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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Christian is as Christian Does… Words Mean NOTHING

I’d observe that Vladyki Lazar’s opponents are mostly Pharisees… they do love to tell us how “holy” and “religious” they are…



“Conservatives” hate Vladyki Lazar… he shows them up to be the hypocrites, liars, and deceivers that they are. They think themselves “Christians” because they hate “queers” and they hate Planned Parenthood. Christianity’s foundations are Love and Thanksgiving… not Hate and Fear. One of these things is not like the other.



There’s no Christ in a Christianity that allows children in the wealthiest nation on earth to go to bed hungry, and go to school the next day hungry. Surely, Satan triumphs when someone commits this sin (in large measure) to give more to the wealthiest citizens in that nation. How is it that a national programme [of feeding the hungry] began in Hindu and Sikh temples and the Federal Government in primarily Hindu India took it up, but no such nationwide movement has arisen in America, with Christian Churches pressuring the Federal Government to fulfil this most basic Christian obligation, this most fundamental commandment of Christ? Individual congregations here and there certainly do undertake this task in local areas, but if a Third World essentially Hindu nation can fulfil what should be a basic obligation of humanity, how is it that a very wealthy nation, one that boasts of its “Christianity”, is unable to do so?

Bishop Lazar Puhalo



Monday, 27 July 2015

27 July 2015. Vox Pop on the Church Situation

01 puppet preachers


Here’s something that I found interesting. You don’t have to agree totally with someone to agree with them on most things. I found this a most stimulating read. It’s worth a second one, by the way…



What’s wrong with the current life of the church, the konvertsy, the esotericists, the questianalists, the astral researchers, the scriptural specialists, the liturgical fanatics, the reading-list rigorists, the patristic pasters, the choir-music martinets, and all sorts of religious folk? What unites all these? I just saw it… they want…


Spiritual Gated Communities… with a Spiritual Owners Association (SOA)…

Think about it. You have to buy in and qualify. You have to keep your interpretations coloured just so. You have to trim your opinions neatly and keep the borders tight… and they get to say what you can and can’t plant in your garden. Moreover, they get to keep out the riffraff, define the look, and, especially, defend an identity. The real estate is the privilege of being that kind of person, and that comes with a price, and dues, and competition, and potential challenges. Are you REALLY one of us? Have you REALLY adopted all the views, read all the books [i.e. my choices], promised to kick who we say you have to kick, approved what we insist you approve, dressed as we say you must dress… a rope, a skirt, a beard, or perhaps all of them… and speaking as we say you must speak… or be silent.

Nope… I’ll take my open homestead, or rent, or squat. I have no particular identity to defend, and I don’t want one; baptism and marriage are enough for me.

Tita Deacon

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

4 September 2012. One of the Cabinet on the Republican National Convention…


I received this from one of the Cabinet:

I was amazed at the degree to which the Republican Convention speakers unabashedly espoused the philosophy of American Exceptionalism. It was pretty sickening, but it was enormously illuminating, too… it was the national-level equivalent of the Pharisee, patting himself on the back for being pious and holy.

That says it better than I could have… it’s why so many of us have DEEP reservations about the konvertsy. They’re so bloody self-satisfied, smug, and smarmy… and that’s NOT Christian in the least, let alone Orthodox. THIS is why this site isn’t a solo endeavour… God maybe didn’t give me money, but I’m a rich woman… friends are more precious than any amount of money is…


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