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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nikolić Sez Serbia Will Continue Policy of European Integration… Dačić Sez Socialist-Democratic Coalition in Parliament to Continue


Tomislav Nikolić, leader of the Progressive Party, who won the presidential elections in Serbia according to preliminary results, promised that Belgrade wouldn’t swerve from the European path. At his campaign HQ, Nikolić said, “What I promised, I intend to carry out… Serbia won’t swerve from the European path. However, Serbia wants to protect its people in Kosovo and Metohija. These elections were a referendum on who’d lead Serbia into the EU, and who wouldn’t”. In his view, the election passed a vote of “no confidence on the way that Boris Tadić and the Democratic Party dealt with domestic problems”. He placed dealing with the economic crisis, crime, and official corruption high on his list of priorities. Nikolić also announced his intention to resign as head of the Progressive Party, saying, “So that I can be the President of all Serbs. It’s the pinnacle of my political career, and one of the happiest days of my life”.


Ivica Dačić, the leader of the Socialist Party, said that the victory leader of Progressive Party leader Tomislav Nikolić in Sunday’s Serbian presidential election wouldn’t affect the agreement reached earlier between the Democrats and the Socialists to form a parliamentary majority. Dačić made this statement on Sunday evening, after preliminary results from the second round of the presidential election showed that Nikolić had defeated President Boris Tadić. In Dačić’s view, victory in the presidential election wasn’t a requirement for an agreement on a Democratic/Socialist parliamentary coalition. Dačić, who is the current Vice Premier and Minister of Internal Affairs, said that he hasn’t staked a claim to the post of Prime Minister in a future government. He didn’t rule out the possibility of heightened conflict in domestic politics because of the results of the presidential election.

Tadić beat Nikolić in the first round of the presidential election on 6 May by a record low margin of just 10,000 votes. Tadić won 25.31 percent of the votes (989,000) against 25.05 percent for Nikolić (979,000). In the second round, held on 20 May, Nikolić won, attracting 49.3 percent of the voters, according to exit polling conducted by the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID). Tadić got 47.7 percent of the ballots. Nikolić’s coalition, Let’s Get Serbia Moving, led in the parliamentary elections on 6 May, receiving 73 out of 250 seats. Tadić’s coalition, Choice For A Better Life, took second place (67 seats). On 9 May, the Democrats agreed on political cooperation with the Socialists, who received 44 seats. This suggests the formation of a parliamentary majority and a government coalition centred on the union of the Democrats and the Socialists.

 21 May 2012 (MSK)

Nikolai Sokolov

Yuliya Petrovskaya





20 May 2012. Have a Smile… Buy Salmon! Save the Penguins!





Here’s a fun little advert campaign going on in Russia at present. Click here for the company’s site on it… buy salmon! Save the penguins! Smile, son (think of Foghorn Leghorn)… not everything in life is SERIOUS …



Exit-Polls Show Nikolić in Lead in Serbian Presidential Election

THIS is why the Serbian election’s going as it is… Serbs are tired of being the West‘s favourite whipping boy. I’ll be frank, I’m tired of the hubristical posturing on the part of both neocons and interventionists… they’ve both grown fat off underpaying the American working class (and they have the gall to complain about other countries)… pardon me, your slip IS showing…


Opposition Serbian leader Tomislav Nikolić is now in first-place in the presidential election in Serbia with 49.3 percent of the vote, according to preliminary exit polling conducted by the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID). At the same time, CeSID said that it processed data from about 60 percent of polling stations, and the information received indicates that Nikolić may become Serbian President. Nikolić’s main opponent, incumbent President Boris Tadić, garnered 47.7 percent of the vote. The second round of the presidential election was on Sunday. Polling stations were open from 07.00 CET (09.00 MSK 06.00 UTC 01.00 EDT 19 May 22.00 PDT) to 20.00 CET (22.00 MSK 19.00 UTC 14.00 EDT 11.00 PDT). All pre-election forecasts indicated that Tadić would win, with a plurality of up to 16 percent. The Serbian president serves a five-year term. Tadić and Nikolić competed in the presidential elections in 2004 and 2008. In both cases, Nikolić won the first round, but Tadić took the second one.

20 May 2012

Nikolai Sokolov



20 May 2012. Christianity Does NOT Endorse the Rightwing Radicalism of Willard Romney… Paffhausen, Potapov, Mattingly, Dreher, and Reardon are Chock Fulla Beans…


Lately, we’ve seen certain Orthodox churchmen here in the American diaspora give public support to the Radical Right (claiming that it’s “Pro-Life“, dontcha know… it’s “anti-abortion”, not the same thing at all)… nothing could be further from the truth. These jabronies are 180 degrees removed from Christ‘s Truth. For instance, Benedict XVI Ratzinger, Bishop of Rome and Pope and Patriarch of the West said that a more just and peaceful world requires “adequate mechanisms for the redistribution of wealth… as some currents of modern culture, built upon rationalist and individualist economic principles, have cut off the concept of justice from its transcendent roots, detaching it from charity and solidarity” (click here for the source). His Nibs has said the same thing, “In Liberalism {American “conservatism” (in Europe, “Liberal” means that one believes in laissez faire capitalism and hates traditional structures): editor}, every person’s autonomous, both from God and from other people. He creates his own system of values and this ultimately leads him to losing his inner control”.

Therefore, when you see Paffhausen, Potapov, Mattingly, Dreher, Reardon, and all the unhinged konvertsy crew drool over the latest pronouncement from the GOP, know that they’re in UTTER OPPOSITION to what Orthodoxy and Catholicism… indeed, to what all grounded Christianity… teaches. They’ve already shamed the Church by claiming that President Obama’s against religious freedom (that’s utter bunk) and they’re in favour of the Catholic attempt to ram sectarian tenets down the throats of non-Catholics and Catholics using the secular law (that’s what exempting Catholics from the requirement to offer contraceptive services as part of healthcare plans means). Here’s the sad part… we don’t agree with the RCs on this one… the Church DOES NOT condemn artificial means of contraception. If the Catholics wish to do so, so be it, it’s their internal affair, but they can’t force it on the rest of us, nor can they force it on recalcitrant Catholics by using the police power of the state (for that’s what they’re asking for in asking for an “exemption”). As for my personal opinion, I believe that this non-issue is being used by both the Catholic and Orthodox hierarchies to distract believers from very obvious corruption (moral, sexual, and institutional) on the part of their clergy; the hierarchies are using this in a vain attempt to hide the rot from the people. Don’t forget who Paffhausen’s guru was… and don’t forget why he was REALLY defrocked (Lebedeff said so, publicly).

We live in “interesting times”. Do have a care… “If it doesn’t say ‘Sunkist’, it’s NOT an orange” (click here for the funny old TV advert that I’m referencing)… I think that you can catch my drift…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 20 May 2012

Albany NY

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