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Monday, 6 October 2008

The MP and the ROCOR are close to Completing a Common List of the New Martyrs and Confessors of the Bolshevik Yoke

Mother of God “Stand for Christ with the Martyr’s Cross”

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The MP and the ROCOR shall compose a common list of the New Martyrs who suffered for the Faith in the Bolshevik era. The MP Holy Synod, at its session on Monday, decided to establish a working group to study the problem of the New Martyrs and Confessors of the 20th century canonised by the ROCOR during its period of separation from the MP. Archpriest Georgy Mitrofanov, a member of the Synodal Commission for Canonisation, explained to our Interfax-Religion correspondent that the need for compiling a common list of the New Martyrs arose due to the fact that the ROCOR carried out a collective canonisation of the New Martyrs, adding them to the list of saints immediately and without an investigation into each specific case. Moreover, at that time, the ROCOR did not have access to archival materials that spoke specifically of how one person or another behaved under interrogation. The action of the Archpastoral Council in June resolving that one of the great spiritual leaders of the Russian emigration, Saint Ioann Maksimovich of Shanghai and San Francisco, should be universally venerated throughout the MP gave an idea of how the process should work. This former bishop was canonised by the ROCOR in 1994.

6 October 2008




Bishop Diomid is deposed from the Priesthood

Bishop Diomid Dzyuban of Anadyr and Chukotka (1961- ), deposed by action of the MP Holy Synod today

The Holy Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate at its session on Monday decided to depose Bishop Diomid of Anadyr and Chukotka from the priestly dignity. Thus, finally, the Holy Synod affirmed the resolution of the Archpastoral Council concerning Vladyki Diomid’s deposition from the episcopal dignity for his disobedience to the Church hierarchy and his attempts to foment a schism in the Church. As of today, the former Bishop Diomid is deprived of the priestly office and is reduced to the rank of an ordinary monk. In addition, the Synod made decisions concerning the deposition of several clerics of the Diocese of Anadyr and Chukotka who supported the actions of Vladyki Diomid. As before, the Synod resolved to continue Archbishop Mark of Khabarovsk as temporary administrator of the Diocese of Anadyr and Chukotka.

Earlier, in June, the decision to depose Bishop Diomid from the episcopal dignity was taken by the Archpastoral Council. However, the resolution of the Archpastoral Council could only take effect if it was affirmed by the MP Holy Synod, as according to the regulations of the MP, only the Synod has the right to select, assign, and dismiss the members of the episcopate. Bishop Diomid was given a chance to repent in the time between the Archpastoral Council in June and the session of the Holy Synod in October. During this time, he was removed as ruling hierarch of the Diocese of Anadyr and Chukotka, he was forbidden to serve at liturgy, and his responsibilities were assigned to Archbishop Mark of Khabarovsk and Primaursky. However, the former bishop did use the period that the Archpastoral Council had given him for repentance; rather, he issued “anathemas” against Patriarch Aleksei, Metropolitan Kirill, and other leading figures of the MP, and actually declared himself the head of the MP.

6 October 2008



Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Vienna participated in the Broadcast of “A Bible Marathon” together with Benedict XVI

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Vienna and Austria (1966- ), MP Representative to the European international institutions

A special television presentation, A Bible Marathon, organised by Vatican Television together with the Italian state TV company RAI was launched in Rome last Sunday. This week-long project will feature 1,248 specially-selected readers who will read the Bible in the Italian language non-stop, from the first to the last page. The marathon was kicked off by Benedict XVI, the Pope of Rome, reading the first chapter of the Book of Genesis. He was immediately followed by Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Vienna and Austria, the Representative of the Moscow Patriarchate to the European international organisations, who took the baton as if he was in a relay race from the Roman pope and read the second chapter of the Book of Genesis, the Bishop’s press-service reported to Interfax-Religion on Monday.

Renowned Italian actors, intellectuals, leading cultural figures, high-ranking representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian confessions will participate in the reading of further chapters. The first hour of the project was aired live by RAI-Uno and Eurovision. Live broadcast of the following days will be conducted by RAI-Education, several satellite channels, and Radio Vaticana. “This was the first time that the largest state-owned TV channel in Italy initiated a live broadcast of reading the whole Bible. At a time when secular television pays so little attention to religious issues, this project seems critically important”, Bishop Hilarion said to Interfax-Religion. In his opinion, the project has an important missionary meaning, as due to this project “the Bible will enter the homes of many Italian-speaking people”.

