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Saturday, 3 October 2015

3 October 2015. Behold My Mother and My Brethren!

00 who is my brother. Yuri Andreyev. Faith Under the Rubble. 2006


Do NOT listen to those konvertsy toddlers who tell you that you must vote Republican because of “Family Values” and “Pro-Life”. They lie. The candidate that comes closest to the Compassion of the Carpenter of Galilee is Bernie Sanders. When you tote up all the pluses and minuses, Sanders wins hands down, with a moral vision of a more fair America that’s simply exciting. The Centre of our Faith is NOT abortion and homosexuality… it’s the Incarnation and Worship. Orthodox are NOT crusaders. If we could live with militant atheists (and survive persecution), we can live with secularists who’ll leave the inner life of the Church alone. Ignore the loudmouth rightwing asshats. Our Lord Christ would’ve voted for Bernie… after all, not all those who holler “Lord, Lord” will win the Kingdom of Heaven… that’s in the Bible, bubbe…


Friday, 18 September 2015

17 September 2015. A Point to Ponder from Bernie…

00 Cuba. Pro-Life. 22.06.13


This was Bernie’s commentary on the Repug “debate:

The rich are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer, yet, for what seemed like an eternity, all they could talk about was not letting women control their own bodies and defunding Planned Parenthood. If you’re a veteran or military family member, there was a lot of talk about more money for war and confrontation, but no conversation about how the cost of war continues long after the last service member has returned home from overseas.

The mendacious attack on Planned Parenthood is particularly disgusting and vile. It uses deceptively edited videos… yet the konvertsy and other similarly vacuous sorts slobber over them. Let me put it clearly… if you use compromised means, you spit on Christ’s icon (at best). The Church is the “Pillar and Ground of Truth”… therefore, we can’t use shady methods (we’re not Evangelicals, after all). If we do so, we negate and deny Christ… full stop.

I’m voting for Bernie… I’m not the only Russian Orthodox person who’s going to do so…


Thursday, 3 September 2015

3 September 2015. Why I HATE “Liberals”

00 why i hate liberals 030915


I HATE smarmy condescending oh-so-smug “liberals” and “progressives”. Not one has ever done me or any other person a real bit of good. Whoever came up with the above demot… good on you. There’s nothing worse than feeling the oppressive “love” of the Liberal or the phony “comradeship” of the Progressive. At least Conservatives don’t gussy up their greed and hatred (you still vote AGAINST them and their notions, but one has to note that they don’t sugarcoat their nasty-ass ideology and actions). Oh, the worst are “Religious Hobbyists”… spare me your caterwauling about Jayzuss®, “Pro-Life”, and “Family Values”… its clear that you don’t know squat about Jesus the Workman, Life-affirming Values, and Helping Real People. “We’re only speaking the truth in love”… such people NEVER speak the truth… it goes without saying that it isn’t said in love, either. That’s the pits (that’s why I have no use for konvertsy and all their blathering)…


Thursday, 6 August 2015

6 August 2015. Stephen Freeman is Wrong in His Approval of Deceptive False Anti-PP Videos on Facebook

00 Cracked Facebook Logo. 26.10.13


I want to make one thing clear before I make my main point. No, I’m NOT “Pro-Choice”… however, I AM “Pro-Truth” and all priests who propagate lies are cheats and poseurs, and I say such openly. Read this. Stephen Freeman is a konvert priest without a proper Orthodox formation. His initial formation was in heterodox seminary, which means that he thinks in heterodox, NOT Orthodox terms. Furthermore, he’s a former Anglican, with all that implies… branch theory, in particular. He’s running about telling all and sundry on Facebook that the demonstrably false anti-PP videos that are credible. I’ve seen this. If he said such in private conversation, well, that’s one thing. If he said such on his blog, to his limited audience of clueless konvertsy, I wouldn’t mind that either. That’s just par for the course. That’s what that sort does. Leave them be, I say.

However, Facebook is a larger audience. As a priest of the OCA, any statement made by a cleric in good standing endorsing these deceptive videos implies that the OCA (and other Orthodox bodies) endorses these false and lying videos. As a priest incardinated in a diocese of the OCA, Freeman has a duty to confine himself to official Church pronouncements in public mass media or in social networks with a wide distribution. That’s why Reardon’s stunt about marriage licences was wrong… he presumed to make Church policy by his action. In like manner, Freeman is committing the bishops by his inane statements in a mass circulation venue. He should retract his statements and apologise. He did wrong… no priest can make such statements without clearing it with his bishop and with explicit permission. I know for a fact that most bishops are very careful with what their priests say on online social media.

It’s one thing for a laywoman like myself to post this or that… it does NOT commit the Church. In any case, I state explicitly that nothing I write is official Church policy… it’s my POV. Again, as an obvious non-cleric, I don’t think that I confuse anyone. However, Freeman is a priest; thusly, his duty is to keep his mouth shut in social media unless he has his bishop’s EXPLICIT permission. No, that isn’t “fair”, but that’s life in a hierarchical Church.

NO ORTHODOX CHURCH ENDORSES THESE FALSE VIDEOS. That’s what you can put in the bank. As I stated at the outset, I’m “Pro-Truth”. If you endorse lying and deceptive means, it corrupts the desired end, twisting why might have good under other circumstances into evil. Think on that. Freeman didn’t think things through… he should discuss such matters with a bishop or two before posting… it might save him a lot o’ grief. Pass me the jug… the world’s being gnarly again…


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