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Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. THIS is Why I Oppose the Organised “Pro-Life” Movement

00 Nick Anderson. The TRUTH about 'Pro-Lifers'. 2014


I oppose the so-called “Pro-Life Movement” completely and absolutely… it’s nothing of the sort. It’s hypocritical snake-oil of the worst possible sort. Both HH and Pope Francisco DEMAND that opposition to abortion has to also include a comprehensive social safety-net, otherwise, it’s noxious and corrosive humbuggery of the worst-possible variety. The US Republican Party is for capital punishment, long imprisonment as the option of first resort, perpetual warfare in foreign parts, totalitarian domestic policing, and enshrining rabid Evangelical radical sectarian nonsense in the law. Ergo, they’re not Pro-Life at all, to use Cardinal Bernardin’s definition of the “seamless garment”. Anti-abortion as advocated by American Republicans isn’t Pro-Life… that’s that.

One last thing… Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, as a matter of routine, commuted all death sentences, save for crimes against the state. Rick Perry does not. Who’s the Christian, and who’s the REAL conservative (American “conservatives” are just a different species of Liberal… fancy that)? Meaty bone to gnaw upon, isn’t it?


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

5 November 2014. The BIG Election News… No, Not the GOP Senate… Howie Hawkins and the Defeat of Prop 67

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The BIG news in yesterday’s election WASN’T the Republican takeover of the US Senate. Firstly, Howie Hawkins won at least 5 percent of the vote for NY State governor… and that’s only initial, as there’s precious little on his achievement in the corporate media. I noted that official election returns from the Capital District of New York (Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, and Saratoga Counties) all showed Howie’s vote to be well above that. Albany County gave him nearly 13 percent of the vote, Rensselaer and Schenectady Counties gave him around 10 percent, and he even got 8 percent in Saratoga County. Howie’s a self-described LEFTIST… a SOCIALIST. That is, the Left never died… the Democrats merely sold out to Wall Street… Chilly Hilly is the poster child of that perverted treason. Tons of people would vote for Elizabeth Warren… hell, I’d LOVE to see an Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders ticket. The Hawkins result means that the Left still lives and that it can motivate people. If the Dems were to look past Hilly (as they did in 2008), we have the potential for a NEW New Deal. That’s what really scares the Righties, kids. The GOP has already maxed out its support… there are no more Evangelical Know Nothings to recruit, and the Tea Party is dying out (literally), as it was always a geriatric movement. This was the high-water mark of the GOP. Thus far, and no farther. The Republicans are all jockeying for 2016 slots… which means that there’ll be no action from the Congress. The Prez will veto all their loon initiatives… and they don’t have the votes to override him.

Secondly, Prop 67 went down to defeat in Colorado. It wasn’t even close. It was a 64-36 tsunami, kids. The GOP will have a strident anti-abortion plank in its 2016 platform, if not an explicit “personhood” one. What’s significant about this is that a moderate Dem went down to defeat in Colorado this year, yet, the Personhood Prop went down in flames. This means that not only Dems reject this folderol… so do many Republican voters. I believe in keeping abortion to a minimum, but criminalising women isn’t the way to do it. That’s what Personhood laws do. However, the GOP isn’t exactly full of Einsteins, so, they’re not going to draw the right conclusions from this. They’re going to ignore Prop 67 and act as though the entire country was full of Know Nothing Evangelicals. Outside of the Evangelical ghetto, Personhood laws are dead on arrival. Even though Catholic extremists like Dolan are for them, most Catholics aren’t… after all, even though contraception is supposedly off limits, most Catholic married couples use the Pill, and that’s that.

In short… the GOP didn’t win as much as the ballyhoo will have it. Expect Fox News to downplay the two items I reported. These are the most important takeaways of the evening, kids. If I were a Republican, I wouldn’t be smug. There’s a spectre haunting the mansions of the Affluent Effluent… and there are NO exorcists about. Fancy that…


Thursday, 25 September 2014

25 September 2014. Republican Hatred of Russia No New Thing… Quote from 2011 Proves My Point

00 05.12 Political cartoon slashing spending 02


00 Politics. Teabaggers listening to Rush's Fairy Tales. 02.01.14


00 What Would Jesus Do. Terry Jones. Political Cartoon. 9.12

The US Republican Party is WORSE than al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and the Ukrainian junta all rolled into one… it’s the main dynamo behind Godless Mammon… “Winning is the only thing”… “Greed is good”… “The race goes to the swiftest”. Our Lord said, Not all those who say ‘Lord, Lord’ will win the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who argues for Free Market Crapitalism argues for Godless Mammon… if they mouth religious platitudes as they do so, that makes them all the worst… ponder that. 


