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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Zakarpatya Oblast Declared Independence from the Ukraine

00 where do the Rusins live. 26.04.14


00 Carpatho-Russian Lemko people. Holy Rus. 26.04.14


Today, on 24 April, was the establishment of the Transcarpathian Republic. This republic represents the Rusin people. Rusins are a distinct indigenous people who don’t consider themselves Ukrainian, nor do they consider their language Ukrainian. They don’t wish to continue in the nationalist state envisioned by the current fascist junta in Kiev (indeed, a faction that seized power in a putsch). Starting today, 24 April, the Rusin state… Transcarpathian Rus… begins a new era. The former Zakarpatya Oblast is in the far west of the Ukraine; its inhabitants are ethnically different from the main Western Ukrainian population, in particular, they differ from those in Lvov and the regions around it.

In September 1991, the Zakarpatya Oblast Soviet considered a draft, “On the Question of proclaiming Transcarpathia an Autonomous Krai of the Ukraine”. Then, it decided to put to an all-oblast referendum the question, “On the status of Transcarpathia as a part of the Ukraine”. On 1 December 1991, simultaneously with the referendum on Ukrainian independence, Zakarpatya Oblast held a referendum in which 78 percent of voters were in favour of giving the region the status of a “special self-governing territory”. However, the Ukrainian government refused to recognise the referendum and its demand for “an autonomous status for the oblast”, even though it was the legally expressed will of the Rusin people.


In short, the Galician Uniates ran roughshod over all others in the “Ukraine” for the past 23 years… now, it’s payback time. Today, it’s not healthy to be a Galician outside of the Lvovshchina… there are scores to be settled, and I fear that the innocent will suffer along with the guilty (sadly, people won’t care to enquire about one’s guilt or innocence… they’ll just listen to accents). The Galicians will PAY for ramming their potty notions down everyone else’s throats.


24 April 2014

Andrei Chumakov

TsIA Novorossiya


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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rusins in the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus Don’t Want to be Part of a Neo-Nazi Ukraine

00 flag of Podkarpatskaya Rus. 23.03


Open Letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation 

Most Honourable President of the Russian Federation!

We appeal to you… the President of a Great Country… a country that has traditional ties with our country, which wasn’t and isn’t unmoved by our colonial subjugation by the Ukraine, which wishes for our recovery, stability, and unity. We always appreciated the very high level of civilisational values ​​(education, science, employment, stability, and social benefits for Rusins) that the fraternal Russian people brought to Podkarpatskaya Rus starting in autumn 1944, which deteriorated and rotted under Ukraine rule over the past 22 years.

An illegal seizure of power by Galician nationalists in Zakarpatya Oblast motivates us to issue this urgent appeal to you. At present, the menace of lawless Galician nationalism hangs over Podkarpatskaya Rus, the farthest Western outpost of the Russian World. On 29 January 2014, the pro-Galician neo-Nazi Balogh pressured the Deputies of the Zakarpatya Oblast Soviet to overturn the legitimate government in the region. The official Ukrainian government and the Constitution of Ukraine ceased to exist in Podkarpatskaya Rus with this vote on 29 January 2014, which means that the timeless autonomous status of the region came back into force. It’s clear that outsiders seized power in our region, under the guise of “integrating democratic European values ​​and reforms”. This began a humanitarian catastrophe for the Rusin people, indeed, for everyone living in Podkarpatskaya Rus, at the hands of Galician neo-Nazis and their local collaborators. Officially, the junta and its law enforcement agencies are subject to a so-called Zakarpatya People’s Rada, which is unconstitutional. It’s possible that a massive new persecution of Rusins will begin, as it did 100 years ago in 1914 in the Austrian death camps of Terezín and Talerhof, in 1939 in the Dumen camp near Rakhova. Today, Clan Balogh and its Galician stooges seized control of the energy transportation systems owned by the Russian Federation and the Ukraine throughout Podkarpatskaya Rus.

In this situation, the People’s Government of Podkarpatskaya Rus and all the Rusin people ask the President of the Russian Federation, in the spirit of fraternal agreements with the Ukraine, (which is almost a nonentity today because of its destruction by Galician neo-Nazis), to undertake a peacekeeping operation for a brief period, to allow the resumption of the pre-Soviet Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. The Ukrainian SSR renamed us Transcarpathian Ukraine on 26 November 1944. The results of the 1 December 1991 referendum show that our people desire the political restoration of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. We appeal to you, Mr President. We base our appeal on the decisions of the 2nd European National Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins from 25 October 2008, the Act of Recreating the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, the election of the national government of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the decisions of the First World Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins on 25 April 2009 in Pardubice in Czechia.

The last international legal act of the will of our people in the USSR/Ukrainian SSR… legal under the “Law of the Ukrainian SSR on national and local referendums” passed in 1991… was a local referendum/plebiscite in Podkarpatskaya Rus held on 1 December 1991. That was 22 years ago, but this referendum and its results remain a legitimate and legal expression of the will of the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus. A majority of the people (76.8 percent) supported the legal stipulation, “Zakarpatya is a special self-governing territory, as a subject under international law not included in other territorial-administrative units”, that is, autonomy within the Ukraine. Today, those in the Rusin lands don’t want to part of a Ukraine where Galician neo-Nazi rioters threaten Rusins with ethnic cleansing.

