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Sunday, 4 March 2018

4 March 2018. “The Tanks Roared Over the Field”… A Song of Determination and Sacrifice (Kuban Cossack Chorus with Viktor Sorokin)

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Yet Another Invader in the Dustbin.

Yet Another Invader in the Dustbin

Vitaly Podvitsky




The Americans are telling outrageous lies about the Rodina and they’re making all sorts of bootless threats. As for the Russian people… they’re ready for the clueless stupid arrogant Anglos if they come… they’ll defeat them just as they defeated the Teutonic Knights, the Tatars, the Poles, the Swedes, the Turks, the French, and the Germans. All marched on Russia with a sword in hand… all died by that sword on the Russian land. The Americans would only be the last in a long list of invaders who held us and our Eurasian Orthodox Christian culture in contempt. Let them come… Russians are ready to bear whatever burden they need to in order to expel any invader. Listen to this song. Russians have no illusions about war and its costs… unlike juvenile hubristical Anglos, who think that they can brutalise others without consequence or cost.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

1 March 2018. They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… No Hero is EVER Forgotten


Mikhail Fomin and Aleksandr Draevsky were Moscow firemen. Today, at a fire in Moscow, they rescued four people but died themselves. The fire at a house on Bulvar Matrosa Zhelenyaka took place at night. Someone called the Fire Brigade. Mikhail and Aleksandr brought everyone in the affected unit out safely, an adult and three children. However, as they exited the building, a fireball burst out, killing both firemen instantly.

May these heroes receive the Kingdom of Heaven.

29 February 2018

Losinka Pravoslavnaya


Monday, 26 February 2018

26 February 2018. No Comment Necessary Department… Kim Jong-Un on Patriotism… Not So Crazy, Is He?


Sunday, 25 February 2018

25 February 2018. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… VICTORY!


Russia-Germany 4-3! In overtime, we punished the Germans, using a numerical superiority. After 26 years, the Russian national hockey team recaptured Olympic gold!

25 February 2018

Vitaly Podvitsky Masterskaya Karikatury


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