Say a prayer for the departed hero and Servant of God Mikhail… we’re Christians; that’s what we do. Never forget what Langley and its stooges did… never forgive the American Establishment and the Uniate leadership for what they did… we’re decent people; we don’t do things like that. If you needed proof that the American push for global hegemony is evil… this is that. If you needed proof that Uniate “Ukrainian nationalism” is vile and demonic… this is that.

We live in evil times and the centre of that evil is Neoliberal America. Have a care…


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

7 February 2017. A Point to Ponder… A True Read n’ Heed

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


The mainstream pro-imperialist left and the demagogic racist alt-right are effectively playing off each other. The alt-right screams hatred for Muslims, describing the actions of Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda. The left screams, “You’re not allowed to say that! Racist!” and supports the “Syrian Revolution” and other CIA régime-change operations. No one points up that the USA props up Saudi Arabia, funding and arming Wahhabi groups, whilst targeting independent states like Syria, Iran, and Libya. Yes, there is backwardness in the Middle East, but the west has maintained it and targeted the forces of modernism and independence. The Alt-Right and the Soros Pro-Imperialist Cultural Left are like a duet, with both sides singing their chorus of lies, drowning out the truth. One side wants covert funding of Wahhabi extremists in the name of human rights and pushes “understanding” of disgusting autocratic US-aligned régimes like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The other side wants violent attacks on Islamic countries, repression of immigrants, and support for Israel. I want neither. I want people in the Middle East to have the freedom to develop their own countries without foreign meddling. Self-determination.

6 February 2017

Caleb Maupin


Friday, 27 January 2017

Russia, Beware of Trump U-Turns



Russia cautiously welcomed the presidency of Donald Trump, but Moscow is still wisely keeping a wait-and-see position on whether it can work with the new White House occupant to improve international relations. Trump’s oft-stated desire to restore friendlier relations with Russia and his comment last week that he’d trust Russian leader V V Putin as much as he would Germany’s Angela Merkel are all to be welcomed as apparent steps toward a more sane US policy. However, there remain big questions about Trump’s reliability in following through.

Trump’s apparent aspirations for normalising relations with Russia are certainly more promising than the aggressive Russophobia that was the staple of Washington’s policy under his predecessors, Barack Obama and George W Bush, but can the former business mogul deliver? There’s more than a sneaking feeling that the billionaire property magnate turned politician says a lot of things which he later flatly contradicts. It’s not clear if this trait is due to wilful deception, or less maliciously, due to a feckless short attention span. Either way, the upshot is a character of questionable integrity. Over the weekend, following Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, we got more of a flavour of his vacillating brand.

On Saturday, the first full day as president, Trump’s first official duty was to visit the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley VA, just across the Potomac River from his White House residence in Washington DC. There, he lavished the agency with praise and gratitude, saying he was “1,000 percent” in support of its intelligence work. Trump also scoffed at media reports that he had a feud with the CIA. Trump said to cheering agency staffers:

No one supports you as much as I do

Now, hold on a moment. Indeed, Trump had a very public running battle with the CIA and other US intelligence agencies before and after the election in November. Initially, he denounced their claims that Russia had hacked the elections as “ridiculous”. Later, he sort of retracted that, agreeing with their allegations against Russia. Only weeks before his inauguration, Trump slammed the CIA for “Nazi” practices over leaks to media outlets that the agency briefed him about allegations of Russian blackmail. Some observers noted approvingly that this abrasive attitude from Trump towards the CIA indicated a bold independence from the shadowy unelected power centres of the USA… the so-called Deep State. However, what we saw over the weekend was President Trump making it a priority to coddle the spooks who act as the muscle behind the Deep State. Just remember the phrase:

I’m 1,000 percent behind you.

Rather different from John F Kennedy’s vow to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces”. The CIA is one of the most criminal murderous secret agencies ever in the history of the world… an agency essential for projecting American power. It’s involved in everything from assassinating foreign leaders to overthrowing democratic governments in place of murderous regimes to covertly arming terrorist proxies. For Trump to rush over to Langley as his first order of business on his first day in office and to exalt an agency known informally but more accurately as “Murder Inc”, is a disturbing sign of where his priorities lie. The following instances aren’t meant as a comprehensive list of other Trump U-turns, but there’s enough contained here for serious doubts about his character.

On Friday, straight after his presidential swearing-in on Capitol Hill, Trump hosted at a Congressional luncheon. In after-dinner toasts, he singled out Hillary Clinton and her husband, ex-president Bill, as “fine people” and requested they both stand up to receive applause from the hundreds of guests. Say what? During the election campaign against Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, Trump ferociously labelled her “Crooked Hillary” owing to sleazy Wall Street connections. Trump also vowed to launch criminal investigations against Clinton and he encouraged his supporters at rallies to chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Another one of Trump’s rallying calls was a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington of big business interests, lobbyists, and political place-men. However, so far he stuffed his incoming cabinet with nominees who are billionaire personifications of the Washington swamp, appointing Wall Street financiers to positions overseeing government finance and the economy. On a lighter note, but equally enlightening, was Trump’s Twitter rage at Hollywood actress Meryl Streep. After blasting Trump at the Golden Globes awards ceremony earlier this month, he hit back by describing the screen star as “over-rated”. Hmm… only a couple of years ago, Trump named Meryl Streep as one his favourite artists.

Getting back to a more serious vein, last week, Donald Trump gave a wide-ranging interview to British and German media in which he pilloried Russia for its military intervention in Syria and blamed Moscow for unleashing a “humanitarian crisis”. That marked quite a change from Trump’s earlier stated views on Russia’s actions in Syria, when he praised them for wiping out Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS) and other terror groups. In his weekend fawning over the CIA, Trump was following on from the pathetic prostrations of his cabinet picks during Congressional confirmation hearings over the past two weeks. Nominee after nominee, including his pick for Defence Secretary General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, and his chosen new CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, cravenly adopted the Establishment line that Russia represents a dire threat to US national security. All this (and more besides) raises the question… can one trust Trump? When Trump says the US-led NATO military alliance is “obsolete”, what does that really mean? That we should decommission the 28-nation war machine? Or rather, does “obsolete” in Trump’s inscrutable thinking mean that we need to revamp and reinvigorate the war machine?

There seems little doubt that Trump’s election was preferable to that of Hillary Clinton. Her open hostility towards Russia and willingness for military confrontation would’ve been disastrous. By contrast, Trump’s stated willingness to engage positively with Russia is a welcome departure from the belligerent policy extant in Washington. Nevertheless, there are more than a few signs that Trump is just a maverick big-mouth who says things with gusto only to flatly contradict himself later. Perhaps, Trump does personally want to restore relations with Russia. Perhaps, he’ll go ahead and meet Putin in person soon. So far, Moscow cautiously welcomes Trump’s presidency. Nevertheless, Russian leaders know that the systematic causes of US belligerence run deeper than one man can possibly contest. Moreover, given Trump’s erratic thinking, there are grounds for suspicion that the deeper system of US power… the Deep State… will be able to manipulate him into adopting its agenda. With regard to Russia and other perceived global rivals, that agenda is one of hostility and conflict… not partnership. That’s how US capitalist power operates. In which case, Russia is prudent to be wary of the Trump administration. Hope for the best, but expect a Trump U-turn at any time.

22 January 2017

Finian Cunningham

Sputnik International


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