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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Victory! In the Name of Peace and Goodness on Earth! Communists Sent 20th Convoy of Humanitarian Aid to Novorossiya

00 Fascism WIll NOT Pass 01! 23.10.14


In the morning of 22 October, the 20th convoy of humanitarian aid left for Novorossiya under the auspices of the KPRF. Besides trucks from the Centre, there were vehicles from Tula, Voronezh, Stavropol, North Ossetia, and the Republic of Mari El. Click here for the full report. There’s no news anymore of the convoys, as the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya controls the full route, so, there’s no need to involve the Uniate fascist junta at all. That’s why the junta will launch an untimely offensive. Novorossiya is actually better off than the best junta areas are! Most of the aid pouring into Novorossiya is normal civilian goods… the rest is Ukrainian Armed Forces stocks left in the Crimea released to the VSN. Note well that the Western media doesn’t tell you about the THOUSANDS of “Ukrainian” soldiers who rallied to Russia… including the commander of the Ukrainian “Navy” (such as it was)! They’re now fighting in the VSN against the American-led Uniate pigs.

Everyone is waiting for the expected attack… that’s why the incompetent Galician hillbillies are going to lose. Either they’ll meet a prepared foe or they’ll cancel their attack. In either case, they lose. Great prospects, huh? Russia is coming together again… as it always does. “Russia is never as strong as it appears… Russia is never as weak as it appears”… it seems that the Anglo American bullies and their local puppets have forgotten that. 1612 redux is a Mother, isn’t it?

Leftists stand for the People’s Freedom, as in Novorossiya… US Republicans stand for naked fascism, corporate dictatorship, and the coddling of the Affluent Effluent… not only in the Ukraine, but in the USA, too! It’s up to you to choose which side that YOU are on. As for me:

Фашизм Не Пройдёт!

Fascism Will NOT Pass!

I’m NOT alone!

Eat shit and die, fascists!


New Drafts of Replacements from the Lvovshchina in the Donbass

00 dead junta soldiers. Novorossiya. 17.08.14

All those who march on Russia will be put to death… dead junta pigs in Novorossiya


There are new replacements from the Lvovshchina now in the Donbass. They have shiny new American uniforms… and little else. They have, on average, only 3-4 weeks of “training”… in short, these clueless Galician Uniate hillbilly incompetents aren’t soldiers… they’re an armed mob incapable of carrying out the most basic combat evolutions. Galicia is the only solid area for the junta left… and there’s been antiwar protests there, too! The clueless Minoborony Ukrainy (it’s under an unmilitary cop, after all) put these untrained drafts into an “Airborne Brigade”, which means that a once-first-rate unit is now a band of ragtag volunteers. It smells like a repeat of Langemarck and the human wave attacks of the Revolutionary Guards in the Iran-Iraq War is in the offing. The butcher’s bill will be horrendous. Note well that S Yu Shevchuk smiles and blesses the slaughter. None dare call it demonic…


An Urgent Appeal of I I Strelkov to All Russians

00 Strelkov. Novorossiya. icon. 11.07.14


I I Strelkov’s appeal in Russian


At present, I’m receiving much intel about preparations for an offensive by the junta armed forces and gangs of the so-called “National Guard” against Donetsk. Recently, the enemy sharply intensified activities of their recon groups, as well as increasing shellfire against our troops, civilian neighbourhoods, and industrial enterprises. They’ve used MRLs, heavy artillery, and Tochka-U tactical missiles. Civilian casualties during the truce are higher than they were in the period of active hostilities earlier this year. Two enemy strike forces are clearly readying for an offensive aimed at capturing the DNR capital from the northwest and southwest. A third force concentrated around Debaltsevo could strike at Shakhtyorsk or at Krasny Luch and Antratsit, in an attempt to cut off the DNR and LNR forces from the Russian border, to cut our forces off from all supplies. If all the forces concentrated by the enemy enter battle simultaneously and aggressively, they’d quickly defeat our numerically-small, poorly-armed, and poorly-led forces if we didn’t receive direct Russian assistance; not only would Novorossiya cease to exist, so would our people.

Based on the data available to me, as well as competent analysis of the intel by professional specialists, the enemy offensive will have the primary aim of capturing the Donetsk/Makeyevka conurbation, which is the largest and most important in the region. The Kiev junta will arrange a provocation before the attack… they’re very good at that. However, the attack must be swift and decisive, it must meet its goals quickly; otherwise, it won’t succeed. The Ukrainian side is well aware that if the operation bogs down, there’s a high likelihood of Russian intervention. The goal of the enemy is to grab Donetsk, or at least parts of it, before the Russian government can intervene. Then, they’d declare a unilateral ceasefire and appeal to the USA and EU with a statement of commitment to resolve the conflict by peaceful means.

