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Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 July 2011. Dickie’s Photo and Bio Still Up on Patriarchia.ru… What Gives?

Image still up on patriarchia.ru… 


As of 21.35 EDT Saturday 30 July 2011, Dickie’s photo and bio are still up on patriarchia.ru:


What gives? This is getting goofier by the minute, kids. If I made this up, no publisher would buy it… truth is MUCH stranger than fiction is. That is, Dickie’s been kicked off the oca.org clergy list, but he’s still listed on patriarchia.ru site as OCA representative to Moscow… and the MP site IS far better run than oca.org… if they’d received the official word, they would’ve removed that info tout suite. I’m not even going to speculate… there’s NOTHING to go on. Dickie’s in “parts unknown”, and that’s all that one can say, now. Even by hutsky-klutsky OCA/ROCOR standards, this is a Solid Gold Oscar Academy Award Chinese fire drill (remember, the Chinese fire drill only LOOKS confused… this IS confused). Your guess is as good as mine… you pays your money and you takes your choice… literally. Let’s face it, Dickie’s been known to be an equivocal sort for years; he was found dead drunk, barfing in the corridors, at more than one sobor… truly, he was asking for it, for years.

Here’s my opinion on what’s in the works. Stokoe’s the next target… whenever Bobby gets whatever it is he wants, he’ll have no qualms whatsoever about throwing Stokoe off the train à la Dickie. BP’s also a target because of the SIC Report…  I suspect Bobby’s cabal will try to assert that he’s drinking again, or, frame him with something sexual, or, try to somehow connect him with Greg Solak’s death in Alaska. Then, and only then, will he try to push JP off the cliff, too. IF he were to succeed in that, the only question is which disgraced bishop would he try to bring back as figurehead “metropolitan”… would it be Hermie? Nikolai? How ‘bout another time ‘round for Feodosy? I’m not saying this IS going to happen… it’s what Bobby, Silver, and Love BT want… God willing, they won’t get it.

Did you see Stokoe’s site? He’s not even addressing JP’s lunatic “encyclical” on homosexuality, nor is he commenting on the recent reports of JP egging on witch hunters on OCA Truth. Instead, he posted some dreck about three new auxiliary bishops in AOCANA. Don’t take my word for it:


He puts this rubbishy twaddle up in lieu of the real news. Who woulda thunk it? Well, stay tuned, same bat time, same bat station… this is far from the last episode.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 30 July 2011

Albany NY


30 July 2011. Fathausen Goes Barmy… Looks Like the Orthodox Version of the “Scarlet Letter” to Me… Methinks that JP’s a Hypocritical Dimmesdale…

What’s next? Scarlet letters for all of us who don’t merit the Elect Pietistic Konvertsy Seal of Approval? God do spare me! We’re Orthodox! We’re not Wild-eyed Sectarian nutters…


A friend sent me the following:

The folks at OCA Truth published excerpts from an alleged letter JP wrote to his diocesan clergy. He wants to exclude parishioners from the Sacraments who refuse to acknowledge, etc sins against authentic Christian marriage, including… homosexual activity. Well… what about bishops, priests, deacons, and monastics? Besides, how will he verify whether parishioners are in “compliance?” Is he going to have his clergy do house calls to inspect everyone’s sleeping arrangements? Fathausen is really going off the deep end, now… I think it’s time for the Centre to send someone in to do the heavy lifting to clean up this mess!


Well, kids, the only thing that I can say is, “Gad, sir, this ain’t Orthodox!” There’s none of the Love of Christ in this… it’s redolent of Puritan New England and the Salem Witch Hunt. The konvertsy are going to go out and search for all the Hester Prynnes in the Church. They’re PERFECT, dontcha know! Of course, I’m a hardened old sinner who only says, “More weight!”

It ain’t over until it’s over, but this IS too much of a muchness…


30 July 2011. A Point to Ponder… Who’s the REAL Foe?

Here’s how Christians and Muslims truly get on… don’t listen to Fox News or to John Whiteford…


This is from an article in the Spectator that I found interesting:

It’s a shame that [they] didn’t spend more time explaining the threat that secularism poses to the Christian world. Nobody raised the idea that aggressive Islamism is a response to aggressive secularism. Our “decadent” secular societies appal Muslims across the world, and they’re prepared to resist violently what they see as our “imperialist” liberal culture. Christians often catch the sharp end of their anti-secular rage. This isn’t in any way to excuse Muslims who commit violent acts. However, the problem starts with a domineering liberal secular culture that leaves religious people (Christian, Muslim, Sikh, whichever) alienated and angry.

