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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Minister of Health of Lithuania Advocated Euthanasia for the Poor



The website pro-life.by reoported that the new Lithuanian Minister of Health Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė, who took office in July, stated that euthanasia could be a good option for poor people who, because of poverty don’t have access to palliative care. Šalaševičiūtė proposed this and immediately began discussion about legalising euthanasia in Lithuania. In media interviews, Šalaševičiūtė noted that since Lithuania isn’t a welfare state, palliative care isn’t available to all those who need it. Therefore, euthanasia could be a solution for those who “don’t want to burden their families with the spectacle of their suffering”. Šalaševičiūtė also raised the issue of paediatric euthanasia, telling the Lithuanian public that Belgian children already have this “right”. Of course, one could only adopt such a law will after a long public debate. Andrei Narbekovas, a priest and a doctor (surgeon), a member of the Bioethics Committee of the Ministry of Health, told the media, “The Ministry of Health should protect health and life, instead of looking for opportunities to take it. Obviously, some find it more cost-effective and economically efficient. However, a democratic society should make it very clear that we need to care for the sick, not kill them”.

12 August 2014


Parish of the Wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God “Joy of all Who Sorrow” (Minsk BELARUS)



I got the link for this off a website affiliated with Just Russia … one of the LEFTIST political factions in Russia. The LEFT people are the real pro-lifers… the righties are for cutting expenditures on social spending and healthcare, but they’re for continual warfare in foreign parts, the indiscriminate use of the death penalty, and for the unchecked proliferation of handguns amongst the populace… that’s what the US Republicans really advocate. That’s what “austerity” is all about… gutting health and social spending to enrich godless Affluent Effluent slugs so that they can spend more on wetback nannies and country club parties. Note well that the Ukrainian fascists slashed healthcare spending at the behest of the IMF and of the Republican greedster banksters. That’s why no Orthodox Christian can support the Republican Party (or the Conservatives in the UK and Canada or the Liberals in Australia)… they worship money and power and smash their boot full-force into the faces of those less well-off… they bow down before the Koch brothers, Willy Romney, and the Walton family (the store moguls, not the TV clan). Don’t be fooled by their pro-life rhetoric… someone who opposes general single-payer healthcare is someone who’d vote for euthanasia to keep down costs (we only exist to make money for them). They don’t believe that we’re worthy of life… quite simply, we don’t have enough money, so, we’re not as human as they are (one can see this in such supremely corrupt and avaricious individuals such as Rick Perry or Donald Trump… both of whom stole and bullshitted their way to the top).

If you don’t want euthanasia… keep the right out of power (indeed, keep all with liberal agendas out, whether they’re neoliberal “conservatives” or Clinton/Blair-style so-called “liberals”… they’re two sides of the same debased worthless coin). You can worship success, money, and “The race goes to the swiftest”, and emulate Ted Cruz, Chilly Hilly Clinton, Marco Rubio, John Kerry, or Franklin Graham, or you can say, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”, and emulate the Lord Christ. It’s up to you…

One last thing, Ms Šalaševičiūtė is a “professional politician” with no professional/academic background in medicine or the health professions (she’s a stinking lawyer who claims to be a “children’s advocate)… does that surprise you?


Friday, 27 June 2014

27 June 2014. “Consistent Life” Sucks Up to JP… Do They Realise Whom They’re Admiring?

01 JP Fathausen... Paffhausen


A group called “Consistent Life” (a pro-Republican website, sad to say) gushingly quoted JP (do read it and hold your nose, the hypocritical bastard did say this):

All the sins against humanity… abortion, euthanasia, war, violence, and victimisation of all kinds are the results of depersonalisation. Whether it is “the unwanted pregnancy”, or worse, “the foetus”, and not “my son” or “my daughter”, whether it is “the enemy” rather than Joe or Harry or Ahmed or Mohammed, the same depersonalisation allows us to fulfil our own selfishness … Pro-war is not pro-life! God weeps for our callousness.

