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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Something that the West Overlooks in a “Grexit”

Sergei Kirillov. The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga. Part 1 of the Triptych 'Holy Rus'. 1993

The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga

Part 1 of the Triptych Holy Rus

Sergei Kirillov


This was the baptism of Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Princess St Olga… the grandmother of Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Prince St Vladimir, the Enlightener of all the Russias. It happened at Hagia Sofia (Church of the Holy Wisdom of the Incarnate Word of God) in Constantinopolis, in the 10th century AD (some say 955, others say 957). Russians haven’t forgotten that… neither have Greeks. Russians and Greeks go WAY back. By the way… one of the things in contention in the present Ukrainian Civil War/War of Liberation of Novorossiya is the “ownership” of the legacy of St Vladimir. Is he “Uniate” or is he “Orthodox?” That’s why no Orthodox Christian can support the US Republican Party… they support those who advance the Uniate argument in that case. Just sayin’…




This is an excerpt from a longer, rather boring, piece by a humdrum Affluent Effluent self-important “wealth advisor”. However, this part not only rings true, it’s rather good. If you really want to read the rest of his neoliberal crapola, click the link at the end. This part, though, is a real read n’ heed.

I retained the original author’s emphasis.



I wish to remind my readers of one unseen risk in all this, one that literally no one else has talked about. Southern Europe and much of the Balkans, whilst nominally “Western” in lip service, is really a long-lost religious remnant of the Eastern world.  The mediaeval Orthodox world was born from the Orthodox Byzantine Empire (sic), which stretched from Asia Minor, all the way through the Balkans, and westward as far as Serbia! The Greeks, who always had a great deal in common with Russia, are of the same Orthodox religious cloth as the Russians are. Both Russia and Greece represent ancient civilisations, formed by Constantinople. Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, and even parts of Bosnia all have the same religious lineage… they’ve all felt for centuries that they were “fish out of water” within Catholic Europe.  Excepting Romania, there’s almost a direct ecumenical “land bridge” connecting Russia to the Balkans (remember, the Ukraine is very much Orthodox).  

“Watchman, I think you’re making too big a deal out of this religious angle!”

Maybe, but ask yourself… what would a Grexit mean for Russia and the Orthodox world?

A Grexit would serve to re-establish an autonomous independent Orthodox foothold on the European continent (which Russia would quickly make a key partner). Therefore, a Grexit would effectively create a symbiotic relationship between Greece and Russia, creating an economic and cultural “magnetic pull” upon the rest of Orthodox Southern Europe, drawing them to parts further East (further into Russia’s sphere of influence). A Grexit would be a dream come true for Moscow, as it’d take the by-gone dream of a geographically unified all-Orthodox world (as well as the entire Eurasian trade zone) one huge step closer to reality.

Trust me, if Greece leaves the EU, they’d find a most hearty reception in Eurasia, as it’d be a religious homecoming! Moreover, what of Orthodox Bulgaria?  Do you think that the Bulgarians are maybe feeling more than a tad bit slighted, after Brussels and DC forced them to give up South Stream to the Turks (their historic enemies)?  There’s so much going on here that 99 percent of commentators are totally missing. Look, I understand that some of you aren’t religious, but when we’re talking about geopolitics and the make-up of civilisation itself, don’t underestimate the important reality of religious considerations that come into play here. Besides… Merkel doesn’t want Greece (and its newly discovered hydrocarbon reserves) to slip through her fingers. With Russia acquiring a huge, new energy boon in its reunification with the Crimea, The EU’s list of friends with untapped extensive hydrocarbon reserves is growing rather thin!

