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Saturday, 6 February 2016

6 February 2016. You Want to Have Social Justice and a Pro-Family Political Programme? Don’t Vote for the GOP Anti-Life Agenda!

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Here’s the choice in a nutshell. Vote for Bernie… you get social justice and pro-family policies. Vote for the Repugs or Chilly Hilly… you get social repression and anti-family policies. Mere anti-abortion agitation isn’t “Pro-Life”… it never was, it isn’t, and it never shall be. Do ponder that…


Sunday, 24 January 2016

24 January 2016. “Pro-Life” Nutters Spit on Valid Emergency Declaration to Make Tawdry Political Point

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Well before the actual storm, the DC government issued a special order declaring a “weather emergency” as of 09.30 Friday 21 January 2016. They didn’t do this for fun n’ games… travel conditions were going to be hazardous… it did prove to be so. The so-called “March for Life” (actually, a tawdry rightwing political rally) started before the snowfall started, but it came soon after this political carnival began. These people spat on a valid emergency order issued for their own protection and safety. Their political point was more important than their safety and health… it showed their arrogant disregard for valid authority and proper order. To be blunt, the organisers of the “March for Life” showed their callousness and disregard by disobeying the DC weather emergency. They showed themselves to be narcissistic poseurs. They should’ve stayed home. Most of the DC people were home from work, as travel conditions were (and remain) treacherous. Note well that these sorts think themselves “martyrs”… I’d point up that the Church doesn’t honour “voluntary martyrdom”, it only honours those who accept it, not those who seek it.

This was a despicable performance all the way ’round. God have mercy on these people… most were dupes… the organisers sinned mightily, though. Do ponder that…



Friday, 22 January 2016

22 January 2016. Pro-Life Nutters to March Despite State of Emergency

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The Republican Pro-Life nutters are marching today… despite the fact that DC will go to a state of emergency at 09.30 this morning. The Metro will shut down tomorrow and Sunday… but the GOP Pro-Life loonies are going to march! This shows you the depth of their fanaticism and lack of regard for their fellow-man. I need to find a corner to be sick in… this is too much of a muchness. This is what happens when religious hobbyists deny reality… I only hope that no one gets hurt. If you’re in the DC area… stay home, put on a pot of coffee, put a shot of something good in it when it’s done, and CHILL. Why can’t these over-religious jabronies do likewise?


Thursday, 7 January 2016

7 January 2016. Some Cabinet Vox Pop and Discussion on “Pro-Life” and Other Issues

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I’m in italics… the Cabinet is in plain type

Did you or did someone else point out that with the “Pro-Life” people, so many of them also want to cut the social programmes that make it possible for so many to live. Pre-natal Pro-life, post-natal “go to Hell”.


Keep in mind that traditional conservatives (defined as people who share common cultural views and want to be left alone instead of being dragged along in reforming everything) don’t know what to make of so-called “neoconservatives”, who invented the name to cash in on conservatism’s cachet. Some assume that they share values against tyranny (but as we know, they’re simply fooling people). It’s sad that neocons heavily influence both major parties.


Y’know… Podmo and Rose hectored Puhalo out of the ROCOR over the toll-house thing. I remember that. Do you?

Yes. There were exaggerations in both directions. Fr Seraphim Rose was too much of a Protestant literalist… the same thing on the Six Days of Creation.


When [Puhalo] is right, he’s right. In this analysis, he’s very right. “It seems that the diseases of Calvinism and Evangelicalism are spreading in the Orthodox Church, particularly down in America”. Now, you know why the likes of Whiteford et al despise him, he reveals the truth about them.


You’re absolutely right… these pro-lifers are so anti-life it defies description.

We have a choice… we must choose. I have… so have you. Shall you swallow a kopeck’s worth for XC? They’re nasty beyond words.


There one has it… I should say that my interlocutors were “all over the spectrum” (which is why I believe that not only is a united Russian Orthodox Church in the diaspora possible, but also highly probable). Increasingly, grounded people are ready to defend the Real Incarnated Church against the Made-Up Fictive Church of the konvertsy. However… I warn you… it won’t be a “nice” affair, and I fear it’d lead to many of the konvertsy leaving us. Yet, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. That’s the situation today… it’s inherently unstable. How it’ll end is up to us…


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