6 October 2008



The Ukraine appears to have been a Participant in Georgia’s Invasion of South Ossetia



The Ukrainian government appears to have been a participant in Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia. Journalists of the Moscow-based newspaper Izvestiya (Proceedings) and the weekly news programme Vesti Nedelin (News of the Week) conducted their own inquiry into the supplies of Ukrainian weapons to Georgia, and they came up with this conclusion. That Georgia was a hotbed of tension since it went into war against Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the early 90s required other countries to demonstrate restraint in supplying the Caucasian conflict zone with weapons and military hardware. Kiev ignored this obligation, and it became clear that the Ukraine became the leading supplier of weapons to President Saakashvili’s regime. The weapons supplied included anti-aircraft missiles, multiple-rocket-launchers, and tanks. This particular facet of arms export was taken out of the hands of the usual agencies and was controlled by President Yushchenko personally. He was definitely aware of the planned invasion, as he had many confidential meetings with Mr Saakashvili and must have supported it. By providing Georgia with munitions, President Yushchenko made the Ukraine an ally of Georgia in the invasion of South Ossetia.

There is proof of that in a resolution by an investigative panel of the Supreme Rada of the Ukraine (the Ukrainian parliament: editor’s note), which held an inquiry into the supplies of military hardware and weapons to Georgia. On the supply list was Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missiles, which had to be withdrawn from Ukrainian army units, thereby undermining the defence capability of the Ukraine. That was not the end of it all, however. Moreover, Valery Konalvalyuk, the chief of the investigatory panel says that Georgian army units underwent military training on the territory of Ukraine. The Buk-M1 missiles were supplied to Georgia this year, which means that Ukrainian technicians might have operated them during the conflict.

In addition, reports by the panel say Georgia received weapons at knockdown prices. The T-72 tanks were sold at  155,000 to 255,000 dollars (4.073 to 6.701 million roubles. 114,762 to 188,802 euros. 88,830 to 146,140 UK pounds) each, which is four to six times cheaper than world prices. In the view of Izvestiya, the players in this brilliant scam made astronomical profits out of this rather shady transaction. A Ukrainian parliamentary deputy, Dmitri Tabachnik, thought along the same lines. “Similar scandals have broken out in the Ukraine before, and everybody knows that no one will be punished for that. What has become clear in the past four years is that the project known as ‘Viktor Yushchenko’ is utterly anti-Ukrainian in nature. I did not say that it is ‘anti-Russian’, I stress highly that it is ‘anti-Ukrainian'”. Some experts tend to see a direct connection between the weapons scandal and the current parliamentary crisis in the Ukraine, which was instigated by those involved in the scandal in an effort to prevent an inquiry into their true role in the recent developments in the Caucasus.

6 October 2008

Yevgeni Kryshkin

Voice of Russia World Service




Editor’s Note:

The neocons’ ramshackle edifice is falling down in broad daylight, in full sight of everyone. Bush, Cheney, Rice, McCain, and Palin are traitors and should be treated accordingly. Indeed, John McCain has been a paid agent of the Georgian government, and his main foreign advisor, one Randall Schneumann is still on the Georgian dole. That means that Messrs McCain and Schneumann are guilty of selling out the interests of the USA to a foreign state. At one time, that would have disqualified Mr McCain from public office.

The outlines of the plot are clear to all with eyes. Washington wished to aid Georgia militarily, but, desired to have “deniability” if their enterprise crashed and burned (as it so spectacularly did); it also wished to avoid Congressional oversight. So, Foggy Bottom put pressure on Yushchenko to sell arms to Georgia. That would have caused quite a stir in the Rada, as Regions and the Communists would have raised a rumpus. Therefore, arms were taken from the active Ukrainian forces and sold to the Georgians. As the arms were not sold through the usual channels, the pols involved pocketed the not-small amount of money from this Slim Shady deal. They also weakened the Ukrainian forces (which are not much to write home about, in any case).

Seemingly, it was perfect for all the sides involved. The Foggy Bottom neocons got their foreign policy gambit without having to pass it through Congress (remember how they did that with the CIA torture facilities in Poland and Romania?). Yushchenko and his corrupt Galician henchmen pocketed a hefty little bit of swag… boy, what a good boy am I! Saakashvili and his goons got the arms they wanted at cut-rates, which magnified his already bloated arms budget.



Washington is trying to disentangle itself from the mess that Cheney and Rice planned as a boost to the McCain campaign. Kiev is caught with its nicks around its ankles and Yushchenko has no political allies left, even in Washington. Saakashvili is a “dead man walking”. His political future is kaput, and George Soros is going to have to find another to replace him (if he can).

For all right-wing US supporters of Georgia… reflect on two facts. Saakashvili ordered Grad attacks on sleeping civilians, that is, 1,080 heavy artillery rockets from 27 MRLs landed in Tskhinvali within 20 seconds. If you support Saakashvili, you support that. Secondly, Saakashvili has spent 500 million dollars on a Presidential Palace in a country with a GDP of a little over 10 billion dollars total. That’s 5 percent of the total GDP! “A beacon of democracy in the Caucasus(!)”… I think not… pass me the jug Michael; I need something to restore my balance.

Yet, there are those who support Bush and McCain even as all the sordid details come out… they shan’t listen, anyone who disagrees with them is labelled a “socialist”.

Kaufft nicht bei Bush und McCain… our future depends on it.



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