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Friday, 1 July 2011

1 July 2011. A Word on What the Church Teaches on Homosexuality…

THIS is the kind of amoral slimers that JP and the konvertsy want to ally the Church with… if you want to know what the Church REALLY teaches on social issues, read what His Nibs and Vsevolod Anatolyevich say. It’s 180 degrees removed from the so-called “Manhattan Declaration”… in any case, the Sectarian scummers attack the Church incessantly and proselytise amongst us… why give them the time of day?


One of the things that excite konvertsy to no end is their infatuation with the “culture wars” and their embrace of Sectarian nostrums for society. As I wrote earlier:

Do you know what’s ironic? These konvertsy scream about morality, and they unhesitatingly and without stint support known and closeted homos and pervs (not to mention their rabid defence of Radical Renovationism, as well). Their juvenile maunderings about “tradition” and “conservatism” are nothing but empty verbiage and vacuous posturing. Reardon agonised over Rowan Williams… who’s not a faygeler (enabling and cosseting gays is NOT the same as being one)… but he was and is silent concerning the antics and proclivities of such swishers as Feodosy Lazor, Nikolai Soraich, Benjamin Peterson, Pierre l’Huillier, and Isidore Brittain, amongst others (I fear that list given isn’t exhaustive). Reardon bloviated about an Anglican who’s not gay, but he’s silent about the Gay Blade cabal running the OCA (to tell the truth, I’d rather have an open and honest gay bishop such as V. Gene Robinson over such posturing closeted filth). God DO save us from such.


Let’s be clear… the Church considers homosexuality a sin… but it also considers greed, simony, adultery, and abortion sins (perhaps, even worse than homosexuality is), but the Church does NOT exclude swaggering Church apparatchiki, lupine real estate/used car salesmen, slinking divorcees, and desolate women who’ve undergone abortions from its Mysteries (in fact, we have a prayer for a woman who’ve undergone an abortion… we don’t excuse the action, but we certainly forgive the actor, if you catch my drift). In like manner, it doesn’t exclude lay homosexuals… it’s a matter left up to the priest involved, who knows the people involved, the situation around them, and if the larger community is scandalised (that is, the larger secular community has to know of it and be shocked, not just one or two busy-body parish gossips). That’s why the people who “outed” Mark Stokoe publicly were outrageously nasty and disgusting… that was a private matter concerning Mr Stokoe and Fr Ted Bobosh… if they had any complaints, they should’ve taken them directly to the bishop involved. Mark’s homosexuality was a matter of common and wide knowledge. It’s why he can never be ordained to the clergy. That being said, the worst thing is when closeted gays become clergy… should I mention Feodosy Lazor and the Neon Chicken, for one? A friend of mine wrote this:

I believe that we have much more serious problems in the patterns of behaviour that arise out of the disconnect between such proclivities and the stated Church policy against them… hypocrisy, disingenuousness, cover-ups, clannish mutual protection tactics, a circle-the-wagons approach to criticism, and so on. Personally, I’d rather have the sort of situation that one finds in the TEC, where gay hierarchs are honest about how they live their lives, rather than this dark and sordid mess. At least, then, one could have an actual discussion about whether sexual orientation should disqualify one from holding ecclesial office… as it is, because there’s no acknowledgment, there can’t be a discussion, only ugly rumours and non-denial-denials, ad nauseum. Reminds me of the closeted gay-bashers that have been elected to public office… give me Barney Frank, any day.