26 January 2015

The Wealth Watchman



Konstantin Makovsky. Bulgarian Martyrs. 1877

Bulgarian Martyrs

Konstantin Makovsky


Such events as those pictured in the painting did occur in the Ottoman-ruled Balkans. The worst of the Ottoman bullyboys were the Albanians, their cruelty, barbarity, and rapine was well-known, yet, they often showed cowardice in open battle. Not much has changed in that regard, has it? The locals welcomed the Russian troops as liberators from Turkish oppression wherever they went. The ordinary people of the Balkans have never forgotten that the Russians freed them from slavery. Only small minorities of the so-called local élites support the USA and its militant nihilism. Most Balkan people still support Russia and Orthodoxy. NATO had best not count on any of its Balkan members; they’re in for a rude surprise…




In Mediaeval Europe, until its treacherous sack by perfidious Crusaders in 1204, Constantinopolis Nea Romana (Constantinople New Rome) was the brightest light of civilisation on the continent. It was the literal lineal embodiment of the Roman Empire… indeed, that’s what it called itself… “Rhomania”… ROME. It wasn’t Rome’s successor… it WAS Rome… they never tired of reminding the Western barbarians of that fact. It was NEVER the “Byzantine Empire”… that’s a nasty German 16th century neologism that no Orthodox Christian should ever use.

As Constantinopolis was “I Polis” (THE City), so, Moscow is “the Centre” today. Moscow is as much the centre of the Orthodox World (Orthosphere) today as Constantinopolis was the centre of the Orthodox World prior to its final fall in 1453. As Hagia Sophia was the main temple of all Orthodoxy then, the Khram Spasitelya in Moscow is the main temple of all Orthodoxy worldwide today. If you’re Orthodox… you’re a “Muscovite”. Just as being Orthodox at one time meant being “Greek”… today, you’re “Russian”… even if you’re Greek! V V Putin went to the Mountain… to an ecstatic welcome from the Fathers there. V F Yanukovich went to the Mountain regularly on otpust, with the blessing of his late starets Zosima Sokur. The Fathers gave him an equally enthusiastic welcome. Don’t listen to Uniate lies about Viktor Fyodorovich… he was much more honest than the Rabbit is (after all, the Rabbit was Yuliya the Landshark’s bagman; he stole much more than Yanukovich ever did… remember the Kiev “street” gibe, “The Rabbit shits in a solid gold toilet”)… reflect on this, Yanukovich was the MOST honest president that the Ukraine ever had.

Russia’s traditional foreign policy has been to liberate the Orthodox lands of the Balkans and to keep them free of papist interference. No one in the Balkans (INCLUDING Romania) has ever forgotten the Russian liberation of their lands in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 and their subsequent betrayal by the Brits and Germans (the very same parties, along with their American cousins, are interfering there today). No one has forgotten the “White Marshal”… Marshal Skobelyov… who led the victorious armies to the gates of Tsargrad (Constantinople).

In short, the war in the Ukraine and the coming Western interference in Greek internal affairs are nothing new for the hubristic West. SYRIZA had best keep its wits about them or its leadership will end up dead like Allende… the Anglos and Germans are nasty-ass terrorists of the worst-possible sort… they make al-Qaeda look infantile in comparison. Look at the Bush torture programme, the Holocaust, the British firestorm air raids of World War II, Lidice’s destruction, the drone murder campaign, the concentration camps of the Boer War, the Easter Bombing of Belgrade, Wounded Knee, and the Gitmo Gulag. I do daresay that the West’s shield isn’t pure (and hasn’t been, from the start)… yet, they caterwaul incessantly about “human rights” and about how “exceptional” they are.

Excuse me… I have to find a corner to be sick in… there’s only so much of that arrant shit that a decent person can take.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Ukraine on the Verge of Collapse

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Dude! Your Head is Up Your Ass! 2015

The figure on the ladder is A P Yatsenyuk… whose well-known nickname is “Rabbit” (after a character in the Sov-era Vinni Pukh multifilms). He hates this name, but everyone finds it apposite… for it fits his goofy appearance. The waggish word on the Kiev “street” is, “The Rabbit shits in a solid-gold toilet”… he’s one of the most-hated figures in the junta (his unpopularity is only exceeded by that of the Klichko brothers… whose arrogance and disregard for common folk is legendary). Yatsenyuk’s sister married an American Scientologist… so, the Americans do have a threat over his head… and Langley isn’t known for being humane and civilised.


