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Monday, 18 May 2015

18 May 2015. This is For a Certain Father of Two Boys of My Acquaintance…

00 thank you grandpa for the victory. russia. 18.05.15

“Thank you, Gran’pa, for the Victory!”


Do you hear what I hear? SOMEBODY is out in the garage doing something STRANGE. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE’S UP TO? Keep his dinner warm… he may be late, dear… but at least you KNOW where he is…

BTW, the sign ТОРТЫ means “Cakes”… something, the little one may be thinking of…


18 May 2015. Have a Laugh… Americans Eat Some of Our More “Out There” Foods… To See Yanks Eat Kholodets… It’s a GAS

00 Unknown Artist. Fruit Kvas. 1959

1959 Sov-era ad for Fruit Kvass… ask any Russian, we’ll tell you that it’s not only good for what ails ya, it’s just contentment in a glass…



Of course, Russians eat ANYTHING pickled… Doktorskaya Bologna, y’ gotta have a “Russian stomach”… but to see the reaction to kholodets! Actually, most Yanks have trouble with vobla (salt-cured fish)! That, and the smoked golden fish get the most “yucks” from Americans. Most of all, WHERE WAS KVASS!?! Most Russians LOVE kvass with a Number One raging passion and can’t get enough of it. Most Yanks think that warm cat piss is superior in taste and pass it by.



Friday, 1 May 2015

1 May 2015. Some of My favourite Things… Russian Folk Singing from the Orenburg State Academic Folk Choir

00j Kamyanitsa Folk Festival. Belarus. 17.09.12



This isn’t “Folk Music” per se… it’s an “urban” recasting of folk themes, from the late tsarist and Soviet periods. Nevertheless, all Russian people love this kind of thing. Yes, the state supports such ensembles, for that is one of the legitimate tasks of the state, to support and foster healthy cultural developments… that’s why godly Russia is ahead of godless Republican America… the Republicans slash everything in their disordered mad lust for more wealth. That’s why all “conservatism” is evil and without redemption. Compare this to Kim Kardashian and Duck Dynasty… there’s no comparison, is there? This is the state in action… it’s why the Church BLESSES the state… it CONDEMNS anarchy… let’s not be coy, Libertarianism is nothing but “moneyed anarchy”… think on that.


Monday, 20 April 2015

DNR Greeks Celebrate their Ethnic Planting Festival Despite Shelling and Heavy Rain

00 donetsk greek artos 01. 20.04.15

The artos… the centrepiece of the Artoo Planting Festival


00 donetsk greek artos 02. 20.04.15

Iaia has a cane… and she knows how to use it!


00 donetsk greek artos 03. 20.04.15


00 donetsk greek artos 04. 20.04.15


00 donetsk greek artos 05. 20.04.15


00 donetsk greek artos 06. 20.04.15


00 donetsk greek artos 07. 20.04.15


00 donetsk greek artos 08. 20.04.15


Today, our correspondent on the scene reported that the Greek community in Starobeshevo held their traditional ethic planting festival… Artoo… despite junta attacks and heavy rain. Ivan Mikhailov, the head of Starobeshevo Raion, told our reporter, “About 200 people from all over the Republic gathered for the Artoo holiday. It wasn’t just Greeks, but there were people of all different nationalities. This holiday is just another proof that there’s interethnic peace here in the DNR. We don’t do it the way that they do it in Kiev, where they treat ethnic minorities like second-class citizens. We’ve kept our realm harmonious*“.

  • You can take Мы сохранили мир in two ways… “We’ve kept the peace” or “We’ve preserved the world”… actually, I think that Mikhailov is playing on words here… a play on words that doesn’t carry over into translation… drat!

Traditionally, the Artoo festival includes rolling a large round bread on four hard-cooked eggs downhill. The Greek people determined how rich the future harvest would be by seeing how the bread “wandered down the hill”. Mikhailov said, “Unfortunately, this year, we couldn’t follow the Artoo customs to the letter. Because of the shelling and the bad weather, we had to modify the main event of the holiday… rolling the Artos (a large special bread) down the hill on four hard-cooked eggs. This year, the Greek people rolled the artos in a social hall. Of course, it wasn’t quite as spectacular, but the ceremony showed that this year will be fruitful in our area, that’s good news”.

D V Pushilin, the Vice-Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet and head of the Ispolkom* of the Donetsk Republic public movement, attended the festivities, saying, “This is a wonderful holiday. The most important thing that we must realise is that our Republic was, and remains, a multi-ethnic entity. Everyone has their own holidays, and it’s important to take part with them, to understand them”.

  • Ispolkom: Executive Committee

19 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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