If there’s “Christianophobia”, the threat comes from aggressive secularists, not from Muslims, as the Italian court case Lautsi vs Italy illustrated abundantly. Furthermore, most secular people aren’t our enemies. Who’re our enemies? The godless rich who worship at Mammon’s altar (including those who make a loud profession of their “Christian” beliefs)… “I believe in money; I don’t believe in God”. Interestingly enough, they’re the enemies of most secular folk, too. We shouldn’t be attacking those who’re just as aggrieved by the present situation as we are. Beware those who whip up anti-Muslim hatred… do check out their agenda. Many (such as Hilarion Alfeyev) are more closely tied to the oligarchs (and their grasping and soulless greed) than is comfortable for a Christian…


30 July 2011. Fathausen and Stokoe: Two Deer Frozen in the Headlights

The present situation roiling about Dickie Wood is illustrating something that reveals deep rot in our structure. Firstly, save from announcing that he was on a “leave of absence” and removing his name from the clergy listing, the OCA has released NO information concerning l’affiaire Wood. There’s no official news or even “unofficial” high-level leaks released as to WHY this event took place, or, anything telling us what the precipitating incident to the crisis was. They gave us nothing. Nos dieron nada. Они дали нам ничего не. Sie gaben uns nichts. NOTHING. NADA. НИЧЕГО. NICHTS. This, from people who continually bleat in every forum possible about “transparency”… they gave us nothing… they treat us like retarded children. As of 12.45 EDT Saturday, 30 July 2011, there’s still no easily-accessible information up concerning Dickie’s dismissal either on the main page of oca.org or on Stokoe’s website. In addition, the powers-that-be haven’t posted Fathausen’s “encyclical” concerning homosexuality, dated 28 July, in an easily-accessible manner on oca.org, nor has Stokoe released ANY commentary on this happenstance. Both of these news flashes occurred on a Thursday, so, Slowpoke Matusiak and his band of grinning bandidos had a full working day to get the information out… but they didn’t (“Señor, we had to take the siesta… the afternoon, she was SOOO hot…”). I believe it was a combination of equal parts of incompetence, laziness, hutsky-klutsky, fear, and malfeasance.

We don’t know where Dickie is, save for the fact that an informed source told me that Garklavs went out to JFK, and Dickie wasn’t on the expected flight (and hadn’t cancelled his ticket). Other informed sources tell me that Dickie was, most likely, a Humint asset for American special services (he wasn’t an SVR asset… he would’ve stayed in Moscow, in that case)… obviously, not only do I have no verifiable intel on this, no one does. However, Dickie’s “fallen off the radar”… which means that one of the possible explanations is that he’s in a safe house in a sterile site being debriefed (on a US base in Germany or the UK, if that’s what’s happening). This is SOP in the real world for blown assets. It’s not like the movies, kids… no asset is EVER “turned” (you wouldn’t trust a traitor, would you?)… there’s no trial unless one side or the other (or both) wants to make a political point. You turn over blown assets to the embassy of the country concerned with the order to get ‘em out of Dodge within 48 hours. That’s how real people in the real world deal with this very real situation. It happens all the time. This MIGHT be so… it’s certainly colourful, but no less probable because of that “flavour”. Rumour HAS circulated in some quarters that Dickie was an FSB/SVR asset, but I think that if that were so, Lyonyo would’ve moved against him long ago (Lyonyo’s got State Department access… it’s why the Centre won’t accept him as Dickie’s permanent replacement).

This illustrates that Dickie always ploughed his own furrow; he vacillated between Lyonyo and Bobby, based on expedience. In the end, either Bobby or Lyonyo found him inconvenient, and the other did nothing to save Dickie. We don’t know which of the two did the dirty deed to Dickie; both had reason to pull the trigger on him. However, there’s one thing that it doesn’t mean… Bobby and Lyonyo have a number one purple passion feud going on, and they haven’t buried the hatchet, nor shall they. What’s the next move? Firstly, expect no new news releases until Monday at the earliest (and don’t hold your breath, then, either). Secondly, the next target will be Mark Stokoe. Bobby will use his two attack dogs, James Silver and Love BT… watch for a posting by either or both on the Indiana List or the Orthodox Forum. Fathausen will join in… moreover, cutting his own throat in the process. Stokoe is a rabid autocephalist… JP’s so stupid that he doesn’t realise that Mark’s his ally.

People aren’t dumb… they see what’s going on. El Gordo issues a bombastic letter against homosexuality, yet, he hobnobs with Feodosy, Herman, Peterson, Izzy Brittain, and Nikolai Soraich (amongst others)… I’m NOT the only person to notice that. My take is that Fathausen’s preparing to move against Mark, and this letter was the first salvo in that war. Bobby and Potapov are the “powers behind the throne”… make no mistake on it… Potapov’s a smoother article than Bobby is, but I’d rate him as being twice as dangerous. Bobby’s not bright enough to realise that Potapov sees him as an expendable asset (after all, Potapov’s widely rumoured to be an American intel asset).

In short, it’s another episode of As the Icon Burns… only it’s real life, not a soap opera on the telly.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 30 July 2011

Albany NY

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