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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Vasili Anisimov Advises Uniates to Return to the Bosom of the Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Here’s our Orthodox compatriots in the Ukraine… pray for them as they struggle with godless Uniates and schismatics. Note well that JP spat on them by hobnobbing with the papists at that Lumen Gentium conference.


Vasili Anisimov, the head of the Press Service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP believes that the Unia should self-destruct (самоликвидироваться). “The current state of the Unia is a simple matter. They broke away from the UOC/MP in 1990, but they took great care not to crawl too far away from Orthodoxy. Many of its priests and laity before the violent imposition of Catholicism were Orthodox, many with authority in the Church; they were an integral part of our people”, he wrote in an article published in the July issue of the Bulletin of the UOC/MP. In short, continued Anisimov, “Uniates, together with the schismatics, must come back to us and repent”. In his view, “The Unia is no less a disaster for Christianity than the schism is. “Maybe, this will take a historical path… they might go [to the Church] in Byelorussia (although, that is unlikely), and, then, to the Mother Church of Constantinople. They must do penance for the murder of St Nikifor, the Exarch of the local Church of Constantinople, and for the hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Christians killed in the era of the Polish Rzeczpospolita. They must repent for the ruin of thousands of Orthodox monasteries and churches, and for the ‘sea of blood and tears’ shed over the centuries in the Ukraine due to the Unia”, the article stated. In truth, Mr Anisimov confided, “The Local Church of Constantinople considers the Unia sinful, it’s an ecclesiological heresy that has no right to exist, it isn’t Christian. Therefore, the Patriarch of Constantinople would be delighted with the abolition of the Unia, along with all of Orthodoxy. It’d be no less a happy occasion than the end of the Ukrainian schism would be”, the article concluded.

24 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

This is a précis by Interfax of a longer article, which is available. I shall translate the longer piece tonight after getting home from work. I wanted something up on this… it’s important, and it explains why no official OCA people were at the opening of the UOC/MP-sponsored exhibition in NYC. JP thought that the Lumen Gentium conference was more important than showing support for fellow Orthodox. However, is that new? It isn’t. JP will do anything to kiss the bum of the papists, Episkies, former cultists, and Radical Proddies. Sad, ain’t it?




Interfax has NOT translated this into English… draw your own conclusions. SOMEONE doesn’t want you to know this… remember how the HOOMies insinuated themselves on the English side at pravoslavie.ru (that’s why only the Russian side is normative… the HOOMies from Platina tone down articles or don’t translate them at all). JP and his fawning konvertsy admirers on the Net want to spoon-feed you ecumaniac rubbish. Don’t forget… the UOC/MP was on the front-line against the Unia and against the Schismatics. They’ve paid a heavy toll over the last twenty years… reflect well on the fact that SVS plunged a knife in their back by hobnobbing with Uniates. Whom do you venerate? Aleksandr Dmitrievich Schmemann, the Paladin of Renovationism… or… Fr Mikhail Shuvar, the Brave Warrior against the Unia and the Schism? I KNOW where I stand! Shall you join me?




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