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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lutogino Raion Celebrated Obzhinki End-of-Harvest Festival

00 lutugino harvest festival lnr. lugansk pr 01. 250815


00 lutugino harvest festival lnr. lugansk pr 02. 250815


00 lutugino harvest festival lnr. lugansk pr 03. 250815


00 lutugino harvest festival lnr. lugansk pr 04. 250815


00 lutugino harvest festival lnr. lugansk pr 05. 250815


Yuliya Viskovatova, head of the Information Department in Lutogino Raion, told us that locals celebrated the Obzhinki, the traditional end-of-harvest festival. Local performers organised a festival and concert for the farmers at the T G Shevchenko Raion House of Culture. The festival marked the end of the new harvest, it summed up the labours and challenges that led to a rich agricultural year. Present to congratulate the farmers were acting LNR Minister of Agriculture and Food Ruslan Sorokovenko, LNR Minister of Industry Dmitri Bozich, and Igor Russky, the head of Lutugino Raion. They gave out Certificates of Merit to the best workers. Russky said, “They say that the ploughman has black hands, but he gives birth to Lutugino white bread. I wish all of you good weather, decent prices, health, and well-being. We’ve already harvested more than 7,000 tonnes of wheat. After we complete the harvest on our farms, we’ll continue clearing for other crops. The forecast for the harvest, despite the conditions under which we sowed the grain, is pretty good; next year, I’m sure that we’d reach higher levels”.

24 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Monday, 18 May 2015

18 May 2015. This is For a Certain Father of Two Boys of My Acquaintance…

00 thank you grandpa for the victory. russia. 18.05.15

“Thank you, Gran’pa, for the Victory!”


Do you hear what I hear? SOMEBODY is out in the garage doing something STRANGE. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE’S UP TO? Keep his dinner warm… he may be late, dear… but at least you KNOW where he is…

BTW, the sign ТОРТЫ means “Cakes”… something, the little one may be thinking of…


18 May 2015. Have a Laugh… Americans Eat Some of Our More “Out There” Foods… To See Yanks Eat Kholodets… It’s a GAS

00 Unknown Artist. Fruit Kvas. 1959

1959 Sov-era ad for Fruit Kvass… ask any Russian, we’ll tell you that it’s not only good for what ails ya, it’s just contentment in a glass…



Of course, Russians eat ANYTHING pickled… Doktorskaya Bologna, y’ gotta have a “Russian stomach”… but to see the reaction to kholodets! Actually, most Yanks have trouble with vobla (salt-cured fish)! That, and the smoked golden fish get the most “yucks” from Americans. Most of all, WHERE WAS KVASS!?! Most Russians LOVE kvass with a Number One raging passion and can’t get enough of it. Most Yanks think that warm cat piss is superior in taste and pass it by.



Friday, 1 May 2015

1 May 2015. Some of My favourite Things… Russian Folk Singing from the Orenburg State Academic Folk Choir

00j Kamyanitsa Folk Festival. Belarus. 17.09.12



This isn’t “Folk Music” per se… it’s an “urban” recasting of folk themes, from the late tsarist and Soviet periods. Nevertheless, all Russian people love this kind of thing. Yes, the state supports such ensembles, for that is one of the legitimate tasks of the state, to support and foster healthy cultural developments… that’s why godly Russia is ahead of godless Republican America… the Republicans slash everything in their disordered mad lust for more wealth. That’s why all “conservatism” is evil and without redemption. Compare this to Kim Kardashian and Duck Dynasty… there’s no comparison, is there? This is the state in action… it’s why the Church BLESSES the state… it CONDEMNS anarchy… let’s not be coy, Libertarianism is nothing but “moneyed anarchy”… think on that.


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