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Monday, 20 April 2015

20 April 2015. A Point to Ponder… There’s NO Self-Made Rich…

00 lament of the plutocats. 19.05.14


I saw this on Facebook:

The top earners in any country in the world aren’t ever entitled to the amount of money they make. They’re never self-made; they depend on the support and work of others to make themselves.

The Republican Party says that it’s “Pro-Life”… yet, it does everything in its power to advance the Affluent Effluent and shit on everyone else. I don’t think that’s “Pro-Life” at all… if you do, I say that you’re a liar and a hypocrite before Almighty God… and that you know that in your heart-of-hearts. You may support Our Lord Christ (Who was crucified by the Respectable and Goodthinkers of His day) or you may support the amoral grasping greedsters of the Republican Party… that’s that and you can’t avoid that moral choice. I’ve chosen… so should you… choose wisely…


Sunday, 5 April 2015

5 April 2015. Che Shows the Way…

00 che guevara. 05.04.15


Our Lord Christ became incarnate to save PEOPLE… NOT property! A single life is precious in God’s eyes… a million bucks ain’t worth stale cat piss in His estimation, I’m told. Reflect on that the next time that you hear bloviators like Chilly Hilly or Ted Cruz gas away…

One last thing… Red Che was TEN TIMES more into REAL Pro-Life than Ted Cruz is… if you kick the poor so that you can give more bucks to the greedy rich, you’re NOT Pro-Life, and that’s that…


Saturday, 7 March 2015

7 March 2015. And He Shall Judge Among the Nations… How Much Longer?

00 and he shall judge among the nations. 07.03


Yes… how much longer? Dear Lord, bring it to an end…


Friday, 6 February 2015

Godless Neoliberal Republican Filth Want to Cut SSD… Where are “Consistent Life” and the Rest of the Pro-Lifers? THEY’RE MIA!

01 he ain't heavy he's my brother

Remember, for the Republicans, “Greed is Good”… and “He that doesn’t work, won’t eat”… both of which are un-Christian to the max. Yet… Consistent Life still supports greedster GOP pols and continues to associate with them.


On Thursday, US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said during a floor speech that Republicans in US Congress are aiming to slash Social Security disability benefits by 19 percent next year, saying, “I wanted to discuss an issue of very serious concern to tens of millions of Americans, and that is the Republican effort to cut social security disability insurance benefits”, accusing the Republicans of trying to “lay the groundwork for a 19 percent cut in disability benefits next year”. Sanders explained that the House of Representatives adopted a rule on the first day of the new Congress that’d restrict the President’s ability to transfer funds from Social Security’s retirement account to the disability fund, noting, “Mr President, the Republicans are manufacturing a crisis where none exists”.

Sanders pointed up that since the 1960s, US presidents from both parties repeatedly employed this process to affect funds transfer into the disability account, stating, “There are some people who, sadly, are trying to divide the senior population from the disability population”. However, Republicans repeatedly expressed their concerns that Obama was unwilling to reduce or cap mandatory entitlement programs, as spending on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare may nearly double over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

On 25 January, media reports said that House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price said it wasn’t wise to continue to take from the Social Security trust fund to prop up the disability fund. In his 2016 budget, US President Barack Obama said that he’d oppose any measures that slashed Social Security benefits for future generations or reduced basic benefits for current beneficiaries. On Monday, US President Barack Obama submitted a nearly 4 trillion USD (269 trillion Roubles. 25 trillion Renminbi. 248 trillion INR. 5.02 trillion CAD. 5.14 trillion AUD. 3.54 trillion Euros. 2.63 trillion UK Pounds) fiscal budget proposal to Congress; law mandates that he present such a budget annually. In response to Obama’s proposal, Congress will send its version of a budget to the White House, which the president then has to sign-off on.

6 May 2015

Sputnik International



“Pro-Lifers” such as “Consistent Life” are shameless whores for Republican “conservatives”… so, I wouldn’t hold my breath as far as waiting for them to break with the GOP filth over the Republican war on the Social Safety Net. That’s nasty… allying with someone because they’re anti-abortion… but against everything else that Christ taught. That’s a clear sign of not only misplaced priorities, but also delusion on the most major scale. The Church teaches SYMPHONIA… the cooperation of Church and State, and that the state has a role, a major one, in our lives, both societal and personal. “Libertarianism” is nothing but rightwing anarchism… no Orthodox Christian can believe in it nor associate with its votaries without effectually denying their faith. That means that people like Fathausen aren’t only spoilt brats (he refused to live within the budget allotted him by the Holy Synod), they’re heretics of the most noisome sort… for they oppose Symphonia, a basic and foundational teaching of the Church. We do live in a crank world…


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