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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1 July 2015. A Popular Russian Demot…

00 God is with us. 300615


The picture of the soldier and the cross with the legend с нами Бог (s nami Bog: God is with us) is very popular in Russia and Novorossiya today. The American-fomented aggression in the Ukraine has galvanised people like never before in modern times. It’s like the VOV! It’s like the Patriotic War of 1812! It’s like the people responding to Pozharsky and Minin in 1612! It’s like the people rallying behind Grand Prince St Aleksandr Nevsky to drive out the papist invaders in 1242! That’s why President Putin has an approval rating of 89 percent. The Russian people… indeed, all the decent and right-believing people of Holy Rus… are ready to fight the Anglo pigs. If the USA were to touch one drop of Russian soil… and that WOULD include the Crimea and Novorossiya… all bets would be off. Russia has a LOOONG history of thrashing invaders. Russians don’t give a good goddamn until the plug-uglies from foreign parts show up. When they do, the Westerners find out (again) that you don’t mess with the Bear.

Bears DO tend to get gnarly when provoked… just sayin’…


Monday, 29 June 2015

29 June 2015. Translated Russian Demot…

00 to the fallen heroes of novorossiya. 290615


I’d like to remind you of the wicked thing that Victor Potapov wrote at the end of his rant about Stalin:

The effort to rehabilitate the persona of Stalin is a genuine assault by the enemy of our salvation upon the Russian people.

That is, he accuses the Donsky Voiska of being Satan’s minions because they march under the Red banner! He accuses all of us who support the creative synthesis of Orthodoxy and communism found in the Peoples Republics of being Satan’s servants. He’s accusing His Holiness of being Satan’s legate for being a leftist. In fact, he’s throwing all of us who aren’t in his little rightwing cabal to the demons.

Reflect on this. He doesn’t care. He gets a fat pay packet from the US government for broadcasting lies. When he made his accusations, he spat on the graves of all the heroes who fell in the defence of Holy Rus. When he made his accusations, he spat in the faces of the families who lost children and loved ones in the Uniate terror bombardments. When he made his accusations, he spat on all Orthodox Christians who follow His Holiness and demand Social Justice. Victor Potapov is a soulless running dog who’s been on the CIA payroll for decades. Bear that in mind whenever you read his rants. He wants a society where the rich run roughshod over all others… he proves that by his close associations with the Moonie-run Washington Times and with the neocon American Enterprise Institute. He introduced Paffso to all the extremist Far Right crowd in the District.

You can stand with the suffering but tenacious Orthodox people of Novorossiya… or you can stand with scheming rightwing scumbags like Potapov and Paffhausen who support the ravening foes of Holy Rus and the Holy Church. It’s your choice… choose wisely…



Friday, 26 June 2015

26 June 2015. A Russian Demot… YES… Vova IS that Popular

00 try to attack us. 260615


The irresponsible statements of John McCain, Ted Cruz, Chilly Hilly, and Joe Biden have only woke up the Russian people! They’re sounding the alarm like 1612 all over again… do remember how that ended…


26 June 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Some Things NEVER Change

00 russian flag 230615


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