The Ukrainian leadership insists that it rules a single and indivisible country, but it’s falling apart before the eyes of the entire world. The junta largely ignored the idea of ​​federalisation, even though it could save the Ukraine from collapse, despite the fact that European leaders strongly advised it to go this way. This led to the Crimea’s reunification with Russia, the war in the Donbass, and separatist sentiment in the Western Ukraine. Not only are independent political analysts convinced of this, so are many Ukrainian politicians.

V V Medvedchuk*, leader of Украинский выбор (Ukrainsky vybor: Ukrainian Choice), wrote on his blog on the Day of Unification that Ukrainian politicians should remember that centralisation has done nothing good for the country, saying:

Today, the Ukraine celebrates the Day of National Unity. 96 years ago, on 22 January 1919 in Kiev, on Sofiya Square, they proclaimed the Act of Union of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. However, the unity of the independent Ukrainian People’s Republic, as the documents of the time called it, raises more questions today, especially in light of the unfolding events in the Ukraine. United doesn’t mean centralised. Prominent politicians and public figures… N I Kostomarov, I Ya Franko, M S Grushevsky, and M P Dragomanov… saw the Ukraine as a federation… just as I do. Failure to understand the need for federalism led to the breakup of the country. For 23 years, Ukrainian politicians built a centralised government, trying to unite the eastern, western, northern, and southern Ukraine by imposing unitary standards in the social and economic spheres. As a result, they forced the country apart. The centralised structure of the Ukraine, limiting the right of regions to be different, didn’t eliminate differences between regions, but laid the groundwork for internal conflict.

Political analyst Sergei Mikheyev gave his views on Ukrainian unity on-air on the Россия сегодня (Rossiya segodnya: Russia Today (formerly VOR)) radio:

To celebrate the Day of National Unity, the Ukrainian government continues to kill its own citizens and “juggle” the concept of “Consciousness”. The Ukrainian government talk about unity… they’re trying to justify their worthlessness with honeyed words, to cover their crimes and cynicism. All of their verbiage on this holiday is false from top to bottom. It makes no sense at face value. They go on a “Peace March”, but simultaneously begin shelling Donetsk and Lugansk. They speak of unity, but in fact, they in fact continue to pursue a policy that separates the people into those they consider “proper”, and those that they consider “odious”. It’s wrong to kill to build a “new” Ukrainian state. They talk about faith in God, but at the same time, they cook up satanic ways to kill people on holy days, arranging repression operations. They deceive people. The people who head the junta in Kiev don’t consider deception to be bad… they believe that deception is good if it allows you to reach a desired goal in future. They juggle words such as “spirituality” {perhaps, for this, he means the “Consciousness” of Galician national fascist ideology: editor} and “соборность” {sobornost: “collegiality” is a weak translation… it conveys the idea of the unity, single-mindedness, familiarity, “Volkstum/volkstümlich”, and “placedness” of a people… in Russian, it’s clear… in English, it’s a bear: editor}. It’s another fake holiday.

Crimean political scientist Denis Baturin said on Россия сегодня (Rossiya segodnya: Russia Today (formerly VOR)) radio:

From the beginning, the Ukraine suffered from infantile nationalism, so, it was never able to create a national idea that’d be able to unite both the western and eastern part of the country. Only general principles can unite the peoples of the east and west in one country; the main thing isn’t really geography, its different lifestyles, different ideologies, and different cultures. We didn’t find such a principle; so, today, the Ukraine breaks apart.

23 January 2015



* Medvedchuk said, “I believe that there should be no the rehabilitation of those who were in the UPA. We should never treat UPAniki like veterans. They’re different; I’m strongly opposed to them now, and I’ll oppose them in future”… the present junta GLORIFIES UPA terrorists… what more need I say about them and their Uniate/schismatic/sectarian backers?


