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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Tankcrew of 3 Gorlovsky Motorised Infantry Brigade Won DNR Minoborony Competition

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The Torez Polygon* hosted the first-ever competition between DNR tankcrew of different units, ending in victory for the crews of the 3 Gorlovsky Motorised Rife Brigade. The winning team led throughout the three stages of the competition. They scored the highest in firing main-guns at targets and at destroying enemy helicopters at long-range. A DNR Minoborony staffer said, “The 3 Rifle Brigade team gave the best results in all phases of competition… overcoming conventional minefields, firing main-guns and machine guns, and overcoming obstacles and scarp (fortifications)”. Second place went to the Uman Separate Battalion and third place went to the Slavyansk Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade. Other participants were the 5 Donetsk Brigade, 100 Republican Guard Brigade, 9 Mariupol-Khingan and 11 Yenakiyevo-Dunai Motorised Rifle Regiments, and the Donetsk Higher Military Command School. Colonel Arkady Fedoseyev, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, said, “The competitions of our DNR tankcrew were successful. We were able to confirm that the level of training of our troops met expected standards”. The judges will award the best tank commander, best driver-mechanic, and best gunner prizes later.

  • Polygon: Russian colloquialism for a military base, due to polygonal concrete blocks on the drill ground and airfields

Several hundred spectators came out for the final stage of the competition, despite the terakt* that occurred at the beginning of the competition. High government officials came to show their support for the troops, including DNR Minister of Defence Major General Vladimir Kononov, DNR First Deputy Defence Minister Major General Sergei Velikorodny, DNR Minister of Communications Viktor Yatsenko, DNR Minister of Culture Aleksandr Paretsky, along with many others. Yatsenko said, “Today, we don’t just support those competing on the obstacle course, but we’re also checking how well they receive and carry out orders. We found some problems, but we eliminated them as soon as we could”. To ensure the safety of all concerned, DNR police, military police, EOD* crews, and spetsnaz soldiers were on the scene. Besides this, firefighters, rescue workers, and ambulance crews were on duty. Security carefully inspected the cars, personal belongings, and documents of visitors. After the competition proper, vocal and dance groups gave performances, along with demonstrations by sports teams. Paretsky said, “About 100 members of different ensembles arrived today to take part in the final concert. This is a great opportunity to raise the cultural and aesthetic level of our region, and, of course, to inspire our warriors to future victories”.

  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”
  • EOD: Explosives Ordnance Disposal, the bubbas who remove and defuse bombs and other such fun stuff

29 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

30 September 2015. Translated Russian Demot… This is Why Russia Will Beat America

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Memorial Event to Honour Donetsk Partisans of the VOV Held in Lenin Komsomol Park

00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 01 250915


00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 02 250915


00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 03 250915


00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 04 250915


00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 05 250915


00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 06 250915


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00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 08 250915


00 donetsk pr dnr partisan day 09 250915


Today, a memorial event to honour Donetsk VOV partisans occurred at Lenin Komsomol Park near the Donbass Liberators Memorial. Donetsk Mayor Igor Martynov, First Deputy Mayor Igor Ponomarenko, VOV veterans, schoolchildren, students, and ordinary citizens attended the event. Martynov pointed up:

It’s very good that we honour the memory of those who fell behind the lines, causing damage to the enemy. Their activities were no less important than the units that advanced and fought at the front. Every year, unfortunately, the cohort of frontline and partisan veterans becomes smaller, but it’d be good if they were to see peace restored in the Donbass. I think that’d be the best gift that we could give them.

For the occasion, the sponsors prepared a concert of military and patriotic songs. Veterans remembered their wartime days and shared stories. The participants observed a moment of silence in memory of those partisans killed in the war and of those who didn’t live to see this day, meeting observed a minute of silence. Ponomarenko said:

We have no right to forget your podvig*, to forget how you rescued Donetsk from a subhuman enemy, from those that murdered millions of innocent civilians. Unfortunately, history repeated itself after many years. We thank you, veterans, for you gave us a city to protect. We assure you… we won’t forget your podvig.

Colonel Yuri Kovalchuk, a VOV vet and Commissioner of the DNR Union of Former Soviet Officers, noted:

The Day of Partisan Glory is a splendid holiday; it honours the celebrated memory of the heroism of the Soviet underground, of the Soviet partisans, for without the partisan movement, we wouldn’t have won the victories at Kursk, Leningrad, and Stalino {the name of Donetsk during the VOV: editor}.

In conclusion, those present laid flowers at the Donbass Partisan Memorial.

During the Great Patriotic War, more than 6,000 partisan detachments and clandestine cells totalling about a million people operated in Wehrmacht rear areas. Approximately one in five won high state awards, and 223 received the title Hero of the Soviet Union. The Day of Partisan Glory occurs every year on 22 September.

23 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

DNR Kids Asked World Leaders to Stop the War in the Donbass

00 dnr donetsk peoples republic kids peace 01 220915


00 dnr donetsk peoples republic kids peace 02 220915


00 dnr donetsk peoples republic kids peace 03 220915


00 dnr donetsk peoples republic kids peace 04 220915


On the International Day of Peace, DNR kids appealed to the international community to help stop the war in the Donbass by reading out a message at a peace rally held at the Donbass Liberators Memorial in Lenin Komsomol Park in Donetsk, attended by about 2,000 people.  Members of the Донецкая Республика (Donetskaya Respublika: Donetsk Bloc) (DR) bloc, its youth wing, Deputies of the DNR Peoples Soviet, students, and just plain folks attended the event. Aleksei Muratov, First Deputy Chairman of the DR Executive Committee, told the crowd, “We’ve been at war for more than a year. People that lived in peace yesterday, as a family, now kill each other. Our kids in the Donbass, like no other, know and understand what the horrors of war are. That’s why on 1 September (the Day of Knowledge), as a lesson in peacemaking, our kids wrote letters appealing to the leaders of all countries in the world to stop the war”. Sergei Kondrykinsky, Chairman of Молодая Республика (Molodaya Respublika: Young Republic), said, “Who else but we know the price of peace? Today, we must remember all those terrible moments that happened in our homeland, to remember them and to transmit them to future generations, to our children, to all young people in the DNR… to tell them that it’s impossible to defeat us”.

Those present observed a moment of silence in memory of those killed in the war, both soldiers and civilians. After that, young people read poems and sang a few songs about peace, before reading out a message of peace to the world’s leaders. Sofiya Kochina, a student at Donetsk School № 120, related, “We were only 14, we dreamed of a peaceful sky over our heads, our hearts bled when we heard and saw that windows shattering due to exploding shells. We want very much to see smiles on our families’ faces, not tears of frustration. All of us here in the Donbass appeal to you… please, bring peace to our motherland. We remember how beautiful Donetsk was before the war; we believe in our hearts that the thirst for the advent of peace in the world isn’t yet quenched”. At the conclusion, the people released balloons into the air with letters from Donbass kids about peace and they released doves, symbolising peace and harmony.

The UN General Assembly established the International Day of Peace in 1981 to promote peace among peoples and nations. In 2001, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution that stipulated that the International Day of Peace would fall every year on 21 September, as a day of non-violence and a day of ceasefire.

21 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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