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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Is Europe Overlooking the Far-Right “Foreign Fighter” Issue in the Ukraine?

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Think of a “foreign fighter”. Are they a young male, aged 19-29, probably, of Middle Eastern origin, and possibly a Muslim? Are they associated with the concern and debate over Syria and Iraq? To most people, it’s more than likely that this image comes to mind. This isn’t necessary wrong, but it’s definitely not completely accurate. Yet, we must raise a question… are extremist Islamist fighters the only foreign fighters Europe should worry about?

The answer is no. Currently, returning Far Right fighters from the Ukraine is a threat most overlook. The conflict in the Ukraine provides an environment where foreign right-wing paramilitary groups form without any opposition. Both pro-Russian and Ukrainian Nationalists have operational paramilitary groups that hold extreme rightwing views, ties to neo-Nazism, and welcome foreigners as fighters. The Azov Battalion stands as a prime example of a violent rightwing group that attracted foreign volunteers. This neo-Nazi group boasts a number of foreign participants, including “Russians, Swedes, and a Canadian“. Their emblem includes the “Black Sun” occult symbol, used by the Nazi SS during World War II. The unit’s founder, Andrei Biletsky, also heads “two other neo-Nazi groups“. Most worrying is their polished social media page with powerful Far Right ideological material in English. This makes recruiting more accessible for any potential fighters who wish to join.

Foreign fighters operating in Eastern Europe aren’t a new phenomenon. During the Russo-Chechen conflict in 1995, there was a heavy influx of foreign fighters into the region. Therefore, why should we be concerned this time around? Arguably, the danger from a returning Far Right fighter from the Ukraine is no different from that of a returning fighter from Syria. An individual with radical views with good training could commit or help in committing a violent attack. Currently attached to the Azov Battalion is a Swedish national, named “Mikael Skillt“, a trained sniper with 7 years’ experience in the Swedish Army. Currently, he has a “7,000 USD bounty” on his head, due to the danger that he poses to [Novorossiyan forces]. A man with his skills, who describes himself as an “ethnic nationalist”, who holds extremist views, has the potential to be very dangerous.

The conflict’s brutality could also have an effect on a fighter. A group of rightwing Ukrainian nationalists, who refer to themselves as the Aidar Battalion, reportedly have committed war crimes. The reports from local media suggest widespread abuse from “abductions, unlawful detention, and beheadings“. It’s possible that PTSD could affect any returning fighter. Without treatment, it leaves open the chance that a person, with military training, who’s already committed violence, could snap under the right circumstances and commit a random attack. There have been some cases across Europe were people with mental health issues embark on violent sprees. Also, there’s a very serious possibility that a foreign fighter in the Ukraine may have a radicalising impact on others when they return.

It’s completely understandable that the issue of returning Islamic fighters has taken precedence. Attacks in Paris pushed the issue to centre stage. The high volume of traffic to Syria and Iraq from Europe outweighs that of people going to the Ukraine to fight. However, it only takes one returning Far Right fighter to commit an attack causing utter devastation. Anders Breivik was a lone violent Far Right actor, yet, he was responsible for one of Europe’s most horrific terrorist attack. Imagine a returning fighter from the Ukraine, with military training, who’s experienced combat, and has access to connections and weaponry doing the same thing. One can hope that some attention shifts towards Far Right fighters in the Ukraine, even though the conflict has mostly dropped out of the mainstream attention. However, as long as there are organisations willing to raise the issue and attempting to counter the Far Right narrative, then, there’s still hope. The threat is there and it’s very real. Let’s all just hope that we don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

23 January 2015

Lewis Barton

Huffington Post



Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Utøya Survivors to Sit In Norwegian Parliament

01l Norway Oslo Bombing Memorial 07.11


Young candidates from the Labour Party will take part in the first parliamentary election since Breivik’s Massacre in Norway. The 27 survivors chosen from the Worker’s Youth League (AUF) of the Labour Party are expected to be slightly different from previous generations and raise tough questions. Usually, once left-wing young Labour MPs sit in the parliament (Stortinget), they’re likely to share more mainstream views with the rest of the party. However, this generation is believed to confirm confidence in staying true to their beliefs.

Gunn Karin Gjul, a Labour MP, in speaking about the terrorist attack in 2011, when 77 people were killed at the summer camp on Utøya island, noted, “The 22 July generation is a very unique generation within the Labour Party; their ideas were tested in a way that no generation since World War II in Norway has been”. The main question in the AUF candidates’ agenda is oil production. The youth wing would like some parts of the Norwegian continental shelf environmentally protected, the other branches of the party don’t believe this necessary. Another point is the immigration problem, as the AUF wants the government to be more tolerant in this respect. The liberal views of AUF members were one reason for Breivik’s attack… he wanted to stop immigration from Muslim countries to Norway and the AUF seemed to him an obstacle on the way to this. Gjul added that, as massacre survivors, they might question why Norway lacks the death penalty, why Breivik wasn’t given tougher prison conditions, or why he grew bitter and aggressive.

The crucial point in gaining a seat in the Stortinget is a candidate’s ranking on a party list. Many of the Utøya survivors running for parliament lost primary battles for safe positions higher up, so, now, they’re quite low on the list. Only 3 of the 27 survivors have high enough rankings to get elected for sure. According to Norwegian tradition, young people get involved early in politics. The current Prime Minister, Labour’s Jens Stoltenberg, became an MP at age 32, whilst one of his opponents, Conservative Erna Solberg, won election at age 28.