We, Rusins, and all other residents of Podkarpatskaya Rus, have grounds under international law to appeal to you, Mr President, for the recognition of the restoration of the statehood of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and to call upon you to mount a peacekeeping operation to neutralise Galician neo-Nazism in Podkarpatskaya Rus. The successful resolution of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis clearly showed Russia’s peacekeeping ability in world affairs. We believe that a peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation in the Ukraine would be successful and in the best interests of the country.

With respect,

Pyotr Getsko

Prime Minister of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, Coordinator of the Rusin Network


01 Podkarpatska Rus


Pyotr Getsko appealed to Russian communities in the Ukraine

The Rusin Network appeals to all Russian and pro-Russian associations and organizations in the Ukraine… let’s coöperate, otherwise the vicious neo-Nazis will crush us one by one. To start, we must nurture resistance to any manifestation of Galician fascism in any form, whether it’s physical, or in the media, or within the family, or in the work collective, or amongst our neighbours, or out on the streets. The time for passive indifference is over; we need to become active participants. We need to create a network of resistance and coördinate it; that’s the only way that we can keep the contagion from spreading across the Ukraine like a metastasising cancer.



17 March 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Uniate Thugs Desecrate Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Užgorod

uzhgorod church of christ the saviour


I’ve received sad news about Carpatho-Russia. Yesterday, nationalist thugs violently broke into Užgorod‘s local and oblast offices and set up a carpetbagger junta. These sleazeballs are almost all alien outsiders from the Lvovshchina; they’ve slithered in since December. These vermin set off firecrackers in altar of the Russian Orthodox cathedral and urinated on the amvon. American Republican neocons and Democratic “humanitarian” interventionists slobber over this sort of shit.

Most of our people in the OCA hail from this region. That is, the Uniate thugs spat on all of us, even those of us from other parts of the Orthosphere. It’s high time that we broke ALL relations with the Uniates. They support such shit… full stop. We should remove people like John Jillions… he was a paid hireling of the Uniates; let him crawl back to his papist paymasters. What we have now is an open attack on our Orthodox faith by Uniate attack dogs. Sadly, this means that we’re “at war”, and we must act accordingly. To begin with, let’s remember our history… 2014 is the centennial anniversary of the first manifestation of “Ukrainian” Nationalism… TALERHOF. Let’s also remember WHY so many po-nashemu people came back to the Church… the papists haven’t changed one bit… oh, they smile more and they’re not so open in their pretensions, but one can see that they’re still papal supremacists and that the Apostolic Church must stay aloof from such.

Yet, bear in mind that individual Uniates (and papists, in general) didn’t make this policy… most are unaware of most of it. Reserve your efforts for the Orthodox slimeballs who’ve sold out. Leave the papists alone… don’t go after those who didn’t make a decision… DO go after those who were quislings to Christ’s Church. Save your ammo for Jillions, Freddy M-G, Reardon, and Hatfield (and those like them). DO have a care around former Episkies… most of them NEVER abandon the Branch Theory.

We live in “interesting times”… may they pass, and soon…



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Saturday, 4 January 2014

4 January 2014. Weigel Declares War on the Ukraine

Galician SS

Here’s what George Weigel‘s pals did in the VOV… they were traitors who fought for the Nazis and who helped the Nazis in the Holocaust.



Here’s a Uniate UGKTs priest in Nazi uniform… Weigel doesn’t mention this, does he?


south ossetia funeral

On the other hand, Weigel supports this… or, his pal Yushchenko did (and Weigel didn’t utter a peep)! Weigel supports American warmongering in foreign parts, which included the American-fomented War in South Ossetia (Colonel General Novogitsyn testified to that). Weigel’s a nice guy with great pals, ain’t he?


George Weigel crawled out from underneath his rock… of course, he’s bleating away on the Ukraine (click here for his trashy submission). In his eyes, the Great White Hope of the Ukraine is the UGKTs… but he doesn’t tell you that the UGKTs represents less than 10 percent of the Ukrainian population. He also doesn’t tell you about how the UGKTs blessed SS VOLUNTEERS in the VOV. Weigel also doesn’t tell you that the main Church in the Ukraine remains the UOC/MP. In all of his dreck, he rarely mentions Vladyki Vladimir Sabodan. Needless to say, for him, Talerhof didn’t happen, Ss Maksim Sandovich and Aleksei Kabalyuk are nonentities, the Galizien Division were patriots, he marginalises Fr Dmitri SidorBandera’s a hero, and Yushchenko’s a martyr. In short, Weigel is EVIL and no Orthodox Christian should have anything to do with him or his ilk.

I felt dirtied just by reading his rubbish. Nevertheless, READ IT. It’s what many in the Russophobic Catholic hierarchy truly believe about us. Yet, don’t take it out on ordinary RCs… they didn’t make the policies, and most of them don’t even know that they exist. However, do read Weigel’s nonsense as it tells you what the official papists really say about us behind our backs. I admire Pope Francisco’s political and social stands… I oppose the church that he heads. I’d give a warning, though… Weigel and his ilk oppose their pope’s social teaching… and some of them have access to Western intel agencies. Remember 1948… Langley engineered a coup against Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis. I’d advise Francisco to watch his back.

To end this, I’ll quote the Carpatho-Russian delegation that met Patriarch Aleksei Simansky in 1946:

We’re strongly opposed to joining our territory to the Ukrainian SSR. We don’t want to be Czech nor Ukrainian, we want to be Russian (Ruthenians); we want our land autonomous, but within the USSR.

Now, that’s TRUTH… and it’s a good antidote to all the shit spouted by Weigel. Keep it focused.



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