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Monday, 24 November 2014

German FM Steinmaier against Ukies Joining NATO and the EU

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German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke out against the Ukraine joining NATO. He said that it’s unrealistic to expect Ukrainian accession to the EU and NATO in the short-term, noting, “The economic and political modernisation of the country is a project of several generations”, adding that Kiev should soon begin appropriate reforms.

23 November 2014




This is BAD news for the Uniate junta. Germany’s throwing ice-cold water on their efforts to join NATO and the EU, which means that Berlin has written them off. In short, Berlin doesn’t expect them to last out the year, it appears. BIG NEWS…


24 November 2014. NO Solid News from the Novorossiyan Front… Still MOSTLY Quiet on the Front

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There’s been no solid news coming out of the Novorossiya War of National LIberation. The “truce” has lasted for over two months, as it’s benefitted both parties to the conflict. I’ve received absolutely contradictory news from my sources… no one has any real grasp on the situation, not Langley, not Stratfor, not me (especially). However, certain things are discernible… the DNR and LNR authorities have been like busy beavers repairing war damage. Water and power utilities are mostly up in Lugansk, and Donetsk isn’t far behind (one of the main hospitals just reopened after repairs from Uniate terror shelling). The main motorways and railways leading to Russia are in good condition, and the VSN has cleared Uniate forces from all major routes, it controls the national territory, having only two pockets of Uniate resistance behind the MLR. Both the LNR and DNR are EXPANDING social services, but the Uniate junta CUTS them. Only part of this is due to pervasive systemic dysfunction and mounting macroeconomic collapse in the junta-misruled Ukraine. Don’t forget, the Uniates (in particular) are slobbering rightwing fascists, on the level of US Tea Party Republicans.

The most interesting reports concern widespread morale collapse in the Uniate junta forces. Mind you, I can’t confirm this, but I’d remind you that Stratfor (in particular) can’t confirm their speculations either… keep in mind that Langley’s preconceptions hobble them (as does their belief in American Exceptionalism, which knackers the whole enterprise). Persistent reports are coming out of troops refusing to follow orders and Uniate commissars shooting recalcitrant troops. When one considers that prices are spinning out of control and that ordinary working people have seen living standards tumble precipitously since the American-fomented Uniate fascist coup, the fact that the Uniate junta now looks like the Guomindang in 1949 is hardly surprising to educated observers.

It ain’t over yet, but none of us can discern the shape of the future. NONE OF US. Bear that in mind as you listen to lies from the American government and from Stratfor… they DO have agendas that distort their analysis of the situation. It’s a fucking black hole… and I’m honest enough to say that to you. Stay tuned…


Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Russian Beauty” Competition in Moscow

00 Russian Beauty competition. 23.11.14


The 20th Russian Beauty Competition took place at the Moscow State Musical Folklore Theater. These sure aren’t the stereotypical Russian women, are they?


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cardinal Koch Sez the End of Communism Wasn’t All Good for Christianity



On Monday, Cardinal Kurt Koch, the top Roman Catholic official for inter-church relations, said that the end of communist rule in Europe, which began 25 years ago this month, wasn’t all positive for Christianity because it brought tensions between Rome and Russia back to the surface. He said that the re-emergence of Uniates in the Ukraine and Romania after decades of suppression created major tensions with the Russian Orthodox Church. Russian Orthodox leaders accused the Vatican-aligned Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGKTs) of trying to take back churches and woo away believers from the MP. The UGKTs and the Vatican deny this. MP bishops cited this as a hurdle to closer ties between Orthodox and Catholics, which for decades prayed for the conversion of the USSR, only to see the newly resurgent Russian Orthodox Church become a difficult partner. Koch told Vatican Radio, “The changes in 1989 weren’t advantageous for ecumenical relations. Eastern Catholic churches banned by Stalin re-emerged, especially in the Ukraine and Romania, and the Orthodox brought out old accusations about Uniate churches and proselytism”. “Uniate” refers to Eastern (sic) churches with Orthodox-style liturgies that recognise the pope as their spiritual leader.

Later this month, Pope Francisco Bergoglio will meet Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis in Istanbul. Bartholomew supports more cooperation with Rome, but can’t ignore the wary Russians, who make up two-thirds of the world’s 300 million Orthodox. Koch, who spoke a week after the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall, and on the same day as Czechs marked the start of their democratic revolution, noted that talks on closer ties between Catholic and Orthodox theologians were suspended between 2000 and 2006 because of tensions between the two sides, saying, “There are always setbacks, but I’m convinced that we can make more progress”. He noted that persecution of Christians in the Middle East brought Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants there together, but the Ukrainian crisis heightened tensions among churches, saying, “We’ve repeatedly heard major complaints from the Russian Orthodox. This is unfortunate because churches are supposed to be a factor for unity and reconciliation”. Last month, Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev, the Number Two man {not so… it’s a common ignorant Western misconception: editor} in the Moscow Patriarchate, used his guest presentation to a Vatican synod on the family to accuse the UGKTs of trying to poach Orthodox believers.

17 November 2014

Tom Heneghan

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