10 July 2013

Voice of Russia World Service



Friday, 24 August 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Mass-Killer Breivik Awaits Court Verdict with No Remorse

THIS is what John Robles is talking about… and it’s why I agree with him, completely and unreservedly. If anyone deserved to “swim with the fishies“, Breivik does, and I’d pull the trigger… gladly.


The blond monster who killed 77 human beings in cold blood in Norway a year ago is about to be sentenced. Many people believe that the only fair sentence for Anders Behring Breivik, as he took the lives of people with families, friends, and futures is the death penalty. However, there’s no capital punishment in Norway, so, this predator of innocents will either get 21 years in prison or end up in his own psychiatric ward. In both cases, the mass-murderer will continue his earthly existence. Breivik receives fair treatment, as he has a three-room suite, with an exercise room, a bed room, and an “office” with a computer he uses to prepare his case and answer “fan” mail, and where he’ll return if he’s found sane. If he’s found insane, Norway will build an entire private hospital wing just for him, and he’ll have his own staff of 17 people to take care of him night and day.

The world’s eyes will be on a small court in Oslo, Norway tomorrow as the judges render their verdict in the case of right-wing extremist and admitted mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik. With his remorseless admission to the mass-killings he committed, his guilt is an established fact; therefore, that isn’t the matter before the court. Rather, the court’s verdict will determine whether Breivik will face incarceration or compulsory psychiatric treatment. Currently, the options are 21 years’ incarceration, which the authorities could extend indefinitely if he’s deemed a danger to society, or indefinite compulsory psychiatric treatment if he’s deemed insane. Breivik insists that he’s sane and promised to appeal the verdict if he’s found insane by the court. He’s remorselessly attempted to justify his mass-murdering execution-style rampage of mostly-defenceless teenagers, many of them young girls, as an attempt to cleanse white Christian society of encroachment by multiculturalism and a fantasised Muslim takeover.

One point that the press and the debate over Breivik and his heinous crimes hasn’t really touched upon, and one that I feel may be key to deciding his “sanity”, if there’s really any doubt, is the fact that almost all of his victims were white Norwegian youth, a fact that should negate any argument that he was “fighting for Norwegian purity against a Muslim threat”, and a fact that points to the sheer pointless insanity of his actions. He’s a madman who wanted to kill as many people as possible as viciously as possible, and his choice of targets made his own insane reasoning completely and utterly pointless. Sadly, for Breivik and his like-minded angry-white-supremacist brethren, such killings can be justified, in some twisted way. Somehow, they can be deemed the act of a sane person. However, for most of us, such senseless murder can in no way be justified.

In addition, the fact that Breivik is white is a very important factor in the case. He’s has been repeatedly allowed to make Nazi salutes for the cameras in the court, and repeatedly been allowed to invoke his insane ideological ranting in court, as if such beliefs could in some way defend his horrendous crimes. Were he of another race or group, it’s seriously doubtful that he’d be allowed to so blatantly spit in the face of all of us. The fact that he’s white, as with most white-supremacist mass-murders, has led the court and society to debate his sanity. Most members of white society are always quick to marginalise and deem psychotic one of their own when events such as this take place, they’re quick to call these killers “loners”, and not part of an organisation, unlike what occurs when a Muslim or member of any other race group commits such a crime. Priyamvada Gopal at the Guardian looked into this topic in depth. With the world currently engaged in what many consider a war against “primitive” Muslims, Breivik has many apologists in white Christian society. However, even in this context, there can be no justification for his acts.

Are the Norwegian people happy about all of this? Many aren’t. Many feel as I do, that there are crimes that a civilised society can in no way forgive, and that Breivik’s heinous mass-murdering rampage falls into this category. There are crimes for which, even in a humane and civilised society, there must be an ultimate price to pay. There must be an exception allowing for execution; Breivik, as one of the worst mass murderers of all time, deserves such. Thomas Indreboe, a lay judge who was removed from the case when he called for Breivik’s execution, to save “taxpayers from unnecessary expenditures”, put it well when he said, “…there are other things in Norway that need to be taken care of, like our elderly, roads, and such things; the money could’ve been spent on other things”.

According to RIA-Novosti, even if the court finds Breivik insane, psychiatrists may refuse to treat him, as he has been diagnosed as being rational and sane in the past. Breivik himself hopes he’s found sane, so that his monstrous killing spree won’t be viewed as the act of a madman; this will support the delusional architecture of his psychosis, and allow like-minded neo-Nazi fanatics a victory they don’t deserve. If systematically, remorselessly, and cold-bloodedly taking the lives of 77 human beings, people with families, friends, and futures, doesn’t forfeit one’s right to continue to exist, then, I don’t know what does. Regardless of what I think, and many who would agree with me, Breivik will continue to live, costing Norwegian taxpayers millions, and he’ll continue to breathe, exercise, eat nice meals, answer fan mail, and spit in the face of all humanity.

23 August 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service


Breivik Sentenced to 21 Years for Norway Terror Attacks

Lest we forget… THIS is what this monstrous bastard caused…


Spare a thought and prayer for the victims, their families, and friends…


A court in Oslo sentenced Anders Breivik to the maximum 21 years prison on Friday for terrorism and the murder of 77 people, after declaring him sane. Breivik went on a killing spree last 22 July, setting off a bomb that killed eight people in the government district of Oslo and, then, shooting dead 69 people at a youth camp on nearby Utøya Island. He will serve his sentence under special conditions at the maximum-security Ila Detention and Security Prison, where he’s been held since his arrest. The authorities may extend his detention beyond the end of his sentence, if they consider that he’s still a danger to society.

23 August 2012



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