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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Plotnitsky Urged Our Youth to be Russian in Their Very Souls

00 I V Plotnitsky. 040715


LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky urged our youth not to forget their traditions and to remain mindful of belonging to the larger Russian World at the opening of the Youth Forum “The Future of the Luganskshchina*“, which began on Friday evening on the shores of Lutugino Reservoir. The NGO World of Lugansk is sponsoring the event, which expects to attract about 500 youth activists from all over the Republic. Plotnitsky said, “You should all know and understand that all of us are part of the larger Russian World. Times change and young people change, but the goals and objectives do not. You must understand the essence of what we all are… we’re Russian in nature and in soul; we’re Russians in understanding and language. That’s the most important thing. This unites all of us. That’s why we’re able to solve any problem facing us. Russia has never lost a war of national liberation, and we aren’t losing one now. The Ukraine can’t understand how such a small region (from their perspective) can face more than twenty oblasts and not give up. That’s because we, together with Russia, are 150 million. Don’t forget that! This youth forum will lay new traditions for the future of our young Republic”. Also in attendance at the opening ceremony was famous Russian rock musician V R Samoilov {of Agata Kristi: editor}, who played favourite songs for the crowd on the acoustic guitar. This youth forum, which aims at improving youth work through skills training, will run until 8 July. During this time, youth activists will interact with many in the political and administrative apparats.

  • Luganskshchina: the areas under the social, cultural, and economic influence of Lugansk, not a political unit, rather, it reflects a sociocultural/economic reality

4 July 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Friday, 26 June 2015

Lugansk Kids Back Home After Five-Day Excursion to Moscow

00 lugansk pr. lnr. lugansk kids in moscow 01. 260615


00 lugansk pr. lnr. lugansk kids in moscow 02. 260615


00 lugansk pr. lnr. lugansk kids in moscow 03. 260615


A group of children from families that lost members in the war (both military and civilian dead) returned to Lugansk from a five-day excursion to Moscow. Today, the parents of the kids and the organisers of the tour met the kids when they returned. Andrei Sopelnik, LNR Peoples Soviet Deputy and NGO World of Lugansk board member, said, “26 children from families that lost family members, both military and civilian deaths, went on a five-day excursion to Moscow. This is the second such trip. We received an invitation from the Svetoch Centre of Museum Pedagogy in Moscow. They’re our friends, people with great love and understanding for our children and our country. They put on a wonderful tour for our children. I give them many thanks. Thanks to World of Lugansk, these kids got a little peace, some good. World of Lugansk proved its intent to give our children peace and warmth, not in words, but in deeds”.

The kids on the excursion did more than just sightsee and have fun. Sopelnik said, “They also attended meetings where they told the world about us and our Republic, that we aren’t terrorists, that we’re peaceful and hardworking people who don’t want war, but want to work, learn, and build our young republic. During their tour of Red Square, bikers from the Night Wolves escorted their bus, and before leaving for home, our kids went to the water park at Serpukhov. This trip gave them joy, warmth, and confidence in the future. We have more such trips planned in future, not only to Moscow but also to St Petersburg. Every day, more and more people are coming forward to help when they find out who came, where they came from, and this increases the number of helpers”.

25 June 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

More than 100 Kids from Lutugino Raion in the LNR Went to Camps in Kursk Oblast and the Crimea

00 lnr. lugansk pr. kids 01. 240615


00 lnr. lugansk pr. kids 02. 240615


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Today, Natalya Shvets, the Deputy Head of Administration for Lutugino Raion told us that more than 100 local kids went on holiday to the Zarya Camp in Kursk Oblast and to the Crimean resort of Solnechnogorsk near Alushta. The first group of kids, made up of 50 gifted children aged 14 to 17 years, gathered today at the RGA* building at 04.00. From there, the buses went to Zarya Camp via the Izvarino border-crossing point. At 11.00, buses took another 55 children to a camp on the Crimean coast of the Black Sea in Solnechnogorsk near Alushta. Shvets said, “This year was very difficult emotionally for kids, as many of them couldn’t go out anywhere due to the fighting; they spent all last summer with their parents in bunkers and bomb shelters. Gradually, life in the Republic is normalising, but most parents still can’t afford to send their kids to camp, nor can they afford holidays for the whole family to relax together. Therefore, we’re very grateful to our Russian friends, who‘re taking in our kids from the LNR. We plan to send 200 children to the Crimea; another 200 will holiday in summer camps in Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar Krai”.

  • RGA: Raion State Administration: administrative apparat of a raion (roughly, an American county-level entity)

23 June 2015

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Friday, 19 June 2015

About 500 LNR Kids Went on Holiday in the Crimea

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00 LNR kids at camp 03. 190615


Today, LNR Chairman of the Council of Ministers G N Tsypkalov stated that the first contingent of kids from the LNR went to summer camps in the Crimea, “Today, we sent off 480 kids from the LNR. They’re not only from Lugansk, but also from Krasny Luch, Pervomaisk, Bryanka, Stakhanov, and Krasnodon. We thank the Russian Federation for the opportunity for our kids to camp in the Crimea, to buck up their health and to help them prepare for the new school year. Last year, they really didn’t get a summer”. The first group to go on holiday were 116 children from special categories. In total, some 2,500 kids will holiday in the Crimea. Seeing the kids off, Tsypkalov wished them a good holiday and emphasised that this was possible thanks to the Russian Federation, which gave LNR kids free trips to the Crimea, “Our children are our future, and we must look to the future. Due to Russian generosity, you’ll have a chance to have some fun, a chance that not every kid gets, to go to camp in Russia in the Crimea, but you got that chance. Good luck, smiles, new achievements, and come back home”. Earlier, Acting Deputy Chairman of the LNR Council of Ministers Vasili Nikitin reported at a meeting of the LNR Public Council that the Russian side was making provision for the campers.

19 June 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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