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Monday, 21 June 2010

Bishop Pitirim Volochkov of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta: “The purpose of Masonic ecumenism is building a global superstate”

Bishop Pitirim Volochkov of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta (1961- )


Masonic ecumenism promotes a ‘religion’ of ‘ecumenical meetings’, a ‘mere Christianity’, as it were. It’s a new ecumenical Baha’ism, seemingly quite innocuous, yet each of these religious practises has a goal and purpose. They’re to pave the way for a federal world government or world superstate, a Supreme Tribunal and an international executive body, with a future ‘deified’ leader, to suppress any country, community, or individual who dares to resist it”, according to a post of Vladyki Pitirim entitled Масонский экуменизм (Masonic ecumenism) on the official diocesan website. “Misguided Christian ecumenists embrace outright enemies of the Church such as the Freemasons; they say ‘nice’ things rather than accuse their interlocutors of paganism and ignorant heresy. All of them parrot groundless expressions not found in Holy Scripture or the Fathers, such as, ‘As they’re imprisoned in a ghetto, (Orthodox) society suffers from a lack of tolerance (relativism, etc)’… ‘Ecumenism is the spiritual foundation of tolerance’… ‘We suffer from spiritual illiteracy’. For example, the ecumenist K K Ivanov (a PhD who has wormed his way into the Church) said, ‘Get out of here with that point of view’… ‘Diversity in confession is our treasure’… ‘The most poisonous sorts (those who call themselves Orthodox) say there is only one truth’… ‘Their faith is a dangerous addiction’… ‘Everything that they talk about is a catastrophe’… ‘Catholics and Protestants have achieved such success that we have even not dreamed of’…  ‘What unites us is greater than what divides us’… ‘I did not use reason when I came to Orthodoxy’… ‘The church is just a different kind of family’… ‘When we speak of our faith, we mustn’t put Christ at the centre of it all’”.

As another example of ecumenism, Vladyki Pitirim cited a statement of Archpriest Georgi Mitrofanov. Fr Georgi said, “This is Christianity at its core … it’s a choice between godlessness and religiosity. When an Orthodox priest attacks sectarianism from the pulpit, he betrays the memory of the recent persecution of all Christians in our country. I don’t understand the inferiority complex of the Orthodox who think that they are succeeding when they denounce non-believers”. In response to these remarks, Vladyki Pitirim said, “Are they saying the Holy Great Martyr George the all-Victorious had an inferiority complex? Up to his death, he never ceased to denounce the pagans. Thus, ecumenists preach in all human sincerity, but not the truth. The only ecumenism that we can practise is one that stresses the oneness of Orthodoxy, for good reason, without any sort of common prayer. Heathens and heretics must repent of their separateness (this includes all the denominations), as the Holy Fathers of the Church taught us”.

19 May 2010

Русская народная линия (Russian Peoples Line)


Editor’s Note:

Well… they have braying overeducated jackasses in Russia too. Hmm… it looks like Vladyki Pitirim stuck a sock in it for them! The ecumenists are the same wherever you go. Whether it’s JP at the insane Lumen Gentium gasathon, or, if it’s Vassa Larina tutting at all us, saying that we believe in a “religion of fear”… Vladyki Pitirim gives such nonsense the tip of his boot. “Thus, ecumenists preach in all human sincerity, but not the truth. The only ecumenism that we can practise is one that stresses the oneness of Orthodoxy, for good reason, without any sort of common prayer. Heathens and heretics must repent of their separateness (this includes all the denominations), as the Holy Fathers of the Church taught us”. Amen! Play it again, Vladyki! That song sounds better the second or third time around! In short… if you hear bleats from the usual cast of suspects such as JP, Rod Dreher, Freddie Matthews-Greene, Reardon, New Skete, Vassa Larina, Andrei Psaryov, Behr, Herbel, or any other of the ecumaniacs… ignore ‘em. They’re out of step with the REAL Church. It’ll take some time… it won’t happen overnight… but their day is OVER. Oh… they’ve got a few blows left to deal out… that’s true. The more we stand and the taller we stand, the quicker it’ll be over. It won’t be painless or easy… but it’s worth doing… and worth doing right. By the way… Vladyki Pitirim timed the release of this post to coincide with the arrival of the Boy Wonder in his diocese. As Vladyki put it well, “I may have human sympathy for Diomid Dzyuban, but I remain loyal to Patriarch Kirill above all”. Don’t be fooled by the Boy Blunder’s impeccable English… he’s not what he appears to be (he’s another Philaret Denisenko… and Mark Golovkov is another Aleksei Rediger!).



