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Monday, 16 May 2016

16 May 2016. What Groupthink Does to (Originally) Good People

01 Lemming Political Parties


People outside of the Beltway can hardly imagine the Alice in Wonderland Cloud-Cuckoo Land that is the District (Washington DC). The strangest notions reside there… many of them planted by interested pressure groups. In re Russian policy, three pressure groups guide American policy, not reality. Most people are well aware of the Jewish Lobby, but I’m not going to discuss that here (others have done so… sadly, Anti-Semitism mars too much of that commentary). Two pressure groups that exert much effort in influencing policy in Washington are the Balts (Estonian, Latvian, and Baltic German anti-communist émigrés) and “Ukrainians” (actually Galician Uniates and schismatics).

For instance, the Galicians have a fictive narrative about the current junta in the Ukraine. All US government apparats and their apparatchiks must follow it, even in private affairs, or they lose their situations, simply put. Recently, on Facebook, I ran into someone calling themselves “Craig Cartier”… what was interesting was that this person repeated the Uniate bullshit line chapter and verse. You know it all… Russia planned the current crisis… Yatsenyuk fled to Moscow… Russia staged the Novorossiya and Crimean referenda… Russian troops are in Novorossiya… that same old diseased and false story. The Uniates always blame Russians for everything (they probably lay the blame for the heartbreak of psoriasis and bad breath in dogs on Russians, too).

What’s important in this is that not only deluded apparatchiks like Mr Cartier swallow this whole… one finds that even more level-headed sorts repeat it and call it true. You must understand that it’s very difficult to swim against any tide… but it’s doubly hard if one loses one’s reputation (if not livelihood) over it. What made Mr Cartier’s commentary interesting is that if it were correct, it’d be a major security breach involving classified material, but since it was just windy bullshit, it was just a sign of an ambitious and conforming ignoranus kowtowing to the Galician nutter narrative. It was interesting that a more grounded person defended this poseur, but, again, do understand that if one doesn’t support the given narrative, bad things tend to happen.

Don’t expect the truth from certain sorts. In some cases, they know the truth, but they can’t speak it because it’s inexpedient. In other cases, they know the truth, but they won’t speak it, out of ambition. In still others, they’re the proverbial “frog boiled by degrees”; they don’t realise that they lie and defend a rotten cause. They truly believe that they’re speaking the truth. The last are the saddest of the lot. They’re dupes. I’d call the first group moral cowards and weak… they cause bad, but don’t intend it. The second group is the worst… they know the truth and do evil, without regard for the consequence. This group is demonic.

Have a care… the times are NOT good. Always ask, “Cui bono?” Besides that, look to see if they’re free to act on the truth or not. In all-too-many cases, they’re not…


Sunday, 15 May 2016

15 May 2016. Have a Care With Apparatchiki… Whether They be Political, Religious, or Corporate

01 whatever happend it wasnt me


I posted this as a FB comment:

There’s an old Russian peasant proverb, “The cow that died gave the most milk”. That’s nostalgia concisely. One sees this especially in some White Guard Russian émigrés, most Balts (including Baltic Germans), Galicians, Croats, and White Poles… that’s why so many of those in these cohorts became rabid running dogs of the Anglo Establishment.

There are several kinds of apparatchiki… some are Church apparatchiks, such as Eric Tosi. Some are corporate apparatchiks, such as Rebecca Matovic. Others are political apparatchiks, such as DWS. The fact of being an apparatchik isn’t blameworthy… but it does explain the behaviour of some people. Whether they recognise it or not, the apparatchik adopts the POV of the apparat that they work in. They truly don’t see that those outside the apparat think differently. That is, they become “goodthinkers” to some extent or another. They take on the Weltanschauung of the organisation and don’t really comprehend that their reality now corresponds to the notional construct of the apparat and not the real reality in the outside world.

This is most marked in the District amongst political and military apparatchiki. Don’t argue with such sorts… they truly do believe the Inside the Beltway fantasies… they really do live in a Neoliberal Cloud-Cuckoo Land. They believe the USA is a “hyperpower” and that it can intervene wherever, whenever, and however it pleases. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid about foreign lands and leaders. Some have the disease worse than others do. A recent correspondent was a case in point. In many ways, this person did escape much of the negative conditioning… but I noticed it was still there. I won’t give details, as I don’t wish to unmask my interlocutor (that’s not only crass, it’s indecent and without humanity).

If such a person is a Facebook “friend” don’t unfriend them unless they start posting organisation drivel on your wall. If such a person is in your parish, simply don’t rile them and rattle their cage… you know what they’re going to say. If they do start pushing goodthinker notions and apparat dezinformatsiya… then, block them and be done with them. Don’t hate. Don’t argue. Don’t drag them through the mud. In many ways, they’ve proven themselves weak, not evil.

However, here’s a meaty reflection… most bad in the world comes from weak people, not evil people. That’s why you must beware the apparatchik…


Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. A Blast From the Sov Past… Maslenitsa in 1985

01n Maslenitsa 2011. St Petersburg

It’s not a party until the guy with the accordion shows up…



This was Maslenitsa in Sov times, in 1985… it’s hardly changed at all, has it? It was so… it is so… it shall ever be so… our culture is above politics and economics.


Thursday, 10 March 2016

10 March 2016. My (Final and Irrevocable) Two Cents on Jenner the Media Phenom

01 a woman at the riverbank


It’s a freak show, indeed… Jenner should go back to the hole that they crawled out of. Sad fact is, Jenner isn’t representative of transsexual people. Jenner was an asshat before, is one now, and shall remain one… that trumps (pun intended) everything else. Transsexualism is a serious medical phenomenon… not some media hype or rightwing talking point. Let’s keep it such… so, let’s keep the discussion focused on the medical professionals who know what they’re about. Jenner’s was, is, and shall always be nothing but an empty-suit media phenom… sadly enough, they’re not alone in that, are they?


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