The hatred of the Republican Party for Russia is well-known. It’s not a new thing, sadly speaking… here’s a quote from D O Rogozin, from 2011:

Rogozin mentioned past meetings that he attended in the US Senate with US Republicans clearly demonstrated “that this part of the American political establishment doesn’t intend to have any business with the Russian Federation”. The Republicans use their “hatred for the incumbent master of the White House to… spoil relations on a global scale” (source).

One reason that the Republicans hate Russia is that it panders to its Know Nothing base. These are mostly Evangelical Sectarians, who hate Christianity (we’re not real Christians in their eyes, dontcha know). Therefore, the GOP panders to their ignorance and hate… leading to policies that harm our Ancestral Motherland and our Church. The Republicans are going to do what they’re going to do… but we as Orthodox shouldn’t vote for them. If they hate us… OK, that’s what they do. However, we’re stupid if we vote for or support ANY Republican candidate. The Republican Party is calling for warlike measures against our Russian Motherland as it hates the very idea of Holy Rus… you see, if there were an independent Holy Rus, people might look to it and its ideology, and not to Toddler Crapitalist America and its Me First Greedster ideology. That’s the situation in a nutshell. Don’t be fooled by GOP bleats of “Pro-Life”… they’re anti-abortion… which isn’t the same thing at all.

As Russian Orthodox Christians, we have an obligation to support Truth, Justice, and Compassion… the GOP supports none of that… it supports Greed, Power, and Might Makes Right. It’s your choice…


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Minister of Health of Lithuania Advocated Euthanasia for the Poor



The website pro-life.by reoported that the new Lithuanian Minister of Health Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė, who took office in July, stated that euthanasia could be a good option for poor people who, because of poverty don’t have access to palliative care. Šalaševičiūtė proposed this and immediately began discussion about legalising euthanasia in Lithuania. In media interviews, Šalaševičiūtė noted that since Lithuania isn’t a welfare state, palliative care isn’t available to all those who need it. Therefore, euthanasia could be a solution for those who “don’t want to burden their families with the spectacle of their suffering”. Šalaševičiūtė also raised the issue of paediatric euthanasia, telling the Lithuanian public that Belgian children already have this “right”. Of course, one could only adopt such a law will after a long public debate. Andrei Narbekovas, a priest and a doctor (surgeon), a member of the Bioethics Committee of the Ministry of Health, told the media, “The Ministry of Health should protect health and life, instead of looking for opportunities to take it. Obviously, some find it more cost-effective and economically efficient. However, a democratic society should make it very clear that we need to care for the sick, not kill them”.

12 August 2014


Parish of the Wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God “Joy of all Who Sorrow” (Minsk BELARUS)



I got the link for this off a website affiliated with Just Russia … one of the LEFTIST political factions in Russia. The LEFT people are the real pro-lifers… the righties are for cutting expenditures on social spending and healthcare, but they’re for continual warfare in foreign parts, the indiscriminate use of the death penalty, and for the unchecked proliferation of handguns amongst the populace… that’s what the US Republicans really advocate. That’s what “austerity” is all about… gutting health and social spending to enrich godless Affluent Effluent slugs so that they can spend more on wetback nannies and country club parties. Note well that the Ukrainian fascists slashed healthcare spending at the behest of the IMF and of the Republican greedster banksters. That’s why no Orthodox Christian can support the Republican Party (or the Conservatives in the UK and Canada or the Liberals in Australia)… they worship money and power and smash their boot full-force into the faces of those less well-off… they bow down before the Koch brothers, Willy Romney, and the Walton family (the store moguls, not the TV clan). Don’t be fooled by their pro-life rhetoric… someone who opposes general single-payer healthcare is someone who’d vote for euthanasia to keep down costs (we only exist to make money for them). They don’t believe that we’re worthy of life… quite simply, we don’t have enough money, so, we’re not as human as they are (one can see this in such supremely corrupt and avaricious individuals such as Rick Perry or Donald Trump… both of whom stole and bullshitted their way to the top).

If you don’t want euthanasia… keep the right out of power (indeed, keep all with liberal agendas out, whether they’re neoliberal “conservatives” or Clinton/Blair-style so-called “liberals”… they’re two sides of the same debased worthless coin). You can worship success, money, and “The race goes to the swiftest”, and emulate Ted Cruz, Chilly Hilly Clinton, Marco Rubio, John Kerry, or Franklin Graham, or you can say, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”, and emulate the Lord Christ. It’s up to you…

One last thing, Ms Šalaševičiūtė is a “professional politician” with no professional/academic background in medicine or the health professions (she’s a stinking lawyer who claims to be a “children’s advocate)… does that surprise you?


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