Moscow Cathedral will Kick Off International Campaign “Candle of Memory: 22 June”

No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten. Due to the sacrifice of millions, Nazism was put down… we owe our lives to such people. Never forget the cost… never forget the victims… never forget that the American neocons support the ideological successors of the Nazi collaborators (it’s called “supporting democracy”, kids). Shame on you, George Weigel!

On Monday evening, 100 cities in Russia, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia will mark a special commemoration, Candle of Memory: 22 June. The event will start at the Yelokhov Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow, where participants will light the first “memorial candle”. There will also be a Pannikhida for those killed in the Great Patriotic War, organisers of the rally told our Interfax-Religion correspondent on Monday. At 22.00, bikers from the Night Wolves MC will take a symbolic memorial candle to the memorial complex on Poklonnaya Gora, where it will be the centrepiece of a rally with youth groups and VOV veterans. From here, a relay will transfer the flame across Russia and former Soviet republics. “Millions of our compatriots took the idea to heart in such a way to mark the Day of Remembrance and Grief on 22 June, to remember all those who gave their lives for us in that terrible war”, our interlocutor said. Last year, the first such event, organised by the civic memorial group Свеча памяти (Candle of Memory), was held under the auspices of the political party United Russia. “Memorial candles” were lit in Moscow, at Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd, on the Volga embankment in Yaroslavl, in Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Tula, Ryazan, St Petersburg, at the Count’s Quay at Sevastopol, and in the Brest Fortress.

21 June 2010



Russian Government to Allocate 2 Mill for the Restoration of Orthodox Holy Places in Kosovo

Your tax dollars at work! The neocons and the Wilsonian interventionists support this vandalism by the UCK thugs… is it any wonder that the USA is hated throughout the Orthodox world? Billions for bombs and subsidising dictators… none for health care and the unemployed… way to go, “conservatives!”

The Russian government decided to make a voluntary contribution to UNESCO to finance the restoration of Orthodox shrines in Kosovo. According to an order from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, published on the official RF Government website, a million dollars (30.811 million Roubles  806,000 Euros 672,000 UK Pounds) each is budgeted for 2010 and 2011. Mr Putin ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform UNESCO of this decision and, together with the Finance Ministry, to coordinate the transfer of the funds.

21 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

Note well that Mr Putin is NOT sending a dime through the corrupt American UCK puppets in Kosovo. Betcha that the SPC will have a big say in what is spent and where it’s spent… let’s not forget… Kosovo je Srbija!


Serbian Patriarch Irinej Travelled To Kosovo

Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović of Serbia (1930- )

Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović will visit the Patriarchy of Peć in western Kosovo today. According to announcements in the media, Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović and Minister of Religion Bogoljub Šijaković will accompany him. Patriarch Irinej and the government ministers will visit the priests and monks of the Peć Patriarchy, Tanjug reported. This will be the first visit of the new patriarch to Peć since his enthronement at the Cathedral of St Michael the Archangel in Belgrade on 24 January. Irinej’s ceremonial enthronement in Peć will occur in October, later this year. The patriarchy has been the seat of the Serbian patriarchate for centuries. It was built in the 13th and 14th centuries and represents one of the most important monuments in the Serbian legacy. Since 2006, it has been placed under protection of UNESCO. Since the end of the 1999 war in the province, the patriarchate complex has been guarded by Italian troops from KFOR.

18 June 2010



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