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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Seize Saudi Oil, Solve World Problems




Donald Trump didn’t ban travellers from the KSA. It tells you something about him… and his clique, too. They scream about terrorism… and don’t ban those from the foremost terrorist-enabling state in the world. It only deepens the impression that Trump’s supporters in the general population are brain-damaged and ignorant. If you wish to fight terrorism, then, you’d fight the states that support it most. I’d say that’s the KSA and the Gulf states… none of which is on Trump’s list.

None dare call it stupid…



Would you like to know how the USA could virtually eliminate global Islamic terrorism and world hunger with one stroke?

Seize the oil wells of Saudi Arabia.

If this sounds preposterous and unethical… “the USA doesn’t go on the offensive and it certainly doesn’t ‘steal’ other peoples’ natural resources, especially its allies!”… consider some facts:

First, anyone who sees the Islamic State (ISIS) as a cancer on earth that needs to be eradicated… most Americans, including US President Donald Trump, do… must also see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in similar terms.  For the desert kingdom enforces the same kind of Islam that ISIS does… with all the religious intolerance, beheadings, crucifixions, mutilations, and misogyny we associate with terrorists.

Worse, the KSA spends a whopping 100 billion dollars (5.893 billion Roubles. 687.56 billion Renminbi. 6.735 trillion INR. 131.09 billion CAD. 130.36 billion AUD. 93.37 billion Euros. 80.24 billion UK Pounds) annually… trillions over the decades… to support and spread the vilest form of Islam (Wahhabism/Salafism) around the world. The KSA funds virtually all radical literature, radical mosques, radical websites, and radical satellite programs… all of which create radical Muslims. In other words, if you trace the “radicalisation” of Muslims… including formerly good neighbours and colleagues that suddenly got pious, grew a beard or donned a veil, and then went on a shooting spree, or “martyred” themselves in a suicide attack… Saudi money will almost always be at the end of the line.

It gets worse still… the Islamic kingdom isn’t only the chief exporter of radical ideologies; it’s also the chief financier and material supporter of the worst terrorist groups. ISIS and al-Qaeda wouldn’t exist without Saudi and other Gulf largesse. So, how is the KSA able to fuel this multifaceted and global jihad? It does so entirely from the oil reserves beneath the Arabian Peninsula. Now, in a fair world, surely the Saudis should keep the natural resources of Arabia… even if it was the West that discovered and created the technology to use oil. However, when they openly use that wealth to spread hate, turmoil, terrorism, and the slaughter of innocents around the world, surely the international community can justifiably respond… in this case, by seizing the weapon from out their hands, that is, the oil wells.

Some may argue that, whatever the merits of this argument, there’s no way the US leadership could sell such a war to the American people. Actually, they could… very easily; and all they’d have to do is tell the American people the truth for a change. Remember, the establishment has already behaved more “spectacularly”, including by going on the offensive against several Arab rulers… in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. In every case, the real motives for war were/are hidden from the public, probably because they didn’t and don’t serve American interests (hence, why ISIS is now entrenched in “liberated” Iraq, “liberated” Libya, and still-being-“liberated” Syria). All the US leadership and media had to do was to portray Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad as “monsters” persecuting their own people. That was enough for most Americans to agree to the waging of these wars, if not heartily support them.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, the establishment wouldn’t have to deceive the public… the Saudi régime is a monster. As in ISIS-held territories, women in the KSA are little better than chattel; it persecutes and sometimes executes blasphemers, apostates, and homosexuals; all non-Sunnis… from Hindus to Shia… are subhuman infidels and it treats them accordingly; it closes house churches and it confiscates and destroys Bibles and crucifixes, and it throws Christians caught worshipping in private in jail and tortures them. The KSA is arguably even more backwards than ISIS is… women can still drive in Mosul and Raqqa, whereas they’re forbidden in the KSA; and the Saudi government has its own special department devoted to tracking down and executing witches and warlocks.

Nor is Saudi savagery confined to the Peninsula. The KSA régime once issued a fatwa, or Islamic-sanctioned decree, still available online for all to see, calling on the world’s Muslims to hate all non-Muslims (meaning more than 99 percent of Americans; such is how “our good friend and ally” really feels about us).

23 January 2017

Raymond Ibrahim



Friday, 16 September 2016

Sputnik International Presents… Seven Unknown Wonders of the World


The Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is one of Africa’s most famous landmarks



Great Mosque of Djenné



Chand Baori is a stepwell in the village of Abhaneri in Rajasthan (India)



As others look on, an Indian youth jumps into the historic Chand Baori stepwell



Probably, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest (Romania) is the largest civil administration building in the world



The Alexandru Ioan Cuza Hall dwarfs foreign tourists… another name for this building is the “House of the People”



The Stari Most (Old Bridge) is a 22-metre-high (72-foot-high) reconstruction of a 16th-century Ottoman bridge over the Neretva River in Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina… in 1993, Croatian forces destroyed the original bridge during the Croat-Bosniak War



A diver leaps from the Stari Most in a traditional bridge diving competition



Kumbhalgarh Fort, in the former princely state of Udaipur/Mewar (Rajahsthan (India))… its walls extend over 38 kilometres (23.7 miles), making them the second-longest continuous wall after the Great Wall of China



Kumbhalgarh Fort



Built in the early 17th-century, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan (Iran) is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces of Safavid Iranian architecture



Interior of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque



Derawar Fort, a massive square fortress in Bahawalpur in Pakistan… the fortress has 40 towering bastions; the circumference of its 30-metre-high (99-foot-high) walls is about 1.5 kilometres (0.94 mile)



Derawar Fort


Some man-made “wonders of the world”, such as the Colosseum or Taj Mahal, have much fame, but there are many more architectural masterpieces scattered across the globe that aren’t quite so famous.

