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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 July 2011. Sumer is Icumen In, Lhude Sing Cuccu! Yes, Sir… A Bellowing Love BT’s Been Sighted under the Junipers… Same Ol’ Tune; Same Ol’ Song n’ Dance!

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Love BT, “Monk James”, Bobby K, the Iggster, Brum, BP, and JP… they’re all cut from the same piece of mouldy cloth… “birds of a feather”, to be sure… “Feed me! Feed me! Keep those cheques rollin’ in… or else!”


A friend informed me of Love BT’s latest bloviations on the Indiana List. Why they allow this howling excuse for a cleric to post there is beyond me. His rants make the entire OCA look like a buncha shady Second Av schmatta merchants. Look at his latest (bad grammar and illiterate syntax per the original):


Metropolitan Theodosius Lazor can go off to alcoholic rehab and not be suspended, Bishop Benjamin Peterson can go off to alcoholic rehab and not be suspended, but Archimandrite Isidore goes to alcoholic rehab and gets suspended. Bishop Benjamin had even been arrested and thrown in the drunk tank! But those were the days when Mercy still played a role in the Church, before the OCA began to adopt the style of a Conciliar Sandbox. If such mercy were extended to Archimandrite Isidore, however, then we would be speaking of “returning to the bad old Kondratick days”, would we not? Yes, it warmed my heart to see the photos of Father Isidore serving with His Beatitude and His Grace at the Feastday of St Anne Church in Oregon. They are on Facebook.

Customarily, suspensions must be resolved after six months or else they are automatically lifted. That’s something Americans should especially appreciate… “DUE PROCESS”. In the notorious case of the Archdeacon Gregory’s suspension, that seems to have been lifted by a specific act of Archbishop Dmitri (retired). For some reason the charges that he was the long-time paramour and significant other of  Bishop Mark Forsberg and that he abandoned the Bishop and went to California where he entered into an official marriage with some other guy (during the time before Proposition 8), but that relationship cooled down and so he got an official divorce from the guy and returned to his former haunts and habits in Florida… why NO ONE in the Holy Synod pursued the matter (on the contrary!) is difficult to explain, but easy to evaluate as “par for the course” in that Synod.  Forgiveness of sins is no doubt indicated; however, restoration to a defiled Diaconate or Priesthood thereafter is Not indicated. On the contrary. No one has done the soul of the Archdeacon any good turns by allowing him to still serve. And one may inspect the archives of the OCA and learn that until Archbishop Peter joined the Holy Synod of the OCA, the only term for deposition/defrocking that was used in the OCA/Metropolia was “removed from the list of clergy”.


Bishop OCA retired


It’s time to put the cards face-up on the table… I’m playin’ “4-4-4”… Love BT’s playin’ “Liar’s Poker”. Take his pal Peterson… prior to being taken into custody, BP had the stones to say to the copper who nicked him, “Do you know who I am?”. He’s bishop of what? According to ARDA, he’s got only 6,000 people or so in California (which has a population of 33 million, making the OCA share 1 in 5,500), in a church that no one’s ever heard of… C’mon!

What concrete evidence does BT adduce for his assertion that Burke is the long-time paramour and significant other of Bishop Mark Forsberg? Archbishop Nathaniel Popp stated unequivocally that Vladyki Mark and Burke are living chastely. Who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying? Is Isidore Brittain the “long-time paramour” and “significant other” of Bishop Nikolai Soraich? Some say yes, and others say no. There’s considerable murkiness on the issue (which is why the Holy Synod suspended him… if Izzy’s a poofter, he’s ineligible for the clergy). Who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying? By the way, since Love BT keeps claiming that Gregory Burke’s been reinstated on the OCA clergy list, I did a quick recce on oca.org. As of 20.00 EDT Tuesday 5 July 2011, he’s not on the OCA clergy list… that is, Dmitri Royster has NOT reinstated him, nor has any other bishop, nor has any other cleric done so… perhaps, Love BT has special personal intel from the Almighty that the OCA Holy Synod doesn’t know… who did reinstate him, Vladyki? Howard the Duck? Give us something with a link or shut up.

Love BT squawks as though the incident where BP and Fathausen served with Isidore Brittain was a recent affair. It wasn’t… I reported it quite some time ago. Here’s the link:


That’s right… late November 2010… it occurred over seven months ago… and Love BT breathlessly reports it as “breaking news”. What a maroon! This photo is “old hat”, everybody knows about it, and it’s been all over the Orthodox fora and websites. Where’s he been hiding? My guess is that Bobby and Izzy are in the deep kimchi, along with their pals Fathausen and BP. This has spurred him to come out of his hidey-hole and issue this disjointed missive.

