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Sunday, 3 July 2011

3 July 2011. No Comment Necessary… ‘Nuff Said… Fathausen Spoke at a Uniate Symposium Recently… THIS is what He Smiles at and What He Approves Of… as do ALL the Konvertsy… Reflect on That

A friend sent me the following:

Since 1994, the Orthodox Church in Poland glorified many other martyrs of the papal yoke; especially from interwar Poland, where a fascist régime, hand-in-glove with Roman Catholic authorities and with their solemn blessing, wracked havoc on the Orthodox populace {the father of the rabid neocon Zbigniew Brzeziński was an official of that junta, and approved of the persecution of Orthodox… as, no doubt, his son did as well (covertly, of course)… caveat lector: editor}. The late Archbishop Afanasy Kolosz of the ROCOR Diocese of Buenos Aires documented many of these crimes. In addition, Russian émigrés in Yugoslavia documented these atrocities in the book O Gonenije v Polshsce/The Polish Holocaust. This book is available within the New York State SUNY library system.

This has continued. The late 42 year old Ks. Piotr Popławsky of Zabłudow (near Białystok, Poland) was tortured and slain in the mid 1980s. Originally, the Communists were blamed; but it’s now known fanatical Latins, despising him for his zeal for Orthodoxy and opposition to the soul-destructive Unia, tortured and lynched him. The process of his Glorification is presently underway. Through the prayers of all the 20th Century Martyrs of Carpatho-Russia, “Russian Poland”, the much-suffering Western Ukraine, and Orthodox Serbia may God preserve His Church from papal heresy and foul Unia!

Take a look at this vid… THIS is truth…

Fathausen and all the konvertsy approve of the above… the Uniates are our friends, dontcha know! I know better… and so do you. Fathausen delenda est… he pisses on the Holy Church and those who died for Her (as do all the First Family sycophants, both OCA and ROCOR). Let God see and judge!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 3 July 2011

Albany NY


3 July 2011. Holy Moly, Batman! Archbishop Seraphim’s NOT to be Found! He’s Gone Down the Memory Hole… “We Admit No Wrongdoing”

Now, you see him… now, you don’t! It’s just another episode in the continuing and unfolding Jabberwockian saga, The Fall of the House of Paffhausen (Happy Days with Vic and Marilyn). Stay tuned! There’s MORE… same bat time, same bat station…


A friend just contacted me…

Archbishop Seraphim is missing from the OCA website… is this a Soviet moment or is it 1984?

Of course, I logged on to oca.org… I looked at the Synod of Bishops listing, then, I searched the clergy listings under “Archdiocese of Canada”, and, finally, I scanned the list of clergy under “S”… you can’t find Seraphim Storheim in any of the named locations! I should add that one COULD find Nikolai Soraich, Herman Swaiko, Feodosy Lazor, and Tikhon Fitzgerald in all of the spots I mentioned… what gives? All the other jabonies named left office under a cloud… they’re all “retired bishops”… they all have a mugshot on oca.org, along with the other clergy and bishops. On the other hand, apparently, the OCA apparat banished Seraphim Storheim to the outer darkness… and JP, like Pontius Pilatus, washes his hands, loudly denying responsibility (“we admit no wrongdoing”), and tuts away. Hilarion Kapral should distance himself from this sordid and repellent little soap opera, but he won’t.

Hmm… certain parties should inform the Winnipeg magistrate of this sleazy little manoeuvre… good God almighty, the OCA’s attempting to airbrush the past again, and the ROCOR apparat’s schmoozing up to the OCA makes Hilarion Kapral look as though he’s beaming a drooling idiot grin of approval at it all. I’d advise Vladyki Hilarion to distance himself visibly from the whole OCA higher apparat; he’d best do so quickly and LOUDLY in as many public venues as possible. Otherwise, he’ll let himself in for a Brobdingnagian share of the shit that’s gonna hit the fan (whilst Potapov and Gan scamper off relatively scot-free). For, as another informant told me:

JP’s “canonical release” of these nuns is a joke. He never obtained a canonical release from their Greek bishop, so how can he release something he never had? The OCA Holy Synod recognised all the pitfalls related to these nuns, but JP just ignored them. However, it’s not just the Greeks, the EP, also, apparently, isn’t happy. Well, now, the fallout may hit the ROCOR, rather than the OCA. Stay tuned. 

Kids, this has the Blunder’s fingerprints all over it. If this were from the real deal Centre, KMG would’ve had Vsevolod Chaplin issue a statement about how everything was on the up and square (that’s so that His Nibs would have deniability in case the still blew up). Such didn’t happen. Don’t forget… Yustinian Ovchinnikov is in New York because he screwed up badly in Moldova in a messy and very public contretemps involving the squiffy “Society of St Matrona” in Chișinău… he speaks Romanian, he did study in Romania, so, he BELONGS in Moldova or the MP Representation to Romania. The Centre uses North America as a shitcan and place of exile… the unlucky, disgraced, and ne’er-do-well go there until they can work themselves back into favour, so that they can return to the greener pastures of the Rodina (as Merkury Ivanov did). The USA, in Russian Orthodox terms, is a laughably minor hick backwater province; it’s the Orthodox Ozarks (complete with tumbledown shacks, “moon cars”, snoring sheriffs, Flash the Wonder Dog, and jugs of corn squeezins’)… the OCA is a bumbling Orthodox Jethro Bodine, whilst the ROCOR (up to now) has been a crafty Orthodox Jed Clampett (an estimable figure, no matter how you look at him).

These “respectable men” DEMAND our respect! Well… I say, “If you want respect… tell the bloody truth. Full stop. If you lie, evade, obfuscate, and parse the truth… I’m gonna say it loud… ‘You’re a sorry sack of shit that the cat just drug in, and you haven’t earned anything but scorn, contempt, and mockery from decent folk’”. That’s the way it is, kids. Observe that the OCA and the ROCOR First Families tried pulling this particular stunt at the end of June, near the Fourth of July weekend, in an attempt to “bury” it. I can hear them now, “We were all on holiday… we couldn’t respond to this… we’re only a small group with few resources”… yadda… yadda… yadda.

It’s certainly not boring covering Orthodoxy in America. As of 13.00 EDT Sunday 3 July 2011, I confirmed that Seraphim was removed from the three oca.org pages mentioned, and I saved copies in case the OCA webmaster tries to pull a fast one at Fathausen’s orders. Of course, I’ve sent it off to others… one CAN’T be too careful or prudent… especially in cases where Lyonyo Kishkovsky, Victor Potapov, Alexander Lebedeff, and Bobby K may be involved. This lot didn’t claw their way to the head of the pack by being “nice”… I’ve got enough grey hair to know the way of the fallen world… and clergy aren’t exempt from the effects of the Fall.

Pass the jug, and take a hit. It’s getting murkier, but that’s what we’ve all expected, no? Buckle up your seat belt, and hold on tight; the ride’s gonna get twice as bumpy in VERY short order. God DO help us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 3 July 2011

Albany NY  

Editor’s Update:

I just heard this one through the grapevine, kids:

It’s said that the Crown Court in Winnipeg is ready to fry Seraphim… more victims are coming forward. If he doesn’t take a deal, he could get life as a serial offender… who woulda thunk it? 

If so (and it DOES make perfectly good sense), it’s CURTAINS for JP and the OCA (and all those who support them). Sic transit Gloria mundi… sic semper tyrannis… O Fortuna velut luna statu variabilis…


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