What do I say to the above? Nothing but, “Hear, hear!” If you look at the quote from earlier post, it’s almost exactly what I wrote, in some cases almost word-for-word. The Church’s stance is clear… homosexuality is an impediment barring ordination to the clergy or accession to the monastic state. To be blunt, one doesn’t have to be a clergyman or a monastic to win one’s salvation or attain holiness. In other words, the Church tolerates lay homosexuals (it doesn’t approve of homosexuality, it extends its hand to Christians dealing with it)… it doesn’t bar them from the Mysteries. I support this wholeheartedly, for the Church is the Big Tent, it isn’t a “Little Flock” of self-centred and self-approving Sectarians, who reject everyone not precisely like them. One of the main tasks of the bishop is to throw the Church’s mantle of protection over those pursued by ignorant and seething Yahoo enthusiasts. It does NOT approve or condone the action… it DOES mean that the Real Church rejects “culture war” tomfoolery and all those who advocate it (such as JP, Potapov, Whiteford, Reardon, and Mattingly). Of course, it’s unwise in the extreme for Mark Stokoe to be part of the so-called Metropolitan Council, as his homosexuality raises too much controversy… that’s not only true of him, it’s true for all of us… if we’ve got something in our pasts (beyond the usual skeletons), it’s our duty to step aside from public office in the Church. That’s only good sense…

I hope that this answers Sunny Jim’s questions… I think that it shall, indeed. I’ll say to him, “Thank you! You gave a top idea for a post”. That proves, yet again, that the best ideas that come to me only come from others, not from my own brain. God has HIS ways of teaching humility, does he not?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 1 July 2011

Albany NY


1 July 2011. GOP Extremists Prepare Kamikaze Dive on Taxes… Government Shutdown Redux in the Midst of Economic Doldrums… What a Way to Go!

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“16 percent are on food stamps? 20 percent are unemployed or underemployed? ‘Let them eat brioche!’ We’re doing better than ever, thank you very much, and that’s ALL that matters!” There’s something wrong with that picture…


Read these:



Let’s keep this focused. The teabagger fanatics are ready to shut down the government if their rich patrons have to shoulder some of the pain of the current economic débâcle. Up to now, the rich have suffered not at all… indeed, they’re rolling in cash and REFUSE to invest in this country. They’re putting their money into Third World kleptocracies that allow them to brutalise workers and circumvent the labour and safety regulations of the developed countries. The Republican Party defends this… they smile at it… they tell you that it’s “economic freedom”. In short, every time that a bully boy kicks a worker in Indonesia in the face and knocks out some of their teeth, John Boehner does it, too… as does Michelle Bachmann, Sean Hannity, Dropout Scott Walker, Bill O’Reilly, and Mitch McConnell (Orthodox people should be aware that we’d add Victor Potapov, Patrick Reardon, Terrence Mattingly, Jonas Paffhausen, and John Whiteford to that list).

Ergo, the free ride for the rich that’s been going on since 1981 has to end. We need a combination of curtailing spending by ending ruinously expensive foreign military adventures, closing all foreign military bases (US forces could use the bases of Anglosphere allies for forward deployment), and slashing new weapons procurement, and by raising taxes on the fat oligarchs and their “corporations”. US taxes on the rich and corporations are the lowest in the developed world. According to Reagan’s voodoo economics, if you helped the rich, everyone would benefit. Well… we’ve had thirty years to validate that thesis… certainly, enough time to put the theory to the test, no? It’s failed… deregulation has led to the worst economic times since the Great Depression for ordinary folks… but the rich party on, in swinish fin de siècle ignorance and indifference. It’s October 1916… it’s August 1788… nevertheless, they don’t give a damn. They believe that the party’s going to go on indefinitely… after all, their Republican Party pals will continue to be their willing lapdogs and stalwart “made men”.

For instance, if we were to do the above, the US forward defence line would extend from a line in the Pacific anchored at both ends in the Aleutians and New Zealand, on a line running west of Guam (a US territory), and a line in the Atlantic based on the GIUK Gap (which closes off the only two egresses for the Russian Northern Fleet), Ascension Island, and the Falklands (actually, I think that the Argentines are right in their claim, but I’m talking about the real world, not an ideal paradise). This is FAR away from Hawaii and Newfoundland, let alone the 48 contiguous states on the North American continent. It envisages that America would shrink its alliances to one embracing the Anglosphere (i.e. Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the English-speaking Caribbean states, and Nigeria) and their dependencies. That is, it isn’t “isolationism”. It would be an “Empire of the Seas”, for the combined naval forces of the Anglosphere would be able to keep out any possible foe in both the near and far future. Russia, China, Japan, and Germany would dominate the world-island of Eurasia (Russia and Germany in Eurasia, and Japan and China in Eastasia, to use Orwell’s categories), as the Anglosphere states would never be able to match them on land (just as the Eurasian states wouldn’t be able to match the Anglosphere at sea).