Consistent Life

issue 216 (27.06.14) 

Unfortunately, all Russian Orthodox people know that JP is pals with the most vicious pro-war neocon elements in the District. He’s a rabid anti-people Republican… he’s for “small government”, which means that he rejects the Orthodox teaching of Symphonia (which accepts the premise of a strong state structure)… and that he accepts the theomachistic premises of the so-called “Tea Party” (Orthodoxy believes that we live in a Fallen World, ergo, it’s against deregulation on principle). Besides all that, he lied continually to the OCA Holy Synod, he never lived within his budget, he sucked up to the worst GOP elements on K Street, he encouraged the Maryland nuns’ disobedience to the OCA Holy Synod (and didn’t get a proper release for them at first), and he was nasty to personal opponents and to those who were inconvenient to his friends (do note how he refused to defend Fr Mike Regan publicly from Ray Velencia’s nasty lawsuit). In short, JP is a total putz and no one should quote him or hold him up as an exemplar. Anyone who does, comments upon their character… rather negatively, I’d say. Let those with ears hear…

God weeps to see such hypocrisy and effrontery from JP!


Friday, 20 June 2014

Vladyki Onufry Berezovsky Opposes “European Integration” for the Ukraine

00 Metropolitan Onufry. 26.02.14


On Wednesday, Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Chernovtsy and Bukovina, the locum tenens for the UOC/MP First Hierarch, said in an Interfax-Religion interview, “The current moral state of Europe doesn’t bode well for the Ukraine. Europe shows us a specific example of life without Christ. They don’t attend to the Lord’s Commandments; they don’t heed His warnings. On the contrary, they encourage permissiveness; ergo, the whims of human desire trample the Law of God, which sanctifies all life. However, this path is wrong. Unfortunately, not all human desires are holy”. In speaking of the West, he pointed up legalisation of same-sex unions, euthanasia, and a tolerant attitude to abortion. “Those laws that offer us a new European world are unacceptable to us. We can’t be part of and join this world. We need to keep unity with those who follow the Divine Law. Let’s be clear… unless people on Earth hold to the Divine Order, then, human life is doomed, mankind will self-destruct”.

In speaking of the military operations in the Ukraine, he said that he met with President P A Poroshenko. “The President has the desire and the determination to stop the bloodshed, but as I understand it, no one has a clue about how to come to a peaceful settlement”. He urged Orthodox soldiers and Orthodox opolchenie “not to commit the sin of murder, don’t act cruelly, seek understanding, yield to each other, and engage in dialogue”. Asked whether they’d celebrate the traditional Day of the Baptism of Rus in the Ukraine on 28 July, Metropolitan Onufry noted, “A thousand years ago, through the Baptism of Rus, the Lord blessed our people, our land, and our capital city of Kiev. We’ll always celebrate this holiday with special gratitude to God. Certainly, we’ll pray on this day for our people, who long for spiritual assistance. Prayer will overcome all the turmoil. We trust in the Lord Jesus Christ; we believe that peace will reign in our land”.

18 June 2014



Monday, 7 April 2014

7 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Abandoned Soviet-Era “Dom Kultury”… The Money HAS to go to Bloodsucking Oligarchs, Dontcha Know!

00 abandoned Dom Kultury. Russia. 07.04.14


This is an abandoned Soviet-era Dom Kultury (House of Culture). Why did this happen? It’s American-style crapitalism in action! You see, the money that supported such “good works” now goes into the pockets of oligarchs. That’s for our own good according to the US Republican Party. You see, the rich only have our betterment at heart… we don’t deserve such things… we’d only ruin them, dontcha know. Remember this picture when you vote in November… remember that the Republican Party BLESSES such ruin so that the rich party hearty. American consumerist godlessness is worse than any formal atheism in the USSR… most of the American “Me First” consumerists are “Born Again” hypocrites who spout smarmy religious rhetoric at every turn… fancy that. Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. After all, the tree is known by the fruit thereof. THIS is the fruit of crapitalism… any questions?

Oh, yes… such desolation is the REAL meaning of “Pro-Life” as taught by the Republican Party. Anti-abortion agitation, attacking Planned Parenthood, and vandalising clinics doesn’t equal Pro-Life activity (that’s why Republicans such as Bilirakis, Issa, and Amash (an “Unholy Trinity” if there ever was such) are posturing and amoral hypocrites)… compassion, aid, and government social intervention DO (standing against the overuse of the death penalty and aggressive wars also count). To aid one unwed mother without fanfare outweighs all the Marches for Life in God’s eyes, I believe. That’s another thing to bear in mind when you mark your ballot…


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