Friday, 23 January 2015

Two Attention-Seekers Stage Stunt at Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow




On Tuesday, two “performance artists” received 10-day gaol sentences after throwing holy water at the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square and shouting, “Rise up and leave!” Irina Dumitskaya, a member of their art group, told AFP that they received sentences for petty hooliganism after a protest they carried out on Monday, an Orthodox holiday. She said, “Ten days for basically just pouring water. When it rains, it pours on the mausoleum too”. They called the performance “Exorcising the Devil, Desecrating the Mausoleum”. Dumitskaya said that the two men, Oleg Basov, a dance teacher, and Yevgeni Avilov, a computer programmer, are members of an anti-establishment art group called Blue Rider.

In a video of the performance posted on YouTube, the two young men carried five-litre bottles of holy water marked with a cross from a church across the square. They moved barriers in front of the mausoleum and threw the water at the doors and steps, shouting “Rise up and leave!” several times before cops nicked them. On Monday, Orthodox Christians celebrated Epiphany, a holiday marking the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River… people mark it in Russia by immersing themselves in icy rivers and lakes. Dumitskaya said that the aim of the performance was “to confront two myths”, the Communist idea that Lenin “lives” and the Christian idea of resurrection.

Red Square, closely monitored by police, saw Pussy Riot perform a protest song against President V V Putin in 2012, whilst in 2013 performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky nailed his scrotum to the ground to protest tight police control. The continued display of the Bolshevik leader’s body in the mausoleum divides Russians. Most back the removal of his body, but many Communists ardently oppose this. A 2012 poll by the Levada Centre found that 25 percent thought that Lenin’s body should remain in the mausoleum, while 53 percent thought we should bury him in a normal grave. Last year, another poll by Levada found that 51 percent of Russians thought of Lenin’s role in history as positive.

20 January 2015




Let’s keep this focused. What this bunch did, in Christian terms, was blasphemous. They view the resurrection as a myth, so, they were publicly mocking Christians. Therefore, they pissed on both Christians and Commies (there’s overlap… some people are both)… lovely bunch, aren’t they? Note that the Westerners are just creaming their jeans over them!

What do I think about Lenin? I think that the tomb should stay on Red Square, but that we should put Lenin into a conventional crypt on the site, and stop preserving the body. Respect him or hate him… he was one of the three most pivotal figures in Russian history (Grand Prince St Vladimir, Tsar Pyotr Veliki, and V I Lenin). That’s the way it is…


Kravchuk Sez the Ukraine Starting to Fall Apart

00 The Ukraine Isn't Dead Yet. political cartoon. 22.01.15


On Thursday L M Kravchuk, the first post-Soviet President of the Ukraine, told reporters that the Ukraine is starting to fall apart; he blamed Ukrainian élites and their embrace of irresponsible positions. He said, “Today, the élite is in disarray; its factions feud over God only knows what. In reality, members of the élite don’t show responsibility in the face of the threat looming over the Ukraine… this threat is extremely great and realistic. Even today, on a holiday (Day of Unification), I can say that the state is starting to fall apart and this is already a proven fact. We must speak about it like real grown-up people”. He believed that the one could find the root-cause of the situation in the systemic errors made by successive Ukrainian governments over the past twenty years, saying, “Did any one of the presidents ever do anything to assure freedom and unity? Did anyone do anything tangible for the Donbass? Who understood the Crimea in earnest and cared for it properly? Now, they want us to do something within a couple of days. However, we couldn’t manage anything within such a brief period”. The way that he sees the situation, if the government granted broad powers to the regions, it might offer a way out of the crisis, saying, “Let’s stop speaking about what the Constitution will look like, let’s get down to giving the broadest possible powers to the regions”. Earlier, junta strongman P A Poroshenko said in an appeal for the Day of Unification that he ruled out turning the country into a federation, claiming, “The vast majority of Ukrainians see their country as a unitary, not a federated, state”.

23 January 2015




“The Ukraine isn’t dead, yet”… but it soon shall be.


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