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Sunday, 27 July 2014

27 July 2014. MY HEROES… THANK YOU!

00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 27.07.14


00 my heroes. poklonnaya gora. 27.07.14


Спасибо вам… THANK YOU for crushing the fascist snakes (and their collaborationist running dogs)… THANK YOU for stopping the Nazi murderers… THANK YOU for giving us a peaceful world to grow up in.


I can’t say it often enough or loud enough… if you know a World War II vet from any of the countries of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, honour them… they saved us from a long nasty fascist night. They’re our heroes… NOT Ronald Reagan… NOT Rush Limbaugh… NOT Clint Eastwood… NOT Bill O’Reilly… NOT Richard Cheney… NOT Paul Ryan… NOT Willard Romney… all of whom avoided combat service (some were gutless cowards who avoided military duty altogether).

Respect those who earned respect… as for the others… kiss my ass…


Now, that’s WORTHY of respect and honour…


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ten Attributes of the Russian Character

00 russia 01. Viktor Vasnetsov. Three Bogatyrs. 1898


00 russia 02. Konstantin Vasiliev. Sviyazhsk. 1973


00 Russia 03. Illarion Pryanishnikov. The French Retreat in 1812. 1873


00 russia 04. Nikolai Yaroshenko. Life is Everywhere. 1888


00 russia 05. Vasili Nesterenko. Zvenigorod on a Warm Autumn Day. 2000


00 russia 06. Isaak Levitan. Eternal Peace. 1894


00 russia 07. Sergei Gavrilyachenko. Cossack Duty. 1999


00 russia 08. Mikhail Khmelko. The Unity of the Russian People. 1951


00 russia 09. Dmitri Petrov. The Prayer of an Expectant Mother. 2005


00 russia 010. Mikhail Nesterov. The Soul of the Russian People. 1916


Over the twenty-plus years of post-Soviet life, Russian political scientists, sociologists, and other scholars argued about what constitutes national feeling and the overall unifying ideology. Furthermore, repeatedly, heated discussion centred on the question, “Who are and who can be considered ‘Russian?’” There was much controversy; they debated, they tried to refute opposing arguments…

Here’s a view on the matter in visual form, showing us ten of the attributes that make us “Russian”.

16 July 2014




Some of the images were in the original post, others I changed. Most of all, I wanted to show the continuity in the depiction of the Russian character from the Tsarist era through the Soviet times to the contemporary period. Those who tell you that the Soviet time was a break with the Russian character are liars with a crank Russophobic agenda, and we should treat them accordingly. It’s all ours, or none of it is ours… that’s the choice… there’s no other.

I don’t think that I need tell you what my choice is…


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

22 July 2014. Video. Anthem of the Donetsk People’s Republic (with English subtitles)

00 Novorossiya flag 01. 26.06.14



Spare a thought for the suffering people of Novorossiya… the “Ukrainian” Uniate fascist filth continue to commit atrocities and enormities against the innocent Russian Orthodox population. I should also add that so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” are as bad as the Uniates are, indeed, they suck up to the papists and allow “services” where they allow Uniate apostates to serve alongside “Orthodox” clergy. Avoid them, as you avoid Uniates… both are purveyors of hate, falsehood, and Russophobic nonsense.

Stand for Novorossiya. It never was, nor is it, nor shall it ever be “Ukrainian”… it was, is, and ever shall be Russian and an inseparable part of Holy Rus. As it was, as it is, as it ever shall be…


Poem: Русские идут! The Russians are Coming!

00 the russians are coming. 22.07.14


В Одессе жарким зноем дышит лето,
В Луганске с воем мины землю рвут…
И вот, как вздох, как тихий шелест ветра,
Слышнее, ближе: «Русские идут!»

Они идут, как шли и в сорок пятом,
От наших рек – до чуждых берегов.
Шли за Победой русские солдаты –
И ужас каменел в сердцах врагов!

Как ждали их все страны и народы
Растерзанной фашистами Земли!
Коль снова к власти пробрались уроды –
Что ж, снова в битву русские пошли!

Мир жестче стал, люд – злее, чувства – суше,
И дни еще нелегкие грядут…
С улыбкой мать – Россия смотрит в душу,
Когда я слышу: «Русские идут!»


00 russian soldiers 01. World War I. 22.07.14


In Odessa, the hot heat of summer breathes,
In Lugansk, the howling land mines tear the land…
And so, like a sigh, as the quiet rustling of the wind,
Louder, closer: “The Russians are coming!”

They’re coming… just like in ‘45,
From our rivers… to alien shores.
The Russian soldiers went for victory…
And terror turned our enemies’ hearts to stone!

All countries and peoples waited for them
In an earth the fascists ravaged!
Once again, the freaks came to power…
Well, the Russians again went to battle!

The world is harder, people are meaner, feelings are drained,
And the more difficult days are coming…
With a smile, Mother-Russia looks into the soul,
When I hear “The Russians are coming!”

17 July 2014

TsIA Novorossiya


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