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Sunday, 17 August 2014

17 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Futbolki (Tee-Shirts) in Sevastopol

00 tee-shirts Sevastopol. 17.08.14


Aleksandr Yakovlev of KP wrote:

I wanted to write a post about the amazing atmosphere in Sevastopol, but then I realised that we could say it all with this photo.

‘Nuff said…


Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 October 2014. A I Solzhenitsyn on the Ukraine… Prophetic Words Written in 1968

00 Cuz Freedom Ain't Free. 26.10.13


The Gulag Archipelago

Part 5, Chapter 2

(written 1968; published 1974)

It pains me to write this as the Ukraine and Russia are merged in my blood, in my heart, and in my thoughts. However, extensive experience of friendly contacts with Ukrainians in the camps has shown me how much of a painful grudge they hold. Our generation won’t escape from paying for the mistakes of our fathers. To stamp one’s foot and shout, “This is mine!” is the easiest option. It is far more difficult to say, “Those who want to live, live!” Surprising as it may be, the Marxist teaching prediction that nationalism is fading hasn’t come true. On the contrary, in an age of nuclear research and cybernetics, it has for some reason flourished. The time is coming for us, whether we like it or not, to repay all the promissory notes of self-determination and independence; we should do it ourselves and not wait to be burnt at the stake, drowned in a river, or beheaded. We must prove that we’re a great nation, not with the vastness of our territory or the number of peoples in our care, but with the greatness of our deeds, and with the depth of ploughing what we shall have left after those lands that won’t want to stay with us secede.

With the Ukraine, things will get extremely painful. Nevertheless, one has to understand the degree of tension they feel. As it’s been impossible for centuries to resolve it, it’s now down to us to show good sense. We must hand over the decision-making to them… federalists or separatists, whichever of them wins. Not to give in would be mad and cruel. The more lenient, patient, coherent we now are, the more hope there’d be to restore unity in future. Let them live it, let them test it. They’d soon understand that not all problems are resolved through separation. Since in different Ukrainian regions there are varying proportions of those who consider themselves Ukrainians, those who consider themselves Russians, and those who consider themselves neither, there’d be many difficulties there. Maybe, it’d be necessary to have a referendum in each region and then ensure preferential and delicate treatment of those who’d want to leave. Not the whole of the Ukraine in its current formal Soviet borders is indeed Ukrainian. Some regions on the left bank [of the Dnepr] clearly lean more towards Russia. As for the Crimea, Khrushchyov’s decision to hand it over to the Ukraine was totally arbitrary. What about Carpathian (Red) Ruthenia? That’d serve as a test, too… whilst demanding justice for themselves, how just will the Ukrainians be to Carpatho-Russians?

A I Solzhenitsyn

16 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Russians and Serbs… Brothers Forever!

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00 Russians and Serbs... Brothers Forever! 16.08.14


That says it all…


Thursday, 14 August 2014

14 August 2014. Bring ‘Em Home… End the Perpetual Warfare… Send Romney, Biden, Cruz, and Hilly to War Instead!

00 Bring 'em Home! 14.08.14



The Chicken Hawk pigs are beating the war drums again… they want to march on Iraq, China, Syria, Russia, and Novorossiya (all at once!)… we’ve had continual warfare since the USSR imploded. It proves that the USSR was innocent, and that the USA was a rogue state wishing war upon the world. America suffered its first defeat since 1992 in South Ossetia, but the Establishment covers it up and hopes that you don’t draw the proper lesson from it. Right now, the USA is war-weary and its economy is knackered because the war-pigs (both Republicans and Democrats) spent all of our substance on wars in foreign parts and on simultaneous massive tax breaks for the Affluent Effluent. There’s nothing left in the cupboard… unless we slam our boot into the faces of the elderly, poor, and unfortunate… which is what the Republican satanists want.

If you listen to and follow cowardly greedster pigs like Romney, Beck, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Santorum, O’Reilly, Hannity, Nugent, Biden, Rubio, Ryan, and Cruz, who all refused to serve their country with the colours, you reveal yourself as stupid, clueless, and ignorant. I say this to your face! Very few, if any, of the warmongers served themselves… they’re too GOOD to serve. Your sons can die… but theirs are exempt, don’t ya know. If you support the American Establishment drive for global hegemony, you abet evil… I oppose you and everything that you stand for. There is NO ground for compromise. That’s why I oppose those Orthodox who want to ally us with rightwing forces… they help advance evil and none of us should stand for it. An anti-abortion bleat is NOT “pro-life”… do think on that…



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