That is, the Republican Party has committed the US to a foreign and defence policy that’s not only hellishly expensive in monies and lives, it’s not even in the best interests of the USA and its true Anglosphere allies. If the GOP doesn’t repudiate the ‘bagger extremists, they’ll go into the dustbin of history along with the old British Liberal Party (which, by the way, was its intellectual progenitor). An acquaintance of mine, who’s an old “Javits Republican”, showed me (through his body language and attitude) that the ‘baggers don’t represent Conservatism. I agree.

The ‘baggers want to shut down the government to please their oligarch backers. You know what to do… vote “against” them next year. We’ll have no positive choices, but, at least, we can stop this pack of trolls. It’ll be “interesting”, that’s for sure…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 1 July 2011

Albany NY

1 July 2011. Only in Russia… Kotka Krasnoarmets… Don’t Mess With the Best!

This is probably Photoshopped… but it’s a lotta fun! Here’s a Red Army Cat… wanna rumble? It’s for 9 May, Victory Day… it has the Order of Victory and the St George Ribbon on the packaging… and the cat wears a Red Army pilotka. If nothing else, it shows you how deeply Victory Day and its imagery are a part of the Russian “visual culture”, and how deep a meaning the holiday has for all Russians of all ages. Don’t forget… the VOV was a war for national survival… and we won it.


1 July 2011. OCA, ROCOR, and Stokoe Refused to Post News of “Canonical Release” of Nuns from the OCA to the ROCOR… They’re Pissing on You, Kids… and LAUGHING at You

I just checked oca.org, ocanews.org, patriarchia.ru, and russianorthodoxchurch.ws… that is, the official websites of the OCA, the ROCOR, and the MP, and Stokoe’s site. There is still nothing easily-accessible posted on the “canonical release” of the nuns in Washington DC from the OCA to the ROCOR on the sites mentioned, as of 01.00 EDT Friday 1 July 2011. As unscrupulous people often “take down” items on the ‘net that bring them “heat”, I’ve “saved” the original webpage, and sent copies of it on to several trusted individuals. Ergo, if the ROCOR webmaster attempts to pull a “fast one” and “delete” the item, well, there’s copies out there now, more than one; I think that the Winnipeg magistrate should know of this little contretemps… it’ll tell ‘em volumes about the veracity of the higher echelons of not only the OCA, but of the ROCOR, as well.

The ROCOR official site had filler items on Archdeacon Eugene Burbelo receiving honours at the ROCOR cathedral in the City, and the nameday of Bishop Jerome Shaw. The OCA official site had innocuous fluff on a New Skete pilgrimage in August, Dickie Wood visiting Bulgaria, something about OCMC Agape Grants (with no mention of how much the OCA’s giving this EP shop), an item about a prison ministry of limited and marginal interest, something about a mission in Los Alamos NM, and a so-called “Urban Summit” (that’s as ridiculous as an earlier announced “Church Growth Boot Camp”… what lobotomised deinstitutionalised cretin comes up with such foolish concepts?). Stokoe has posted nothing since 22 June (over a week ago) and has approved no new comments since 26 June (four full days of silence). The only official acknowledgement of this affair remains the original post, which you can access (for the time being) at:


Both of the central official websites have posted bootless, toothless, and impotent “news” (often of the most trivial nature) since 28 June… why didn’t they post this news, which is of far greater import and significance? After all, this is the first time that someone got “canonical release” to go from the OCA to the ROCOR! Note well that the original notification didn’t inform you that the OCA Holy Synod ordered Fathausen to have nothing further with these nuns… in any case, he didn’t have any authority to grant them a “release” as they hadn’t received a legit release from their original bishop in the Church of Greece in the first place. The ROCOR First Family apparatchiki were aware that JP didn’t have any canonical authority to “release” these nuns… certainly, Jerome Shaw and Seraphim Gan knew it (as did certain parties at Jordanville). In short, they gave Hilarion Kapral crook intel, and Hilarion Alekseyevich swallowed it all whole. He could’ve said, “No way that I’m sticking my foot in this cow pie… the OCA Holy Synod ordered Paffhausen to get out of this… I’m not getting involved; the ROCOR isn’t getting involved”.

This is so hutsky-klutsky, farcical, and ludicrous that one has to conclude that the Centre isn’t involved in this. After all, there was no confirmation post on patriarchia.ru… that’s how the Centre signals its involvement. Probably, it’s something run up by the Blunder in his shop in Bolshaya Ordynka (could it lead to the Blunder getting the boot? I doubt it… he’s got oligarch friends). With the Blunder being in South America (in Paraguay, to be exact), it means that the OCA’s sole protector at the Centre is out of town… and it’s NOT a holiday weekend in Moscow… the Fourth of July is just another summer working day there.

I saw another interesting item in the post that contained the information about the “canonical release” of the nuns. Look at this:

The Council heard a report by Archpriest John Moses on the work of the diocesan Pastoral Resources Program (PRP). Fr John recommended inviting Archimandrite Meletios Webber; abbot of St John the Wonderworker Monastery in Manton CA (OCA), and Deacon Christophe Lepoutre to deliver a report on the topic of pastoral counselling and Orthodox psychotherapy, and how to treat the illness of co-dependency. The Council adopted Fr John’s recommendation and resolved to invite Archimandrite Meletios and Deacon Christophe to the winter pastoral conference in Miami.

There’s only one fly in this ointment… Webber isn’t an incardinated psychologist… he’s one of those phonies posing as a “therapist”… much like his equally incompetent pals Washburn and Jensen. I got this from an actual psychologist, who clued me in on the real professional qualifications necessary, which none of these three caballeros possess (probably, this Lepoutre character lacks full APA certification as an incardinated psychologist with a full clinical internship, too… birds of a feather, ya know). Webber’s a known alkie, and the informed word out there is that he’s a gay blade, just the same as Benjamin Peterson and Nikolai Soraich.

What’s happened to the ROCOR? Its higher echelon is associating with the worst and most flagrant elements in the OCA. Why does Hilarion Alekseyevich want to ally the ROCOR with such a rolling fagorama? What would Averky Taushev say on the matter? What about St John Maksimovich? What about Vladyki Antony Bartoshevich? This is sickening… the ROCOR is clutching the worst sodomites, alkies, and rebels to its breast… yet, it won’t help Bishop Mel and the people who want to set things right. In fact, by kissing JP’s naked bum in public, they affirm Gleb Podmoshensky and his unchurchly rebellion and hubris… for, don’t forget, GP was JP’s guru.

Here’s the situation in brief… both the OCA and the ROCOR refuse to post news of this significant matter in an easily-accessible form on their official central websites. Stokoe refuses to post on this news, too. I’d tell the Centre to notice that. They hold you in contempt… if you don’t realise that, you’re an opportunist, a fool, or a Brother Juniper. Somehow, I think that most of my readership falls in the category, “none of the above”… so, read and heed, and don’t send these idiots any money. They refuse to tell you the truth… what concord hath light with darkness… what concord hath Christ with Belial? It’s time to go home… it’s not perfect… it’s not paradise… but, at least, they’re not liars, sodomites, and poseurs. God do help us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 1 July 2011

Albany NY

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