The main thing is not to give the Russian government time to make adequate decisions. That is the only thing that’d deter a military response to the Ukrainian aggression, and it’d halt any action on the Ukrainian forces left in Mariupol. Simply put, Kiev decided to take a gamble… make a quick strike, then, “make peace”, but on their terms (because without Donetsk, or with it in contention, a sovereign Novorossiya is out of the question in principle). If they can carry out this plan, it’d be the largest military-political defeat of the Russian Federation since 1991. It’d cause serious internal political turmoil. Therefore, I appeal to the Russian government agencies regulating the oversight of the Minsk Agreement… attend to the plans of the Ukrainian bandits and inform the President about the likely consequences of their implementation for the Russian people of both the Donbass and Russia proper.

22 October 2014




Firstly, no operations can begin until the ground hardens. The muddy season in the spring and autumn has always brought major military operations to a halt. Even if the junta wanted to move, it couldn’t… the ground simply won’t support it. It halted the Wehrmacht in 1941… it halts the Galician Uniate hillbillies today. Besides this, friendly forces already know the axis of any offensive, just as the Red Army knew the thrust of the fascist attack in 1941. It smells as if a repeat of the Battle of Moscow is in the offing.

Here’s what compounds the situation for the junta Uniate terrorists… they’ve had FIVE Ministers of Defence since February… FIVE. The present Minister of Defence isn’t a soldier… he’s from the VV MVDU… a militarised cop with no training in large-scale operations. The only two figures who had any chance of pulling off this gamble were M V Koval and I I Tenyukh, but the babyish Anglo Americans didn’t like them, as they wouldn’t kiss the Anglo American toddlers’ asses. The Americans are backing Yatsenyuk, Turdchinov, and Avakov, as they’re the only figures under the Americans’ thumb… but they’re incompetent! A major military move is afoot… and the Americans left it in the hands of Galician hillbillies, oligarch greedsters, and diaspora carpetbaggers.

The time isn’t ripe for a junta counterpoise… if one were to follow the example left by the Civil War, the operation would wait for summer (as it did in 1919). However, the junta must move for two reasons. Firstly, living standards in Kiev are plummeting… that means that standards in the provinces are even lower. Secondly, the Americans want a quick result for their own domestic political purposes. The Triumvirate won’t resist American calls for an untimely offensive. Nevertheless, Poroshenko MUST win or face political oblivion. He does have a Swiss passport, y’ know…

The word is out. Surprise is out of the question. Now, everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop. I’d bet that the Anglo American smarkaczy will goad their puppets into a premature movement. If so… well, they can just kiss their ass goodbye. Mind you, it’d be bloody, all-too-bloody, before it all ended… but a December offensive would be a failure, and one in November would be a fiasco.

Pass the jug… it’s going to get FAR worse before it all comes to a result…


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

DNR OK for Winter Heat… The Uniate Junta Not So Hot

00 coal. 20.09.14


At a meeting with Russian journalists, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated that there’d be no problems during the winter heating season as the DNR had adequate coal reserves, saying, “We’re in the 15th day of the heating season. Currently, the frost hasn’t hit yet, so, everything’s on standby. We’ve tested all the pipes… the only problems are with those in the combat zone. Obviously, we couldn’t carry out repairs on them. It isn’t that we lack the materials… it’s just impossible to do anything under constant bombardment. I think that people will slowly settle into a winter routine, we’ll get along, it’ll be difficult, but we’ll survive. We have enough coal, so, we can face winter confidently. As long as we have coal, we can heat our homes. That’s really the easiest part”.

On 20 October, junta strongman P A Poroshenko issued instructions to start the heating season throughout the country in all homes “without exception” at the end of the week. At a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing V В Groisman, he said, “Every Ukrainian home should be warm by no later than Friday”. Meanwhile, Russia and the Ukraine failed to sign an interim agreement in Brussels on gas supplies. EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said, in comments on the tripartite EU/Russian/Ukrainian negotiations, also involving RF Energy Minister A V Novak and Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yu V Prodan, the main obstacle is that the Ukraine refused to pay its debts for gas already delivered. Novak noted that the European Commission hasn’t yet decided how it’s going to pay the Ukrainian gas bill.

21 October 2014




The heating in Ukrainian homes will only be at 16 degrees (61 Fahrenheit) AT BEST, instead of the normal 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit)… in Kiev, where the foreign media congregates. That means that provincial centres will be at a lower level. The Ukraine REFUSES to pay its back bills. This is how the arrogant Uniate nationalist nutters have been since 1991. Russia put up with them for 23 years. Today… it doesn’t have to. The Crimea has rejoined the Motherland and the main industrial regions either are under patriot control or shut down. To put it bluntly, the junta has to pony up or go cold. That’s the way it is…


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