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Thursday, 7 July 2011

7 July 2011. The World of Paul Ryan… Your Life Will be Nasty, Brutish, and Short… and to the Profit of All the “Right People”

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This is the world of Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican “deficit hawks”. Who’s under the pile? YOU ARE…


This considered, the kingdom of darkness is nothing else but a confederacy of deceivers that, to obtain dominion over men in this present world, endeavour, by dark and erroneous doctrines, to extinguish in them the light.

Thomas Hobbes

Leviathan (Chapter XLIV)


Read these:




Note this:

[There’s been a] 29.2 percent increase in profits for American businesses in the fourth quarter of 2010, “the fastest growth in more than 60 years” … [but there’s only been a] 2 percent increase, since the recovery began, in the amount businesses are spending on employees, according to the Commerce Report.


I paid my insurance all my life, but when my costs became too high, the insurance company just cancelled me, happy to push me off on Medicare. How many are there like me? From the letters and emails I’ve received, thousands. Has it not occurred to anyone in this sorry saga that one reason Medicare’s costs are going up is that insurance companies are pushing “high-maintenance” patients like me off on the public purse? If the Republicans who oppose the current health-care overhaul have their wish, they’ll send us, with vouchers, back to the insurance companies… the ones who already have caused so much damage.


The good times are here again… at least for top corporate executives. The New York Times reports that high-ranking executives at 200 of the biggest US companies saw their pay increase an average of 23 percent from 2009 to 2010, bringing them ever nearer to pre-recession earnings. Those big paycheques didn’t trickle down to the rest of the workforce, with the average American employee seeing less than a 1 percent increase in pay.


Let’s not dawdle… Reaganomics claimed that if you favoured the rich it’d “trickle down” to the levels below the “Five Percenters”. The above puts the lie to that… there’s been only one thing that the oligarchs have trickled down on us, and it sure as hell wasn’t prosperity… it was something else, rather more odoriferous and nasty. If we increased the tax level on the rich 10 percent, it’d be 45 percent, only 6 percent more than that in Clinton’s era, and much less than the 91 percent of Ike Eisenhower and the 70 percent of Richard Nixon. I seem to notice that there was a more equal sharing of America’s prosperity in the Eisenhower and Nixon years, and that rich people still existed. In short, Paul Ryan’s programme is a tissue of lies from start to finish… it’s nothing but an excuse to rip up the social safety net on ideological grounds. You see, Paul Ryan is a devotee of Ayn Rand. Don’t forget, she wrote:

 Only a ghost can exist without material property; only a slave can work with no right to the product of his effort. The doctrine that “human rights” are superior to “property rights” simply means that some human beings have the right to make property out of others; since the competent have nothing to gain from the incompetent, it means the right of the incompetent to own their betters and to use them as productive cattle. …

The only proper functions of government are the police, to protect you from criminals; the army, to protect you from foreign invaders; and the courts, to protect your property and contracts from breach and fraud by others, to settle disputes by rational rules, according to objective law. …

When I say “capitalism,” I mean a full, pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism… with a separation of state and economics, in the same way and for the same reasons as the separation of state and church. …

I’m not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I’m not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognises the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.


This is the true credo of the Tea Party fanatics… the strong can oppress and use those weaker than they are without any interference whatsoever from the government, the Church, or established custom. Might makes right… that’s all that matters. It makes you wonder about the religious groups that slobber their approval of the Neoliberal rightwing (people such as Franklin Graham and other Sectarians) and about the Catholics and Orthodox who’ve fallen victim to the rightwing siren song of power and prosperity. For, at base, the philosophy of the Paul Ryans and Dropout Scott Walkers is the diabolic notion of the unrepentant Scrooge:

If they’d rather die, they’d better do it, and decrease the surplus population.

I somehow think that doesn’t serve justice at all… and that you agree with me on that…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 7 July 2011

Albany NY


7 July 2011. Is the ROCOR Getting Ready to Rehabilitate the Sodomite Podmoshensky?

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“It’s not on the main website… it didn’t happen! We didn’t take in the rebellious nuns and George Schaeffer didn’t junket out to see Podmoshensky. Besides that, a Halifax law firm hasn’t turned up any new victims of Storheim! It wasn’t on the website… it didn’t happen… so, there!”