27 February 2016

Sputnik International


Sunday, 12 April 2015

12 April 2015. A Believer’s Take on Marriage

00 Nayzak. How 2  b a Good Muslim Husband. 2011

How 2 B a Good Muslim Husband





Gabe and Laura… this one’s for you. May Laura deliver safely…



When Allah has decided to unite two hearts in marriage:

  • no distance is too far
  • no time is too long
  • no powerful force can separate them
  • no one can break them apart

Mohsin Hasan Mumtaz

Dedicated to my lovely sister FATIMA MICHEL BARNES


Today is Easter… spread the joy… to all around you… to believers (including non-Christians)… to secularists (don’t call ‘em atheists, please)… to all of God’s Creation (including your animals).

To Mr Mumtaz… thank you for such a beautiful (and concise) post. God luv ya…

To all rightwing asshats… Muslims are believers, too… you’ve forgotten that. Neither ISIS nor the Azov Battalion represent real Christian and real Muslim believers. That’s that… it’s what I hold and what I stand for, any road.

THIS IS MY PERSONAL BELIEF… I don’t claim it to be the “Teaching of the Church”… however… I’d say that it doesn’t contradict it, though. Be careful with labelling things the “Teaching of the Church”… quite often, it’s nothing but idiosyncratic opinion decked out in ill-fitting (and utterly false) finery… reflect on that, this Easter…


Friday, 23 January 2015

#FoxNewsFacts… Fair and Balanced: Fox News Facing Lawsuit from Paris

00 muslim cricket player in birmingham england uk. 23.01.15.jpg-large

“Terrifying photo of how a typical Muslim from Birmingham guards the city gates against infidels. #foxnewsfacts




While many Europeans responded to Fox News’ guests’ patently false reports about Muslim “no-go” zones with humour, Paris’ mayor says it’s no laughing matter and that she’ll take the network to court. Mayor Anne Hidalgo says Fox News’ recent incorrect reports about the city’s Muslim population went too far and that she’s going to sue the network. Hidalgo told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, “When we’re insulted … then, I think we’ll have to sue. I think we’ll have to go to court, in order to have these words removed. The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honour of Paris has been prejudiced”. When Amanpour asked which specific network the city would target, Hidalgo responded, “Fox News, that’s the name”. Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman assured the BBC that Hidalgo was “definitely serious” about the suit, saying, “We have our legal advisers working on the case. We’re looking under which jurisdiction to bring the case, Paris or New York”.

No-Go Zones? No Such Thing

Fox News pundits claimed on-air that whole areas of European cities, and Paris in particular, contained “no-go zones”… areas that were essentially under Muslim control, where non-Muslims and police wouldn’t enter. Nolan Peterson told Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “There are basically neighbourhoods where French Muslims have coalesced because they can’t find housing or economic opportunity within the major French cities”. Peterson, introduced as a “journalist and veteran”, claimed there were 741 such zones in Paris alone.

“We Deeply Regret the Errors”

American and European media outlets roundly criticised and mocked the claims, as they had no basis in fact. The backlash was so strong that several Fox News shows aired apologies for the comments. On Saturday, Fox News anchor Julie Banderas said in one of four on-air apologies Fox issued, “To be clear, there’s no formal designation of these zones in either country, and no credible information to support the assertion that there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion”. Paris wasn’t the only target of Fox News misinformation. The network also had to apologise for claims made by guest Steve Emerson, who claimed that the entire city of Birmingham, England was “totally Muslim”. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said, “When I heard this, frankly, I choked on my porridge, and I thought it must be April Fools’ Day”, adding that the commentator was “clearly an idiot”. Later, Emerson apologised, saying that he’d made “an inexcusable error”. Fox Executive Vice President for News Michael Clemente responded to Mayor Hidalgo’s lawsuit threat with a statement, “We empathise with the citizens of France as they go through a healing process and return to everyday life. However, we find the mayor’s comments regarding a lawsuit misplaced”.

Laughter is the Best Revenge

Many responded to the “no-go zones” reports with comedy, and Twitter users added their contributions to the conversation under the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. French satirical show Le Petit Journal shot back with a parody of two terrified Fox News reporters in Paris, including an encounter with “a very dangerous couscous”.

21 January 2015

Sputnik International



Louisiana Governor: Muslims Create Sharia Self-Governing Districts


Fox News is so inaccurate that it borders on insanity to trust its veracity. Amongst Russian Orthodox people, the konvertsy actually believe the fluff broadcast by these idiots (they also believe that the pro-war and pro-death penalty GOP is “Pro-Life”). After all, too many of them take Rush Limboob and Sarah Palin at face value. Believing in the Tea Party and believing in Fox News are delusions like unto one another. After all, they believe that Willard Romney was a great patriot… when he sat out the Vietnam War on a bogus clergy deferment bought n’ paid for by his gazillionaire daddy… not only a Chicken Hawk, but also one who mooned every veteran in the USA by his chickenshit cowardice (you can’t deny that Willy didn’t serve in the forces at a time of war).

As for Muslims, everyone knows where I stand. Most of the bullshit out there about them is utter nonsense; those who repeat it and take credence in it are either evil or stupid (more probably the latter). I’d say, “Don’t fear the evil… they’re obvious… but do fear the stupid, for they’re impenetrable and impervious to fact”. Pass the jug…


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