I did some research on suspended clerics. On 12 March 2009, Mark Stokoe posted the following on his website, ocanews.org:

In related news, it has been reported to OCANews.org that Metropolitan Herman‘s former Archdeacon, Alexei Klimitchev, has been suspended from all clerical duties. His photo and information have been removed from the OCA website. He had been earlier removed as the manager of the St Tikhon Monastery bookstore at the end of 2008.



  • This suspension has been in force longer than six months
  • This suspension is still in force, it’s not been lifted
  • The wasn’t a convening of a Spiritual Court to try Archdeacon Alexei
  • Archdeacon Alexei hasn’t been seen serving anywhere

Yet, BT isn’t concerned about “due process” in this case as he is about Izzy Brittain. Why? As a member of Bobby K’s faction, he doesn’t support Herman Swaiko.

Love BT lives in a “glass house”. Multiple sources (not in CA) tell me that he lives rent-free on property owned by Holy Virgin Cathedral, which has an operating deficit of around 22,000 USD (615,000 Roubles 15,250 Euros 13,700 UK Pounds) this year (and the year’s not even half-over). Let’s see… with his pension as a retired bishop and his Social Security cheques, he’s well able to afford kicking into the kitty to help… after all, the electricity that he uses for his computer ain’t free! If you doubt me concerning this parish’s deficit, it’s documented in an html document at http://www.hvmla.org/english/bulletins.shtml. The exact post you want is 2011 06-07 Bulletin-ENG.pdf. In short, Love BT’s a sponger… a Latter-Day Freddie the Freeloader.

Here’s some more dribbling from Love BT:

Oh, that’s more deduction than observation. Priests who are only suspended… for example, suspended pending the decision of a spiritual court… aren’t removed from the list of clergy; however, if such an one is subsequently deposed, his name is removed from the clergy list. To be dropped from the list of clergy of any Church is a grave punishment indeed, unless the reason is death or canonical transfer out of that Church.

Monk James Silver is quite right about the case of Protopresbyter Rodion S Kondratick. He was tried in absentia by an irregularly constituted pseudo-court. Why, even the “president” of the Court had to forbid the presence of a court stenographer or the recording of minutes, lest the shame of such a Kangaroo proceeding be revealed. To put it in an idiom perhaps more appropriate in characterising procedures like those of the conciliar sandbox (or any other sandbox)… Every possible avenue was traversed in order to avoid the “court” totally and forever being held accountable for its actions. Its transparency equalled that of the bottom of the Okeefenokee Swamp.

Remember how so many people were titillated and otherwise stimulated by irresponsible pronouncements about the great interest the IRS, the FBI, and local law enforcement MUST have in all those allegations? Seems to me the historical record shows the IRS, the FBI, and local law enforcement YAWNING or irritated. Prosecuting attorneys were allegedly be drooling at the prospect of dealing with all the “evidence” compiled by various “special” investigators, according to one Pennsylvanian legal expert.


That’s right, kids, he actually wrote the above drivel. Love BT isn’t mad… he isn’t clinically insane. He’s NOT barmy or ‘round the bend. He’s a bad seed… he’s a rum go… he’s chosen evil. Note well how he pumps up James Silver… an equivocal figure, who claims to be a monk, but who doesn’t live in a monastery, and who isn’t under the canonical authority of any recognised abbot (need we bring up his connection with the errant Mr Madison in the past?). Oh… the reason that law enforcement hasn’t gone after the OCA is because it’s penny-ante… it only has 115,000 members in a country of 310 million. That’s not even 1 in 3,000 people! In any case, that’s why Bobby K’s in Florida and David Brum’s in Arizona, as both states have weak extradition laws (note well how quickly both of ‘em vacated New York State).

The OCA Holy Synod should treat Love BT precisely as the MP Archpastoral Council dealt with Diomid Dzyuban… they should strip him of episcopal rank, put a gag order on him, and send him to a remote monastery to live out his days, without public contact (save for family members).

Hmm… I think that Ezra Pound’s parody of Sumer is Icumen In fits Love BT better than the original, “Winter is icumen in, Lhude sing Goddamm”, Smile… these disjointed posts are proof that the crisis is near. Trust me… it’s going to get MORE confusing in the immediate near future. I guess that people have to see that the OCA’s a crank and foolish affair… it has to play out to the end. Pass me the jug… not only do I need a hit, so do you. It DOES take ALL kinds…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Albany NY


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