Read this:


I checked the main ROCOR website… there’s no mention of George Schaeffer visiting Podmoshensky in Platina. Obviously, when the ROCOR does something suspect and crank, as in the present instance, like when they took over the group of nuns that Fathausen rebelliously brought to the USA, they post it on the Eastern Diocese site, not the main site. There are several possible explanations for this. Firstly, it could be that “respectable” First Family slimers like Potapov and Lebedeff want to claim that they posted the news, whilst keeping it on a venue that’s not as easily-accessible as the main site (it’s much more clever than the OCA tactic of simply not reporting the news at all). Secondly, no matter what, one must realise that the webmaster of the main ROCOR site is a Perekrestov (one of the First Families), which means that they’re especially susceptible to First Family pressure (Lebedeff, in particular, is known for his unbridled public nastiness). Thirdly, alternatively, it could mean that there’s someone connected with the Eastern Diocese website who wishes to get the news out, despite the wish of the First Family set to keep things “quiet”.

This was a sad event. GP is an unrepentant schismatic, he’s the guru of the konvertsy set in the Church. The questions are, “Did George Schaeffer go to Platina on his own nickel? Did Hilarion Kapral approve this trip, or, was it an unofficial First Family-sponsored junket? Are the First Families preparing to whitewash GP as part of their to-the-wall defence of JP, BP, Storheim, and all the other main actors in the closeted OCA fagorama?” This is the wrong time for any ROCOR hierarch to visit GP, it gives the impression that the ROCOR is lining up solidly behind Fathausen’s defence of the closeted homosexual cabal in the upper reaches of the OCA. I’d warn ROCOR faithful to be vigilant concerning First Family clergy… they could pass funds from the ROCOR to the OCA to pay for Storheim’s legal expenses. In addition, the First Families are spitting in the face of the OCA Holy Synod by supporting the rebel Fathausen. By going to Platina publicly, it gave the impression that George Schaeffer disagreed with the earlier action of the ROCOR Holy Synod defrocking GP. He should have met with GP in private and done so without fanfare. That’s how it’s done.

How the worm has turned! The ROCOR has turned into the Blunder’s lapdog! At least, that’s true of the upper echelon around the First Family stalwarts. Both the OCA and the ROCOR are rusted-out hulks surviving past their time. Both are relics of the Cold War; both are irrelevant to the contemporary Church situation. There’s no way that the current configuration can persist, and it SCARES the First Families (for they’d lose their Ruritanian situations and “prestige”). One of the main realities that people in the Russian Orthodox diaspora in North America face is that the Church apparats (both OCA and ROCOR) pretend that a peaceful consensus exists when it emphatically does not. There’s much controversy in the ROCOR, in particular, over the First Family indifferentist schmoozing up to the Uniate schismatics (in bald-faced denial of the Uniate persecution of canonical Orthodox in the Western Ukraine) … that’s a betrayal of the Church. The actions of Andrei Psaryov and Vassa Larina (especially Ms Larina’s obsequious toadying to the Uniate poseur Taft) have generated the most opposition from grounded ROCOR people.

Yet… if one looks at the main websites of the OCA and the ROCOR, all is sweetness and light. “Nothing could be better”. Trust me… it’s going to get MUCH worse in the immediate near future. I think that the Centre is letting things “develop”… that is, it wishes us to see that the structures of the present diaspora institutions are crook, and that we ask them to step in to remove them. That’s the longest route… it could take several years, during which time the present officeholders would run rampant. The OCA is destitute due to legal fees and legal settlements. It’s clear that insurance didn’t pay them… if they did so, their insurance would be in the stratosphere. Is the ROCOR going to beggar itself in order to pay the OCA’s bills? I’d warn all ROCOR people… watch out for priests with their hands in the till. They might not be enriching themselves… they might be collecting cash for the OCA.

If you had told the ROCOR faithful in 2000 that the ROCOR hierarchy and First Family apparatchiki would be supporting the most rabidly Renovationist and closeted homosexual element in the OCA ferociously in less than ten years time, they’d laugh at you and tell you to go home and sleep it off. Stop laughing… that’s the reality, now. Sadly, we can do nothing until the train runs off the tracks. That’s the way of it… it’s just like the recent train wreck in Nevada… the engine-driver applied the brakes, but the inertia of the train ensured that a collision occurred. The only thing that we can do is to see that as few people as possible are hurt in the coming wreck. We can do that… and we must, for it’s our God-ordained responsibility. The time for a painless dénouement is long past.

The present situation won’t end until we pay for our past folly, down to the last farthing (that’s the way of God’s justice). The fathers sin, and the children’s teeth are set on edge… we’re paying for our idiocy in the Church War (which didn’t exist, dontcha know, if you were to ask Kishkovsky or Gan, amongst others). Why must we live in such a time? God only knows… and He’s not talking. Take my hand… the path’s rather murky, isn’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

7 July 2011

Albany NY

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